Vsauce Answers the 100 Most Googled Questions | WIRED

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  • VerisonMember
    VerisonMember 8 minutes ago

    I don't think Kevin said anything.

  • Max Sandi
    Max Sandi 17 minutes ago

    Am i literally the only one who knows smh to be so much hate?

  • Thecancerousplayer
    Thecancerousplayer 29 minutes ago

    I'm surprised pornhub isn't on the list.

  • Leonidas Riverson
    Leonidas Riverson 33 minutes ago

    "How to spell?"
    "I mean... you're pretty much there."

  • Funniest Comment
    Funniest Comment 58 minutes ago

    I just had a google ad about questions

  • Floox
    Floox 1 hour ago

    jake:how to save money...don't spend it.

    **drops phone**


  • Pistol Pete
    Pistol Pete 1 hour ago

    Hi i'm Peter from Vsauce No. Edgy hair

  • Soccer Kid Rants
    Soccer Kid Rants 2 hours ago

    i thought they were smarter then this 😂😂

  • Saionba Meitei
    Saionba Meitei 2 hours ago

    how to make buzzfeed video? like this

  • Omar AlAbed
    Omar AlAbed 2 hours ago

    can i run it it's a site that check if your PC have the minimum requirements to run a game

  • Jovan Calic
    Jovan Calic 2 hours ago

    Absolutely disappointed by top 10 questions.

  • Jovan Calic
    Jovan Calic 2 hours ago

    "How many mb in a gb" isn't it the 1024 not 1000?

  • James Peterson
    James Peterson 3 hours ago

    Drop this load and CRY
    TO SEE

  • jonathan Van Heest
    jonathan Van Heest 3 hours ago

    its amazing how such intelligent people don't know ordinary stuff like how many feet in a mile.

  • Gravenous Hourr
    Gravenous Hourr 4 hours ago

    what a fucking gagster wearing the Gojira shirt

  • Memorize It
    Memorize It 4 hours ago

    I reckon... that what is the meaning of life will be.... 4th?

  • Biohazard
    Biohazard 5 hours ago

    They all have glasses.

    Micheal's *blue* eyes was zoomed while he was answering why the sky is *blue*.

    They don't know that *much*, they each are specialists at specific stuff and various things.

  • Dan Kemp
    Dan Kemp 5 hours ago


    plz no...

  • Sarcastitone
    Sarcastitone 6 hours ago

    today we learned that vsauce2 knows absolutely nothing

  • tubestick00
    tubestick00 6 hours ago

    wow. I'm older than him. he.looks.older than 30

  • jennibunny
    jennibunny 7 hours ago

    why is this all white dudes

  • Literary Landslide
    Literary Landslide 7 hours ago

    I think asking google where your phone is might bring up the Android service to locate your phone if it's connected to the internet, and can trigger a ringtone or disable itself/lock data access/reset (not sure).

  • Nitrexx
    Nitrexx 7 hours ago

    Oh I thought these were Vsauce-related questions...

  • ItzIcer
    ItzIcer 8 hours ago

    7:55 I felt so proud for knowing this on the spot because my grandmother would ask me it out of the blue and I'd answer so fast that my voice wouldn't sync up with my mouth

  • AShadowWolf
    AShadowWolf 8 hours ago

    Other animals see the sky differently. Kinda obvious but imagine really, animals seeing a red sky as normal. If we saw a red sky and it was sunset or sunrise we'd probs be freaking out.

  • Joshua Jenkins
    Joshua Jenkins 8 hours ago

    9:56 John Cage's 4:33

  • Sarah Bourne
    Sarah Bourne 8 hours ago

    What I learned from this video: Imperial system units do not make any sense!!!

  • 2Musk3t33rS
    2Musk3t33rS 8 hours ago

    I love how how to get pregnant was #16

  • miad
    miad 10 hours ago

    Vsause 2 wearing the gojira shirt. Respect

  • Mr. Skeltal
    Mr. Skeltal 10 hours ago

    i was expecting pornhub to be in the top 20

  • Carson W234
    Carson W234 10 hours ago

    What the hell there are 1024 mb in a gb.

  • TheApparatus
    TheApparatus 10 hours ago

    It's 4'13"

  • Elijha Jefferson
    Elijha Jefferson 11 hours ago

    i love gojira

  • epicpolyphony
    epicpolyphony 12 hours ago

    I may not literally, morally be able to download Youtube videos, but I LITERALLY occasionally do ;P

    For entirely non-copywrite violating purposes, of course.

  • Jimble Notronbo
    Jimble Notronbo 12 hours ago

    When We Were Young is a Killers song, not Adele!

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 12 hours ago

    *Instantly downloads video telling me I can't download videos just to mess with the system*

  • Alex Garza
    Alex Garza 13 hours ago

    I've only ever seen the bald guy.... Michael I think? I've never seen the other people. Like.... who?

  • Waluigi Master
    Waluigi Master 14 hours ago


  • HopMaH Dos
    HopMaH Dos 14 hours ago

    they don't know crap lol

  • Not Playin
    Not Playin 14 hours ago

    He forgot to punch the dough down and let it rise again

  • James Insalaco
    James Insalaco 14 hours ago

    You could truthfully answer "What is my IP?" with Maybe a loophole (loopback?) but it's true no matter what.
    Just sayin'.

  • Benjamin Jaruczik
    Benjamin Jaruczik 14 hours ago

    It's 3:14. Am I the only one who thought of Pi? 😂😂

    Never mind... heh

  • itsPower
    itsPower 15 hours ago

    for #21 I think they meant the song...

  • Muaj Her
    Muaj Her 16 hours ago

    The most Google question (in my opinion) is Who is Gods Father and Mother?

  • Rhys Messenger
    Rhys Messenger 16 hours ago

    when michael makes his first ever academic mistake "john cage's 4.11" its 4.33 hehehehehehehe :D

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson 17 hours ago

    how yo make love? best anwser lol

  • Doxii
    Doxii 17 hours ago

    Seriously? There are that many people who don't know how many weeks are in a year? Holy shit

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 17 hours ago

    If you look closely, you can clearly see that Michael has taken the other two hostage

  • ThePurpleHooligan
    ThePurpleHooligan 17 hours ago

    Wow, I've Been Lied To, My Teachers Told Me The Sky's Blue Because The Atmosphere Reflects The Color Of The Water

  • M Dune
    M Dune 18 hours ago

    I love them 💕

  • Aries Lasagna Boy /
    Aries Lasagna Boy / 18 hours ago

    jake is on top of those food making questions

  • DivebombAddict
    DivebombAddict 18 hours ago

    Gojira 👀

  • Hard To Love
    Hard To Love 18 hours ago

    Michael said "hit me up" 😏😏

  • Amru Ayinde
    Amru Ayinde 18 hours ago

    You know, I thought vsauce1 talked like that for the videos....he actually talks like that.

  • QuickToAdjust
    QuickToAdjust 19 hours ago

    There are 1024 Megabytes in a Gigabyte not 1000

  • Jackeline Romero
    Jackeline Romero 19 hours ago

    great !

  • SpiderWebby
    SpiderWebby 19 hours ago

    gojira shirt

  • Santiago Gutierrez
    Santiago Gutierrez 20 hours ago

    10 fucking second introduction. that's how it should be!

  • עידו שביט
    עידו שביט 20 hours ago

    GB/MB = 1024

  • Chunskuru
    Chunskuru 20 hours ago

    hawaii is definitely not 16 hours behind eastern lol

  • Shavono
    Shavono 21 hour ago

    Q: how many people are in the world?
    Jake: a lot

  • Ayy Lmao
    Ayy Lmao 21 hour ago

    The father the son and the Holy Spirit

  • Jesus
    Jesus 21 hour ago

    Gojira T-shirt <3

  • Seppo Boii
    Seppo Boii 22 hours ago

    why is fathers day on november in finland?

  • Magnus Juul
    Magnus Juul 22 hours ago

    you can also just get pills with lots of vitamin A to get rid of acne. that has worked for me

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern 22 hours ago

    Do you recon, when Micheal was born, he walked out saying "heeey Vsauce here"

  • Sahab Mas
    Sahab Mas 22 hours ago

    Fuckin Gojira babay !

  • Ninja Please
    Ninja Please 22 hours ago

    I just realized that Kevin looks like a nerdy Jesse Pinkman.

  • Marģers Kāns
    Marģers Kāns 22 hours ago

    I stopped at #86. In 1 GB is 1024 MB.

  • Justin Dittburner
    Justin Dittburner 22 hours ago

    Yo that's a Gojira shirt!

  • Khandar William
    Khandar William 23 hours ago

    if only they use metric system

    reNINTENDO 23 hours ago

    Your pores can't open and close. They aren't a muscle and don't change in size (although they can appear smaller or larger from debris). Definitely one of the more common misconceptions, as far as I'm aware.

  • Sentic Memes
    Sentic Memes 23 hours ago

    I used that same pancake recipe, and it turned out awful. I accidentally used whole grain flour in stead of all purpose flour. It was crumbly, grainy, and tasted like dirt. I tried eating it with peanut butter, but it made my mouth stickier and worsened the situation. Little known to me, we actually had pancake mix the whole time. Remember kids, it's not always cowardly to take the easy way out.

  • Khandar William
    Khandar William 23 hours ago

    when will they make Vketchup?

  • Vinesh Ramakrishnan
    Vinesh Ramakrishnan 23 hours ago

    best answer:
    how to vote
    Michael: google it.

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie 23 hours ago

    Well if they're so smat how come I have a long oprick?

    • Ronnie
      Ronnie 22 hours ago

      where is the why? my priclll is long. where is the why, you shithead pie? on your stones? my balls is biggen. my prick is long. TAJE THAT!!!!!!!!!

    • Rice_is_Life
      Rice_is_Life 23 hours ago

      U good bro?

    • Ronnie
      Ronnie 23 hours ago

      dont makr me slapp you in your ugly face. i eoll aslap you all thr way to sundat and i will have to shave my balls. you womy like me when i am savinh my balls you shithesd.

    • Rice_is_Life
      Rice_is_Life 23 hours ago


  • Riley Courter
    Riley Courter 23 hours ago

    how many ounces in my IP

  • Galaxy Eyes
    Galaxy Eyes 23 hours ago

    when you realize that you never asked google one of these questions

  • Alden Legge
    Alden Legge 23 hours ago

    Dude... the guy from Vsauce 2 is wearing a Gojira shirt, and Vsauce 3 guy is Austin Powers Jr.

  • Rafael Yrigoyen
    Rafael Yrigoyen 23 hours ago

    I didn't know that Anthony Fantano had a gay brother

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 23 hours ago

    The top 1000 google searches are in some way related to porn!

  • donkeyhobo34
    donkeyhobo34 1 day ago

    for bed bugs. bag the mattress up and throw it out. or bag it up amd keep it but you should throw it out. bagging it up before throwing it up helps keep them from spreading since they can just get into your carpet and get on your new one or something

  • Levi Howell
    Levi Howell 1 day ago

    How many items are in a bunch?

  • Crazy AZ
    Crazy AZ 1 day ago

    "how to tie a tie"

    ask thoughty2 he probably has a collection of'em

  • Savage Six
    Savage Six 1 day ago

    Someone please explain the meaning of life question where they said 42

  • Overlord Kripperino

    How long can a toddler survive in a freezer?

  • emily jenkins
    emily jenkins 1 day ago


  • Grant Masden
    Grant Masden 1 day ago

    average dong size?

  • Evan Hernandez
    Evan Hernandez 1 day ago

    I like on how jake knows how to make a pizza from scratch but he cant even draw a rose

  • Philip Kostov
    Philip Kostov 1 day ago

    Atleast he still knows where are my fingers

  • Mike Rack
    Mike Rack 1 day ago

    Is it weird that I search on Google, "How to make my little sister stop watching toy unboxing videos?"

  • Dhruv1223
    Dhruv1223 1 day ago

    did kevin try to kidnap ted again?

  • The Milling
    The Milling 1 day ago

    Wtf, there is 1024 Mb in a Gb.

  • Thomas Caputo
    Thomas Caputo 1 day ago

    that Gojira shirt tho

  • A. S. Afterlife *

    It's John Cage's 4"33 not 4"11 Michael lol.

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom 1 day ago

    That was a good case against imperial units #96, #26,... Ah Ah Ah!

  • Alexander Koponen

    When people ask me "What is your IP?" I usually answer "Both". But a more thorough answer would be "Both, v4 and v6." I work in IT and anyone in this field should know the difference between "The Internet Protocol" and "An Internet Protocol Address". When I try to have Google answer me what my IP address is, I usually type "What is my IPv4 address" or "What is my IPv6 address". I'm not doing this to be snarky, but having worked with IPv6 daily for 18 years (while co-habitating with IPv4) does this to you. When someone says "What is your IP?" my head really hears "What is your Internet Protocol?". Vsauce seem to be an intelligent bunch, they should update their vocabulary in this field, so that hopefully one day people will understand the Internet a little better.

  • Patrik Fineman
    Patrik Fineman 1 day ago

    What is ip?

  • edgy meme
    edgy meme 1 day ago

    hey michael are you an ass man or a tits man

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