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Author Nabil Arifi (5 months)
The racist remarks against Jews are disgusting, you filth should be ashamed
of yourselves. As a Muslim myself I sang along to this song, especially the
no bacon part. :) 

Author Collin Nguyen (2 months)
Nice song ! Islam is a religion of peace and all muslims are kind hearted
and nice people ! So are the jews :)))
I'm a catholic btw :))) 

Author Robert FCRB (3 months)
Wtf is shlomo , ive know that its a name

Author kostas halkiotis (15 days)
Χαχαχα γαματο

Author Svietka Riv (5 months)
i watched it twice and i cant stop laughing...happy hanuka to the whole
world. spread the light

Author דניאל משה (2 months)
Happy Passover my brothers! <3 :DD

Author Hafsi Noor (1 month)
hah i remember watching this years ago..

Author J.J. J (8 months)
Can you all stop with the anti-Jewish/anti-Israel comments? Enough with the
hate. Jews are still here after 4000 years; they are from Israel and they
gave the world the Bible. GET OVER IT. There has NEVER been any other
independent nation except Israel between the Jordan River & Mediterrenian
Sea in the last 3300 years. There has NEVER been an independent Arab state
called 'palestine'. NEVER. Pstione was a name invented by the Romans after
the Jewish revolt of 135 AD to describe a GEOGRAPHIC AREA, not a nation.
The fakestine lie is a ruse to deny Jews their homeland. If you doubt it
just name me ONE SINGLE president or king of fakestine before 1948. Can
you? NO, because there NEVER WAS ONE. Am Yisrael Chai!

Author Matan Levy (2 months)
Oh shit, it's tel Aviv!

Author TheDoodleBugDiary (5 months)
Love it. So cute don't be hating Jews if you hate on them. You hating on
Jesus. Think about it.

Author Gamer Nick (9 months)
God all that jew hating is really annoying

Author DragonPhlegm (3 months)
I did nazi that coming

Author Jonah Karlen (3 months)
Many of you are mistaken! Jews laugh at this song and like it.... they
don't hate it!
Plus this was filmed by jews in Tel Aviv

Author Jake Simpson (4 months)
LMAO Bacon bacon bacon no :D 

Author David Davyd (4 months)
>cough< :o

Author Drita Grishaj (1 month)
When Santa and a Jewish person were arm resling that was racist

Author Uranium (2 months)
This is so jewish that my mustache is falling 

Author reginaDexant (2 months)
Chag Purim Sameach 2015! As it was done to Haman, so shall the LORD do to
all the enemies of Israel.
Am Yisrael Chai!!!

Author Bear Online (2 months)
Escuse me but i am jewish and i love to be jweish so in jewish lengwitch
אתה בן זונה שלא מעריך יהודים אמאשך עלי

Author Raz Biton (1 month)
Lol awesome

Author ProwGaymersSpellRong (1 month)
This is fucking awesome and sexy yea

Author הראל קירמה (8 months)
U not gonna understand that. That a israeli humor ok? 

Author Slavisa Milenkovic (27 days)
#|Good song but clearly racist

Author Sara Rudd (6 months)
You actually sound saudi arabian or sonething lol. Why are you waving
yourself in front of the camera

Author frizstyler (27 days)
sorry guys but your humor is bad. better stick to things you know better
than everyone,like killing neighbors and manipulating the usa

Author ij army amberly (1 month)
I feel bad that you guys can't taste bacon

Author Grete Lindokken (28 days)
This is the badest song i ever mean 

Author Hipidips (1 month)
Some Russian Jews got known they are Jews just after soviet union end and
finally realized what it is to be a Jew after they moved to Israel
HAHAHAHAHA I can strongly see that on this video

Author menashe versolker (3 months)
Nice song I love it
Play on 2015! 

Author Natan Grenader (1 month)
i am a jew

Author ProwGaymersSpellRong (1 month)
He wants to show a girl his penis which is cercimcized

Author 144Donn (3 months)
People without a sense of humor are pathetic! This is awesome!

Author Jack Gowly (22 days)

Author Naor A (7 months)
+Ava Odoemena i dont think that that the jews hate this song, maybe some of
them, but not the most of them.
i m jewish from israel and i really loved this song and i even laughed
loudly untill i saw those antisemites comments

Author Viva Israele (2 months)
Wow, great!!!! I love this video!!!! Kadima Israel

Author marian garcias (27 days)

Author Nicole N (1 month)

Author John Tanner (2 months)
4 years later, still funny as hell xD 

Author itsik israeli (4 months)

Author marcus CanadaForever (4 months)
israelites are the BEST! 

Author Gretchen Modermöse (1 month)
**Jewish Robot**

Author bookwormsurfer (2 months)
It is healthy to laugh at yourself and your own culture! Does not mean you
are still not proud!

Author Binh Nguyen (5 months)
pay for looking your shlomo LOL

Author AtheismTheNewGimmick (6 months)
This filth doesn't have a warning button; 

Author M. Mingle-Vines (4 months)

Author Jamison Hall (3 months)
are you crazy i have a girl

Author Turk (6 months)
Oh look, a little bash against Jesus. You morons must be so #brave *tips

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