KuruKuru Fanatic Demo Movie

Demo movie of "KuruKuru Fanatic", visual novel developed by Chien(シアン).

©2008 Chien(シアン)

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Runtime: 2:51
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Author 이태인 ( ago)

Author かりかり ( ago)

Author Pudgy Waifu ( ago)
for odd reason, that blonde girl with the gun gets on my nerves and I kinda
find her very annoying and bitch .

I like gray headed and red headed girls and blue haired with angel wings

Author Ten-Ten かいみカイミ ( ago)

Author Antonio Pinto ( ago)

Author Raiko Seria ( ago)
74% Translated allready, God bless those people who is making VN's readable
for whole world.

Author Pegasus363 ( ago)
si alguien por casualidad habla español y lee este comentario, me gustaria
preguntarle...... este trailer es de una pelicula o un juego?.... vamos que
tiene toda la pinta de esos juegos de hablar con otros personajes y etc (no
se el nombre de el genero en cuestion) me gustaria saber de que trata, 1 de
las 4 chicas mato a alguien y hay que descubrir cual? porque 1 parece un
angel asi que supongo que esta muerta, y las otras 3 parecen igual de
chifladas y parecen que las 3 lo hubieran echo..... asi que no se solo
espero la respuesta que me explaye el tema :v

Author kuorge efe ( ago)
claro pues

Author Psykosapien ( ago)
nice boat :3

Author MrJlink25 ( ago)
Ehhhhh!! Im scared now im afraid that when i fall asleep those 4 are gonna
show up and rip out my intrails

Author Sakura - chan ( ago)
What is a yandere again?

Author Ray Gamez ( ago)
can i get this on my vita?

Author 双海 真美 ( ago)

Author アシェドちゃん。 ( ago)

Author bondage marimo ( ago)

Author marie josee chane bon ( ago)
tro lol

Author nekonesscutie6 ( ago)
But what if they were all boy yandere's?? how would you get out of that?

Author ninonino2013 ( ago)

Author Raiko Seria ( ago)
Well let's hope that translation will go well and we all will see this
unique piece translated.

Author Flying Spaghetti Monster ( ago)
Visit Fakku's forums and look in the forum posts for download links for
this. I'm about to play this myself. Sadly many yandere visual novels don't
have any English translations, including this one.

Author JGSDF kawa ( ago)

Author mongogustav ( ago)
Anybody know where I can download this game in english? Japanese version
would be fine too, but I have friends who know jackshit about Japanese who
would like to try this game.

Author Soju ( ago)

Author tommy bui ( ago)
more her boob s :p

Author ChaosMissile ( ago)
I've seen the CG set for this game once. Let me warn you that Kagome and
Wazuka were the 2 most dangerous, craziest and yan of the 4 from what I
saw. Fanuel looks crazy but is arguably the sweetest. I'm not sure on
Matsuri since she has some scary CGs and some sweet CGs. Think Matsuri's
worst can be seen at 0:47

Author mj necho ( ago)
mom, im in the wierd part of youtube again

Author Psykosapien ( ago)
yandere is unusual phantasm or when the dramatic real life you make a funny
eroge... sensei: is not a problem, alone with you screen. But in real life
used a condom kids x)

Author Whimsical Cotton ( ago)
Matsuri=best girl can't wait for darkeyetranslations to be finished
translating this

Author Lavalambtron ( ago)
I don't know what this is, but I love it.

Author WarBandit111 ( ago)
...............What the fuck did I just watch, and how the hell did I even
get here?

Author 山田 太郎 ( ago)

Author Straud ( ago)
I don't see any possible way that this MC can come out alive.

Author markybthebadboymc ( ago)
wtf how does this have so many views

Author Jamie Williquette (1716 years ago)
Same. xD

Author tallbutshort111 ( ago)
o_O i was pretty sure it was her arm, because i was certain i saw boobs

Author nicho ppoyo ( ago)
How did I get here again?

Author Teiranyan ( ago)
This game is hilarious, I'm glad sonmeone's working on a translation of
it...( ´ ▽ ` ) After playing this a fair bit...I've realized how similar I
am to Otogiri...and that worries me. ;;

Author TheOneballone ( ago)

Author Kali Satya ( ago)
Pierrot le fou... lol

Author spiderphilip1 ( ago)
Deja vu

Author TheOneballone ( ago)

Author peter larsen ( ago)
yandere acts sweet and cute on the outside but as soon as she/he loves
someone a lot they are willing to kill other just to keep him/her

Author BunPixels ( ago)
@bladecrusher01 what's a yandere 030

Author HanajimaSensei ( ago)
Game. And I have no idea how you end up in here. Probably the way I did.

Author Shimatzu95 ( ago)
Anime? Game? How did I end up here?

Author Grim Salvador ( ago)
WTF is this agzacally

Author MrTrojis ( ago)
You thought her arm was her leg in fishnets. Admit it.

Author ThedoomedSean ( ago)
fuck you joe and all you stand for -.0

Author Daniel M ( ago)
you're the weird part dumbass

Author selina rucha ( ago)
is good know music !!!!!! it like to music is ....... lllloolllll is
hentail ??

Author HanajimaSensei ( ago)
It would be painful to be killed with the pen.

Author Fanuel320 ( ago)

Author Shaden ( ago)

Author nizigenlove makichan ( ago)

Author wherner2 ( ago)
ok thanks

Author GoGoGoldGoGo ( ago)
でも、この動画アップした人って外人でしょ? それなら外人からしてみれば これを見て外人の人々を批判する日本人の方がキモイんじゃないの?

Author Matthias1013 ( ago)
What the fuck was wrong with people in 2008?!

Author YumiHirugani (689 years ago)
I just love how this video is related to almost all of the videos that I
watch. Is youtube telling me something?

Author 418adidas ( ago)
Dufaq did I watch?

Author Cactus Juice ( ago)
I have no idea what i just witnessed, but i liked it.

Author Likhos1 ( ago)
put it on rapidshare it may work, using the other link seems to go on a 404

Author Likhos1 ( ago)
huh? #!download|554p1|2195303801|くるくるファナティック - kurukuru

Author Likhos1 ( ago)
can't put the complete link on youtube, it does an error, it's on

Author dudenotcoolvb ( ago)
add the host site to it please

Author Likhos1 ( ago)
can't put the complete rapidshare link.

Author Likhos1 ( ago)
/files/2195303801/くるくるファナティック - kurukuru fanatic.rar

Author HanajimaSensei ( ago)
I guess there's not sex or violence at all.

Author soultaker374 ( ago)
Also what's the song name!?

Author soultaker374 ( ago)
Yo if you could, try to find one with a english patch or something, thanks

Author dudenotcoolvb ( ago)
do it if u can and give me the link thanks

Author Likhos1 ( ago)
found one in megaupload some years ago, but there is no translation pack
for this game. I can make a rapidshare link I think

Author galaxyrailroad4562 ( ago)
Q:私は未成年なんだが、これを見られるか? A:大丈夫だ。問題ない。

Author dudenotcoolvb ( ago)
sorry turned out it was a Winrar file of the player pictures in sex scenes
with the heroines. if you find out where to download this game even if its
only a trail tell me reply to the comment im going on DuckDuckgo to search
for it.

Author awonderland123 ( ago)
where can i download this game?

Author dudenotcoolvb ( ago)
im downloading this right now how good is this?

Author Clinton Alston ( ago)
okie dokie...........

Author Meghan Suzanne ( ago)
Crazy bitches.

Author Alice White ( ago)
"STOP PLAYING", and then "I PLEAD with everyone to BUY them".. I don't get
it :/

Author Jaed Lapuz ( ago)
I got here from minecraft :P

Author klxroly1 ( ago)
i dont know if i want to play this game

Author lime148 ( ago)

Author Symbiot3 ( ago)
ive been asking the same thing my friend

Author rouko555 ( ago)

Author rosti93 ( ago)
Everybody came here for 1:25

Author ScottT3A ( ago)
What the hell is this..?

Author Muamer Rizvanovic ( ago)
How the fuck did i end up here o.O i was watching some amvs and got here

Author Cactus Juice ( ago)
whos the first girl?

Author WarGalaxy94 ( ago)
i cant think of anything intelligent so ill just faceroll on the keybord
p.k9nb8kl,0imn, m,vp[;' nbnm

Author MykahMykah ( ago)
wut :D

Author MountainbushFilms ( ago)
He'll get used to it...

Author Kaito kun ( ago)
listen to thier voices while fapping

Author Martijn Dalemans ( ago)
Youre in the japanese part bro

Author jean alz ( ago)

Author LedNNN ( ago)
1:23 , thank me later

Author OilyTower ( ago)
Why? Because they can!

Author Neko Youkai ( ago)
Not really.

Author InuHunter ( ago)
OMG..YANDERE DATING SIM?!!!?!?!?!??!?……I'm going to grab a bible

Author 1stPCFerret ( ago)
A "dating sim" with guns and knives? Now THAT's scary!

Author Yugiohlover991 ( ago)
Hentai my friend.

Author shadow7901 ( ago)
is this something to do with ecchi? looks like it

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