KuruKuru Fanatic Demo Movie

Demo movie of "KuruKuru Fanatic", visual novel developed by Chien(シアン).

©2008 Chien(シアン)

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 2:51
Comments: 669

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Author Pegasus363 (2 months)
si alguien por casualidad habla español y lee este comentario, me gustaria
preguntarle...... este trailer es de una pelicula o un juego?.... vamos que
tiene toda la pinta de esos juegos de hablar con otros personajes y etc (no
se el nombre de el genero en cuestion) me gustaria saber de que trata, 1 de
las 4 chicas mato a alguien y hay que descubrir cual? porque 1 parece un
angel asi que supongo que esta muerta, y las otras 3 parecen igual de
chifladas y parecen que las 3 lo hubieran echo..... asi que no se solo
espero la respuesta que me explaye el tema :v

Author Raiko Seria (2 months)
74% Translated allready, God bless those people who is making VN's readable
for whole world.

Author AnimeKidGamer Jericho Ariola (2 months)
The song is terrible... WTF

Author Sakura - chan (1 year)
What is a yandere again?

Author jorge fora (11 months)
claro pues

Author Psykosapien (1 year)
nice boat :3

Author MrJlink25 (1 year)
Ehhhhh!! Im scared now im afraid that when i fall asleep those 4 are gonna
show up and rip out my intrails

Author Ray Gamez (1 year)
can i get this on my vita?

Author yawn74 (2 years)
O finally found it

Author 00q00q00q (3 years)

Author Mnidun (3 years)
I'm back in that part of youtube? HOME AT LAST!

Author Jaed Lapuz (2 years)
I got here from minecraft :P

Author rosti93 (2 years)
Everybody came here for 1:25

Author son goku (2 years)
you're the weird part dumbass

Author Ethercloud (3 years)
I don't know how i got here, but i saw anime chicks with weapons and big
boobs, good enough, thumbs up.

Author OilyTower (2 years)
Why? Because they can!

Author nekonesscutie6 (1 year)
But what if they were all boy yandere's?? how would you get out of that?

Author Grim Salvador (2 years)
WTF is this agzacally

Author awonderland123 (2 years)
where can i download this game?

Author xImpureus (3 years)
i've landed in the weird parts of youtube again o.O

Author Yugiohlover991 (2 years)
Hentai my friend.

Author Timblesink (3 years)
5 yanderes? Damn.

Author WarBandit111 (2 years)
...............What the fuck did I just watch, and how the hell did I even
get here?

Author mongogustav (2 years)
Anybody know where I can download this game in english? Japanese version
would be fine too, but I have friends who know jackshit about Japanese who
would like to try this game.

Author marie josee chane bon (1 year)
tro lol

Author lilypop87 (2 years)
@bladecrusher01 what's a yandere 030

Author Jeno Turaskio (2 years)
How did I get here again?

Author spiderphilip1 (2 years)
Deja vu

Author Likhos1 (2 years)
can't put the complete rapidshare link.

Author dudenotcoolvb (2 years)
do it if u can and give me the link thanks

Author ZeroRequiemGX (3 years)
@Yugiohlover991 Its basically a Visual Novel Game, There are 2 types of VN
Games, 1st is those enjoyed for there Sexual contents which I find
annoyingly bad because if that were the case why not download a real hentai
video, saves the time, while the second one is the type to be enjoyed for
the story, some of them are called kenitic novels because they follow only
one solid path, no additional routes taken unless if it doesn't affect the
story, one good example is Muv Luv Alternative, watch it.

Author daitoukyuu (2 years)

Author Achille12345 (3 years)
OMG! I just watched the whole video and it seem that if you DARE to screw
to many girls at the sametime you might end up like the dude from School
Days in that game! T_T

Author ChaosMissile (2 years)
I've seen the CG set for this game once. Let me warn you that Kagome and
Wazuka were the 2 most dangerous, craziest and yan of the 4 from what I
saw. Fanuel looks crazy but is arguably the sweetest. I'm not sure on
Matsuri since she has some scary CGs and some sweet CGs. Think Matsuri's
worst can be seen at 0:47

Author Achille12345 (3 years)
1:23 The major reason why you clicked on this video.

Author MrTrojis (2 years)
You thought her arm was her leg in fishnets. Admit it.

Author Martijn Dalemans (2 years)
Youre in the japanese part bro

Author Erik Pfeiffer (3 years)

Author Pencilization (3 years)
what the fudge did I just watch.... :s

Author Numanzz (3 years)
@OvanEC I've set up camp on the weird part of YT ;D

Author Alice White (2 years)
"STOP PLAYING", and then "I PLEAD with everyone to BUY them".. I don't get
it :/

Author ScottT3A (2 years)
What the hell is this..?

Author Pact (3 years)
AW it was clothing?!

Author poirotellerylane (3 years)
@Achille12345 cough u mean the sole reason...

Author TwiIight Sparkle (3 years)
1:38 r they having Siezures?

Author Rescure310 (3 years)
My new ringtone xD

Author ninonino2013 (1 year)

Author JGSDF kawa (2 years)

Author SarcasticService (3 years)
Pleeeeeeeeeease say there's an english sub of this somewhere? I LOVE
yandere girls!!!

Author 黑 貓 (3 years)

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