Tether Android to Xbox wirelessly (mtu phone settings)

This tutorial is primarily for the Samsung Galaxy S, T-Mobile Vibrant, and the Motorola Droid. I have not tested it with any other phones. Some things are guaranteed to be different and I cannot help you if I've never touched the phone before. Please do not send me messages asking me to help you with some phone I've never even heard of before. I'll offer suggestions, but no real answers.

This is a tutorial for how to hook up your android (rooted) phone to your xbox through wifi.

Apps you need (both found in the market):
Terminal Emulator
Android Wifi Tether (or Barnacle)

description of terminal commands:
ip link set dev pdp0 mtu 1500

For Vibrant (from abillich) :
Instead type "echo 1500[greater than sign] ./mtu" then type "cat mtu" to save the changes. YouTube won't let me put the symbol into the description. It's the same symbol as on the period key on a standard keyboard.

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Author DJRoast Prince (2 years)
Does it wrk for HTC EVO 3D

Author Kareem Soda (4 years)
Does anyone know if the htc evo can play xbox 360 games online without lag
with the wifi tethering

Author angrym0use (3 years)
@computerhacker68 for content or presentation? it was my first video I ever
put on youtube, so I didn't expect much from it

Author WhoAmI? (3 years)
what if you have the droid citrus? what would i need to type then?

Author fu (3 years)
My Bionic does not have the file 'PPP0' in path /sys/class/net. Where can I
find the MTU file location?. Can anyone verify the correct path and file
name for the rest of the Bionic crowd? thanks.

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@VikingNightmare Beats me. I had to figure all this out on my own. As far
as I know, there is no guide or list of commands. Just look at linux
commands, type it in, and see if it works. Sorry this is all the advice I
can give, but I'm just a lowly college compsci major

Author abillich (4 years)
@angrym0use I also have a vibrant and followed your video but i still keep
getting the MTU error from xbox live. in the list it is pdp0, same as the
captivate. i tried typing "ip link list" but it gives me an error saying
that ip doesn't exist. maybe i'm typing it in the wrong place or the wrong
way? also, i saw one of your comments that said you typed "set pdp0 mtu
1500" instead of "mtu=1500". i tried it both ways to no avail. any other

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@VikingNightmare Good idea, better to be safe. Good luck with it!

Author Todd Neumann (4 years)
Dude you rock man! I've been asking everyone on XDA about this mtu settings
and looked all the way to the end of the internet, thanks. WHat is your
name on xda? I'm going to post this up and give ya credit! I'm
TheToddFather. I also have a have the captivate too.

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@abillich I will try to get some time with a vibrant and see what I can do.
I'll try to post a solution as quickly as I can, but don't hold your
breath, I'm a college student. in the meantime, just keep searching and let
me know if you find anything

Author 9snaga (2 years)
Is there any way to do this with a non-rooted phone? Anyone, PLEASE I have
an HTC desire HD

Author angrym0use (3 years)
@Ghosstt2010 I've never tried it with a PS3. but considering, that the
video only shows me changing the phone and not the xbox, then I think it
should be about the same way. All you need is a way to connect the ps3 to
the wireless your phone is broadcasting.

Author hahaveryfunnyOHYEAH (3 years)
so how do the games play online? are they smooth?

Author abillich (4 years)
@angrym0use Hey, just wanted to let you know i got it working for t-mobile
on the vibrant. I talked to one of my friends who is a computer networker
and he works alot with linux. Instead of typing "mtu=1500", type "echo 1500
> ./mtu", then type "cat mtu" to confirm the change. Also, that is
"[period][forwardslash]mtu". I noticed you can't really see the period in
there so i wanted to clarify. Please update the description if you don't
mind to reflect this for all the T-mobile people. Thanks!

Author pilotbrianlaggren (4 years)
hey im running into a problem i set the mtu to 1500. im able to connect to
xbox live for a matter of seconds before i get an error on barnacle saying
"nat restart: message too long" please help!!! input would be lovely.
samsung vibrant

Author robert smith (3 years)
Xbox 360 s????? In laymens you mean slim ????

Author op116 (3 years)
It says since is dinied

Author VikingNightmare (4 years)
Hi, could you please tell me where can i find a list of commands for the
android terminal emulater for galaxy S, I am most sure that this is not a
standard linux terminal and thus many things could differ, also asking this
since a friend requested this from me and google just doesn't seem to turn
up the relevant stuff. Just a list of commands available in the android
terminal emulater for galaxy S. THNX in advance

Author VinoBambino123456789 (2 years)
What is w e p key

Author FireAntzBlazing (3 years)
@angrym0use the way I did was a little diffrent I used a Pc my mistake

Author FireAntzBlazing (3 years)
cant you just use dr tcp

Author angrym0use (3 years)
@YouCheckinMyBeats what error are you getting now? All I can say is just
restart the app for tethering or restart your phone. Keep trying....

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@forgetfull88 I just borrowed my friend's moto droid to test this on my
xbox. I just did the same thing as in the description, but instead of
"mtu=1500" type "set ppp0 mtu 1500". and that worked for me. I tested it on
both the 360s and the 360 with a wireless thing. please let me know if this

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@todjihad I just tried it myself to make sure that it still works. when you
do "ip link list" and it shows "pdp0 1500" you should be golden. pdp0 is
the only one you need to do it for. If this is not working, then the error
is probably not with the mtu settings. what exactly does it say when you
try to get on live?

Author Mark P (2 years)
Check out my video for a very easy way to do this without rooting! There is
no need to root your phone. Also I give away 3200 Microsoft points a month
with subscription to my channel you are entered in the drawing!!

Author angrym0use (3 years)
@Robertsmith2002 yes, that is what I mean. sorry I used technical/official
terms and hurt your brain. I am truly sorry for this indiscretion

Author Robert Valdez (4 years)
how do u update xbox live its not letting me! please help!

Author Hardcorecaddy001 (2 years)
So in conclusion after everyone saying they have the right output to change
their and everyone else saying it doesn't work, what does work? None of
these work on anything apparently. Is there a real way to open a phone's

Author larissatea (3 years)
when i pull up the terminal emulator and type su and enter it reads su:
permission denied how do i get arounf this error? sorry to bother you man

Author op116 (3 years)

Author Cobey Wood (2 years)
is there a way to change nat settings without root ?

Author Brett Ramsouer (4 years)
this aint workin out for me :( i try to connect but xbox connects the
disconnects... did word for word wat u did too!! moto droid 2.2 rooted
(wifi tether)

Author Dev Knights (3 years)
Can you just use 3g mobile hotshot?

Author Michael Jastrzebski (2 years)
Is there any solution to change NAT settings from moderate to open in a
wireless tether app?

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@gs0829 if you can't cd to those, then they probably don't exist on your
phone. the stuff that comes out of "ip link list" is important. that's how
you tell which one is the data. "pdp0" is for the galaxy S. "ppp0" is for
the droid. yours is obviously something different. try "ip link set dev
pdp0 mtu 1500" but replace "pdp0" with whatever you see at the bottom of
the list when you do "ip link list". I've never used a Mytouch. hope this
helps. let me know what happens or if you need more help

Author VikingNightmare (4 years)
@angrym0use thnx for your reply, I have graduates computer science, but it
is always better to ask, since it is the phone of a friend, i don't wanna
render it useless... :D

Author Albert Gonzalez (3 years)
I think I might get Droid bionic

Author angrym0use (3 years)
@forgetthename16 you have to remember I posted this video a full year ago...

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@juniorcarreon91 I haven't had a chance to try this with the vibrant. when
you type "ip link list" it should show you all the connections and the mtu
for each one will be in there. that's how you can know it works. I say in
the video that my data connection is called "pdp0" and that the moto droid
is called "ppp0". maybe yours is called something different? that's about
as much as I can help without further info about the problem

Author Samir Saleh (4 years)
i have nexus one , which originally creates a wife hotstop.. im connecting
to xbox live but the NAt is strict. How to fix ?

Author hahaveryfunnyOHYEAH (3 years)
@angrym0use how did the actual gameplay run online? Was it smooth?

Author staticbg (3 years)
@larissatea ur phone needs to be rooted

Author Ghosstt2010 (3 years)
how do i do this for ps3

Author angrym0use (3 years)
@Arev0 on a phone?

Author Albert Gonzalez (3 years)
I just make my PC connect galaxy s 2.2 hotspots then plug in Ethernet

Author drewscs (2 years)
@9snaga aye 2nd this

Author larissatea (3 years)
lg ally by the way

Author angrym0use (4 years)
@rvaldez420 if you're connected correctly, it should just do it. it may
take a while since it's off your phone if it's a large update, but
otherwise there should be no problems.

Author angrym0use (3 years)
@Ghosstt2010 Congratulations. you should have watched the whole video...

Author Josh Price (2 years)
If there is a way to do this with a non rooted phone please reply

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