Soon Ah Will Be Done- The Master's College Chorale

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Author Bart Brush (1 month)
So beautiful, and interesting to hear it done a little more slowly than
usual. But, for this video and so many others--- What ever happened to
the basic information we're used to seeing on title pages in print media?
Is that somehow irrelevant in the computer and youtube age? What is the
Master's College Chorale? Where are they from? Where are they performing?
When was this recorded? Who's the conductor? Why is there no
acknowledgement of the great Wm. Dawson as arranger, nor date of
arrangement? And don't you think there are people who will listen to this
and not know that it's a Spiritual from slavery days?

Author 虹雲林檎 (6 days)

Author Miho Kurakata (3 days)


Author Karen Conlin (1 day)
And for those who prefer chorales, here's another version. This is very
much like the arrangement that's been stuck in my head.



Author hotaiiinntyou (8 days)

Author ぽぷら (4 days)

Author new century (4 days)

Author siranui1234 (6 days)

Author James Janzen (12 days)
Inspiring performance with beautiful choral tone and strong ensemble of an
old classic. However, the video cuts, pans and zooms are a bit distracting
and do not match the phrasing of the music

Author S M (29 days)

Author Erin Pastorius (1 month)
I'm getting goosebumps everywhere!!!! I just love this piece!!! I'm
recommending this piece to my choir director and seeing if my choir can
sing this on our choir tour:D

Author shadowong1 (2 months)
Isnt this a Negro Spiritual and I know its in Allegro so it should be

Author hotaiiinntyou (2 months)
I'm high school students in japan and I am impressed by this song!!!
I will sing this song in course festival !!

Author Shoji Takumi (3 months)

Author hotaiiinntyou (2 months)
I'm high school students in japan and I am impressed by this song!!!
I will sing this song in course festival !!

Author Marco Alvarado (7 months)
This version sucks 

Author Lenita Waldner (10 months)
Soon Ah Will Be Done With De Trouble of De World

Soon Ah Will Be Done- The Master's College Chorale

Author James Colson (5 months)
Sing it sweeties!

Author Marsha Livingston (5 months)
I sang this in college -- more than 40 years ago. It was GORGEOUS and it
still is!!

Author Collin Moore (5 months)
I remember singing tenor in this song with my choir a year ago. It felt so
amazing to bring this beautiful piece to life and I always wish I can have
the chance to sing it again. Though this group does a much slower tempo
than what I'm used to hearing, they really do the song justice. I still got
a lot of goosebumps and my eyes are actually now irritated from all the
tears it caused me to shed. Very well done! 

Author Scott Allen (7 months)
Soon we will be dead. True.

Author skychickjuls (7 months)
This is beautifully done- But why all the camera angles and quick cuts?Next
time I'll listen to this with my eyes closed because it truly is a
fantastic performance. Well done. 

Author marianette medina (7 months)
simply amazing 

Author Zwesti Arizona (8 months)
amazing songs

Author Steven Lee (8 months)

Author KevinSamn (8 months)
Really Beautiful.

Author Samantha Jestings (8 months)
We're singing this song in Choir for Micca

Author Rijason Mamy (9 months)
great song

Author Courtney Francis (9 months)
This performance gave me goosebumps!!!! That rarely happens!!!? From the
scores of MPA I'm going to give this a superior!!! Congrats my fellow choir

Author takashin18 (9 months)

Author Jennifer Helms (9 months)
I'm singing this is chorus and this is definitely I different version. Mine
is a lot faster than this! 

Author LYacky1 (10 months)
Beautiful, one of my favorites. I do agree though that the overall speed is
a little slow. They definitely need to pick up the pace a bit. 

Author Diamond Davis (6 months)
I love this song. Everytime I hear it I always smile. I can't wait to do
this for a song in the 8th grade MMS choir.

Author Anike16 (10 months)
I personally thought it was too slow but the good thing about that is that
it lets everyone blend better and not feel so rushed too.

Author 青山梨沙子 (10 months)

Author tomo naka (11 months)

Author Carles Pelejero Cabruja (1 year)
Bon Capvespre Catalunya!! Have a Great Day / Afternoon / Evening. Wherever
you are in the World !

Author DNA1359 (1 year)
I am going to sing this song in the concert.

Author Enjerustar (1 year)

Author iceflame5 (2 years)
I'm singing this spiritual in chorus right now. Our choral instructor
studied with Dawson himself. Although the pitches are perfect, the
performers don't embody the spirit of the music at all. It's sterile. This
song is meant to be felt rhythmically, it's meant to have soul. If you
listen to his chorus sing it, it has a completely different feel.

Author jmoneyfishdaddy realtalk (1 year)
get sampled

Author Will B-K (2 years)
Amazing dynamics !

Author Flavio Sgubin (1 year)
per me la migliore esecuzione su youtube

Author Nicole Sealey (3 years)
@crossbronx63 LOL: Choir nazis? LOL

Author chihiroyal (3 years)
@11061013 これ日本でも歌うの? 難しくなかったの?

Author Eldridge Zaandam (2 years)
@Idofphoenix of course..... but you would'nt understand now would you...

Author mrministerofmusic (1 year)
This tempo is the right tempo... Its not supposed to be any faster than

Author Eldridge Zaandam (2 years)
It sound so.... white... sorry guys, this is not it... white men simply
cant sing spirituals

Author ana barkley (2 years)
This was pretty incredible except for the fact that the voices, sopranos in
particular, didn't have much soul in their voice. Way too bright.

Author koeru omae (1 year)

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