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Author animemstrmnd (4 years)
jackie chan adventures is something that all Asian Americans loved growing
up watching :) a group of funny strong heros and heroines that we can all
look up to and share personal cultural experience with ;)

Author Viperqueen (2 years)
@Thenarutouzamiky Lol Thats what I thought was going to happen xD

Author rosanoisapimp (4 years)
the second one of season 3

Author Alejandro Monzon (4 years)
season 3 episode 2

Author metalsupersonicspeed (4 years)
i love it when jade says aww how cute or just how cute i dont know y i just
do lol

Author youthop1 (3 years)
Monkey King:Tell me where you're pals are puny or I'll harpoon a whale.
Thoru:They're gone uh faraway. Monkey King:How far? Thoru:They did not say.
Monkey King:{imitates buzzer} WRONG ANSWER!

Author edgar jaimes (4 years)
monkey king sound like bettlejuice

Author Sephirona (3 years)
I thought Jackie took the doll with him, how did it end up getting stuck in
cement again...? .-.

Author team10leader1 (1 year)
"Monkey's flying away!" LOL You don't hear THAT everyday! (Unless you live
in Oz)

Author Angel H. (3 years)

Author NTech005 (2 years)
uncle get the most funnies in this season. no doubt about it

Author Matthew Allden Thomas (3 years)
"one more thing :P" "one more thing :P" "one more thing :P" character
design is awesome in this cartoon :D

Author Middriver02 (4 years)
Can someone help me I watched season 1 like 5 or so years ago, I'd jackie
destory the talismans ?? What happened to captain black ? The blonde hair
Dude (evil one) ? What happened to all the demonss like shendu? I think
called ? Plz MSG me back

Author AnimeLover1001001 (4 years)
what episode wuz the monkey king and i remember him from my childhood when
i use to watch videos of him! its like cantanese so ya

Author MrPooding (4 years)
he is pretty much like a monkey version of the joker

Author KillerKowalski7 (1 year)
I thought the Monkey King was a lot funnier and more mischievous in his
first appearance.

Author Joysluvsfencing2310 (2 years)
LOL Wax im' up once a week to keep the shine up. *eyebrow wiggle*

Author Bob Frankel (2 years)
was there an episode with the monkey before?? im confused

Author htgnef (4 years)
He is Jackie Chan.

Author velroi (4 years)
Its the same monkey!!!!!!!!

Author nursagi18 (1 year)
i miss the show thanks for bring it back

Author nkaujhnub lis (2 years)
ONE MORE THING :p ONE MORE THING :p Hillarious...go unccllle..

Author pantstelly93 (3 years)
@Mat13pt well if he's in a particularly sadistic mood he could turn an
opponent into a slug and then step on it

Author Alejandro Monzon (4 years)
well i dont know. i havn't seen this show in years.

Author shootthekitty (2 years)
One more thing! Pbthh

Author Alejandro Monzon (4 years)
LOL "One more thing"

Author Termin Zilla (1 year)
what is with Jade's voice in this episode?

Author Affirmitive Ancillary (3 years)
If this wasnt a kids show I imagine the Monkey King would be a very dark
and creepy character, he already borders on that already.

Author K Lee (3 years)
Wong: My power is far greaten than- -Uncle uses Chi Spell Scroll thing-
-Interception for Uncle is gone- Wong gets the face of Uncle and the replay
of -One more thing *sticks tounge out*- Win.

Author dravarian26 (4 years)
poor toruh he's getting left behind every mission.

Author katepra (2 years)
i love jackie chan adventures

Author ndnapollo (2 years)
@matynn season 2, episode 34 i believe.

Author REDZOEU (4 years)
Dao Lan Wong: Nervous?, My Power Is Far Away Than... Uncle: (Hold's Some
Thing (Rasberry) One More Thing (Rasberry) One More Thing (Rasberry) Dao
Lan Wong:(Upset). LOL

Author cobeoe (1 year)
did they change monkey kings voice?

Author Marlon Orellana (2 years)
The monkey king reminds me of jim carry in the mask form

Author pRowL91 (4 years)
monkey wolfed that fkn banana lol 6:15

Author 132jik (2 years)
brings back my childhood memories :')

Author lonatgagogaga (4 years)
i like the intro song

Author crunchman99 (3 years)
One more thing! Ptthh!One more thing! Ptthh!One more thing! Ptthh!One more
thing! Ptthh!One more thing! Ptthh! I so want that as my ringtone.

Author AeroQC (4 years)
No longer Mahony Now he's Mahogony LOL

Author Loverboy01ism (2 years)
weL weL weL pa add nmn po sa FB Gerico.espinosa@y.c

Author DRAGONSHADOW360360 (3 years)
@LTFrostbite yeah insted you should throw him into an incinrator and watch
him burn

Author David White (2 years)
Wow, Toru is extremely ticklish

Author bahbleu (3 years)
I love toru (or however you spell his name)<3

Author mes20 (4 years)
If you read something that says free me of glitches and put you in stitches
why would you pull the leg?

Author kirbykickbut (2 years)
The Mask meets the Monkey!

Author REDZOEU (2 years)
3:27 Da Lang Wong : My power is powerful than... *Draws a paper out* Uncle
*Raspberry* 3x WIN!

Author vxox100 (3 years)
wow...the monkey king is a really GOOD statue builder... COOL!!!

Author deepfreezesora (2 years)
with 12 powers, well 10 missing what are the odds that every week they both
cast the same spell and find the same animal....

Author EdBoy1215 (4 years)
I believe Dao Lan Wong called Uncle a Novice.

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