The Kafot - I'm Jewish And You Know It - Official Parody to Sexy and I know it

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Making of & Bloopers By Roman Buchatsky:

Making the Shufflebot mask by Oleg Balzanov:

Video filmed, Directed & Edited by Kostya (Agent K) Vasilkov
Lyrics: Andrey Migalovich & Kostya Vasilkov
Singing: Yossi Shpayhler
Cameraman: Vitali Buchatsky & David Keselman
Assistant cameraman: Roman Buchatsky
Camera: Canon 600d (t3i)

Roman Buchatsky
Yossi Shpayhler
Andrey Migalovich
Roman Levin
Iliya Skoop
Oleg Balzanov
Orit-Svet Waissman
Vitaly Buchatsky
Yulia Buchatsky
Christin Sinkevich
Roman Feodorov
Maria Feodorov
Sergey Benkovich
David Keselman
Itay Litvin
Dani Davidov
Yuda Pinhas

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Views: 15,638,505
Added: 3 years
Runtime: 3:44
Comments: 33357

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Author AtomGaming (24 days)
All jews belong in Poland.

Author Nabil Arifi (2 months)
The racist remarks against Jews are disgusting, you filth should be ashamed
of yourselves. As a Muslim myself I sang along to this song, especially the
no bacon part. :) 

Author TheDoodleBugDiary (2 months)
Love it. So cute don't be hating Jews if you hate on them. You hating on
Jesus. Think about it.

Author MUSICo2^^GIRL (5 months)
jews are great ♥

Author J.J. J (5 months)
Can you all stop with the anti-Jewish/anti-Israel comments? Enough with the
hate. Jews are still here after 4000 years; they are from Israel and they
gave the world the Bible. GET OVER IT. There has NEVER been any other
independent nation except Israel between the Jordan River & Mediterrenian
Sea in the last 3300 years. There has NEVER been an independent Arab state
called 'palestine'. NEVER. Pstione was a name invented by the Romans after
the Jewish revolt of 135 AD to describe a GEOGRAPHIC AREA, not a nation.
The fakestine lie is a ruse to deny Jews their homeland. If you doubt it
just name me ONE SINGLE president or king of fakestine before 1948. Can
you? NO, because there NEVER WAS ONE. Am Yisrael Chai!

Author Sara Denko (9 months)
Hitler is rolling in his grave.

Author Jake Simpson (1 month)
LMAO Bacon bacon bacon no :D 

Author Gamer Nick (6 months)
God all that jew hating is really annoying

Author Robert Vesler (9 days)
Wtf is shlomo , ive know that its a name

Author Naor A (4 months)
+Ava Odoemena i dont think that that the jews hate this song, maybe some of
them, but not the most of them.
i m jewish from israel and i really loved this song and i even laughed
loudly untill i saw those antisemites comments

Author DragonPhlegm (20 days)
I did nazi that coming

Author fformfiller (24 days)
*I LOVE Jews!*

*When they're not committing usury, killing innocent people, and having
goyim die in wars that benefit the greater good of Israel.. Oh wait*

Author De Toxik (27 days)
*(By/Of, My Own Fault)* I'm Aware Of Possible Hypocrisy That I Might Be
Writing, And The Following Is *All* Open To Interpretation; (Read at own
risk, and repeat if necessary, til, or if, you really want to understand
why it's written, the way it is)
Even Tho It's Slightly Offensive, (Just Think If I Were To Sing, And
Display About Any White Pride) Yes, The Song Itself Is Mildly Amusing... (I
took my time to read others thoughts & reflect on my own) I Also Found It
Really Exhausting Scrolling Down, And Reading All The Mocking And Complete
Lunacy & Idiocy, Bouncing Back And Forth, All Over, In Attempts To Lay And
Then Place Lingering Faults And Any of The Blame... And Using A Bunch Of
Quotes, And Passages From The Bible And Qur'an?... These Were Both Written
Long Before All Of Our Births... As Well As Most Of The Other Tiring Bull
Shit Jargon, And Purposely Falsified Lies, Meant To Keep Us Confused ...
Pretending To Be Innocent, Doesn't Make You Innocent... For That Matter,
Being Found "Not Guilty Of" Something, By Our Peers in Court, Doesn't Mean
"Innocent Of Act" (Speaking Of, Hello? OJ? lol)
I've Had Both Good And Bad Experiences, From a Great, Many Deal Of Other
People, From Just About Every Race, Religion, Creed, Gender, Age, And
Others w/No Actual Preferred Sexual Orientated Gender, (& w/e) Whether
Differing From Mine Or Not... I've Witnessed First Hand, Some Very Serious,
Harmful, And Shitty Events Too... Personally, I Know That If I'm Capable &
Culpable of Lying & Making Mistakes, So Others Also Must Be Able Too...
None Of Us Are Perfect. History (can & has) Proven It!! No Joking, Think of
The Shit We've Done In Our Very Own Life's...
We All Know, We've All Intentionally Lied Before. Be It To Protect Or Spare
The Feelings Of Those We Care About, Or To Protect Our Own Asses...
If We Spent The Time To Write Down One Lie That We Told In A Story, Then
Put Them All Together In A Book... What Do You Think Our Future Blood Lines
Will Believe As Truth's? They'll Argue Over it, To Any Potential Opposing
Enemy, Then
Bicker The Same B.S...
So I Say, Fuck Your Lies, Fuck Your Truths, Fuck Who You Claim On Who's The
Wrong Or Rights, Fuck Your Books, Fuck Your Quotes, Fuck Your War, Fuck
Your Fights, Fuck Every Bit Of Your Fucked Up Pieces, And Fucked Up Lives,
Fuck Your Land, Fuck Your So Called Prophets,Fuck Your Messiahs, Fuck Your
Fight Over Fucking Sand, Fuck Your Money, Fuck Your Jewels, Fuck Your
Rich's, Fuck Your Gold, Fuck Your Intellect, And Fuck Your Stupidity, Fuck
What You Were Taught, And Fuck What You Were Told, If You Really Fucking
Wanna Place Any Fucked Up Blame, It's Each Our Own Fucking Fault, Including
Fucking Me, We're All Fucking Fools, And We're All Basically The Fucking
Same. If You Want A Fucked Up World, Keep Going Your Fucking Course, Who
Fucking Cares Whats Not Really Yours! A Huge Fuck You To Any Self Appointed
Elitist Dick, Fuck You, Your A Fucking Nobody, Fuck Off, You Just Make Us
All Fucking Sick. Fuck, If You Really Want To Make A Change For Good, Pay
Any Good Deed Forward, & Own Up To Your Own Fucking Responsibility, Fuck
You, Unless You Under-Fucking-Stood, If You Didn't, Then Wake The Fuck Up,
And Look At This Fucked Up Reality!!

Author badboysloves6 (3 months)
fuck you and fuck all arabs crazy pedophile maid raping and killing
bastards im muslim and i fucking hate all arabs i wish someone would wipe
them out from the world i went to soudi arabiento find peace but i find
hate only hate! and what i saw there change everything i thought about arab
people fucking terrorist most countries in the world hate arabs

Author 144Donn (4 days)
People without a sense of humor are pathetic! This is awesome!

Author AtheismTheNewGimmick (3 months)
This filth doesn't have a warning button; 

Author jesse tigerman (1 day)
I'm sexy and i love bacon and i know it

Author Prince Razlord (7 months)

Author Landon Marr (8 months)
What do you call a flying Jew?

Author Tayfun C (6 months)

Author Excalibur (8 months)
This is even more gay than 'faggy and I know it'

Author Jonah Karlen (11 days)
Many of you are mistaken! Jews laugh at this song and like it.... they
don't hate it!
Plus this was filmed by jews in Tel Aviv

Author Caleb James J (2 months)
Whoa racist/ to some jews in Jewish community but really disturbing 

Author Chen6556 (1 month)
love you ISRAEL <3

Author Svietka Riv (2 months)
i watched it twice and i cant stop laughing...happy hanuka to the whole
world. spread the light

Author Ava Odoemena (4 months)
My goodness the comments. The largest and the kookiest group of Youtube
users finally meet under one video: Imbeciles and Antisemites. One side is
just too blatantly and unashamedly dumb to get satire, the other side tries
to deny that Jews have humor.

I just don't know what is more entertaining, the video or the comments. OK,
no, the comments are really just sad, because many of these users probably
actually mean what they write. When the mind is a prison, that is not a
laughing matter.

Anyway, this group is too talented just for parody. Looked at some other
videos and a good number of them are quite impressive, thank you. Perhaps
you should attempt a slightly less ironic song. Make sure though the guy in
the underpants gets the memo:-)

Author catfolt (5 days)
i did nto know ther is so moch noobs in life

Author LIOR GLAIZER (5 months)
ISRAEL <3 <3

Author menashe versolker (7 days)
Nice song I love it
Play on 2015! 

Author Michel Brown (29 days)
All of Jewish are little dogs where ever you live Israel or etc. U are just
little dog u hear me noob 

Author Jamison Hall (10 days)
are you crazy i have a girl

Author Lee Hill (3 months)
yeah but jews killed umm jesus

Author catfolt (5 days)
its hitler all over again

Author idanch4 (7 months)
every fuking thing that is somehow related to israel will get hated by
thoese muslim fukers( not all muslims the retarded once). this video has
nothin to do with the situation in gaza even if you disagree with us about
it. so stfu and get the fuk of here if you dont like it. not you or hamas
even cares about the palestines you just love hating and blaming israel for
everything and everywhere.

Author J.A. Brown (1 month)
What's with the weird glasses?

Author נטלי ניימילר (2 months)
מוות לכל מי ששונא יהודים היהודים זיינו את כל הערבים והאירופאים האנטישמים 

Author Binh Nguyen (2 months)
pay for looking your shlomo LOL

Author David Davyd (1 month)
>cough< :o

Author tamar Itiel (1 month)
מצחיק שהם קראו לעצמם הכאפות.. תכלס צודקים..

Author Karin Turgeman (4 months)
I am Jewish and this is really funny Yeah I'm from Israel

Author itsik israeli (1 month)

Author Ido Yosef (5 months)
there is guys think the jews are evil.
yes there are more dead muslims form the jews, but you know why?
because hamas make pepole to stand on building when the jews are fighting
in Israel there are safe rooms in every house and they are getting in that
rooms and they are safe.
in israel 10% form all the pepole are muslims.
if 1 jewish will go to muslim country, he will die.
so think about who is the evil agine!

Author josh crooker (8 months)
I'm Russian and you're jealous! Now that would be good parody, staring me!

Author FULANODETAL (3 months)
whye everybody said JEWS,ISRAEL IS NOT A teocracy state like IRAN AN SAUDI

Author Zenaida Lopez (4 months)
Loved this song years ago, still loving it today. I was going around
singing "girl look at shlomo" the little old lady down the street said
"honey you are confused and I think you mean schmeckel and you don't have

Author Atom (3 months)
Why do I get the feeling that these Jews are self-loathing about their own
culture, race and religion? I reckon their angst atheists irrationally
angry about religion thinking it's responsible for all the problems in the
world...clearly these guys are idiots and don't realize that politics is
the driving force behind most wars.

Author Amed Amen (3 months)
Bacon Bacon no no lmfao 

Author The Watch Creeder (2 months)
You know that jesses is Jewish so I can be your father so all the racists
can go fuck them self 

Author Kouros Assadi (4 months)
Look, I think this Jew hating has gone too far. yes the Israelis are taking
it too far, but normal people who disagree should be left alone

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