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Author zoul26903 (2 months)
Of all her shows, I jerked off to this one the most back in the day. I had
multiple vhs copies.

Author thomas ridner (8 months)
some paintings; books; recordings etc, arte not thought that highly upon at
first glance; this particular "Getting Fi" show was notconsidered a a
"classic" Denise Austin show, say, ten years ago--other programs from the
same era "Huatulco, Mexico" overshadowed it--but today it stans as one of
the greats

Author Nonyer bidness (8 months)
I remember watching this as a young boy and getting a lump in my draws.
Didn't understand it but knew it was all good.

Author 1cavalryrod (2 years)
So much better in HD .

Author Lisa L (3 years)
workout not a sexy shop

Author simon238 (5 years)
Denise ( In my book) is the best Milf hands down.

Author Larry C Robbins (5 years)
Thanks once again,EOD! You are my hero! :)

Author Rockw61 (1 year)
yeah me too bro

Author Elliott J (2 years)
thighs of gold

Author ryanroks2004 (2 years)
i want to peel her like an orange

Author smokinpauly (1 year)
the only dislike with Denise is her blue eyes would indicate a pussy that
is a pink shade vs tamilee webb has brown eyes which would be a sexy brown
colored pussy and asshole. much more sexy

Author keto6789 (4 years)
i came!

Author malefiguremodel (5 years)
Denise is gorgeous... can you imagine being the guy that puts the lotion on
those legs... "Cut, lotion guy, she needs more lotion on those hot legs! If
she doesn't get you up.. you may need viagra.. lol...

Author adadsalleb (2 years)
jerked off to her literally hundreds of times!

Author edwin paz (2 years)
nice fitness bab

Author emily bryyson (1 year)
Hey denise..Im out of shape again.Put me on your show for 3 months so I can
work out w/you,then ppl can see that your work out really works! I use to
work out w/her & she got me in perfect shape in 3 months!This is how you do
it.If you can make it past the 1st week,you're good! I ate anything I
wanted while I was working out too! I like doing it at home in front of the
tv.Privacy & nobody looking at you & judging your body.I want my body back!
Stretching feels so GOOD! Whatcha say denise? HELP!!

Author hyperdog40 (4 years)
i bet her hubby cant get his tiny dick in that tight pussy

Author brwniez1 (2 years)
wow i remember this one from along time ago I recorded it on VHS... it was
one of my fav workouts

Author elvisworldwide (1 year)
I ate an ice cream sandwich while watching this. Man, am I tired.

Author MrSpudz123 (4 years)
OMG! She has sexy legs.

Author tsmakungfu (4 years)
I plan on using this video later this evening : )

Author Melville10 (5 years)
That one piece is hotter than the two pieces she has worn.

Author sqirtking (5 years)
Denise is the soft core porn queen of Youtube. More guys have released
their ejaculate watching Dennise than Pam Anderson. This episode has always
been one of my mastabotory main stokers since I vidio taped it way back
like over 10 yrs ago. I have one copy of this video with the dubed in audio
of the song " I be strokin' "

Author azraelandras2012 (4 years)
Could you imagine how empowered she felt? Knowing she had this killer ass
and all of the guys kissing up to her and desiring her? She knew she had
this power over men but her morals would keep her in check (Which is a good
thing and what makes her special) But she knew her fans knew how bad we
wanted her and would fantasize about her! So she wore these sexy outfits
for us because she wanted to please us too! Thank you Denise for knowing
this and being our "Goddess" Forever!!

Author puntthecam (5 years)
Love the HD, thanks much. Denise has her legs in such great shape. Her
toning sure works. This is a perfect body in a one piece that fits very
well. A gorgeous package of charm and beauty. Good camera work also, a very
nice job.

Author emily bryyson (1 year)
Thank you for the uploads.Merrys Christmas to me!! Now I have to go find
denises official channel.I wonder if she will help me? Thanks again & Happy

Author KNS1996DFS (5 years)
Denise is Viagra without a prescription.

Author 1ryanpayer (3 years)
i like it wen u wear ur 1piece swimsuit i love it

Author puntthecam (5 years)
Denise sure knows how to hold a guys attention. No ADD problem when
watching Denise strut her stuff. The shine on the legs is mesmorizing, what
nice thighs this lady has, perfect 10.

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