Fargo Official Trailer #1 - Steve Buscemi Movie (1996) HD

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  • Mreverything11
    Mreverything11 16 days ago

    These comment are utter cancer

  • Mreverything11
    Mreverything11 16 days ago

    0:02 song?

  • Guillermo J. Chavarria

    I need the name of the song, I've heard a different version on the radio as a background song since I have memory and I've always wanted to know its name. Someone?

  • Sneaky Bastards
    Sneaky Bastards 1 month ago

    Who's version of Caravan is in the trailer???

  • McFly
    McFly 1 month ago

    The trailer doesnt do this movie justice. The movie is amazing.

  • Cyber Pleb
    Cyber Pleb 2 months ago

    The music is a horrendous choice.

  • UV0023
    UV0023 2 months ago

    Can I watch this after watching the series, or there will be no point after knowing the whole story?

  • Laurie Hintz
    Laurie Hintz 2 months ago

    This was one of the worst movies I've ever watched. I'm from Minnesota & the accent is nothing that extreme as it is in the movie! Only morons sound like that!

  • Contakum
    Contakum 2 months ago

    Beyond a doubt one of the greatest movies ever. It's people are peculiar and it's plot is beautifully wack - shit crazy.

  • RochaJP #ConTV
    RochaJP #ConTV 2 months ago


  • Alex Lex
    Alex Lex 3 months ago

    What a stupid no sense movie. Dont bother watching it. One of the worst ones ever seen. Felt my IQ drop after watching that garbage. ugh.

  • gahty57
    gahty57 3 months ago

    Good movie but the only thing I hated about it was the word "jah". My god it was annoying, if you don't understand watch the movie :D

  • Filip Djordjevic
    Filip Djordjevic 3 months ago

    When will this movie come out?

  • Dionicio Gaspar
    Dionicio Gaspar 4 months ago

    I love this movie, so much!!! Thanks to this movie, it inspired me to write a dark comedy short film about a kidnapping gone wrong.

  • Akash Tyagi
    Akash Tyagi 4 months ago

    A Classic

  • ecaepevolhturt
    ecaepevolhturt 4 months ago

    I love when the people who do not have the level-of-intelligence required to appreciate the movie's originality, symbolism and complexity, find out about the reputation of the movie, watch it and then complain that they thought it was boring.

  • ecaepevolhturt
    ecaepevolhturt 4 months ago

    When I watched it, for the first half of the movie I was bored but the second half the pace started to increase and by the end I realised that the movie was really good and original. It gets you thinking and has a deep message that is not often communicated in any form of media-entertainment. Also it contains a lot of humor and violence which helps keep you hooked. I now understand why this movie has such a great reputation but it's not a movie that you watch again and again like "Wayne's World" or "Hackers". It's a movie that you watch once but that stays with you for a really long time.

  • Rongo mā Tāne - God of Cultivation

    im here because of all the references American media attribute to it, but I have never seen it lol.

  • george k
    george k 5 months ago

    fuck this cunt shit fuck hole

  • 0002pA
    0002pA 5 months ago

    YT comments do not have enough place to explain why I love this movie so much, but it made me really, really like Steve Buscemi and Willian H Macy.

  • İbrahim Şanlı
    İbrahim Şanlı 6 months ago

    Oh yah? jeez.

  • The Pystykorva
    The Pystykorva 6 months ago

    Looks like full of shit.... Its so annoying to not know is the movie good or bad before you watch it...

    • PuiuPrajit
      PuiuPrajit 5 months ago

      The Pystykorva yes because it is so hard to have an opinion of your own -_-

  • Alex Tv
    Alex Tv 6 months ago

    I always get Christopher Walken and Steve Buscemi mixed up.

  • big kahuna burger
    big kahuna burger 6 months ago

    i love this movie so much

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 6 months ago

    I never seen this movie until recently it's a good movie thank goodness it was made in 1996.

  • Bjørn Even Vågen
    Bjørn Even Vågen 6 months ago

    This is the worst movie i have ever seen......


  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins 7 months ago

    Oh jeez, way to spoil almost the entire movie, darn tootin.

  • Roe TriP
    Roe TriP 8 months ago

    cant wait 4 season 3 :D i love the series but dont saw the movie :D

  • Blazed Elf
    Blazed Elf 8 months ago

    Jerry that fucking fuck. Hated that mother fucker.

  • Ahmad Saqer
    Ahmad Saqer 8 months ago

    They should rename the movie with "Yaaaah!"

  • zobielamouche1
    zobielamouche1 9 months ago

    are the coens kikes?

  • Marcin Nalborczyk
    Marcin Nalborczyk 10 months ago

    Frank Gallagher started young :D

  • Grims Diary
    Grims Diary 10 months ago

    I haven't seen the movie yet, but I heard it takes place in Minnesota, and I just have to say that our accent isn't that thick, and by what I've been told we just stretch out our O's.

  • Joshua Santiago
    Joshua Santiago 10 months ago

    the yah drove me nuts. amazing movie tho

  • That Muffin
    That Muffin 11 months ago

    OH YAH!!!!!

      ESTEBAN GONZALEZ 4 months ago

      Wаtсh Fаrgо оnlinе hеrе => https://twitter.com/aa0b1582e1b2f84d1/status/822783738442436608 Fargо ООООffiсiаl Тrаааilеr 1 Stеvе Busсеmi Моviе 1996 HD

    • weexseed
      weexseed 4 months ago

      Faааrgо mоviе hеrе => https://twitter.com/e88ef449cbee844eb/status/822783738442436608 Fааааrgо Оfficiаl Trаilееr 1 Stеvе Busсeeееmi ММMМovie 1996 HD

  • Chris Bryan
    Chris Bryan 11 months ago

    I'm more annoyed with the Japanese guy. What a perv.

    REKAN AZIZ 10 11 months ago

    just heard about the movie from msn's "the best movie released the year you were born" damnnn kinda disappointed !

    • moiseman
      moiseman 11 months ago

      I'm pretty sure Primal Fear or The English Patient if you're looking for good 1996 movies

  • DarknuttyAndKilami1
    DarknuttyAndKilami1 11 months ago

    One of the best movies ever made!

  • Woody Hutton
    Woody Hutton 1 year ago

    Steve Buscemi playing against type as a low life sociopathic scumbag

  • David Witte
    David Witte 1 year ago

    yah sure you betcha' dontcha know

  • Connor Brennan
    Connor Brennan 1 year ago

    Hate me all you want for this guys, but I don't think this movie is as good as many people say it is.

    • based _
      based _ 1 year ago

      well that's like, your opinion man

    • Connor Brennan
      Connor Brennan 1 year ago

      Well, thank you man.

    • Paul Koenig
      Paul Koenig 1 year ago

      That's cool mang. Everybody has the right to their own opinion.

  • Apple Bee
    Apple Bee 1 year ago

    The accent would get really annoying after a short while.

  • Kitty Mew
    Kitty Mew 1 year ago


  • T.O. Bro. Show (T.O.B.S)

    anybody here because of Stephen Colbert and the fact that you never saw this movie

    • سليمان عبدالحميد
      سليمان عبدالحميد 7 months ago

      Fаrgo mоvieеe here => https://twitter.com/cae0b19f5c05d5ad2/status/795842777275777024 Fаrgоooо Оfficial Тrаilеr 1 Steeeve Buscеmi Моviе 1996 HD

    • Joshua Lane
      Joshua Lane 8 months ago

      When did Stephen Colbert talk about this movie?

    • Wildstingray
      Wildstingray 10 months ago

      im here because i live in Fargo and havent seen this movie in a long time

    • CStarz
      CStarz 1 year ago

      John Kasich was totally right.

  • MicrowaveBackground

    Worst trailer for the best film

  • Peanut Cinema
    Peanut Cinema 1 year ago

    Best Coen brothers film by far

  • yeerkyjerky42
    yeerkyjerky42 1 year ago

    I'm pretty sure this movie is terrible, yet it gets such good reviews and praise. The only thing I enjoyed was the goofy accents and how (comically) dumb some of the characters were.

    Can someone explain the appeal of this film to me? And is it anything like the show?

    • vaZZZ
      vaZZZ 1 year ago

      +degree7 I kinda loved the ending. A huge climax wouldn't have fit. I think that Marge managing to stop a deranged psychopath while pregnant, and not killing him (just arresting him), showed what a good cop she was. It also showed how similar events probably end in real life (Cop shows up, crook tries to escape, it's futile). Other than that though, I agree with your points.

    • degree7
      degree7 1 year ago

      The Coen Brothers movies seem to share the common trait of storylines that revolve around maguffins and the meaninglessness and futility of everyday life. A lot of their films end in a frustrating anticlimax and their characters receiving some karmic comeuppance as the universe laughs at them. I noticed this most of all in Fargo, which I thought was a terrific film full of tension and rising action for 2/3rds of the way through, right up until Carl (Steve Buscemi) exits the picture. After that I thought the momentum of it kind of deflated a little. This was also how I felt about No Country For Old Men. But overall, I'd say it's a very well crafted movie; there are just so many masterful scenes, like the police stop on the icy road, Shep whipping the snot out of Carl, and the wife being kidnapped. It's too bad the Coen's couldn't have written a more satisfying ending than "the wood chipper."

    • jacobje00
      jacobje00 1 year ago

      +vaZZZ Thank you for your explaination! Very helpful!

    • vaZZZ
      vaZZZ 1 year ago

      +yeerkyjerky42 Thanks for the response. Yeah, the show is a lot more eventful. I get your feelings on the film (it's certainly not for everyone). The anticlimacticness is really the point, and I get why that bothers some people.

    • yeerkyjerky42
      yeerkyjerky42 1 year ago

      +vaZZZ I was using "terrible" as a sort of clickbait so someone would answer. Glad you took the time to go in depth.

      Obviously there's something it does right if so many people like it that much. I can see the humor in it, with idiots digging their own graves, but the movie just seems extremely uneventful to have such a huge following (everywhere i've seen it mentioned, people say it's amazing). My problem has been, no one can say WHY. It was just so boring to me. And no, I don't need Superman to punch a guy through a wall or Sherlock to solve the next great mystery. But, absent those things, I do need some intelligent dialogue or circumstance that builds tension if the show is going to try to pass for a drama, and this show just didn't do it for me. I feel like it gets too much mileage from the unique accents and few quirky interactions between characters. I'm fine with cliffhanger endings, but in this instance it felt more like stepping off a curb. Oh well. Those are my thoughts.

      Believe it or not, I didn't come here to trash the movie, but to find out about the show. I do intend to watch it after your assessment, maybe it will get me to watch the movie again and spark a new appreciation. Cheers.

  • Márton Pintér
    Márton Pintér 1 year ago

    If you didn't see the movie, watch it first, this trailer has quite a few spoilers.

  • abhijay tyagi
    abhijay tyagi 1 year ago

    hey, can anybody help me out here??
    The tv series says that the events happened in 2006...but this movie was made in 1996...how is that possible?

    • MegaMushroomCake
      MegaMushroomCake 1 year ago

      Maybe small bits of the story are true, i don't know, but i hva read multiple places that they are not real events.

    • SecksyBoi
      SecksyBoi 1 year ago

      +Stewart MacKinnon How did I waste 30 seconds of your time?

    • The Trashman
      The Trashman 1 year ago

      +SecksyBoi Gotcha, thanks for wasting a whole 30 seconds of my life

    • SecksyBoi
      SecksyBoi 1 year ago

      +Stewart MacKinnon Joking about what? Also the Telegraph is a highly unreliable news source. I only trust American websites, like Fox news. 

    • The Trashman
      The Trashman 1 year ago

      ? not sure if joking, but I will reply anyway. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/film/fargo/truth-behind-true-story/

  • d2cuadrados
    d2cuadrados 1 year ago


  • Dr. Peanut
    Dr. Peanut 1 year ago

    Awesome film, but I like The Big Lebowski a smudge bit more

  • gugug
    gugug 1 year ago

    i love this movie.

  • Rassun Kenner
    Rassun Kenner 1 year ago

    why dont u give us the whole fucking movie

    • Manwell
      Manwell 6 months ago

      Rassun Kenner It doesn't actually. The movie is much longer than the trailer

    • klauseba
      klauseba 10 months ago

      just do like i do, only watch trailers for the first 60 seconds, max until the half of the video

    • umageddon
      umageddon 1 year ago

      Rofl its a 20 year old movie. Let it goooooooo

    • Louis Blenkinsop
      Louis Blenkinsop 1 year ago

      this comment section is funny af

    • The Trashman
      The Trashman 1 year ago

      Just go to a random streaming website, it's 2016 ffs

  • Brent Cone
    Brent Cone 1 year ago

    I must say, This movie is REALY overrated. Not bad but It's not as good as everyone says it is. It's a good movie but way too overrated.

    • Brent Cone
      Brent Cone 1 year ago

      +Justin Archibald I did. But It's either I love this movie or the fanboys will go apeshit on me for simply having an opinion! This is just retarded & I've never seen such a close minded fanbase before! I'm Done.

    • Justin Archibald
      Justin Archibald 1 year ago

      But didn't you say in your first comment that the movie wasn't bad?

    • Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions
      Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions 1 year ago

      Why am i always in a comment section with mean people?

    • Brent Cone
      Brent Cone 1 year ago

      +andy T Andy, Get. A. Fucking. Life. Yah! I just love how pathetic & disgusting the Fargo fan base really is! Yah! Also, Yah, This movie still sucks Yah And I will always feel that way about! Deal with it! Yah. RETARD!!!

    • andy T
      andy T 1 year ago

      +Brent Cone go see a psy, for god sake, and after, give yourself a little break and go see a good movie.....I got one for you that you will like: how to kill yourself in one easy step: just do the opposite of what you think........that will work

  • Madwolf28
    Madwolf28 1 year ago

    Yah jeez hun! What a film.

  • AutoTunes
    AutoTunes 1 year ago

    Made an Auto-Tune song of this movie. Check it out on my channel!

  • TheMrEpicsounds
    TheMrEpicsounds 1 year ago

    Oh heck!

  • Jack Kelleher
    Jack Kelleher 1 year ago

    oh jeez

    • Игорь Полищук
      Игорь Полищук 1 month ago


    • Márk Roland
      Márk Roland 4 months ago

      Watch Fargo online here => https://twitter.com/fab35ba241e676298/status/824452700960026624

    • silly pillock
      silly pillock 5 months ago

      This mоviе is noооw ааааvааааilаbleеее tо watсh hеrе => https://twitter.com/ilyabb7689/status/822783738442436608 Fаrgо Оffiсiааааl Тrаiler 1 Stеve Busсеmi Моviе 1996 HD

    • The Trashman
      The Trashman 1 year ago

      You betcha yah

  • denis halilovic
    denis halilovic 1 year ago

    why is it brained cops lol but its called fargo, fargo is about 150 miles out of fargo hahaha weird idk why they didn't call it brained

    • 7Be
      7Be 10 months ago

      Because Fargo is a pseudonym for the crime syndicate that Steve Buscemi and the other dude work out of, as said syndicate's headquarters reside in Fargo, ND.

    • Brady Kristoff
      Brady Kristoff 1 year ago

      I guess cause the whole meeting of Steve Buscemi and William H. Macy went down in Fargo and that kinda makes Fargo the centerpiece for where this whole shebang spurned from. That's the only reason I can think of lol

    • KingDT2007
      KingDT2007 1 year ago

      +denis halilovic because the first scene when they discussed the kidnapping took place in Fargo the car dealer played by William H Macy drove out there after one of his mechanics put him in touch with steve buschemi Character who would do the kidnapping .

    • Paulina Koszalka
      Paulina Koszalka 1 year ago

      +denis halilovic totally

  • cwuzii
    cwuzii 1 year ago

    This looks fucking terrible. That retarded woman cop would make this unwatchable.

    • Brady Kristoff
      Brady Kristoff 1 year ago

      She's actually the smartest and best character in the entire movie and the actress won an Oscar for her portrayal of the character. The film's a lot more serious than the trailer lets on. Give it a watch

    • SerlingPictures
      SerlingPictures 1 year ago

      +cwuzii Fargo is one of the greatest films ever made. It's much darker than the trailer leads on.

    • Kozzie Vercetti
      Kozzie Vercetti 1 year ago

      Watch it and you'll enjoy it.

    • cwuzii
      cwuzii 1 year ago

      Watching the trailer again makes me think the film is meant to be slightly spazzy.

    • KillYourMasters
      KillYourMasters 1 year ago

      +cwuzii The film is fantastic. Hard to tell from the preview but give it a watch and you will enjoy it.

  • hattorihanzo
    hattorihanzo 1 year ago

    John Oliver brought me here

  • Home of the Mad
    Home of the Mad 1 year ago

    how is that movie considered "great" it was extremely depressing and the characters had personalities as deep as a puddle

    stupid movie DON'T WATCH IT

    • Home of the Mad
      Home of the Mad 1 year ago

      +Looks like somebody wants to get raped again there was no reason to watch it, it makes you feel terrible, it has other problems too. just like inglorious bastards, it combines gore and serious topics like murder, with poor comedy

      it's kinda like if someone where to say "my cousin committed suicide" and then laugh and say "oh but its funny because he was an idiot" the two things don't go together

  • 17MXT
    17MXT 1 year ago

    What is up with all the "yah" in the movie?It was driving me crazy.

    • Alex Saenger
      Alex Saenger 2 months ago

      It's Minnesotan

    • twomindz79
      twomindz79 2 months ago

      Coen bros were from there too .

    • L McD
      L McD 7 months ago

      The movie is supposed to be set in the 80s though, so maybe it was a little more common then?

    • 7Be
      7Be 10 months ago

      +ajk00421 it doesn't take place in Fargo. It takes place in Minnesota. I used to live in Brainerd, and now live twenty minutes away from it. Some smaller town people around here (especially older folks) have this accent, but for the most part, the film exaggerated the fuck out of it.

    • ajk00421
      ajk00421 1 year ago

      I'm from Fargo and that has all died away long ago, in fact Fargo is quite a wealthy and modern city now

  • Piotr Sobieszczański

    Does anybody know what's the track is playing in the background??

  • STAN 刘骁睿
    STAN 刘骁睿 1 year ago

    Frank fucking gallagher

  • Torsade101
    Torsade101 1 year ago

    Fantastic film

  • Jahred Lee
    Jahred Lee 1 year ago

    whats the music in through the trailer?

  • G4nst4Ch33se
    G4nst4Ch33se 2 years ago

    What is it that makes Bescumi's character less psychopathic than the other guy?

    • finsternis1986
      finsternis1986 1 year ago

      But he seems insecure about it...he's sort of a coward inside.

    • G4nst4Ch33se
      G4nst4Ch33se 1 year ago

      But all of the other guy's emotions are either anger, sadism, or friendly conversation

    • finsternis1986
      finsternis1986 1 year ago

      +G4nst4Ch33se Because he still has emotions. Peter Stormare's character is totally gone...

  • San Andreas
    San Andreas 2 years ago

    This is a true classic one of the most disturbing films I watched when I was younger lol

  • Zizi Mugen
    Zizi Mugen 2 years ago

    Just saw the movie. It wasn't bad. Just kind of meh.

    • gurbir sidhu
      gurbir sidhu 1 year ago

      +Zizi Mugen u high man!!!???
      its one of the best ever(but again ur opinion)

  • e16able
    e16able 2 years ago

    Love the series, Billy Bob Thornton is one hell of an actor. His sarcasm is super!

  • Faith Ella
    Faith Ella 2 years ago

    I loved this movie seen it like ten times

  • Saidif Mejia
    Saidif Mejia 2 years ago


  • bunny fish
    bunny fish 2 years ago

    One of my favorite films

  • legion
    legion 2 years ago


  • Sébastien S. Robert

    Great film, despicable trailer imho.

  • Equus 21-Aaron B.
    Equus 21-Aaron B. 2 years ago

    Incredible film....

  • diviz0r
    diviz0r 3 years ago

    wow ive only seen the tv show but this movie truely feels like the original. goof acting in the movie aswell as in the show. lol

    • Nicholas Alba
      Nicholas Alba 2 months ago

      ceren b. Lol it is though first season triumphs the movie easily. Lorne Malvo was a way better villain than carl and gaear. It's obviously subjective but 2nd season of Fargo had some of the best cinematography ever for a show or even compared to Fargo movie. Noah Hawley took the Coen Brothers original idea, and innovated on something way better.
      Season 2 > Season 1 > Movie

    • ceren b.
      ceren b. 2 months ago

      Nicholas Alba lol its not

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 2 years ago

      The film is the original the series came after the film

  • Laurence Patrick
    Laurence Patrick 3 years ago

    Watching an ad before an ad, hmmmm...

  • Langusto Schreiner
    Langusto Schreiner 3 years ago

    thanks for uploading!

  • Trevor wignall
    Trevor wignall 4 years ago

    @Thalia Urban R

    • MantasLithuania
      MantasLithuania 5 months ago

      I wаtсhеd Fargo full mоviе hеre https://twitter.com/2a55dc784498b77b5/status/822783738442436608 Fаrgo Official Trailer 1 Stеve Busсеmi МMoviе 1996 HD

  • thalia
    thalia 4 years ago

    wats this rated?

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