Soon Ah Will Be Done- The Master's College Chorale

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Author logan thompson ( ago)
its i want to meet my maker !!!!!!!!! not i want to meat my Jesus

Author Gerard Way ( ago)
it's really good but it almost hurts to listen to because they go so much
slower then we do xD

Author tj king ( ago)
Absolutely love this song

Author Megan Boulden ( ago)
I sang this in high school and I've been singing it so much lately! Even
after 4 years I still know the alto part

Author 怜喧縺代 ( ago)
very good voice.

Author Ayala Bryan (251 year ago)
We're singing this song for ISSMA in a few weeks for competition. I'm proud
to say I'm in one of the best high school choirs in the state of Indiana!

Author Tony Paige ( ago)
always someone who wants to pit white and black, this has nothing to do
with color, I'm black, but I love the way they are singing this. great job.

Author Wojciech Mojsak ( ago)
Absolutely amazing.

Author makeupbeauty98 ( ago)
I'll be singing this with a mass chorus with a bunch of choirs around my
county. And I'm so excited to be doing so! This song has so much difference
in dynamic and words and god I love it I'm excited.

Author Mark Spencer ( ago)
Firstly - way too fast.... WAY too fast!
Secondly - Could that have possibly sounded more "upper-crust white?".....
There was absolutely no color to the sound.

Author Brian NeSmith ( ago)
Soooooooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooowwwwwwwww

Author Vincent Vymola ( ago)
Very powerful indeed. Hello there. At my high school we are learning this
piece by piece. It's not too difficult but still a great song!

Author acensionSUCKS ( ago)
This is probably one of the most perfect runs of this song that I've ever
heard. That was STELLAR

Author babserella2778 ( ago)
Okay, I sang this back in high school choir and had completely forgotten
its existence. Then it comes up on this playlist. And suddenly I remember

Author Alex Popovichenko ( ago)
I love it

Author Anatoly Sharov ( ago)
Wow 😱💪👍👍👍👍

Author Fdd Bbdk ( ago)

Author ここまま ( ago)

Author みーなん ( ago)

Author d brel ( ago)
This version is pretty much in slow motion...... the recommended tempo is
quite a lot faster than this... takes on an entirely different character.

Author MGV Westfalia Ennest ( ago)
your version is the best I've heard. I am looking forward to our version,
we will sing with the men's choir to 100 years anniversary of our church

Author Katelyn Maxson ( ago)
My high school concert choir is doing this song for Fall Concert and
District Contest. The dynamics make this song powerful. It's so intense and
beautiful. I'm so excited to perform this. #VanWertConcertChoir

Author Rhonni_g ( ago)
We sang this at choir competition when I was in HS back in 2005. We won

Author MellieCE ( ago)
Still one of my favorite songs I've ever done in a choir. So powerful.

Author Macy Owens ( ago)
Our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade combined choir is singing this! It's
very beautiful.

Author Owen Davidson (245 years ago)
I'm a tenor and that last chord though. It's pretty high. I want to say
it's an F#.

Author ianpark333 ( ago)
Conductor's great.

Author jordan (955 years ago)
my 8/9th grade auditioned choir is singing this song! I'm so excited. :)

Author Rushue2000 ( ago)
this song is tantalizing YAWP!

Author Matco Tools ( ago)
Can feel with my heart that its been performed with ALL and BOTTOM of a
heart. This song just stuck in my heart and mind and keeps looping.

Author Pete Warnock (358 years ago)
beautiful - where can I get the sheet music - my choir would love it :)

Author Lune ( ago)
I been rehearsing this shit so much with my school chorus that it was stuck
in my head so I just had to listen to it

Author Jada Evans ( ago)
I love this song is beautiful but Im kind of confused with how they sang a
negro spritial with no black people in there choir. And I doubt they even
know the history of the song 

Author diverchik11 ( ago)
My choir is singing this for district contest! I've been rendered
speechless by this though, so my director is gonna have to find another
soprano lol

Author Brendan Shanahan ( ago)
Good strong choir singing a strong song but no one seems to do the meet my
mother part correctly in any youtube video I've seen. the "I" in I want to
meet my Mother/Jesus shouldn't sound like the american hard vowel it was
written to be a soft vowel; to sound like "ah" want to meet my
Mother/Jesus. Overall it was a great performance with great dynamics.

Author Jeanne-Gwenaëlle Pagnon ( ago)
Nice !

Author gamingLegacies (1036 years ago)
I'm so glad my choir is singing this song

Author TheGood-TheBad TheScribble ( ago)
sounds really good, but i find it ironic that it's all white people

Author Dagmar Roberts ( ago)
Love this! My choir did this song this Sunday but with only 14 people. Nice
to hear it done with the big choir. I too would like to know more about
this choir, who are they, where do they perform, and who is the conductor.

Author Clayton Dreyer ( ago)
What is that last chord?

Author Felicity Roche ( ago)
I live for that last chord...

Author husseindey100 ( ago)
La version que je préfère, Bravissimo

Author Renee Stoddart (1165 years ago)

Author Neonia Hazelwood ( ago)
This is a GREAT choir. 

Author 1969theoldcat ( ago)
Comin' from a metal song, I heard THIS... very inspiring, thank you very

Author 佐藤翼 ( ago)

Author Miho Kurakata ( ago)


Author ぽぷら ( ago)

Author new century (1601 year ago)

Author siranui1234 ( ago)

Author 虹雲林檎 ( ago)

Author hotaiiinntyou ( ago)

Author James Janzen ( ago)
Inspiring performance with beautiful choral tone and strong ensemble of an
old classic. However, the video cuts, pans and zooms are a bit distracting
and do not match the phrasing of the music

Author S M (496 years ago)

Author Bart Brush ( ago)
So beautiful, and interesting to hear it done a little more slowly than
usual. But, for this video and so many others--- What ever happened to
the basic information we're used to seeing on title pages in print media?
Is that somehow irrelevant in the computer and youtube age? What is the
Master's College Chorale? Where are they from? Where are they performing?
When was this recorded? Who's the conductor? Why is there no
acknowledgement of the great Wm. Dawson as arranger, nor date of
arrangement? And don't you think there are people who will listen to this
and not know that it's a Spiritual from slavery days?

Author Erin Pastorius ( ago)
I'm getting goosebumps everywhere!!!! I just love this piece!!! I'm
recommending this piece to my choir director and seeing if my choir can
sing this on our choir tour:D

Author hotaiiinntyou ( ago)
I'm high school students in japan and I am impressed by this song!!!
I will sing this song in course festival !!

Author hotaiiinntyou ( ago)
I'm high school students in japan and I am impressed by this song!!!
I will sing this song in course festival !!

Author Takumi Shoji (ふぇにっくす) ( ago)

Author Marsha Livingston ( ago)
I sang this in college -- more than 40 years ago. It was GORGEOUS and it
still is!!

Author James Colson ( ago)
Sing it sweeties!

Author Dramapony ( ago)
I remember singing tenor in this song with my choir a year ago. It felt so
amazing to bring this beautiful piece to life and I always wish I can have
the chance to sing it again. Though this group does a much slower tempo
than what I'm used to hearing, they really do the song justice. I still got
a lot of goosebumps and my eyes are actually now irritated from all the
tears it caused me to shed. Very well done! 

Author Diamond Davis ( ago)
I love this song. Everytime I hear it I always smile. I can't wait to do
this for a song in the 8th grade MMS choir.

Author Marco Alvarado ( ago)
This version sucks 

Author Scott Allen ( ago)
Soon we will be dead. True.

Author skychickjuls ( ago)
This is beautifully done- But why all the camera angles and quick cuts?Next
time I'll listen to this with my eyes closed because it truly is a
fantastic performance. Well done. 

Author marianette medina ( ago)
simply amazing 

Author Steven Lee ( ago)

Author Samantha Jestings ( ago)
We're singing this song in Choir for Micca

Author Rijason Mamy ( ago)
great song

Author REMIX Premium V12 ( ago)

Author Courtney Rose ( ago)
This performance gave me goosebumps!!!! That rarely happens!!!? From the
scores of MPA I'm going to give this a superior!!! Congrats my fellow choir

Author Melony Helms ( ago)
I'm singing this is chorus and this is definitely I different version. Mine
is a lot faster than this! 

Author LYacky1 ( ago)
Beautiful, one of my favorites. I do agree though that the overall speed is
a little slow. They definitely need to pick up the pace a bit. 

Author Anike16 ( ago)
I personally thought it was too slow but the good thing about that is that
it lets everyone blend better and not feel so rushed too.

Author 青山梨沙子 ( ago)

Author tomo naka ( ago)

Author yuhei yamanaka ( ago)

Author のあ の ( ago)

Author hika19042020 ( ago)
これすごい悲しい曲だよね。 教会で歌った

Author Richard Stapleton ( ago)
Actually, they make the hair raise on my arm. If a regular black Church
choir, it would sound different. Truth is, they are singing it exactly like
a black college choir would sing it. Saying that they sing too white is too
hard of a punch for these singers. To me, they are totally awesome. I was
raised on spiritual, blues, and gospel, and this is really nice! Also, I
really love it when whites sing spirituals.

Author rachmaninov47 ( ago)
since you mention your origin, dont you think it lacks a sense of some
harder swing? i think it sounds too "white"!!

Author z34fd3s ( ago)

Author 石舘 泉 ( ago)

Author khpgjsah4 ( ago)

Author 小山 颯斗 ( ago)

Author 戸井田 萌里 ( ago)

Author Kioni ( ago)

Author koeru omae ( ago)

Author Richard Stapleton ( ago)
I love this song "REGARDLESS of how it is sung. I did not know it was a
negro spiritual, and they are doing a fantastic job of singing it. Being
both black and Mississippian (the land of negro spirituals) it really moves

Author CryolaBlue ( ago)
Even my choir sung this slightly faster than this :I

Author Michael Manusos ( ago)
This is bringing back memories from high school choir... at a PUBLIC school
too (it was in 1997). We sang this song, and at about the same tempo too.
We sang several other spirituals as well, including "Ain't Got Time To
Die". You guys did a great job singing, and thank you for sharing it on
youtube! God bless you guys!

Author 冨山 森 ( ago)

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