Glock 34 vs. S&W M&P Pro Series (Part 1)

My desktop thoughts about the Glock 34 as compared to the Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Series. Both are outstanding firearms and traditionally I've held the Glock 34 in very high regard. I've wanted to add one to my inventory for quite a while now but recently I've been comparing the Glock to another practical option. These are my desktop thoughts and Part 2 will be the shooting session.

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Author Dave Kurtz ( ago)
Get a tripod good lord

Author StoneSideDeathGrip (1662 years ago)
I'm not a fan of the m&p

Author MrWicked98 ( ago)
To each his own, I am the exact opposite. I hate the two piece trigger on
the M&P and the reset is almost nonexistent. The Glock trigger to me is
waayyyy better. Crisper break and much better reset. Also the M&P pro
series is not a standard trigger its a bit more refined then your standard
M&P. With that said the Glock has a 4.5lb connector on the 34. Pull it
out and drop in a 3.5 for 20 buck and the glock just got even better. Your
only option with an M&P is to drop in an apex trigger for about $150 bucks.

Author Nope Double Nope ( ago)
M&p vs glocks- both are affordable & reliable , both do the same thing for
the same reason &purpose.. I shot glock 17 gen 3, glock 19 gen 4.. Liked
the 19, did not like 17 simply because of it did not fit my hands well.. I
found a m&p9 with a holster used & only a mag or 2 shot through it for
$425.00. Man I am glad I did, love the m&p fits in my hand, I can handle ,
operate and drive the gun in on the target & it points dead on.. I shoot my
m&p better than my czp09 , simply because the m&p fits me better, not
because of I think it is better than a cz or glock!! Which brings me to
another point::: I love shooting and the people & the comradery that comes
with it, where else can u meet someone and them hand you a loaded gun to
shoot- lol-, gun community is THE BEST.. However, the range where I shoot
is loaded with glock guys and well noted.. When they start questioning me
about my m&p.. I tell them I don't have a glock , they look at me crazy.
Then during the course of our range session, they begin on their glocks-,
all about their glocks-, over & over & over. Then they get to the trigger
portion of my m&p during their chastisement, & they say how much they hate
the trigger-- (none of them run stock triggers).. I usually do not say
either way about the glock when I am shooting with someone. It is almost
stupid, & it makes zero sense. . so there, shoot them both decide which one
fits you better & if you go with the m&p, whatever you do-- DO NOT PISS OFF
THE GLOCK tribe , you will NEVER hear the end of it.

Author jim harbin ( ago)
Smith dumped the 9L and made it the Pro Series.

Author jim harbin ( ago)
I just bought a new M&P 9L love it, it came with Trijcon night sights. I
also have the M&P9c. 9c is a 12+1 and 9L is a 17+1. I think I paid a little
much but well worth it. I also have my SIG P229R 40S&W, and a Para GI
Expert 1911 45. but love the M&P 9L.

Author Josh O'Connor ( ago)
What's the capacity for the m&p pro?

Author Ty Baroni (629 years ago)
Hey. Great video! it helped me out on breaking down between these two great
guns. I'm a beginner shooter and i ve always wanted a GLOCK but the M&P
seems to meet my overall look and engineering of a gun's standards ,but i'm
still in between wondering about when the clip is full in each gun whats
the feel is like. does one have more of a centered feel rather then all the
weight being towards the back all on the grip over the mag?

Author John Doe ( ago)
Hi, what grip (blackstrap) is on that m&p 9? A small, medium, or large?
Thanks alot.

Author EV GREER ( ago)

Author Rob Lucas ( ago)
Thankyou for taking the time to enlighten me on that. Which brings me to my
next question. Why can't they align the anti glare ridges? They could at
least make the effort to make the gun pretty. It's not like it's a cheap
Taurus. I paid 1,000 dollars up here in Canada for my 686, my wife's gp100
was only 500 dollars and it's built better.

Author Rob Lucas ( ago)
Thankyou for taking the time to enlighten me on that. Which brings me to my
next question. Why can't they align the anti glare ridges? They could at
least make the effort to make the gun pretty. It's not like it's a cheap
Taurus. I paid 1,000 dollars up here in Canada for my 686, my wife's gp100
was only 500 dollars and it's built better.

Author Rob Lucas ( ago)
Look at every single 686 you come across, the anti glare ridges will never
be in line with the top strap where the barrel meets the ridge on top of
the cylinder housing, it's because the barrel is pressed on, not pinned,
and it looks horrible. 

Author littlejpl ( ago)
You said it. The Trigger is one of the most important parts in a gun
system. Let me here the RESET of your M&P trigger and let me here your
RESET in the Glock trigger. The Glock has a much better RESETt trigger
than the Smith, period. That fact increases the speed an accuracy 2 to 3
times over the Smith depending on who's shooting the guns with the same
skill set. Since you didn't compare that very important factor between the
two guns I should ask if you know what I mean when I say "Trigger Reset"?

Author Rob Lucas ( ago)
Smith and Wesson was good in the 70's it's gone to shit. My 686 revolver is
complete junk. Barrel is off set and it won't fire in double action. Yes it
has been sent back and no they didn't fix it. I have 0 faith in smith and

Author Mark Wright ( ago)
I own a Glock and an M&P 9 and neither rust. Both are totally 100%
reliable. I just don't believe a one quarter cared for gun of virtually any
make would rust like that. Both are great guns - but at the moment I prefer
the Glock and think it is more accurate.

Author ajfam871 ( ago)
WOW that was fast. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking the same it will
cost more to get my slide worked on. Know deciding on the 4.25 inch or 5
inch. I know both are great and it comes down to preference. I don't plan
on owning one type of hand gun. Im leaning on SW MP.

Author ajfam871 ( ago)
Nice video. I have a G19(gen4) and love it. I am know looking at a full
size gun debating the SW MP 9 C.O.R.E. Pro Series or the Glock 34(gen4). I
like the XDM 5.25 but they don't make 10rd mags. I am also thinking of a
Sig 1911, P226, and 92a1. Thanks 

Author Ammo Man ( ago)
I'd go with the M&P.
The glocks are too annoying to the hands in too many ways.

Author MK4vDubbin ( ago)
Both are excellent guns that are nearly identical in the way that they
operate; with that said, I think the M&P Pro is superior to the 34. Much
better factory sights, more ergonomic and adjustable grip profile, no need
to undercut the trigger guard, larger beaver tail, more aggressive slide
serrations, and APEX internals. The only thing I would change on the M&P
Pro is upgrade to an APEX trigger which is a personal preference.

I don't think you can go WRONG with either gun. Both shoot great, are well
made and reliable as the other. The M&P is just a better overall package. 

Author Kylef7735 ( ago)
If its a 4.25 inch barrel m&p pro it comes with night sights.

Author 0xXAllForNothingXx0 ( ago)
my m&p pro 40 came with trijicon illuminated sights, why does yours have
the fibreoptic sights i wonder?

Author William Winn ( ago)
m&p pro is pure win but never shot a new glock since there not approved
here in Boston MA unless there 1998 or before

Author miragexl007 ( ago)
so the price is pretty close.......once you scrap those plastic sights on
Glocks. Thinking about a pro now. Have been really impressed with MPs
especially the Shield. Wondering/deciding about the standard version vs the
5 inch if I do go with MP

Author Ryan Monroe ( ago)
get the pro

Author MyJt7 ( ago)
Other then the pain of watching you rub and knock those guns on a stone
counter top counter with lights glaring at was a great video
overall :) Thanks.

Author Kiefer Behler ( ago)
the gen 4 glock 34 comes with a beaver tail now so if that is a factor for
you go with the gen 4

Author JustonianInstitute ( ago)
One other huge benefit to me of the M&P versus Glock. The beaver tail. I
have a permanent scar from being bitten by my 19 and the 34 when I had it.
Large hands plus a high hold are a bad combo for a Glock owner. I have the
after market beaver tail on my 19 and it works but I like the fact that the
M&P was designed for those of us with man sized hands. It was also good to
see that Glock has a large beaver tail backstrap available for Gen 4. So
far, no slide bite from my M&P.

Author JustonianInstitute ( ago)
I love Glocks. My Glock 19 is my go-to concealed gun. I had a 34 as well as
a 26. Still in the market for a 17. I love the fact that my 17 and 33 round
mags work great in the 19, 26 and the 34. I like how simple Glocks are and
I don't mind a Glock trigger. My big hands also didn't mind the 2x4 ergos
of my Glocks...until I got a M&P Pro 9 (5"). I can't put it down. Did the
Apex FSS job. Now the trigger is gtg. Quite accurate as well. Stellar
ergonomics though...will get a compact next.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Thanks Trevor! The encouragement is always appreciated an thanks a bunch
for watching man!

Author Trevor Helmer ( ago)
I just discovered your channel. The videos I have watched are great and you
do a great gun review. Thanks for your work.

Author TheSPMchannel ( ago)
"Deliberate Bro" hahaha. Coincidentally, theres a lot of that going on in
these comments below....

Author GLOCKATTACK10mm ( ago)
This is an excellent 9mm. I highly recommend it. I am a Glock man and I
like this even better. Note to people who do not understand:The lever on
side is "NOT" a slide release! It is a Slide "LOCK" you need to pull back
the slide just a small amount "THEN" release the "LOCK" lever! Crazy
accurate in the right hands. Lifetime Warranty! I sell guns, buy it, you
will be Satisfied...Guaranteed !

Author SilentServicePH ( ago)
re-read your posts you never said that it had an Apex trigger feel. Done
trolling you.

Author doluseb ( ago)
3rd post and 5th post. Regardless don't count out the M&P. The reason I
said Apex first is because that's the most likely mod you'll find, also
it's the only option right now for M&P owners, unlike glock owners who can
just buy a 15 dollar part. Anyway, both great guns.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Hey dude, no one said you did. Read my comment again. I was saying that you
were being quite reasonable with your initial post. Doluseb is being
hyperbolic and You SilentService, don't seem to understand anyone even when
they're giving you the benefit of the doubt. He eased up, why don't you.

Author SilentServicePH ( ago)
You did not say anywhere else before this that you accomplished the Apex
trigger feel for FREE. Never did so yeah make yourself more clear next
time. Polishing and doing a trigger job thats like buying a new trigger are
two completely different things. Yes, you mentioned a trigger job but you
didn't compare it to buying the Apex trigger.

Author doluseb ( ago)
Then you're still not listening. I said the Apex is just nice to have, and
accomplishes fixing the problems with the MP trigger while not having to
"gunsmith". You can accomplish the same thing the apex does for free. I
have done it. It's much better than the glock trigger, and it's FREE

Author SilentServicePH ( ago)
I did not try to make the conversation go "sour" and truly don't care. I
just have a lot of time on my hands because I am on Separation Leave from
the service. A reduction in trigger weight does help with accuracy but his
recommendation of the apex trigger does not work as a better comparison to
the Glock Trigger with a 3.5lb connector. That all I want to get across.
The trigger was not the only reason I went with Glock.

Author SilentServicePH ( ago)
Its not difficult. You said try the M&P with the apex trigger. My point is
that it still wouldn't make it a fair comparison. I understand you
position, I just think its shit.

Author doluseb ( ago)
Probably. "terrible" does sound hyperbolic, but imo comparing a 3-3.5lb
trigger to a 6.5lb or possibly the 11-12 lb NY trigger is a terrible
comparison. That said, I have both guns and will probably keep both.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
It might be helpful to read SSPH's very first comment since it didn't seem
like he was ruling anything out. He simply stated that he shot both, did
better with the (near stock) glock so stuck with it. You might have taken
it to the next level by labeling that a "terrible comparison." I'm not
taking sides but looking at it objectively, that was probably were it went :)

Author doluseb ( ago)
Alright, you clearly did not understand or even read my post. I said I did
the SAME EXACT THING to my M&P, that you did to your glock. in fact I did
less because I didn't even buy a new 15 dollar disconnect. You got a bad
comparison. Stock vs. not stock, period. Holy shit that was difficult. I
have both M&P and glocks, I'm not a fanboy of either

Author SilentServicePH ( ago)
I hand polished, no polishing tools, the Glock parts with brass-o. Nothing
special. Your comparison of a $100 trigger install to a $15 trigger weight
reduction would make the comparison even worse. I think the 3.5 connector
Glock to the Stock M&P was a close comparison. At least closer than what
your suggesting. I have nothing against M&P. I just want you to understand
how M&P Fanboy your comment sounds.

Author doluseb ( ago)
Oh, and the NY/MA trigger whatever you want to call it is 11 or 12 lbs...i
forget. God help you if you get that version.

Author doluseb ( ago)
The m&p is 6.5lbs stock. every stat says so, and so did my calipers before
I modded it. Nobody is going to put a 3.5 lb disconnect in their glock to
get a 5.5 lb trigger pull...because that again is stock trigger pull. I
hate the M&P trigger (or hated rather) probably the worst thing about it,
but it was either mod a trigger (MP) or mod a grip and a trigger (glock). I
think it's probably easier for people coming from a 1911 platform to shoot
well on M&P vs glock

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
For the sake of being accurate in our terms. 3.5lb disconnect, doesn't mean
that it's a 3.5lb trigger pull. It's typically 4.5-5.5lb. The M&P weighs in
a about 4.5lbs as well. The glock has a springy wall but better reset. The
M&P as a more solid way but softer reset. It's totally subjective as to
which is best but I find it a little easier to train a new shooter with the
more conventional trigger in the m&p. Just wanted to make that point about
the trigger weights...

Author doluseb ( ago)
All I'm saying is you're comparing a stock gun to a non stock gun. Not a
fair comparison. Not to mention 3.5 lb connector probably polished down to
3, to a 6.5lb trigger question as to which you will shoot better

Author doluseb ( ago)
What makes you think you can't do the same thing to the M&P seer and
trigger. Mine is polished and ground to 3 lb crisp. The 100 dollar trigger
is just nice to have and very well done. Plus it makes it easier for those
who don't want to do any "gunsmithing"

Author SilentServicePH ( ago)
So to make it fair I have to add a $100 trigger upgrade to the M&P while
the Glock had a $15 dollar part and was polished with brass-o. I think I
had a good comparison but thanks.

Author doluseb ( ago)
you got a terrible comparison then. try one with a apex trigger in, then
compare to your glock. btw for 9mm i prefer glock, for .45 i prefer this

Author doluseb ( ago)
deliberate bros constantly knocking front sight posts off

Author SilentServicePH ( ago)
I have shot both glock and Smith and Wesson M&P. The glock had a 3.5 pound
connector and a polish trigger job and the M&P was out of the box. I shot
much better with the glock so I stuck with it. If I had the money to
experiment I would try M&P more but for now my glock is the best for me.

Author T. Wreck ( ago)
Ok, ya perfect example of a typical fanboy

Author LKN4WAR ( ago)
Glock shouldn't have dicked with the design of the 17. TNPers have seen
those vids, why change it. I prefer Hk over all others. But 60 bucks a mag
is just steep verus glock . Own both and like looks of the MP also. I like
the Vtac model.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
yeah, right? It's kinda entertaining when I point out something that's
obvious to most, then get chastised by someone who's uninformed. He might
as well say, "glock as plastic sights ? who are you working for?" LOL.

Author papgrumly ( ago)
I put ghost 3.5 pound rocket trigger connectors in all my Glocks and now
the triggers are awesome. my Springfield 5.25 competition series trigger is
not as good, but it has better sights. my M&P competition is now sold, I
didn't care for the 2 piece trigger. as far as looks go here's how I judge
it, I think the Glock is a handsome pistol, I wasn't that big of a fan of
the M&P is looks. but the Springfield 5 25 competition makes me want to
say" I'm Batman" everytime I pull it out!

Author jeffyjames2k11 ( ago)
its kinda like the ford vs chevy argument in high school but since smith n
wesson stole glocks design/internal engineering would it be ford vs
lincoln? i own both but for some reason i havent got used to the M&P
trigger yet. i own the M&P shield in .40 cal

Author thealize808 ( ago)
Does the m&p pro .40 have a conversion kit in 9mm?

Author theroyalgrapefruit ( ago)
HK USP Expert wins ;D

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
"Both are great pistols in Function" Absolutely true!

Author Joseph Arnoldy ( ago)
Both are great pistols in Function, I prefer the ergonomics of the M&P, of
which I shoot a 9mm pro for uspsa and 3-gun. Love my M&P and love it even
more with the Apex trigger and forward set sear kit that I put in it.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Yes, they're shallow and non-directional as compared to the M&P which are
deeper and directional. I know, the whole physics thing is hard to wrap
your head around. It's something my niece is pretty dialed in on but at 10
years of age, she might be a couple years older than you.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
I"m clearly speaking of STOCK configuration and price for price comparison.
You're the only one after 68K views who hasn't had the wherewithal to grasp
that concept. Try to keep up kiddo!

Author Ian Stephenson ( ago)
glock serrations are slippery ? who are you working for ?

Author Ian Stephenson ( ago)
Oh please ! you can put any sight on a glock 34

Author Coniferous ( ago)
I really want to like the M&Ps, but the trigger just doesn't work for me.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Sorry, don't understand.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Either of the first two. The PX4 just feels slightly clumsy and inelegant
to me personally but it's a quality handgun.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
I agree with most of what you've stated other than the idea that "Most"
agencies are switching. That's not quite the case but not a big deal
either. Obviously, those not used to the Glock may have the tendency to
initially point high but again, a small issue that is quickly overcome
through experience shooting it. It's certainly an outstanding tool but as
you've stated, so is the M&P. If nothing else, I kinda like that it's made
in the US! :)

Author John Luke ( ago)
People act like the glock is the greatest gun ever... Lets not forget that
before glock 1911 was doing the same for over 100 years. and before the
1911 that revolvers have done it for hundreds of years. Just about every
agency is switching from Glock to M&P. Because its just as reliable, and it
was designed to the hand where as the glock was designed to shoot yao
ming....(cause you tend to point it up)

Author Reza Bayat ( ago)
Glock 34 vs. S&W M&P Pro Series (Part 1)

Author RandyClose69 ( ago)
I love my M&P pro 9mm, but I hate that front fiber optic sight. Novak is
installing sights on my 1911. After I get that back form them, I am sending
off the M&P for different sights. My next pistol will be a M&P 45. Big

Author James West ( ago)
Im a die hard glock fan but that M&P is much better is better looking. hmm
i might have to look into that.

Author W55ST ( ago)
Reason I was asking is that I have had my Glock 19 for about a year and put
about 2000 rounds through it. I'm fourteen and that was my first pistol. I
think i will just focus on becoming a better shooter for now

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Sure, that's a good general rule but that's not to say that the most
experienced shooters couldn't get along just as well with a glock.
Different, neither is "better" overall. One would have to place a value on
each specific attribute of the firearm to determine which is subjectively
best for them.

Author W55ST ( ago)
Is it fair to say that 1911's are better for more experienced shooters?????

Author W55ST ( ago)
I do really like the serrations on the slide of the M&P though and the
trigger more than the glock

Author W55ST ( ago)
Think I'll be getting a 34 gen 4 pretty soon. Thanks for the video

Author Jesse Robinson ( ago)
Do all SW MP's come standard with night sights? I was under the idea that
only "pro" series did but now im learning the Pro series is just the longer
competition slide I watched another guys series and mentioned that pro had
night sights and the others didnt but now I see he is wrong.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Everyone has a favorite, none of it means anything whatsoever. "Ultimate"
probably not the one that isn't working. HK's get mailed back for warranty
work just as any other pistol. That stated, they're generally high quality
firearms among the top with regards to reliability.

Author Finn Custom Knives ( ago)
@woodsmith9 If you want to talk ultimate reliability look no further than
hk my friend. Damn good camera work considering its all handheld.

Author Patriot36 (1569 years ago)
First off dude, grab onto a hint of reality before getting so excited. I
clearly state that I love BOTH pistols. In fact, I've been shooting glocks
since the 1st generation. You're 26 which means Ive got about 20 years of
shooting on you if you started the same time. Also, they're called
malfunctions, not "jams" and we'll wait for you to post your competition
videos. One pattern that's always constant is how emotional new shooters
get about their guns. Hang, in there bud, you'll grow out of it.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Actually, they're detailed.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Well, sounds like it's the only gun on the planet....for you.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
I find it a production novelty & a waste of video time to clear firearms
for people who aren't in any immediate danger by merely viewing their
screen. Furthermore, just because you don't see it checked doesn't mean
that it wasn't, neither do I owe it to you to show you. Cooper's 4 rules of
firearms safety are diligently practiced insuring MY safety, so if you feel
violated you're free to go elsewhere. Lastly, this channel is geared toward
the family, hence your language is inappropriate.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Congrats bud! Quite normal on most firearms of similar design. The top
round contacts the bottom of the inside of the slide, sometimes even
denting the case mouth slightly. I won't hurt anything though.

Author Jacob Smith ( ago)
I just got my M&P Pro in 9mm yesterday. I absolutely love it. One thing I
noticed is that its extremely difficult to insert a loaded magazine into
the M&P when the slide is closed. Do you have any tips/tricks to making
this a bit easier? I really have to slap the mag to get it locked.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
I might add that I hesitate to call the Glock grips "Interchangeable."
Instead, I would say that it has "addable" back straps. It ships naked.
Only the back strap changes and most people continue run their gen 4
pistols naked, since traditionally, the glock has always been large
gripped. In contrast the S&W are interchangeable and it ships new with the
medium interchangeable grip attached. Thanks for yours thoughts Jerry.

Author Jerry Wings ( ago)
Yes the resale value om the Glock-34-9mm will be a bit higher than the
Smith/Wesson. But the 34 is proven since it first came out in 1999.

Author Jerry Wings ( ago)
One advantage for the Smith & Wesson M/P, is interchangeable grips, which
is not available on the 3rd Gen., Glock-34. But the 4th Gen, Glocks which
has been available since 2010, will have interchangeable grips as well.

Author Jerry Wings ( ago)
You can get fiber-optic sights for the Glock-34/9mm.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
They typically sell quicker but not necessarilly at a better percentage to
their new value. Both guns will sell locally at virtually new price on the
used market.

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
Glad it helped buddy! I still love 'em both and don't know which I'd take
if I could only have one.

Author s0nspark ( ago)
A couple years back I switched from Glock to M&Ps for the ergonomics... I
had a 9mm FS and a 9mm Compact. I had Apex trigger kits installed (sad that
the stock triggers at the time were so awful!) and proceeded to have
nothing but trouble out of them. FTFs/FTEs with various quality target and
carry ammo and failures to lock back after the last round on several mags.
I really hated the hinged trigger too. When the dead trigger problem came
to light I sold both guns. No more M&Ps for me!

Author Patriot36 ( ago)
"Where is it?" Probably in gun stores or different video reviews. You may
have noted this video is a year and a half old. Also, it wasn't intended to
compare every long slide pistol, only the two most similar and asked about
types at the time.

Author 556 Channel (HD) ( ago)
haha, they made you look like a fool on that! Back to the drawing board,
whomp whomp whomp!!

Author brokosok ( ago)
Dude check out my glock 34 accuracy report and M&P report on brokosok
channel the M&P is not in the same league as the 34

Author raffy1ca ( ago)
Great in depth video!

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