Jay & Linsey

A few snaps of me and my GF... Music by my band Ten Days South (

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Author Emoni Robinson ( ago)
bitch im hating wow wow...coming from an anti social bitch.

Author trevor servora ( ago)
evanescence look alike:>

Author Xyberfaust ( ago)
They are in for a rude awakening when they find out that "love" is just
chemicals, nature's way of tricking them to reproduce and ruin the rest of
their lives. So where are they today?

Author daniellerebecca armstrong ( ago)
they are in love so leave it.

Author Kevblack. ( ago)

Author Jessica Bullard (1658 years ago)
Forever Alone.

Author Jasmine Mew ( ago)
I wonder if they are still together

Author Cindyschannel ( ago)
PESENTING jay & linsey ...

Author makkelulu ( ago)
I have two questions: 1. How did it get so many views? 2. Why would someone
dislike this? It's obviously a tribute video the BF made for her GF....

Author Lajeanne Manon ( ago)
You are too beautiful; ' 3 plain of happiness has you two ^^ *Sorry if I
speak English badly* =p =x

Author Jackeline Gallardo ( ago)
How did I from Cinnamon Challenge to This??:O

Author xoxPoisonousGirlxox ( ago)
I wonder what my English teacher would say when i start my book report with

Author PandaBannaHead ( ago)
Time to delete my history. AGAIN!!

Author gayemolover1214 ( ago)
sooooooo cutteeeeeeeee i love it

Author Jessie Essie ( ago)
@shadowcronusq wtf is your problem hater ! #loser

Author zombiehairbitch ( ago)
awwwww <3 :)

Author Erica Laqounda ( ago)
He look like a dog

Author Valeska Julbe ( ago)
u guys still together? if u are then get married LOL thts like such a long
time if u are and ur meant to be get married its an advice from a girl :)
and if not sorry

Author Tati Costa ( ago)
ela e feia ele também se combinam

Author 117mikayla ( ago)

Author awsomemini1999 ( ago)
the dude is ugly

Author Bfmvgirl2000 ( ago)
so what this video failed?:) It's still cute<3(8

Author Brittney Harris ( ago)
'Pesenting' LOL

Author Emoni Robinson ( ago)
she is a fat fucking whore she is a living whale

Author sadeloves1 ( ago)
TRUES <3 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<3

Author sadeloves1 ( ago)

Author caitlyn stanley ( ago)
@459chatterbox what does foes mean? haha!(:

Author TheButtface14 ( ago)
haha, these people live across my street.

Author Raech Gonzales ( ago)
ommgg the second top comment xD

Author 459chatterbox ( ago)
Umm, what foes pesentung mean?? Haha(:

Author Deidre Mirkin ( ago)
pesenting. HAHA.

Author Katy Irons ( ago)
The fuck? Why are you people commenting on their appearence? They're both
very nice looking people, and they're in love. You guys that are hating on
what they look like don't understand true love. Fuck off if their
appearence is all you're gonna be observing in this video. You guys are
adorable :) x

Author 2bricacity ( ago)

Author Vanessa G ( ago)
you sure are cute for two ugly people <3 - just joking you guys are pretty;

Author Lexham ( ago)
corny much?? but still kinda sweet i guess

Author Mrzchemistry ( ago)
@MsJustinBieberFan121 thank you sir you just made my night LOL!

Author sunkissedlips ( ago)
59 People are jealous of there relationship.

Author purplestar223 ( ago)
you to are ugly

Author CloverPuppy4047 ( ago)
now THAT is true love :D

Author ForeverShinee ForeverShawol ( ago)

Author Aj Marsiglia ( ago)
hey man not to be negative but like maybe u should layoff dat dream of
being a rocker

Author schleichlover1 (1372 years ago)
r u 2 still 2gether?

Author haleybrooke9779 ( ago)
Aww (:

Author FPSwarfreak ( ago)

Author Ray Moore ( ago)
are they still together in 2011?

Author Tiger Reagan (687 years ago)
Whhy the hell is this on youtube.?

Author Toni Evans ( ago)
He can't sing

Author MrBigBigbigBalls ( ago)

Author yochi831 ( ago)
@snickerspants LOL

Author MsJustinBieberFan121 ( ago)
I could tell this was a fail by the first word.

Author Orbiify ( ago)

Author Styrus7 ( ago)
@Joemamma69000 Lmfaooo, 'Pesenting'

Author Kiddolioable ( ago)
@TheChloe0202 aww sad you found this while searching for porn? D:

Author Lina97Anna ( ago)
Cuz this was made in 2006

Author Lina97Anna ( ago)
It's 2011 are you 2 still together? Hopefully yes..

Author Joemamma69000 ( ago)

Author Robbie Stawski ( ago)
aww cute coouple

Author churvaekla ( ago)
I really like the song <3

Author brittany b ( ago)
really cute love the song btw

Author TheAshleyAngst ( ago)
I counted three fails. 1) it's presenting not pesenting 2) the song 3) the
couple XD my opinion

Author WhichOnes ( ago)

Author Pentdad ( ago)
4 years ago are you even still togeather

Author xmariemacabrex ( ago)
ilooove it <333 :D

Author kablamaflama100 ( ago)
Lmao spelling fail "pesenting"

Author Michelle ( ago)
@Ellieandshelbybff She is so not ugly. And even if she was, why would you
care? Stop hatin'.

Author kirbysir675 ( ago)
well.. ugly ppl attract ugly ppl . good couple hope everything works out
for you pimp

Author Jackobbal ( ago)

Author Jackobbal ( ago)

Author Jackobbal ( ago)
@Ellieandshelbybff : True

Author XclusiveChiq ( ago)
you both are ugly

Author Pckerrr ( ago)
why hate on this video ? they are happy together, that should be the only
thing that counts.

Author Brianna Jenkins ( ago)
band sucks srry :\

Author SlimBoy1997 ( ago)

Author XxbadaapxX ( ago)
i love her hair !

Author coolchic2016 ( ago)
shes gorgeous! shes not ugly.. seriously people. get a life. gosh.

Author aj113511 ( ago)
y do ppl judge ppl on uglyness or hottness or whatever it should only
matter wats on the inside

Author Pckerrr ( ago)
@Ellieandshelbybff wow thats really rude & mean .

Author yoamy405 ( ago)
dont listen to the haters! spread the love, u 2 r adorable good luck!

Author asholay1518 ( ago)
good couple

Author Yup M ( ago)
she's not ugly, but he is[:

they fucking ugly fat bitces look like a cocroacjij

Author hannahlapyful ( ago)
oh my gosh! cute couple =)

Author Brooke While ( ago)
dont slag him off bout his singing hes imense just cuz you cant and it aint
bout looks tbh its bout personality ffs you people are all shallow twats

Author bascompany14 ( ago)
You still have a relationship with her? If you do I think she's

Author Joseph Hundley ( ago)
shut up u jerk u need to look into the persons heart its not about looks
its only a lil % dont be shallow its unnatractiv and dont say ur not cuz u
probably wouldnt date him cuz u think hes ugly

Author Joseph Hundley ( ago)
shut up u jerk u need to look into the persons heart its not about looks
its only a lil % dont be shallow its unnatractiv and dont say ur not cuz u
probably wouldnt date him cuz u think hes ugly

Author Brenda ( ago)
omg the girl can do so much better

Author Nikki Miller ( ago)
this girl is a cutie. the guy on the other hand...

Author tool675 ( ago)
that is one ugly fucker though.

Author fullmetalvoice ( ago)
so sweet

Author edithjf ( ago)
i really like your music. very catchy. :) and you two are cute together.

Author Cheyanne Lee ( ago)
point please??

Author Olivia Randall ( ago)
dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the nearest frieday
by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you
dnt post ths comment 2 at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days nw uv startd
readn this dnt stp this is so scary snd ths ovr 2 5 vids in 143 mins

Author Laura Christiana ( ago)

Author redorangeyellowgreenblueindigoviolet ( ago)
emo muccch. no offence but why are there so many bloody emo couples on
youtube!!! ARGH! i like to be happy :)

Author MuStLuVeMo ( ago)
lol when she was drawing in the sand lol wasent that a sex toy she was
using LOl.

Author Natalie Dyess ( ago)
this makes me think of my boyfriend :) ily Tristen

Author probaskets ( ago)
Thats gonna be us sweetheart. I love you porcelinebabyface with all of my
heart. you mean the world to me

Author shannz14 ( ago)
there cute

Author Ashley Green ( ago)
yall both look like shit. ew, yall hideous.

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