The Kafot - I'm Jewish And You Know It - Official Parody to Sexy and I know it

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Making of & Bloopers By Roman Buchatsky:

Making the Shufflebot mask by Oleg Balzanov:

Video filmed, Directed & Edited by Kostya (Agent K) Vasilkov
Lyrics: Andrey Migalovich & Kostya Vasilkov
Singing: Yossi Shpayhler
Cameraman: Vitali Buchatsky & David Keselman
Assistant cameraman: Roman Buchatsky
Camera: Canon 600d (t3i)

Roman Buchatsky
Yossi Shpayhler
Andrey Migalovich
Roman Levin
Iliya Skoop
Oleg Balzanov
Orit-Svet Waissman
Vitaly Buchatsky
Yulia Buchatsky
Christin Sinkevich
Roman Feodorov
Maria Feodorov
Sergey Benkovich
David Keselman
Itay Litvin
Dani Davidov
Yuda Pinhas

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Added: 3 years
Runtime: 3:44
Comments: 33248

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Author Sara Denko (7 months)
Hitler is rolling in his grave.

Author ryan perrin (4 months)
fuck the Jews

Author TheGamingChips IL (7 months)
הם ישראלים יודעים עברית וצילמו את זה בישראל

Author Landon Marr (6 months)
What do you call a flying Jew?

Author Prince Razlord (4 months)

Author Lee Hill (21 day)
yeah but jews killed umm jesus

Author Binh Nguyen (9 days)
pay for looking your shlomo LOL

Author AtheismTheNewGimmick (22 days)
This filth doesn't have a warning button; 

Author josh crooker (5 months)
I'm Russian and you're jealous! Now that would be good parody, staring me!

Author shimon greenbarg (4 days)
The Kafot - I'm Jewish And You Know It - Official…‏:
~_~_~חג חנוכה שמח .קחו הכל באיזי. תדליקו את הנרות .ואם צריך אז גם את כול

Author Tayfun C (3 months)

Author idanch4 (4 months)
every fuking thing that is somehow related to israel will get hated by
thoese muslim fukers( not all muslims the retarded once). this video has
nothin to do with the situation in gaza even if you disagree with us about
it. so stfu and get the fuk of here if you dont like it. not you or hamas
even cares about the palestines you just love hating and blaming israel for
everything and everywhere.

Author Official ShãDøW ÑýX (7 months)
They are going to hell

Author badboysloves6 (1 month)
fuck you and fuck all arabs crazy pedophile maid raping and killing
bastards im muslim and i fucking hate all arabs i wish someone would wipe
them out from the world i went to soudi arabiento find peace but i find
hate only hate! and what i saw there change everything i thought about arab
people fucking terrorist most countries in the world hate arabs

Author J.J. J (3 months)
Can you all stop with the anti-Jewish/anti-Israel comments? Enough with the
hate. Jews are still here after 4000 years; they are from Israel and they
gave the world the Bible. GET OVER IT. There has NEVER been any other
independent nation except Israel between the Jordan River & Mediterrenian
Sea in the last 3300 years. There has NEVER been an independent Arab state
called 'palestine'. NEVER. Pstione was a name invented by the Romans after
the Jewish revolt of 135 AD to describe a GEOGRAPHIC AREA, not a nation.
The fakestine lie is a ruse to deny Jews their homeland. If you doubt it
just name me ONE SINGLE president or king of fakestine before 1948. Can
you? NO, because there NEVER WAS ONE. Am Yisrael Chai!

Author Caleb James J (16 days)
Whoa racist/ to some jews in Jewish community but really disturbing 

Author Naor A (1 month)
+Ava Odoemena i dont think that that the jews hate this song, maybe some of
them, but not the most of them.
i m jewish from israel and i really loved this song and i even laughed
loudly untill i saw those antisemites comments

Author Quod Perierat (11 months)
Bombing palestine for fun and you know it.

Author Atom (1 month)
Why do I get the feeling that these Jews are self-loathing about their own
culture, race and religion? I reckon their angst atheists irrationally
angry about religion thinking it's responsible for all the problems in the
world...clearly these guys are idiots and don't realize that politics is
the driving force behind most wars.

Author Sara Rudd (28 days)
You actually sound saudi arabian or sonething lol. Why are you waving
yourself in front of the camera

Author Zenaida Lopez (2 months)
Loved this song years ago, still loving it today. I was going around
singing "girl look at shlomo" the little old lady down the street said
"honey you are confused and I think you mean schmeckel and you don't have

Author MUSICo2^^GIRL (3 months)
jews are great ♥

Author Amed Amen (1 month)
Bacon Bacon no no lmfao 

Author Thomas Ashraf (4 months)
270,000 + homes destroyed in gaza, 1400 + civilians killed many more
maimed, injured. kids

Israel = Synagogue of satan. that Jesus warned about.

Israel hates and mocks Christ.

Author Ava Odoemena (2 months)
My goodness the comments. The largest and the kookiest group of Youtube
users finally meet under one video: Imbeciles and Antisemites. One side is
just too blatantly and unashamedly dumb to get satire, the other side tries
to deny that Jews have humor.

I just don't know what is more entertaining, the video or the comments. OK,
no, the comments are really just sad, because many of these users probably
actually mean what they write. When the mind is a prison, that is not a
laughing matter.

Anyway, this group is too talented just for parody. Looked at some other
videos and a good number of them are quite impressive, thank you. Perhaps
you should attempt a slightly less ironic song. Make sure though the guy in
the underpants gets the memo:-)

Author Sheldon Cooper (3 months)
Israel has the blame for racism these days ... Israel is protected by USA,
so whatever they (Israel) does, has no impact in the political world.
Imagine if USA blame Russia for what is happening in Ukraine .. wait ..
hang on ... OMG! Israel is evil? ...

I thought God gave them their own country ... sadly no .. it was United
Nations in 1946 ... I have no sympathy for jews .. they pull the Holocaust
every chance they get.. don't care anymore.. and 80% of you will call me a
racist now.

I am not, Judaism is not a race.

I hate religion of ANY kind .. especially these 'Christians' who have 'God'
on their side .. I read Winnie the Pooh, and my favourite God is Tigger.

Believe what you want to believe, I respect that. But respect my choice to
believe in beer, bacon, nude webcams, bacon, rap music, Led Zeppelin, nude
bacon webcams.. and a lot of other crap :)

Word to your mother (YES .. thats Vanilla Ice, but I work in a freezer

Author הראל קירמה (3 months)
U not gonna understand that. That a israeli humor ok? 

Author Nofar Styles (7 days)
Hahahahahahahahahahaha look it my shlomo hahahahahaha

Author Yuri (3 months)
"I'm American and they know it". should be the next, this ^ is just

Author Excalibur (6 months)
This is even more gay than 'faggy and I know it'

Author Sebastian Guerrero (25 days)
What the fuck am i looking at here

Author Turk (1 month)
Oh look, a little bash against Jesus. You morons must be so #brave *tips

Author FULANODETAL (1 month)
whye everybody said JEWS,ISRAEL IS NOT A teocracy state like IRAN AN SAUDI

Author Naor A (1 month)
i am JEWISH and i LOVE it

Author ImFuckinJewish Yo (1 month)
I'm Fucking Jewish, Yo!!! 

Author אביעד לוין (2 months)
i am think this song stupid and The man who sang very perverse because he
say sex And put on underwear And pointed to his cock This is disgusting !!!

Author Ido Yosef (2 months)
there is guys think the jews are evil.
yes there are more dead muslims form the jews, but you know why?
because hamas make pepole to stand on building when the jews are fighting
in Israel there are safe rooms in every house and they are getting in that
rooms and they are safe.
in israel 10% form all the pepole are muslims.
if 1 jewish will go to muslim country, he will die.
so think about who is the evil agine!

Author Tel H (18 days)
Bacon sarny and make it snappy

Author miffiko (2 months)
A few years I ago, I discover this cool song. I dont see any antisemitic or
antizionistic comment. But now, after the newest conflict between Gaza and
Isreal, I see a lot antisemitic and antizionistic comments. That makes me
sad :/

Author 123 the gumba (6 months)
is tel aviv?

Author Ramone Beeslaar (1 month)
Nice song please make more

Author Kouros Assadi (2 months)
Look, I think this Jew hating has gone too far. yes the Israelis are taking
it too far, but normal people who disagree should be left alone

Author Jigsaw sHoLe (2 months)
noob israel fuck you israel lol israel.... :D AJHJJYYJQWEJQWEJQWE big

Author Karin Turgeman (2 months)
I am Jewish and this is really funny Yeah I'm from Israel

Author Nate Stein (2 months)
Ah. Inappropriate Jewish humor. Lol. I love being Jewish. :-)

Author Leo Visintin (3 months)
Merry Christmas!!

Author Natasha Hizgiaev (21 day)
I'm Jewish

Author Anna Tom Blaze (3 months)
Look at all these political comments that have nothing to do with the
video! :D

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