Jay & Linsey

A few snaps of me and my GF... Music by my band Ten Days South (

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Make out


Author snackbox2007 (6 years)
damn your fuckin band sucks

Author mjamielee7 (6 years)
this song suckkkkkkksssssssss

Author Brooke While (5 years)
dont slag him off bout his singing hes imense just cuz you cant and it aint
bout looks tbh its bout personality ffs you people are all shallow twats

Author xmariemacabrex (4 years)
ilooove it <333 :D

Author asholay1518 (4 years)
good couple

Author clbm818onetreehill (6 years)
aw , ! emos right ? , && cute together gues ?

Author rizering (6 years)

Author lucieemai499 (3 years)
Your all buzzing because he/she spelt "Presenting" wrong.

Author hannahlapyful (5 years)
oh my gosh! cute couple =)

Author Joseph Hundley (5 years)
shut up u jerk u need to look into the persons heart its not about looks
its only a lil % dont be shallow its unnatractiv and dont say ur not cuz u
probably wouldnt date him cuz u think hes ugly

Author Lina97Anna (4 years)
It's 2011 are you 2 still together? Hopefully yes..

Author yoamy405 (4 years)
dont listen to the haters! spread the love, u 2 r adorable good luck!

Author Xyberfaust (2 years)
They are in for a rude awakening when they find out that "love" is just
chemicals, nature's way of tricking them to reproduce and ruin the rest of
their lives. So where are they today?

Author PandaBannaHead (3 years)
Time to delete my history. AGAIN!!

Author Deidre Mirkin (3 years)
pesenting. HAHA.

Author xoxPoisonousGirlxox (3 years)
I wonder what my English teacher would say when i start my book report with

Author Vanessa G (3 years)
you sure are cute for two ugly people <3 - just joking you guys are pretty;

Author CloverPuppy4047 (3 years)
now THAT is true love :D

Author kirbysir675 (4 years)
well.. ugly ppl attract ugly ppl . good couple hope everything works out
for you pimp

Author KitKat11 (3 years)

Author Valeska Julbe (3 years)
u guys still together? if u are then get married LOL thts like such a long
time if u are and ur meant to be get married its an advice from a girl :)
and if not sorry

Author XxbadaapxX (4 years)
i love her hair !

Author Jasmine Mew (2 years)
I wonder if they are still together

Author TheChloe0202 (4 years)
Why the fuck would you put a vid like this on YouTube honestly

Author Ray Moore (3 years)
are they still together in 2011?

Author Pentdad (4 years)
4 years ago are you even still togeather

Author TheErinnnnnx (4 years)
stop being mean! you two are so cute <333333333

Author sadeloves1 (3 years)

Author stevengood12 (4 years)
boooooooo quit haten fools theres mad haters here

Author SuperVestegnen (4 years)

Author Joseph Hundley (5 years)
shut up u jerk u need to look into the persons heart its not about looks
its only a lil % dont be shallow its unnatractiv and dont say ur not cuz u
probably wouldnt date him cuz u think hes ugly

Author SHSSpartans69 (3 years)
The band sux

Author Robbie Stawski (4 years)
aww cute coouple

Author Jackobbal (4 years)

Author bascompany14 (5 years)
You still have a relationship with her? If you do I think she's

Author Jessie Essie (3 years)
@shadowcronusq wtf is your problem hater ! #loser

Author viczai (6 years)
it's so cute and sweet how guys would do this. (:

Author Erica Laqounda (3 years)
He look like a dog

Author shannz14 (5 years)
there cute

Author 459chatterbox (3 years)
Umm, what foes pesentung mean?? Haha(:

Author Brenda (5 years)
omg the girl can do so much better

Author DaniiSillieh96 (4 years)
now reproduce! XD

Author Kiddolioable (4 years)
@TheChloe0202 aww sad you found this while searching for porn? D:

Author MrBigBigbigBalls (3 years)

Author Nikki Miller (5 years)
this girl is a cutie. the guy on the other hand...

Author probaskets (5 years)
Thats gonna be us sweetheart. I love you porcelinebabyface with all of my
heart. you mean the world to me

Author Jackobbal (4 years)

Author hottie59044444 (6 years)
umm ok u guys r kinda both weird! hope offence was taken!

Author TheButtface14 (3 years)
haha, these people live across my street.

Author fullmetalvoice (5 years)
so sweet

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