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Author John Doe (4 months)
Hi, what grip (blackstrap) is on that m&p 9? A small, medium, or large?
Thanks alot.

Author Josh O'Connor (3 months)
What's the capacity for the m&p pro?

Author Ty Baroni (4 months)
Hey. Great video! it helped me out on breaking down between these two great
guns. I'm a beginner shooter and i ve always wanted a GLOCK but the M&P
seems to meet my overall look and engineering of a gun's standards ,but i'm
still in between wondering about when the clip is full in each gun whats
the feel is like. does one have more of a centered feel rather then all the
weight being towards the back all on the grip over the mag?

Author EV GREER (8 months)

Author jim harbin (2 months)
Smith dumped the 9L and made it the Pro Series.

Author jim harbin (2 months)
I just bought a new M&P 9L love it, it came with Trijcon night sights. I
also have the M&P9c. 9c is a 12+1 and 9L is a 17+1. I think I paid a little
much but well worth it. I also have my SIG P229R 40S&W, and a Para GI
Expert 1911 45. but love the M&P 9L.

Author Ripper train (8 months)
Look at every single 686 you come across, the anti glare ridges will never
be in line with the top strap where the barrel meets the ridge on top of
the cylinder housing, it's because the barrel is pressed on, not pinned,
and it looks horrible. 

Author Ammo Man (1 year)
I'd go with the M&P.
The glocks are too annoying to the hands in too many ways.

Author Ripper train (8 months)
Thankyou for taking the time to enlighten me on that. Which brings me to my
next question. Why can't they align the anti glare ridges? They could at
least make the effort to make the gun pretty. It's not like it's a cheap
Taurus. I paid 1,000 dollars up here in Canada for my 686, my wife's gp100
was only 500 dollars and it's built better.

Author Mark Wright (1 year)
I own a Glock and an M&P 9 and neither rust. Both are totally 100%
reliable. I just don't believe a one quarter cared for gun of virtually any
make would rust like that. Both are great guns - but at the moment I prefer
the Glock and think it is more accurate.

Author Ripper train (8 months)
Thankyou for taking the time to enlighten me on that. Which brings me to my
next question. Why can't they align the anti glare ridges? They could at
least make the effort to make the gun pretty. It's not like it's a cheap
Taurus. I paid 1,000 dollars up here in Canada for my 686, my wife's gp100
was only 500 dollars and it's built better.

Author littlejpl (1 year)
You said it. The Trigger is one of the most important parts in a gun
system. Let me here the RESET of your M&P trigger and let me here your
RESET in the Glock trigger. The Glock has a much better RESETt trigger
than the Smith, period. That fact increases the speed an accuracy 2 to 3
times over the Smith depending on who's shooting the guns with the same
skill set. Since you didn't compare that very important factor between the
two guns I should ask if you know what I mean when I say "Trigger Reset"?

Author ajfam871 (1 year)
Nice video. I have a G19(gen4) and love it. I am know looking at a full
size gun debating the SW MP 9 C.O.R.E. Pro Series or the Glock 34(gen4). I
like the XDM 5.25 but they don't make 10rd mags. I am also thinking of a
Sig 1911, P226, and 92a1. Thanks 

Author MK4vDubbin (1 year)
Both are excellent guns that are nearly identical in the way that they
operate; with that said, I think the M&P Pro is superior to the 34. Much
better factory sights, more ergonomic and adjustable grip profile, no need
to undercut the trigger guard, larger beaver tail, more aggressive slide
serrations, and APEX internals. The only thing I would change on the M&P
Pro is upgrade to an APEX trigger which is a personal preference.

I don't think you can go WRONG with either gun. Both shoot great, are well
made and reliable as the other. The M&P is just a better overall package. 

Author ajfam871 (1 year)
WOW that was fast. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same it will
cost more to get my slide worked on. Know deciding on the 4.25 inch or 5
inch. I know both are great and it comes down to preference. I don't plan
on owning one type of hand gun. Im leaning on SW MP.

Author Ripper train (1 year)
Smith and Wesson was good in the 70's it's gone to shit. My 686 revolver is
complete junk. Barrel is off set and it won't fire in double action. Yes it
has been sent back and no they didn't fix it. I have 0 faith in smith and

Author 1celts79 (3 years)
Glocks are excellent - but I don't like their sites, I don't like the
squared slides. Glock needs to redesign their weapons from stem to stern,
cut the slide weight and rework the frames (never mind the G4 crap). But
like all companies they take the attitude of "it's selling" so why change

Author Patriot36 (2 years)
Congrats bud! Quite normal on most firearms of similar design. The top
round contacts the bottom of the inside of the slide, sometimes even
denting the case mouth slightly. I won't hurt anything though.

Author Patriot36 (2 years)
It might be helpful to read SSPH's very first comment since it didn't seem
like he was ruling anything out. He simply stated that he shot both, did
better with the (near stock) glock so stuck with it. You might have taken
it to the next level by labeling that a "terrible comparison." I'm not
taking sides but looking at it objectively, that was probably were it went :)

Author Patriot36 (3 years)
@gtrmusic69 Already used one "next time" This time was the exception.

Author doluseb (2 years)
Then you're still not listening. I said the Apex is just nice to have, and
accomplishes fixing the problems with the MP trigger while not having to
"gunsmith". You can accomplish the same thing the apex does for free. I
have done it. It's much better than the glock trigger, and it's FREE

Author Patriot36 (3 years)
Perhaps you'll enlighten us with a video pointing out all of the "crappy"
built characteristics of a M&P Pro Series and the specific reasoning from
your standpoint. I suspect it would be quite interesting.

Author Patriot36 (3 years)
@FloridaRaider You mean like your TV?

Author Noveske 1 (3 years)
Being honest, I wanted an M&P9/40. I own a Sig 226 Elite, so it would just
be another toy. I'd always favor my Sig to a Glock or M&P. At the range, I
saw a guy with an M&P9, so I got to talking with him and offered him to
shoot my Sig if I could shoot his M&P. One magazine of Federal FMJ jammed
once (stovepipe). Second experience was with a M&P40 on a different trip.
Gun jammed so bad on factory ammo, It needed to go to a gunsmith. I've
owned a Glock 22, never jammed. Same with the 226.

Author FloridaRaider (3 years)
buy American

Author DTMB87 (4 years)
I enjoy your reviews. I'm anxiously awaiting part 2!

Author LKN4WAR (2 years)
Glock shouldn't have dicked with the design of the 17. TNPers have seen
those vids, why change it. I prefer Hk over all others. But 60 bucks a mag
is just steep verus glock . Own both and like looks of the MP also. I like
the Vtac model.

Author Patriot36 (3 years)
"Where is it?" Probably in gun stores or different video reviews. You may
have noted this video is a year and a half old. Also, it wasn't intended to
compare every long slide pistol, only the two most similar and asked about
types at the time.

Author Castleknight (3 years)
Was there a part 2 done?

Author Daniel Stein (4 years)
@zeusmanfl check out this company called Robar Companies, can
send in your weapon and they can coat the interior/exterior of ALL parts
giving them an ultimate super durable finish...lifetime very
interested in their work

Author swiftcoyote (4 years)
The picture quality of your camera seems really good. What camera is that?

Author Patriot36 (2 years)
Well, sounds like it's the only gun on the planet....for you.

Author falcon02012 (3 years)
S&W M&P9 PRO far more superior than Glock. the only problem with with S&W
is with the marketing department they need to learn from Glock.

Author Patriot36 (2 years)
Hey dude, no one said you did. Read my comment again. I was saying that you
were being quite reasonable with your initial post. Doluseb is being
hyperbolic and You SilentService, don't seem to understand anyone even when
they're giving you the benefit of the doubt. He eased up, why don't you.

Author SilentServicePH (2 years)
You did not say anywhere else before this that you accomplished the Apex
trigger feel for FREE. Never did so yeah make yourself more clear next
time. Polishing and doing a trigger job thats like buying a new trigger are
two completely different things. Yes, you mentioned a trigger job but you
didn't compare it to buying the Apex trigger.

Author Patriot36 (2 years)
Glad it helped buddy! I still love 'em both and don't know which I'd take
if I could only have one.

Author coltstang123 (4 years)
@BruteStrength55 Ya that is BULL SHIT. You would have to be an idiot to let
your firearm "rust solid". It would take months and months for that to
happen. And the M&P has a stainless steel slide and barrel.... you sir. Are
an idiot Glock fanboy.

Author Patriot36 (3 years)
@eusousoeu Wow! That's terribly expensive. I wish that you were able to
enjoy them for less money.

Author RandyClose69 (2 years)
I love my M&P pro 9mm, but I hate that front fiber optic sight. Novak is
installing sights on my 1911. After I get that back form them, I am sending
off the M&P for different sights. My next pistol will be a M&P 45. Big

Author JustonianInstitute (2 years)
I love Glocks. My Glock 19 is my go-to concealed gun. I had a 34 as well as
a 26. Still in the market for a 17. I love the fact that my 17 and 33 round
mags work great in the 19, 26 and the 34. I like how simple Glocks are and
I don't mind a Glock trigger. My big hands also didn't mind the 2x4 ergos
of my Glocks...until I got a M&P Pro 9 (5"). I can't put it down. Did the
Apex FSS job. Now the trigger is gtg. Quite accurate as well. Stellar
ergonomics though...will get a compact next.

Author ComradeSn1P3r (2 years)
I really want to like the M&Ps, but the trigger just doesn't work for me.

Author Patriot36 (3 years)
@DutchKid121 Neither. Both have identical trigger safeties just like many
other designs, but again the safeties will not prevent the gun from firing
"in the wrong hands." If the trigger is pulled the fun will fire. The
safeties are only designed to reduce the chance of an accident when the
pistol is in the right hands. An analogy would be the example of an
automobile that has ABS or stability control. The operator still has to
operate the vehicle responsibly.

Author tacoma200 (4 years)
Good review...

Author 0xXAllForNothingXx0 (1 year)
my m&p pro 40 came with trijicon illuminated sights, why does yours have
the fibreoptic sights i wonder?

Author SgtSplatter782 (3 years)
I've shot both and to me I just like the feel of the Glock trigger better.
To take nothing away from the M&P it is an outstanding gun It just doesn't
feel right in my hands and pivot point of the trigger just seems to me a
failure waiting to happen. Call me old fashioned but I prefer my trigger to
be one solid piece.

Author GLOCKATTACK10mm (2 years)
This is an excellent 9mm. I highly recommend it. I am a Glock man and I
like this even better. Note to people who do not understand:The lever on
side is "NOT" a slide release! It is a Slide "LOCK" you need to pull back
the slide just a small amount "THEN" release the "LOCK" lever! Crazy
accurate in the right hands. Lifetime Warranty! I sell guns, buy it, you
will be Satisfied...Guaranteed !

Author tnoutdoors9 (3 years)
Very helpful review, thanks. Appreciate the comparison to the G34 as I
owned a few of those at one time, and have some Glocks in the house now.

Author doluseb (2 years)
What makes you think you can't do the same thing to the M&P seer and
trigger. Mine is polished and ground to 3 lb crisp. The 100 dollar trigger
is just nice to have and very well done. Plus it makes it easier for those
who don't want to do any "gunsmithing"

Author DoubleTapLasVegas (3 years)
Not true, most police officers can get out shot by active citizen shooters.
I know more about most firearms than most officers.

Author vdub5818 (2 years)
@woodsmith9 If you want to talk ultimate reliability look no further than
hk my friend. Damn good camera work considering its all handheld.

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