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When 13 year-old Logan LaPlante grows up, he wants to be happy and healthy. He discusses how hacking his education is helping him achieve this goal.

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Author zefalosss Channel closed ! ( ago)
#nohate i found out he is a boy when he said that on 1:31 ...

Author jazzyjake99 ( ago)
So basically, you're a rich kid that is homeschooled. Wow.

Author Sky ( ago)
Do you have to pay to go to that school?

Author FBx Zenix ( ago)
He's a smart 13 year old

Author bittylol /violet chan ( ago)
this inspired me people sometimes think I'm weird for this but I wanna be an airforce officer. and you may be thinking oh cool! but I'm 11 and in 5th grade and it makes some people PROUND and some people just like "that's to gory stick with the usual a veterinarian like other kids" or "your to tall you now there's a limit" but you now you be what you wanna be and don't let anyone put you down as long as it ain't stealing or something bad XD .. and the Maine things I get in my head from what other kids mostly boys say to me "your a girl you can't do that" but you now what if your a girl and get this hate walk away okay GIRLS CAN DO GREAT THINGS AND IF HUMANITY CANT ACCEPT THAT WELL WHO CARES GIRLS ARE JUST AS GOOD AS BOYS AND NEVER FORGET IT !!! thank you if you read this all apriciate it god bless you

Author bittylol /violet chan ( ago)
this inspired me people sometimes think I'm weird for this but I wanna be an airforce officer. and you may be thinking oh cool! but I'm 11 and in 5th grade and it makes some people PROUND and some people just like "that's to gory stick with the usual a veterinarian like other kids" or "your to tall you now there's a limit" but you now you be what you wanna be and don't let anyone put you down as long as it ain't stealing or something bad XD .. and the Maine things I get in my head from what other kids mostly boys say to me "your a girl you can't do that" but you now what if your a girl and get this hate walk away okay GIRLS CAN DO GREAT THINGS AND IF HUMANITY CANT ACCEPT THAT WELL WHO CARES GIRLS ARE JUST AS GOOD AS BOYS AND NEVER FORGET IT !!! thank you if you read this all apriciate it god bless you

Author ziyue tang ( ago)
I like potatoes!🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

Author Abbegale Sparks ( ago)
Thank you Logan you are my hero ☺️☺️☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊😊😊😊☺️😊☺️

Author Galaxy Dreams ( ago)

Author Only Isabelle ( ago)
Yes, he is a lucky rich kid and not everyone can have the opportunities he has, but that's the point he is trying to make. We need to change the system to include practical learning. In my school, every lesson that I have had, from the age of 11 to the age of 16 has been entirely focused on learning content for exams, yes I am might get As or A*s in my GCSEs but what does that matter? The lessons that this kid has learnt hold so much more value that the one's I have learnt. I could not imagine standing in front of a large group of people and talking about my opinions- I did a speaking and listening in English in front of 4 people about my opinions and I was shaking and fighting back tears. In education, you get what you measure, and if we measure how well someone can pass a test, then no one is learning anything. He is saying we need to teach about happiness and creativity. Yes, not everyone can have the opportunities he has and that's the point. We need to create a system that encompasses creative subjects, practical experiences, life lessons and academic work and values students not on the grades they get in exams but how they have developed as a person. If only the rich kids can afford to 'hack school' and receive a well-rounded education then we are enforcing a class division and making it harder for people to escape poverty. It is not difficult to change the curriculum to address this issue but the reason nothing's happened is because the people in power are disconnected from the issues that they are trying to correct, how many of them went to 'normal' state schools? This kid is proof that pressure for achieving amazing exam results does not make you clever or intelligent but it is what you experience and how you process it, and we need to listen.

Author jack miller ( ago)
This presentation was definitely written for him

Author Az Will ( ago)
I started online school and I've learned, not to much school stuff, but learned alot about coding and cyber things

Author Grendel Sloth ( ago)
This dude is going places

Author Motitoti ( ago)
Wait, he's a male?!

Author Mwada Hani ( ago)
why we don't like school?

Author Patrick Pace ( ago)
I am in grade 6 I will ask my teachers on a daily basis "how will this apply to life and or career" normally they will say oh if you want to blank blank or blank then you will need this stuff. So to get back at them what I will do is when we take tests I will doodle and illiterate stuff. If in science we are learning about astriods I will draw a detailed picture on the top right hand corner of an astriod entering the atmosphere and a dinosaur looking at it. On any test I will draw things that are related to it. On a social studies test draw a picture of a gravestone and write on it sandy has contracted disentary. This is a refernce to the game oregan trail. So this video is a good example that there is still a hope. my parents tested me for gifted straight 100s exect for creativity which I made a buch of circles into a control pad that launches nukes now they saw that as not good enough. the one kid that did get in made a giant game of dots. Are you serious. The school system is messed up and we need to fix it. My friends and I disscus this at lunch every day.

Author HippyHoneyBees ( ago)
this kid has his life figured out and here i am graduating in a year having no clue what to do

Author Autumn Good ( ago)
I'm glad I found someone I can relate to!
Thank you for the brilliant talk, dude

Author Steve Gaming ( ago)
because there is more like you.

Author cpiercew24 ( ago)
I think its great that this kid has the kind of support that affords him these opportunities, but it isn't a reality for most kids. How do we create these kinds of opportunities in an accessible way that every child can grow from? And does that responsibility fall onto the shoulders of educators, parents, or policy makers? Actually to answer my own question its all of the above... but policymakers clearly don't have anyone's best interest in mind except their own, teachers are criminally undervalued and unequipped, and parents are often too busy or don't have the resources to provide the care and encouragement their kids need.

So I propose we kidnap all children to take all of the variable factors at home out of the equation, have them all in boarding schools where they get to choose their curriculum (to a degree) and stop telling kids that they have to conform to a broken societal standard that, for over a hundred years, has just produced miserable worker bees that are forcing the world into a darker and darker place.

This may qualify as "state-sponsored brainwashing" but if you let me lead :)it I promise the results will be some of the smartest, happiest, most successful children (and ultimately, adults) the world has known. ;)

Author Interesting Vlogs ( ago)
wow... I agree to every thing you say.

Author ha hoang ( ago)
so amazing

Author Holly Keefer ( ago)
That one made me smile :D

Author Jerry Hubbard ( ago)
I'm old and retired. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

Author Molly Hash Browns ( ago)
I'm sorry but I thought he was a girl...

Author ashesforyou ( ago)
I am proud of this kid- I may not know him but the way he was brought up is amazing. The ways that he has learned throughout the years actually makes me feel jealous. I am a 17 year old girl, who just found out this way of living. I wish I had found it sooner but, I am glad I found it.

Author Trang Dau ( ago)
This talk reminds me of Captain Fantastic!

Author The Last Of Us / Fan ( ago)
When I first saw this dude I thought he was a chick..
Cuz he had a high pitch voice and longs hair. Shut up you feminist, typically girls have higher voice and longer hair than men so save it and take it to some on who cares...
Anyone else think this kid was a girl? Don't be afended by the way, he cool

Author First Avenger ( ago)
I'm I the only one that thought this dude was a girl?

Author I B H O P I R L who cares ( ago)
school is the fucking useless tutorial you try to get out at the begining of a video game ! 20 years to get out of it, feelsbadman :p

Author I B H O P I R L who cares ( ago)
Cute talk !

Author Kimchi Koalaa ( ago)
I just want to be Terrence Tao, it makes me happy... but I'm already 16 and haven't got any got medals for math Olympiad

Author Random Realistic Tone ( ago)
His cheeks are so pink!

Author Yabz ( ago)
One of the eight things is religious, like yeah believing in something which gives kids cancer is going to make u happy and believing in something which there is no proof for is going to make u happy and healthy? The injustice and lies of religion shouldn't be given to kids. Like Ricky gervais said " I think if we never taught religion till everyone was 21 then the world would be different". Religion won't make u happy kid

Author Bader Hassan ( ago)
why there is a question about his gender. 80% of the world population are females I think because the prim cut that makes his gender questionball. good job soldier lol

Author Facuu Robles ( ago)
Zoy putoooooooooo

Author TheXpertGuy ( ago)
Is it a boy or girl please tell..

Author Link isback ( ago)
That was the best speech from a kid I have ever heard

Author simon khuu ( ago)
didn't expect much... He's great!!!

Author Faze Away ( ago)
what the crap is this crap

Author AKzebraMiner ( ago)
The description says she's a boy, the comments are saying he's a boy except the replies... IS SHE A BOY OR GIRL

Author Makiyah Wiggins ( ago)
oml he's like 4yrs aloser than me now😂😂😂

Author Harty Party ( ago)
He's going to wind up as s snowboard instructor at 'sqaw valley' . Living with 6 roommates , smoking Bongs 24/7, wondering why nobody in the real world thinks he's 'so smart' like his enabling parents do!!!good luck jeff spicoli!!!!

Author Bayu Saputra ( ago)
Everybody wanna be happy, the question is how?

Author Aeon's Blue Aether of the Sixth Realm ( ago)
This kid has more public speaking skills then I do and I'm 28 years old. FML. Very mature and confident for his age, I am impressed.

Author Genesis Rhapsodos ( ago)
School has given me so many problems.
I have social anxiety
I have trust issues
I literally get yelled at by teachers for having social anxiety. I have had sooooooo many fake friends.
I have been bullied by both students and by a teacher.
I have become the most stressed out, socially nervous wreck. So thanks school, now I can't make any friends, order at a restaurant, eat in front of other people, or try anything new.

Author Darkness Unleashed ( ago)
Wait a second I thought he was a GIRL!!

Author Kayla Bradley ( ago)
Wait da hell hes a boy I thought he was a girl!

Author wallinp ( ago)
I wanna put some girl's clothes on him

Author Josbra ( ago)
I mean this was the best speech on Ted ever. I feel so inspired.


Author محمد المصطفى ( ago)
I like this girl

Author Les Oldenhave ( ago)
This is practically how parents should prepare their child for adulthood.

Author Macintoshgetti But without Ravioli ( ago)
This kid is so weird. Quite intelligent but weird.

Author Beauty best ( ago)
Who's watching in 2017

Author Thatboybrady 13 ( ago)
I'm only in 7th grade but I love learning computers. We have a class in schools called computer apications they only teach you how to type at least in 7th I'm not sure about other grades. But so far they should teach you more and the computer such as what makes it work how to put different things on USBs inc. comment if you agree or disagree

Author Ivan Dub Brickfilms ( ago)
I have an exam tomorrow and I haven't learned anything. What am I doing here?

Author TMinus Neutron ( ago)
His knowledge of neuroscience was really impressive.

Author Sophie Diogo ( ago)
i'm 13 years old and i'am in a traditional school but i don't like it. this sooo right !!

Author MrSoSo HD ( ago)
He's hot...

Author Giau Hanh ( ago)
honestly if i had a choice, i rather go to school tbh

Author Poxy Productions ( ago)
this is boy!?

Author MEGSTER メグスター ( ago)
What a cool kid!! :D This was awesome!!

Author Emilia Scott ( ago)
I can't wait to move to LA oh my fucking god I am so exited to homeschool my children oh my god oh my god oh my god

Author Diana Ungureanu ( ago)
I agree that kids should learn more useful for life skills than they do in schools. But who decides what is useful and what not? Is ski useful? Does it make you independent?
In an ideal world none of us should separate working from working out and from entertainment and we should make the least amount of pollution. Ski is a useless part of the consumerist world we live in today. Rich people destroy some forests to make slopes, use expensive electricity to go up the mountain and than they go down to get their adrenaline dose. They also need expensive and always updated equipment which puts another pressure onto the environment.
We should probably all be learning how to work the land the traditional way. And also our clothes out of natural fabrics. This would make us really invulnerable in case of a disaster. We probable won't have as much adrenaline but do we really need any? We certainly would have a body as fit as if we did skiing. We could also ski from time to time but only by going uphill by foot and using natural hand-made equipment.

Author Cool Cube ( ago)
These are the kind of TED talks that constantly made me wanna drop out of school

Author Ishamel Skosana ( ago)
is she single? where the tits

Author edward mills ( ago)
Pretty amazing no matter how you want to see it.

Author blissfulpetrichor ( ago)
Really disgusted by the sheep in the comments who aren't actually watching the video, they're just "looking" at it and have to point out the( obvious )boy looks like a girl. He's definitely a boy, there's not even a second where I thought he was a she. he's 13 so he's not going to sound like a man, he's going to sound like a kid. what else makes him look like a girl? his pink hat? he hasn't been brainwashed like yourselves into thinking pink is for girls and blue is for boys. colors are just colors and people are just people. they aren't objects and they certainly don't need to wear certain things because the media tells them to. get a grip, open your eyes

Author Kaiserness ( ago)
This kid has really inspired me. I remember coming home crying every day at 7 years old because my teacher would bully me every day. I dropped out of school, joined a local Co - Op, which led me to riding horses. This is where I met my future best friend, and one of my other friends inspired me to warp my personality to the hilarious and comedic personality I have today.I went into homeschooling, and I am currently learning Geometry and College Physics at 12.

Author Zeng Fong ( ago)
It might well be one of those win the war but lose the battle thing , the system is old for a or many reasons than meets the eyes and common minds

Author KidzRGamerz ( ago)
Good! You be a hacker, I be an author!

Author Mari Cordova ( ago)
this kid is my inspiration, I'm only 17 😢😭

Author The Ruby Knight ( ago)

Author jjg1234ish ( ago)
This is a wonderful amazing thing dude

Author Calvin Vicente ( ago)
This video will bew helpful to people who want to understand how some people think of school in there own way

Author Michael Petersen ( ago)
I am know even more worried about my future Than I was. Goddammit I think enough about how even if I get a good job and a good life, The world is probably gonna be fucked up by some world ending or close to world ending disaster at some point. Now your telling Me I can't even get a good job if I stay in fucking school!

Author Ping Pong ( ago)
What a gorgeous kid!

Author Ping Pong ( ago)
I took my 13 yo out of high school due to bullying and apathetic teachers. She got more from being homeschooled in a week than she did from the previous year.

Author Ahmad Ullah ( ago)
thanks dear

Author the Colossal Titan ( ago)
I go to public school, and not a very good one at that, but about 8 months ago I found a future career that I really enjoyed, and decided to teach it to myself (they didn't do the specific career I had in mind in school). Now I feel more knowledgeable in that subject than I do in any subject in school, even though my grades aren't particularly bad :D

Also that's either a girl or I'm gay

Author Ammar Sultan ( ago)
The more authentic you are, and the more brilliant I think you are, there will be always people bullying and gender guessing or whatever they are doing. It is just the expression of their tiny brains. Keep it up, you have something that the others don't.

Author Monty ( ago)

Author Professor Stexy ( ago)
This girl is really smart.

Author ABabyC ( ago)
This is really powerful!!

Author midnightsnowangelmnf ( ago)
I loved being homeschooled, from K-2nd I was in two Private Christian schools the one I was in for 1st-2nd grade I was being bullied everyday, and this was in Private Christian. It got so bad I would play suck just get to get out of going finally when I was going into 3rd grade my parents put me into private Christian homeschooling. It was amazing.

Author shikamaru nara ( ago)
beyond awesome

Author jiN khan ( ago)
is she a boy or is he a girl?

Author Alain Chouinard ( ago)
after 30 second i realise his smarter than i will ever be

Author Babygirl ( ago)
Am I the only one who knew he was a boy even from just the thumbnail lol

Author Compartilhando Ideias & Conhecimentos ( ago)
Very good, if you can meet my channel

Author Fo Mo ( ago)
i thought he was girl😂😂

Author MaKlim ( ago)
this kid won't need to apply to Harvard
Harvard will apply to him

Author League of Legends Feeds ( ago)
wait thats a guy?????????? rip

Author rozzi rozzi ( ago)
imma girl and i like you now:)
i love your talk!

Author Sabrina Atanasiu ( ago)
This TedTalk changed my life 3 years ago.

Author Free Mann ( ago)
Was I the only person who thought he was a guy the first time I saw this video?

Author Eric Schmoll ( ago)
Great presentation! Way to go Logan, keep up the school hacking, and stay happy. You have excellent stories and experiences to share, thanks for sharing with all of us.

Author Redneck Country Boy ( ago)
I hate playing the game guess the gender especially when im right talking to them er something

Author Theodora ( ago)
I just saw "captain fantastic" and it's interesting looking at his ideas from such a prespective... But I don't know how to go about changing my life and I don't know if I even should do that just yet. I need to think more about that.

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