I'm Jewish And You Know It - Official Parody to Sexy and I know it

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Making of & Bloopers By Roman Buchatsky:

Making the Shufflebot mask by Oleg Balzanov:

Video filmed, Directed & Edited by Kostya (Agent K) Vasilkov
Lyrics: Andrey Migalovich & Kostya Vasilkov
Singing: Yossi Shpayhler
Cameraman: Vitali Buchatsky & David Keselman
Assistant cameraman: Roman Buchatsky
Camera: Canon 600d (t3i)

Roman Buchatsky
Yossi Shpayhler
Andrey Migalovich
Roman Levin
Iliya Skoop
Oleg Balzanov
Orit-Svet Waissman
Vitaly Buchatsky
Yulia Buchatsky
Christin Sinkevich
Roman Feodorov
Maria Feodorov
Sergey Benkovich
David Keselman
Itay Litvin
Dani Davidov
Yuda Pinhas

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Views: 15,403,220
Added: 2 years
Runtime: 3:44
Comments: 32976

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Author Sara Denko (2 months)
Hitler is rolling in his grave.

Author Koopa zev (6 months)
wow im jewish to thats so funny ROFL ROFL

Author edmont culhachier (6 months)
I see only Khazars of eastern Europe, that strange :'( .

Author Oleg Ve Dani (25 days)
A quick question umm.... If your Jewish why were Santa there....
Wasn't he supposed to be a "sevivon" or something like that?
(Don't take it serially the video is awesome)

Author Prince Night (3 months)
They are going to hell

Author E ve minecraft gaming IL (2 months)
הם ישראלים

Author Excalibur (1 month)
This is even more gay than 'faggy and I know it'

Author Boris W (3 months)
I wonder why so many dislikes, it's a funny parody.
I don't think it was Jews who disliked it.

Author Johnny Tightlips (1 day)
It's nice seeing Jews not killing babies and shooting at pregnant women for
a change.

Author Tim S (1 year)
+Ben Zaitz please explain...

*Stole this from someone that shared it limited* 

Author Vivian Mayer (4 months)

Author Zea C. (1 month)
Feliz Domingo Amigos! Soy Judio y lo sabes ( #parodia ) // Happy Sunday
Friends! :) I'm Jewish and you know it , #parody #tosexyandiknowit

Author josh crooker (1 month)
I'm Russian and you're jealous! Now that would be good parody, staring me!

Author ohad gaming IL (3 months)

Author mary barton (6 months)
we dont freaking care abt your religion just enjoy the song

Author guy troller (2 months)

Author Artur Kwaszyn (7 months)
nice ^^

Author Blanica S. (1 month)

Author Nate Taylor (1 year)
+Josh Schulte My new theme song!?!

Author Mike Mozart (2 years)
*HYSTERICAL!* What's the MOST SHARED YouTube video in Israel RIGHT NOW?
*LMFAO Parody* . . . "I'm Jewish and You Know it!"

Author lolly Burger (2 months)
oh no a jew

Author Tomasz Cieńciała (2 years)

Author Kate Buck (2 years)
Can anyone tell me why there is a Santa Claus in this video? :)

Author Aaron Rothman (2 years)
Keep watching the Santa...

Author josh crooker (1 month)
I should get in on with them, give it more Russian accent.

Author Ana Gisela (1 year)

Author Michal Pavlica (2 years)
Look at my SHLOMO !

Author guy troller (2 months)
is tel aviv?

Author XxSniperOutxX1 (3 months)
I'm German and you know it

Author ranma (7 months)
israel is the biggest racist country i was there for a week ago and what i
saw there made me cry what they are doing to african jewish

Author DarkSeraphGurl (8 months)
I'm Jewish on my mother's side, which technically makes me Jewish. Grew up
going to temple AND church...roflmao. My weekends sucked. Temple with
mom, church with dad. I think this is totally funny, and when all my
Jewish friends and I heard this song, we laughed our asses off. If someone
takes offense at something--that's their problem. People always be hatin'
those who follow the laws--but we always come out on top, don't we--beat
the Babylonians, the Philistines, the Caananites, even the Germans. We
have an interminable spirit--part of which is being able to laugh at ones
self or one's circumstances...or circumcision...whatever comes

Author Quod Perierat (6 months)
Bombing palestine for fun and you know it.

Author Shabaz Ahmed (1 month)
Shlomo :D i learn a new word :D :D :D 

Author ANGEL G (7 months)
are you actually jewish ?

Author Thom Thomas (1 year)
"bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon - NO" LOL


Author Maciej Gajewski (2 years)

Author Jeni Moses (2 years)
LOL!! How did I miss this? *Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, NO!* Funny.

Author Ilan Perez (2 years)
Jewish and you know it - Official Parody to Sexy and I know it

Author Anders Rosendal (2 years)
It's actually much better than the original. Both song AND video.

Author Melody Hawkins Johnson (3 months)
I'm Christish (Christian on the outside, Jewish on the inside) I was
christened and stuff but the important thing is that I am accepted by my
best friends (More like sister:) family who are Jewish. My grandad passed 4
years ago and I inherited his star of David necklace. To this day I proudly
wear the star of David proudly close to my heart <3 I really wish I was bit
Jewish because I would be so proud :) but I'll settle for a Christian
exterior for now <3:-* Love you all!! 

Author Landon Marr (1 month)
What do you call a flying Jew?

Author MixMax HQ (7 months)
100% Gay...

Author mazen shehab (7 months)
Hi Jews I am muslim but I really respect your religion.

Author mark hunter (3 months)
Palestine and I now it 

Author Sage Whisker (5 months)
This it racist and im jewish

Author plabanit (6 months)
2:10 now... kiss

Author Ahmad j (1 month)
They fucker and they know it

Author Stephanie D. (2 years)

Author CrazySoon9413 (6 months)
Just wanna why Jewish people are controlling the world? 

Author shadi zgheib (4 months)
What's Shlomo?

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