Arceus vs Dialga vs Giratina vs Palkia.wmv

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10 000 Views Ò_Ó. Thank you guys for making this video so famous! Keep it up! :P M.U.G.E.N Fight


Author Anthony Marvin Cabrera Martynez (1 month)
Cual es esas pelicula

Author Ujjuize (3 years)
which is this song played?

Author s3cr1 (2 years)
Awesome Video,What's Name Of Pokemon Movie On It?

Author kill4lifeordietry (3 years)
@blackkat1281 i dont think raiku suricuine entie zorua and zoroack can fly

Author FunksterProductions (4 years)
Arceus owns all

Author HM27able (4 years)
arceus have diffenent power too but not in the movie he is the most power
pokemon ever

Author Kayla Reis (4 years)
how did you get this vid

Author blackkat1281 (3 years)
@kill4lifeordietry your right about raikou,entie,and suicune but zorua and
zoroark use there illusions to fly remember the beginning of Zoroark:master
of illusions zorua used ilusion ability to look like hoppip and zorua

Author Insane Medic (4 years)
@lookupinthesky3456 -_- id think so LOL :)

Author blackkat1281 (3 years)
@kill4lifeordietry p.s. you spelled the names wrong

Author gligar7000 (2 years)
im not the only one who said it was a trailer so NOW TELL THEM ALL THAT IT

Author pokeboy354 (2 years)
Dialga is the best

Author Alex Oliveira (4 years)
Comentem e avaliem

Author gligar7000 (2 years)

Author lahoyadelavida (2 years)
whats movie is that please tell me

Author Abdirisaq Musse (2 years)
den är cool jag inte sett arceus vs palkia vs dialga vs giratina

Author DarkDragon4x4 (3 years)
can someone tell me where the scene at 00:14 is from?

Author gligar7000 (2 years)
i said it was a trailer because i saw this same clip from other users
saying it was a trailer damn i could have said that earlier

Author israel cid (2 years)
me encanta la cancion

Author blueskiesxoxo (4 years)
is arceus making the world look pretty with fireworks?

Author PinceAwsome (2 years)
wtf there are two movie of arceus can someone tell me whats the secound
movie is im getting confused

Author Sarah Sanders (4 years)
im a boy dont ask if my username in a girl name because while i was playing
my wii she put a girl name

Author karina argotte (2 years)
from 0:31 to 4:12 is arceus and the jewel of life

Author Giachino Barcelona (1 year)
i have all of them(in fact even in their shiny forms)

Author Sandra Silva (4 years)
Xonei neste video

Author lahoyadelavida (2 years)

Author izagu78 (3 years)
Dude Heatran cant fly

Author TheMCLAREN05 (4 years)
wtf? ar u talking?.........speak inglish! good video 5/5!

Author CinrageElite (2 years)
This isn't a trailer. Just a video made up of scenes from the movies, and
the foreign trailers themselves. You rested a case, when the case doesn't
even exist.

Author BENDROWND (3 years)
You showed the same thing over and over, im pretty sure this sucks

Author karina argotte (2 years)
zorua and zoroark are not legendarys. cobalion terrakion and virizion can
fly too

Author Yveltal Angel Caido (3 years)

Author Insane Medic (3 years)
@thepokemonlove129 ? in japanese its call Arceus and the Jewel of life o_O

Author MOo8996cz (2 years)
No, these scenes are from the trailer. They weren´t used for the movie.
It´s a shame though cuz it looked awesome

Author Alaka zam (4 years)
@naruto54az Linkin Park - In the End

Author carlos henryck (1 year)
dialga e forte mais ele ainda perde

Author CinrageElite (2 years)
Yes. You said it was made up. But before you stated that you said, and I
quote: "...SO CLEARLY THIS IS A FAKE TRAILER..." ...And yes. I do read
slowly and carefully. <3

Author Excalibur Caliburn (2 years)
Epic Battle

Author Taylor Peiffer (2 years)

Author supershaadic (3 years)

Author karina argotte (2 years)
i mean can't fly

Author adriano costa (3 years)
affs so fica repidindo toda hora a mesma coisa >:(

Author dziombak3 (4 years)
Poor dialga.

Author Laylay Nicole (2 years)
I Love Dialga and Arceus!

Author Wilfredo Bautista (4 years)
what happen if zoroark copy arceus?

Author CinrageElite (2 years)
*maniacal laugh* SOON.

Author methodistgirl (3 years)
What movie did this come from? I would like to see it. methodistgirl

Author Sarah Sanders (4 years)
who is stronger dialga or palkia

Author PichuPikaRai0001 (3 years)
@methodistgirl Pokemon Arceus and the Jewel of Life

Author emeraldsilver (3 years)
Any one know where I can watch the epicly awesome Japanese version of
Arceus and the Jewel of Life?!?!? I'm dying to see it!!

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