10 Shocking Facts About North Korea

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  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan 39 minutes ago

    damnit April 15th is my birthday

    JOHN JAMES HARPER 7 hours ago

    What a warped country , little fat boy should be shot

  • madasser Hussain
    madasser Hussain 15 hours ago

    north korea is probably the worst country in the world and the shittest

  • TMObora 122
    TMObora 122 1 day ago


  • Fenix
    Fenix 1 day ago

    It's too bad China won't do it's part to step up against the Kim regime. They are the only reason this fucked up country continue to exist. Without their protection, we would end them in one, swift blow.

  • Ivan Zhong
    Ivan Zhong 1 day ago

    He us eyes a peons extender

  • outta here
    outta here 2 days ago

    cheap holiday

  • Jadan Clemens
    Jadan Clemens 2 days ago

    Wouldn't it be funny if America are the brainwashed ones.

  • Mark Hart
    Mark Hart 3 days ago

    Please brewers sisters kill them before they have chance for U.S.

  • Mark Hart
    Mark Hart 3 days ago

    Koreans enjoy killing German Americans.

  • Mark Hart
    Mark Hart 3 days ago

    As Canadian I say reject any Korean you meet.

  • ech4949
    ech4949 3 days ago

    These facts are hardly "shocking" to anyone who has elementary knowledge about North Korea.

  • Anthony R. Quinones

    disgusting, paranoid leader, we should just drop an a-bomb , and ease the peoples suffering!! hopefully, someone would have the balls, to "TAKE THAT MOTHER "F" OUT!!

  • TurtyTheTurtle
    TurtyTheTurtle 3 days ago

    Once Kim Jong-Un dies South Korea's leader better get there first and take over.

  • Saima Arif
    Saima Arif 3 days ago

    It is Kim Jong-Un not Kim Jong-il

  • Help me get 1000 subs with no videos !

    North Korea, the modern day nazis

  • Chiranjit Hazarika
    Chiranjit Hazarika 3 days ago

    North Korea means hall country

  • angel perez
    angel perez 3 days ago

    fuck corea del norte

  • angel perez
    angel perez 3 days ago

    gordo sucio

  • Nomer De Villa
    Nomer De Villa 3 days ago

    Its so Ridiculous ..

  • Misha Rasic
    Misha Rasic 4 days ago


  • Jasin Abdulfattah
    Jasin Abdulfattah 4 days ago

    not even fries....

    haha go fuck urself

  • Nosheen Umer
    Nosheen Umer 5 days ago

    what the fuck north Korea is fucked up kill ther Leder

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 5 days ago

    Dennis Rodman says, "Albino Americans are faggots and thieves who need to return stolen America back to Native Americans. Albino Americans should just go back to their Neanderthal caves in Europe and continue fucking their mother whores and father pimps."

  • The Guru of Kang
    The Guru of Kang 6 days ago

    North Korean women aren't fat !!!

  • Shubham Shukla
    Shubham Shukla 6 days ago

    I think I'm lucky to be born in india

  • Tony63909
    Tony63909 6 days ago

    At 0:57, Kim is smiling while behind him is one of his submarines. What an ego maniac.

  • フプロフ Vpprof

    I'm against North Korean regime, but I'm sure the students don't have to pay for desk. Lol, whichever American invented this rubbish has probably never heard of socialism.

  • S H
    S H 7 days ago

    How can one person love so much power to do this shit to his own people. Tons of people in NK don't have money to feed themselves but still worship this fatass

  • Comrade Jack
    Comrade Jack 8 days ago

    North Korea is as socialist as Trump is humanist.

  • The Kawaii Potatos
    The Kawaii Potatos 8 days ago

    I am SOOO glad I'm american

  • Larry Lauderdale
    Larry Lauderdale 8 days ago

    fuck kimjong whatever the fuck his name is he need a U.N. or seal team bullet to the head just pure fucking evil

    RAGHUL ANAND 8 days ago

    idiotic rules

  • Vault Creeper
    Vault Creeper 9 days ago


  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 9 days ago

    28 haircuts to choose from.
    Thanks loads.
    What are you complaining about?
    ; )

  • VietnameseGirl98
    VietnameseGirl98 9 days ago

    Somebody, make The Interview reality.

  • Seanicus
    Seanicus 9 days ago

    hahahahah amerifats in comment section act tough when they cry for guns and eat burger all day. slap fat finger on keyboard for manbaby trump hahahah

    north korea strongest in world. best korea! south korea is poor stinkk starcraft manbabies. glorious north korea will correct evil imperialist capitalist with nuclear fire!

  • FreeWorld
    FreeWorld 10 days ago

    the new king is fat pig......☻

  • Marjorie Marjolino
    Marjorie Marjolino 10 days ago

    worst country on earth, indeed.

  • navid majeedi
    navid majeedi 10 days ago

    fuck u all. this is just propaganda. look to afghanistan, irak, libya, syrya, palastina! what they did with dose countris.

  • Toxic Ali
    Toxic Ali 10 days ago

    South Korea = FUN AND AWSOME
    North Korea = The defination of hell

  • Sophia Brown
    Sophia Brown 11 days ago

    What I don't understand is that the people there think everything is normal and fine

  • Niko Davis
    Niko Davis 11 days ago

    Let's get this straight North Korea isn't great... at all it's a poor country what makes them think that is the question. The United Nations are great

  • James Tan
    James Tan 12 days ago

    Wonder woman will kick his fat ass

  • Kiran Baloda Saha
    Kiran Baloda Saha 12 days ago

    Fatso...so so ugly

  • Babin Bullo
    Babin Bullo 12 days ago

    Fucking Place, fucking country...

  • lawrence fautua
    lawrence fautua 12 days ago

    Scary, Korean is going to kick your fucken ass. Scary again, can you get out of Korea so the world can live in peace

  • thejoan82
    thejoan82 13 days ago

    north Korea is legit the hunger games

  • Rachel Costello
    Rachel Costello 14 days ago

    watch wat you say In the commints you could end up acsadently hit by a car walking out of your house

  • Fesy
    Fesy 14 days ago

    North Korea sucks :((

  • mason kahl
    mason kahl 14 days ago

    so let me get this strait they can have weed but not coco pie THATS BULLSHIT

  • Hiep Nguyen
    Hiep Nguyen 15 days ago

    all they're lie..... Crying lie.....

  • DoesFireBurn?
    DoesFireBurn? 15 days ago

    and people say nazis where bad nuh uh

  • Hero Senpai
    Hero Senpai 15 days ago

    i"m so happy to be a filipino!

  • Nick Lamgamer
    Nick Lamgamer 16 days ago

    better stay away from it.

  • Elliot Björck
    Elliot Björck 17 days ago

    thanks gud that i live in sweden

  • Liu Kha Jan
    Liu Kha Jan 17 days ago

    I hope being fat in north Korea is illegail
    and I hope this comment is at top

  • bilal virani
    bilal virani 19 days ago

    this women sounds almost happy when she's talking about this

  • Gazebo
    Gazebo 19 days ago

    We need to do something about this

  • John Levy
    John Levy 19 days ago

    build farms not nukes, feed the children.

  • marius florian
    marius florian 19 days ago

    ignorant peopleignorant people- don't believe everything, human or sheep ?

  • Aslo
    Aslo 20 days ago

    no oil = no freedom for North Korea...

  • soviet eagle
    soviet eagle 20 days ago

    ♩our leader is a real dic ta tor♩

  • Ole Fella
    Ole Fella 20 days ago

    Uncle Sam is using N. Korea as a scapegoat to build up it's own arms race, by developing ICBM missile defense technology, (just as Strategic Defense Initiative in the 80's). Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for hidden truth.

    • Ole Fella
      Ole Fella 20 days ago

      Google 'Asians Pirates and Bears/China Daily' for God's honest truth.

  • Ole Fella
    Ole Fella 20 days ago

    Folks, Uncle Sam is using N. Korea as a scapegoat to build up it's own arms race, by developing ICBM missile defense technology, (just as Strategic Defense Initiative in the 80's). Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for hidden truth.

    • Ole Fella
      Ole Fella 20 days ago

      Google 'Asians Pirates and Bears/China Daily' for God's honest truth.

  • Dániel Deák
    Dániel Deák 20 days ago


  • stanly
    stanly 20 days ago

    If he's a brain washed,than he want another people to be brain washed as well. What a psychopath running this country.

  • Samim Malikzay
    Samim Malikzay 21 day ago

    How do these people know the things about North Korea or is this just for views and all.

  • Stephen Nicholas
    Stephen Nicholas 21 day ago

    I cannot believe these things, this has to be someone's sick idea of humour. If it was true Kim Jong Un would have been
    dealt with by now right.

  • Ning Ning Precious
    Ning Ning Precious 21 day ago

    I am blessed I was not born in korea I am a Filipina declared American Citizenship

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays 21 day ago

    Fun fact North Korea told its people they they landed a man on the sun during Night Time

  • Andrej Serafimovski
    Andrej Serafimovski 22 days ago

    F Korea

    • Orenji Jusu x
      Orenji Jusu x 19 days ago

      Andrej Serafimovski NORTH KOREA. Not South. South Korea gave us Kpop

  • Every sunday Tutorial video By Binit pun

    that means they are living in hell

  • Sonny Kane
    Sonny Kane 22 days ago

    what a fat fuck

  • Anqelaa Vanityy
    Anqelaa Vanityy 22 days ago


  • Mohd Firdaus
    Mohd Firdaus 23 days ago

    this is one of the countries i wont never ever visit or travel to. crazy!

  • Braden Meyerhoff
    Braden Meyerhoff 23 days ago

    April 15, 1912:
    Birth of Kim Il Sung
    Sinking of the Titanic


  • chumon1992
    chumon1992 23 days ago

    My birthday is April 15th....thats another weird thing associated with it....the titanic sunk on it, abraham lincolin died on it, tax day. Hoo boy....

  • John Roland Cedo
    John Roland Cedo 23 days ago


  • Galactipod
    Galactipod 24 days ago

    It's actually the year 106.

  • Pranali Jadhav
    Pranali Jadhav 24 days ago

    I always complain about how India is a narrow minded country and what not. Now I'm just so happy I wasn't born in Korea.

  • Bodhi Sharma
    Bodhi Sharma 24 days ago

    This guy should be awarded with dick of the year.

  • laksh mishra
    laksh mishra 24 days ago

    fat son of a bitch

  • Dragon Ball Super
    Dragon Ball Super 24 days ago

    That is the most fucked up country

  • Joel Raj
    Joel Raj 24 days ago

    Where would I find the proof for all the facts?

  • DutchGamesHD
    DutchGamesHD 25 days ago

    Just nuke the shit out of north korea

  • NightAngel _
    NightAngel _ 25 days ago

    Facts that I have:
    1. They starve yet worship a fat ass pig
    2. They're corrupted as hell
    3. They're brainwashed
    4. If you tour, they only want you to see what they want you to seek
    5. Many children do not know what is happening, which is why I'm never watching another documentary about North Korea ever again.
    6. It's shit
    7. It's fucked up

    Have fun

  • JordonGaming
    JordonGaming 25 days ago

    I liked when SK sent over Choco-Pies....I liked the video....

  • Naomi Fatu McCray
    Naomi Fatu McCray 25 days ago

    The worst country ever!

  • Andrew Dias
    Andrew Dias 26 days ago

    have any of you considered that THIS might be propaganda...?

  • Exotic Arci Gaming
    Exotic Arci Gaming 26 days ago

    It's 4 channels

  • Theonly
    Theonly 26 days ago

    Wait so you mean I'm in the future since it's only year 105 in NK?

  • Precious Oduh
    Precious Oduh 26 days ago

    wow....north Korea is a prison

  • Jowie
    Jowie 27 days ago

    Nk sucks

  • Radoslaw Kołodziejczyk

    It is bullshit man..

  • Nikka Sama
    Nikka Sama 27 days ago

    This county is basically Hell on Earth

  • Zoey Fen
    Zoey Fen 28 days ago

    in maybe 1000 years time.....all the North Koreans would be dead because they ate each other...

  • Joe Max
    Joe Max 28 days ago

    I thingk he is a creasyest leader on earth depriving evryone from their Rights has a human

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