'Thin Crust Pizza' Actually Has Massive Crusts - Kitchen Nightmares

Pantaleone's claim to serve the best pizza in Denver. Looks like someone is in denial...

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Author Johnny ( ago)
ok thats fucking nasty and i eat almost anything

Author Cameron Meetze ( ago)
It would be good if you didn't look at it, just eat and enjoy

Author Jazleen Negrete ( ago)
At least Gordon is nice to the waitress who didn't make the food

Author Lolli MEW ( ago)
Gordon: What do you do in your spare time?

Chef: Watch Frozen

Gordon: F*** ME

Author Klaus Schreiber ( ago)
Crust is hella T H I C C

Author nico olsen ( ago)
Okay look, Its terrible food, but does anyone expect him to say that his food is terrible? A chef admitting that his own food is not just bad, but terrible, on a reality TV-show, will be a very bad mistake marketing-wise. Word of mouth will spread fast, and you will see the restaurant breaking down very fast if the restaurant is not saved IN the show. Its bad marketing for his restaurant and himself as a chef. Am never surprised that they say their own food is a 8/10 etc. eventhough its clear as day, that its terrible. There is offcouse some examples, where its simply not just the food, or the chefs fault. And the entire thing is just madness, but in the case of them edmitting their food is bad, I understand, why they won't edmit it. Atleast before Ramsey goes all hell on them xD

Author BustaDeluxe ( ago)
some ppl say yolo and eat it^^

Author Wonderful William 360 ( ago)
This has put me of pizza

Author Subscriber Meepo ( ago)
I actually payed the waitress for s3x and we had it ugh

Author Subscriber Meepo ( ago)
I actually payed the waitress for sex and we had it ugh

Author iMicca ( ago)
Fuck American pizza, real pizza is Italian. and it must be very thin

Author MLGSayianman ( ago)
1:40 even the fly hated it

Author The bread lord ( ago)
But greasy pizza is good

Author branchyapple ( ago)
Lately i want to eat pizza more often.. Idk how..

Author Lava Cynical ( ago)
That fly is a good actor

Author Kyra Marie ( ago)
Reminds me of the pizza in middle school. Get out of line, grab a fork and two napkins. One napkin goes on top of your pizza. By the time you get to your table, the napkin should have soaked up the majority of the grease. Bon apatite

Author Man of Illusions ( ago)
"The pizza is aggressive!"

Author Dag Ut ( ago)
what season and epiode is this? :)

Author Moxie Caliber ( ago)
Was looking for a thin crust recipe, found this instead. I am entertained but still hungry haha 😂

Author Brandon Tran ( ago)
oddly,the pizza looks more delicious without the cheese

Author me and bendy slide show animations ( ago)

Author me and bendy slide show animations ( ago)
who came here from jaltoid games

Author Rhia I ( ago)
Complains about grease. Orders a sausage pizza? LMFAO

The crust sucks but damn, you ordered a sausage pizza. It's going to be greasy.

Author jon hawkins ( ago)
What episode and season?

Author KabbeKP ( ago)
fuck your meatballs.

Author Aryan Alliance MN ( ago)
that pizza looks fucking awesome

Author Alabibi Minnek ( ago)
Isn't pizza supposed to be greasy?

Author Angelique V ( ago)
It looks like the pizza from Domino's Zevenkamp Netherlands .. same thickness .. same greasiness .. YUCK

Author hero226 ghr ( ago)
fuck I wonder what the chefs version of the deep dish pizza is like.

Author SONIC GD ( ago)
try trump food at trump tower
he'll be so pissed

Author CrazyCashGaming ( ago)
Pizza? More like Greazza...

Author Kamil Gaming ( ago)
yeah hes proud of his balls but if he wont stop adding HIS balls he will never get them back again.

Author Brett Sanders ( ago)
id happily eat the pizza. looks good

Author Jacinto Talavera ( ago)
its 2:19 am and hangry af why did gordon ramsey just waste that pizza????

Author Conor Mcgregor ( ago)
It's hard to fuck a pizza up lol

Author Bottle Flipping ( ago)
great title

Author Brian Amaya ( ago)
On 0:21 that pizza looks like a diaper

Author jojojaykay ( ago)
What's the name of the waitress

Author PSYCHO PATH ( ago)
The waiters are always my favorite

Author Alfonso Mancilla ( ago)
I'm fat

Author Kid Power ( ago)

Author volvo games ( ago)
I'm so hungry that I'd eat that, even though I'm disgusted too.

Author MultiMemich ( ago)
Press 3.

Author WEREWOLF457 ( ago)
The chef in the back gives no fucks lol "oh shut up," 😂😂😂

Author Adam Frederick ( ago)
That Pizza looks fucking disgusting

Author Ruy ( ago)
Loved the waitress.

Author eusopp Kamote ( ago)
thats one hell of brobdingnagian monstrosity.

Author ElitePlays ( ago)
Not gonna lie... that pizza looks kinda good

Author Cookie _Dough195 ( ago)

Author George Ortiz ( ago)
Lamo 3:13 with captions

Author Craine Theman ( ago)
"Have plenty of people that love my meatball"
"I am very proud of my meatball"😂😂😂🤣🤣😂

Author Nayvio Campbell ( ago)
A classic Pizza?????? Classic Italian pizzas are thin, not thick

Author Kitty Pie ( ago)
I always feel so sorry for the waiter/waitress having to serve an executive chef basic garbage. I have on many occasions refused to serve food to guests because i have personally felt embarrassed and would not eat it myself. If the customer had a choice of being served from the chef i am sure this kind of food would disappear.

Author Devansh J ( ago)
Better than the food my school sells

Author Just Kidding! Music ( ago)
I died when the cook started eating the pizza

Author PyRo Clan ( ago)
I mean pizza is pizza, I'd eat that anyday

Author A Ru ( ago)
looks sooo good ngl

Author Tox3 Clan ( ago)
the pizza was so bad that the bug at 1:40 couldent even eat it

Author The Cereal Tree ( ago)
looks like my school's pizza

Author DerrickSchetro ( ago)
Panteleons se07e02

Author Jiggleworth22 ( ago)
"He's tasted all this fancy stuff... you know." Gordon Ramsay doesn't seem uptight at all. He's shown to love home cooking, he just doesn't enjoy raw dough and subpar food.

Author Jackson Bartlett ( ago)
hes nice to the waitress thats rare

Author Alex Lopez ( ago)
I want to try the deep dish lol 🍕

Author hypnobearcoup ( ago)
They waste so much food on this show.

Author Un Kurwa dans America ( ago)
0:20, I've had that happen to me. It's probably one of the most aggravating things that can happen.

Author Un Kurwa dans America ( ago)
0:20, I've had that happen to me. It's probably one of the most aggravating things that can happen.

Author Parker Boyes ( ago)
classic bite

Author Mokwendamowin ( ago)
Well, hey.. that Hero sandwich looked alright. So, it was a couple pieces of bread with some beef and some cheese in it and got a little soggy. Big deal lol... I liked your meatball, buddy.

Gotta work on that pizza tho

Author Ch Pe ( ago)
I don't know about Denver but if you want the best pizza in Colorado Springs go to Mod Pizza 🍕 so good

Author Bob McCoy ( ago)
"I have plenty of people that love my meatball"
"I am very proud of my meatball"

Author Edmundo Garcia ( ago)
Even if the pizza is actually nasty, I cant take him seriouly if he's eating it with a fork and knife.

Author goblins clan ( ago)
either i'm a fatass, or that food looks delicious!

Author NINJA ASSASSIN ( ago)
I wonder what the large crust looks like

Author Chris 1992 ( ago)
I love how these people are always so deluded, arrogant and in denial.... and then wonder why their business is failing. Why even have the audacity to ask Gordon fucking Ramsay for help if you're not going to take in a word he says! Wankers.

Author Rebecca M Lynch ( ago)
"Im very proud of my meat balls"😂 I had on the captions and it said "Im very proud of my big balls" I was like wtf im dying here.

Author Jacob Pimienta ( ago)
Don't judge how the way he/she cooks

Author Kyrpä ( ago)
i eat pizza like that every time and i see no problem.

Author Sam Weaver ( ago)
I would be a shitty food critic. I'd literally just keep eating, I do not understand how he cant get hungry looking at food all day despite how gross it looks.

Author Anacondark 215 ( ago)
inglesi inglesi...di pizza capite meglio di una sega

Author Lim Wei Min ( ago)
I love the sound effects

Author z xdeozx ( ago)
that aint not a normal pizza all that greese is fucking disgusting

Author M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë ( ago)
The owner does nothing but lie

Author M̈är̈k̈ Ḧül̈s̈ë ( ago)
He doesn't want to hear criticism tough shit

Author Anym ( ago)
this dude has to learn how cook holy hell

Author Grox Destroy ( ago)
looks delicious

Author robertrjsaa ( ago)
does like any thing

Author Aldor PeaceKeeper ( ago)
what a picky piece of crap, id eat that thing in 2 days

Author Airthew ( ago)
Which episode is this

Author Whitewaffle 69nigga ( ago)
Idk if it's just a Worcester shit hole thing but that pizza would be fucking amazing compared to some the shit they sell

Author Shadow God ( ago)
that crust looked EXTRA THICC

Author Greg Slater ( ago)
"it looks nothing like a hero sandwich, it looks like a sloppy joe!" i mean i like sloppy joe just as much as the next redneck...

Author Abdulmajeed Abdullah ( ago)
he doesn't appreciate food

Author 991Fate ( ago)

Author Kyle Eaves ( ago)
Man the background ambient sound effects are extreme in this video! It's virtually non stop like come on sheesh

Author Headwarrior ( ago)
He's always criticizing restaurants

Author -,' RED ',- ( ago)
These guys are still open. One of the places that gordon turned around.

Author obigalish ( ago)
I am not a Gordon Ramsay Fanboy. That pizza probably tasted awesome.

Author ᅚᅚ ( ago)
*fly lands on the pizza*

Author agauerm ( ago)
I have some people that love my meatball too

Author agauerm ( ago)
Aw come on, there's no way that pizza would be bad... I would eat

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