Do President & First Lady Trump Have Chemistry? | The View

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Author ImMATURE Productions ( ago)
She's only with him for the money she's waiting for him to drop like the rest of us

Author Lauren Avant ( ago)
Melanie needa new man.

Author Hei waters ( ago)
These ladies are jealous of Melania.

Author ZombieBunnyPosse ( ago)
Chemistry? Not sure. For Melania's sake, I hope that they share a bank account.

Author benoit rafeli ( ago)
OMG! Sarah is adorable!

Author Marcia Taylor ( ago)
What a lot of crap - don't these idiots have more important things to talk about!!

Author Diana H ( ago)
where is Whoopi

Author Ali Pali ( ago)
WOW what was that about??

Author Lupe Stella ( ago)
That's a video played backwards

Author Shirl E ( ago)
I have never really cared for Melania and I care for her husband even less, but this made me feel a bit sorry for her. To me it looks like Trump turns to talk and Melania thinks it's to her but you can see by Ivanka's face, (her eye brows and eyes responding to his words) that is probably was more to Ivanka. When Trump turns it seems Melania realizes this and when her face kind of falls it is almost looks like she is rolling her eyes at herself and muttering under her breath. Who hasn't done something like that, where you think someone is saying hi to you or talking to you only to find out they were not talking to you at all. I can only imagine the facial expressions I've had at those time. I'm sure also I went from a big smile to a straight face, feeling humiliated. Lucky for me no one even saw it because they weren't actually looking at me in the first place. But for Melania it is forever caught on tape. I do not think this is the life she signed up for. Living the life style of the rich and famous was one thing. Having people pandering to you, envying your life, lots of compliments to you, stroking your husbands ego etc. Being able to talk about and show off your outlandish excess and have people be envious is much more fun than life now. People mocking your husband, making him and you the butt of so many jokes and now looking at how you live in excess as a negative has got to be very hard. I think Trump has probably always treated Melania like we are seeing now, but I think the hurt and embarrassment is so much more at this point because it is there for the whole world to see and is in such strong contrast to how connected the previous President and his wife were. Truly working as a team. So much respect shown to each other, by each other. By all accounts Trump could care less about showing his wife respect or even allowing her to be anything other than just eye candy to show his imagined prowess, . Just walk behind me and look good. Don't speak unless I ask you to. Melania will have more money than any women I will ever know, even if she divorces trump, but I can't imagine it really being worth it. All she's given up not related to money and status (Love, respect, connection on all levels and all those wasted years she can never get back.

Author Cloudead ( ago)
Snowflakes will also melt.......

Author Cloudead ( ago)
"the view"....a tv show made for mainstream tv hosts who are LOSERS!!!!

Author christle nwole ( ago)
If she really is in an abusive relationship this isn't funny

Author junebun ( ago)
The blonde one needs to go. She provides nothing to the table.

Author Rene A ( ago)
They are totally separated. People (Trump supporters ) are in such denial. Then there are the rumours of his erectile disfunction and the allegations of child molestation that were dropped in November 2016. If he's diddling children, I'd keep my kid away from him too. I wouldn't take chances.

Author Elizabeth Morfin ( ago)
Disgusting womens!!! The View burn with envy!!!

Author tee woo ( ago)
This video is in REVERSE anybody with a functioning brain can see this...sad to see this analysis from professionals who obviously push this smug arrogant narrative

Author MistressPixie33 ( ago)
I think she made the face because she was embarrassed when she realized he wasn't even talking to her. She was just in the way of his view of Ivanka.

Author d m ( ago)
sarah is not stretching that much, even if it sounds funny she could be trying not to press on her wrinkles. celine dion doesn't talk for days or hours before a show sometimes and will write on clipboard instead to not strain her voice.
i literally saw her doing it in a documentary i am not making it up.
so why would it be such a stretch to say she is trying to take it easy on her wrinkles.
there's a nugget of truth in every joke as is sometimes said.

Author LovePeace ( ago)
"she is a private person" ...says the nude model 😂

Author Katie Adams ( ago)
well I mean come on where is she living right now I have felt for a while they are just married in name right now

Author margarita ochoa ( ago)
Nobody cares what you think 💭 JOY!!!!

Author Avalanche Blanc ( ago)

Author Avalanche Blanc ( ago)
What did trump win ? How can someone declare a winner and they look so miserable.

Author Kathy Schwab ( ago)
I don't think Trump was talking to Melania I think he was talking to Ivanka and at the end gave a little kiss toward Ivanka totaling ignoring Melania. I think Melania knows he prefers to have his daughter by his side.

Author RubberWilbur ( ago)
The View = Trash

Author Free Speech ( ago)
You reckon Hillary and Bill have chemistry lol

Author ratherbenapping 10 ( ago)
you mean does the gold digger that refuses to live in the same house as him and the 70 year old man who cheats on all of his wives then trades them out like cars instead of human beings? Gee tough call.

Author Robert Jesson ( ago)
Too funny, they ask whether or not President Donald J Trump has chemistry with Melania. I think the BIGGER question is whether or not Hillary and Bill have any Chemistry.

Author Daniel Guizar ( ago)
Yep its official Melania is not happy with Trump. Her face says it all. If I was her I wouldn't even bother being there no more. She deserves better.

Author Nancy Lewis ( ago)
I wonder if these nasty biotches picked on Michelle Obama like this, yep, I didn't think so. You condescending mean nasty negative snotty rude and sarcastic hosts of this effing show should be ashamed of yourselves for mocking the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. More proof that you're filled with contempt anger and hostility towards the new POTUS and his family. Joy Bewhore (Oops! did I spell that wrong??? sorry) is just plain not funny, so sad that they're such sore losers.

Author Samantha Skadeland ( ago)
The View is just a bunch of bullies. They're so petty and economically retarded. I'm surprised Jed hasn't been kicked off for her libertarian views.

Author Pixie Lavender ( ago)
I love how Joy never minces her words.

Author aaron nava ( ago)
It Is biznez orgengment

Author Jaylon's Videos ( ago)
Come on now. Melania is not in love with Donald. She is in love with that check. We all know she has a sexy man on the side who is probably so much sexier than Trump and younger and that's why she stayed back in New York. Come on people. Think about it.

Author wave runner ( ago)
She just counts the days until she inherits millions. She'll be left with pennies once Trump's kids and first wife rob his estate and leave Melania and Tiffany with nothing.

Author Mina In Japan ( ago)
On that last statement by Joy, couples have different ways of expressing their love and while most of us admire the love that the Obamas have for each other, we can't expect everyone to be the same.

That being said, no one goes from a smile to a RBF that quickly unless the smile was not genuine and even Ivanka in the back had nearly the same expression as Melania it seemed (I may be wrong).

Author Mali Super ( ago)
So asks a bunch of bitter spinsters...

Author Sue Bee ( ago)
This show is pathetic! Get over it, "ladies", he won!!

Author AliceinWonderland ( ago)
Melania is a very private person? Yeah sure, most private people don't pose naked. Give me a break.

Author AliceinWonderland ( ago)
Melanie is a very private person? Yeah sure, most private people don't pose naked. Give me a break.

Author AliceinWonderland ( ago)
Melanie is a very private person? Yeah sure, most private people don't pose naked. Give me a break.

Author Valentine Kwaghtsule ( ago)
bunch of hoes jealous of a position they would love to be in.sorry hoes it got taken by an immigrant first lady.

Author PJ Cap ( ago)

Author inside_ beauty ( ago)
I don't like trump but hating on his wife because of your hate for Trump is wrong

Author Kosta Petrides ( ago)
Sunny looks like Mr. Potato Head

Author Katarina D ( ago) and

Author luke smith ( ago)

Author Amanda Wild ( ago)
:If I weren't so happy all the time, I'd look younger." TRUE. I'm 28 and I pass for 18 😂

Author The Forestas ( ago)
She looked like she was telling someone next to her to be quiet.. Also they have been married for what? Almost 15 years?

Author Jonathan Michael ( ago)
Thank you for posting this, The View! 😀

Author brooke ann ( ago)
How is this "news"?

Author Kyle Smith ( ago)
Holy Cow! Look at these lefties bully and speculate on someone else's relationship. I thought we weren't supposed to question love??? Next let's have an analysis of the Clinton marriage. There's video of them at the inauguration too. Bill gawking at Ivanka and Hillary giving him the death stare.

Author Grant Graulich ( ago)
These women are all such assholes my god.................

Author Prince A ( ago)
she married him for his money. It's obvious 😒😒

Author ashk gh ( ago)
probably he told melania tonight we should go to bed

Author Monica Hausler ( ago)
You ugly view women get over yourselves your disgusting perverts!

Author Ross ( ago)
Melania is not a private person especially since she's had cameras pointed at her through out her life

Author trueglitterdust ( ago)
Lesson for Today : Marry someone you love and not for his money. #Lovetrumpslonely

Author Francesca ( ago)
Private person? Yeah her nudes tell a different story.

Author TJ Michael ( ago)
Only two people know what is going on in any marriage.

Author Val Jac ( ago)
I love Sarah😂😂😂

Author Tristyy Holness-Sinclair ( ago)
I think their marriage is a cover up for one of his sons transgressions, he doesn't even like that woman & im like 50/50 on Baron actually being his grandson instead of his child

this video is played backwards you idiots

Author s shultan ( ago)
she aint nothing but a goldigger!

Author Sarah Gates ( ago)
Sarah looks amazing

Author runrockwater ( ago)
to be fair she's the 3rd wife or whichever number he's on i dunno he's one of those rich guys who can't keep a woman around lmao

Author Nancy Chodara ( ago)
he mentally abuses her every chance he gets. if he can't control himself in such a public forum - lord only knows what he puts her through when they are alone. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll snap...... and cut out his heart.

Author Tiffiany ( ago)
That poor lady has to be miserable. Laughed at by the left... what are we bullies now? and made a ventriloquist dummy by the right.. she isn't a doll. She seems to be a person who did what she could to set herself up for the best position possible in this world. This is something everyone does if they have any sense. I see someone who the patriarchy would prefer ALL women were. If we were smart, we'd see it as the largest red flag! That is what the greater society (including most women) actually want us to be, regardless if we are impoverished or happened to find a way to get ahead... I'm saddened by how women, especially, are treating her. I expect it from men but putting a sister down, who didn't seem to do anything particularly wrong, goes against our own interests as much as voting for Trump went against the interests of a vast subset of this country.

Author Kyle Herbz ( ago)
It's so obvious that she married him for the money, now she's hating life cuz he's President & I doubt she ever wanted that life for herself 👎

Author C. V. ( ago)
the video was played backwards...come on now!

Author LyleDeYounges ( ago)
It doesn't really matter... I don't even like him but give him, and his family, a break...

Author Fit Is New IT ( ago)
She is private person we already saw her privacy all right🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author Boomer5150 ( ago)
It looked to me,like she smelled a fart

Author katherine500 ( ago)
Sara is so pretty today

Author StarFighters76 ( ago)
You can tell Melania wants out so badly. You almost feel sorry for her.

Author shygirlcomplex ( ago)
Seriously I think trump and her ,have been separated for years,and he just so happen to win the presidency and now she's like dam ... I gotta be with u now?!?!?

Author Claire Knight ( ago)
No woman has ever seen Trump and said "yes take me you are so manly and attractive and sooo hot!!" Melania died a long time ago, she's just waiting for him to have a heart attack

Author Nick Paganetti ( ago)
Ivanka stopped smiling at the same time.

Author Adam Islam ( ago)
Its weird having Paula and Jeddiah in the same tables it is always one or the other

Author Dizzy Baby ( ago)
she looks grossed out! lmao

Author fidorover ( ago)
Well, let's see: Donald is attracted to hot chicks. And Melania is attracted to money. So yeah... there's some chemistry at work there.

Author nick smith ( ago)
Private person? But let pose nude for a sugar daddy

Author ThomasProductions2000 ( ago)
there relationship is about as strong as a potato dull and lifeless its only a matter of time till he cheats on her like he did with his last 2 wives

Author calmvoice44 ( ago)
They don't even live together, lol.

Author Little Brown Gal ( ago)
It's obvious why Melania stays married to him.
He may not treat her as an equal, but for some women that's alright for a price.
The woman excused Trump's predatory comments on the Access Hollywood tape as "boy talk".
Never mind the fact that he was gloating about his disgusting behavior while Melania was pregnant with their son.
Too bad Ivana and Marla have been paid for their silence too, they could write a really juicy book from their experiences being married to "The Donald".

Author goldenniblings ( ago)
These days, you would think they could find the other angle and view on this "conversation" Trump had. He seems to end the thing with blurting out one word to Melania. Starting with a B or a P from the looks of it. Ugh.

Author Nice Guitar ( ago)
Sarah is such an annoying troll

Author Cunty Jackpot ( ago)
wow no wonder you americans are so stupid.. this cunts are brainwashing you so badly LMFAO

Author Ceme612 ( ago)
Sarah and Sunny are beautiful!

Author bea marla ( ago)
the people who believe that melania and Donald are in love are the same people who believe their rice cooker is a Russian spy.

Author BlackIrishRy ( ago)
Melania is a glorified escort and Trump is a narcissistic man/child hybrid.

Author Gluten Free Dessert ( ago)
That's what happens when you marry a Russian prostitute

Author Liz Frolick ( ago)
They are not together... Come on. You can see it a mile away. This is strictly for appearances.

Author Steph V ( ago)
Of course they're not in love, she ain't nuthin' but a GOLD DIGGER.

Author Annmarie Moore ( ago)
Omg all they do on this show is complain about Trump. Give it a break.

Author ISHAN GUJRATHI ( ago)
he was looking at Ivanka ....!!!

Author Linda Brown ( ago)
Oh Lord, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Jed (there I said it:). In that moment it looks like Trump was talking and smiling at Ivanka and before he turned around he looked at his wife and gave her a dirty look. I believe there marriage is of convenience.

Author faboze ( ago)
Excuse me how do you expect to stay a private person when you marry Trump? Lmao what a joke.

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