'Thin Crust Pizza' Actually Has Massive Crusts - Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Kimora
    Kimora 52 minutes ago

    Stop being picky Ramsey. I wouldve ate it all(but there is lots of grease)!

    • Kimora
      Kimora 52 minutes ago

      Oh yea and not the raw dough

  • Rizky F
    Rizky F 55 minutes ago

    "no problem" says the waitress

  • William
    William 1 hour ago

    Do they have a regular pizza? Please bring that out..

  • Horacio Ortiz
    Horacio Ortiz 1 hour ago

    But is it B O N E L E S S

  • The Decapitated Rock

    It's not hero it's zero

  • Miyoi Nazhan
    Miyoi Nazhan 2 hours ago

    fuck u n u recipe gordon fuck u motherfucker

  • fackinsaxy
    fackinsaxy 5 hours ago

    That pizza looked absolutely fuckin disgusting lol. Is the chef kidding?

  • XLR X
    XLR X 6 hours ago

    The amount of pizza grease nearly made my heart stop... that shit was DROWNING in grease!

  • Jason M
    Jason M 7 hours ago

    I'd probably eat the whole thing regardless.

  • Unknown Potatoe
    Unknown Potatoe 8 hours ago

    The waiter was pretty nice though

    NHLGAMER227 8 hours ago

    that's pizza kinda looked good

  • amyishere67
    amyishere67 8 hours ago

    Sorry I think the pizza looked yummy

  • Kory Larsen
    Kory Larsen 10 hours ago

    I would eat it

  • Brandon Donovan
    Brandon Donovan 11 hours ago

    Ok face but amazing smile

  • stewie griffin
    stewie griffin 11 hours ago

    I going to remember not to go to this place 😕😕

  • xFKx SHOOTER78x
    xFKx SHOOTER78x 12 hours ago

    Anyone else think that that waiter is super pretty😍😍😍

  • Momo AG
    Momo AG 14 hours ago

    the waitress is hwat

  • Jacob McGee
    Jacob McGee 14 hours ago

    1:53 have fun with your food poisoning

  • one likecure
    one likecure 14 hours ago

    "that's the thin crust"
    GAG ME

  • Danny Polonsky
    Danny Polonsky 14 hours ago

    Why do they use Foley for sound in this kind of show.

  • A.B
    A.B 15 hours ago

    3:07 XD

  • Nini1311
    Nini1311 16 hours ago

    TBH I would NEVER eat that

  • Abdel Awad
    Abdel Awad 16 hours ago

    if alot of people loved it you wouldn't be under debt

  • stan monster x
    stan monster x 17 hours ago

    you know you're fat when you think it looks delicious

  • Jasmine Huarachi
    Jasmine Huarachi 17 hours ago

    I just thought it looked really cheesy id eat that but I guess nah anymore 😂

  • The Big Fish
    The Big Fish 18 hours ago

    Stop putting 10 pounds of shit cheese on everything.

  • Millian Macalintal
    Millian Macalintal 18 hours ago

    I'd eat the waitresses' ass, and throat fuck her into submission. But hey, that's just me.

  • Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    I like that waitress she's the perfect girl. Very cute & sweet, has a cute giggle and gorgeous smile. I respect this woman, very beautiful indeed, the kind you bring home to mom & was doing her job as a waitress perfectly while attending chef ramsay....so I'd basically stick it in her mouth, just leaving the nuts hanging out & explode my cum all over that pretty little slut face :)

  • Ross Nair
    Ross Nair 19 hours ago

    *Oh wow it is*

  • AnthonyTheBCSScholar
    AnthonyTheBCSScholar 20 hours ago

    HOLY CRAP that's a huge pizza. Not even the Fat Bastard could eat a pizza like that

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 20 hours ago

    well yeah if you hold the pizza up for an extended amount of time of course the cheese and toppings will slide off you fucking doughnut

  • EndpoolGaming
    EndpoolGaming 22 hours ago

    the hell, I would eat that off the ground

  • Kevin Oscroft
    Kevin Oscroft 1 day ago

    how can americans cook such shit food

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le 1 day ago

    That pizza was the classic one guys

  • I Varien I
    I Varien I 1 day ago

    I'd fuck that waitress

  • l PxR BIGMIKE l
    l PxR BIGMIKE l 1 day ago

    ill still eat it

  • Pancaketophat
    Pancaketophat 1 day ago

    Pizza is pizza

  • Jaron Droder
    Jaron Droder 1 day ago

    Luv mai meet bole

  • sane man
    sane man 1 day ago

    The owner Pete has a point you know. 1:54 Ramsay only knows the "good" foods but doesnt know what the real foods are supposed to be like.

  • Andrew Bassett
    Andrew Bassett 1 day ago

    Why is Gordon using a fork and a knife to eat pizza?

  • Thomas Need
    Thomas Need 1 day ago

    that is one of the nastiest pizzas I have ever seen.

  • Magma Wave
    Magma Wave 1 day ago

    You're an idiot . . . . .

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 1 day ago

    the waitress is adorable and should be a model

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 1 day ago

    tht pizza is gross

  • Tanya Shaban
    Tanya Shaban 1 day ago

    Not even the fly wanted to stay

  • sean da boss
    sean da boss 1 day ago

    Ramsey is a jerk

  • Ray Nightmare
    Ray Nightmare 1 day ago

    the waitress is the most innocent in all of the restaurants.

  • Kaneki G
    Kaneki G 1 day ago

    Idc What He Says That Pizza Looks Good Asf😂

  • dvnskee
    dvnskee 1 day ago

    I wonder if he ever pays for the food lol

  • shogundickin
    shogundickin 1 day ago

    In my opinion that pizza looked good.

  • RoyaleRebellion
    RoyaleRebellion 1 day ago

    Where can I sign up for this job? I have pizza tasting talent.

  • donghyuck
    donghyuck 2 days ago

    that shit got 🅱️ones in it

  • The nameless king
    The nameless king 2 days ago

    I am scared to see the big crust pizza

  • brandon orellana
    brandon orellana 2 days ago

    Lowkey I would kill that pizza right now 😂😂

    IKELECHI ICEI 2 days ago

    Your Greek. Have you tasted a classic pizza 🍕 before? Judging by the food you produced I assume you haven't.

  • KiiNG AUX
    KiiNG AUX 2 days ago

    this one wasn't as bad as the others on this show though, i mean it was just decent pizza and a sandwich

  • Chance Soethout
    Chance Soethout 2 days ago

    I love my meat balls XD

  • Kusword
    Kusword 2 days ago

    I wanted to eat that pizza so bad.

  • Steven Sanjaya
    Steven Sanjaya 2 days ago

    if i go there i dont give a fuck,i just eat it straight away😂

  • Eileen LeValley
    Eileen LeValley 2 days ago

    It's raw you wankers!!!!!

  • Great value Bleach
    Great value Bleach 2 days ago

    gordan Loves to add Alot of Oil But he doesnt like when Other people Use alot LMAO

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez 2 days ago

    The way he says "damn its good" just makes me want to smack the hell out of him

  • NRE Jokes
    NRE Jokes 2 days ago

    When Gordon says how you eat the meatball Hero I was like How do u eat your burgers that are so big not a hater

  • SeaBiscuit 1117
    SeaBiscuit 1117 2 days ago


  • green12apple reese
    green12apple reese 2 days ago

    Has anyone notice that my boy Ramsay is eating a pizza with a fork and knife?

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 2 days ago

    Can anyone get the waitress number for me 😍

  • Sendic
    Sendic 2 days ago

    I'd totally eat that Pizza. Then again I'd probably eat any kind of pizza (save for pineapple pizza).

  • Marcelo Souza
    Marcelo Souza 2 days ago

    tbh....the pizza was looking delicious..

  • nvm0
    nvm0 2 days ago

    Thick crust is an insult to pizza

  • Jalen Elrod
    Jalen Elrod 2 days ago

    Looks like school pizza

    LA LOLI 2 days ago

    Nice pizza !

  • TheGuyShy GD
    TheGuyShy GD 2 days ago

    "I am very proud of my meatballs"

  • R3dskullGD 2105
    R3dskullGD 2105 2 days ago

    Shut up Gordon and eat your freakin food

  • Mr Floppy
    Mr Floppy 2 days ago

    Fuck, it looks delicious.

    • Mr Floppy
      Mr Floppy 2 days ago

      the girl xD ... actually, I'd like to taste her pizza :P

    LUULUU LAALAA 2 days ago

    it actually looks tastey

  • SgtMerc
    SgtMerc 2 days ago

    They ruined a pizza.
    Pizza is impossible to ruin

  • Heinrich Bat
    Heinrich Bat 3 days ago

    0:36 Am I the only one thinking this cheese looks like organs?

  • Some Cunt
    Some Cunt 3 days ago

    Yeah the pizza is shit but damn the waitress is adorable.

  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 3 days ago

    it looked like Costco piza

    LM GAMING 3 days ago

    "its not hero but a zero." lmao XD😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kaiya Peacock
    Kaiya Peacock 3 days ago

    is it bad that id eat it lol

  • FuZe Gamer
    FuZe Gamer 3 days ago

    It's cause you eat fancy food and you don't like this kind of food

  • Samuel Kajah
    Samuel Kajah 3 days ago

    I would love to see their deep dish.

  • Ian Curran
    Ian Curran 3 days ago

    This show was ruined the day it came to America, the was it's edited the eerie music and noises makes it seem cheesy and fake it's annoying as fuck the uk version is vastly better

  • Optic Drone
    Optic Drone 3 days ago

    Imagine the extra thicc crust

  • Reclaimer of the holy land

    E X T R A T H I C C

  • 20killershot
    20killershot 3 days ago

    a lot of people like my meat balls LOL

  • Samantha Liew
    Samantha Liew 3 days ago

    Who needs Yelp when you have Gordon Ramsey

  • Rice Glory
    Rice Glory 3 days ago

    fat crust

  • yabba dabba
    yabba dabba 3 days ago

    That waitress is so adorable.

  • Fayd Bills
    Fayd Bills 3 days ago

    I watched this episode on TV. I lost it when the chef said "I'm hungry" and ate the greasy pizza.

  • OnlyNeedJuan Gaming

    How do you fuck up a Pizza, the simplest fucking thing to make ever.

    EXOTIC BUTTERS 3 days ago

    "I'm proud of my meatballs"
    hmm I wonder why
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • RexstonPvP
    RexstonPvP 3 days ago

    oh please. i eat that shit in school like 2 days a week

  • I am Nate
    I am Nate 3 days ago

    Lemme get it BONELESS

  • Rabid Raccoon
    Rabid Raccoon 3 days ago

    "It's like a wet piece of grass. After a cow shat all over it." xD Brilliant line.

  • Luis Matos
    Luis Matos 3 days ago

    I've never had a meatball grinder with sauce and not had the bread soft as a baby's ass. The pizza was horrid but the meatball hero wasn't to bad

  • Ric Is Busy
    Ric Is Busy 3 days ago

    Ey boi I'm proud of my meatballs too

  • noobster gt
    noobster gt 3 days ago

    thats not a beatball hero thats a cheese pool

  • WalkerKombat
    WalkerKombat 3 days ago

    Oh God, imagine the thick crust pizza they sell there...

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