Windows 7 DreamScenes Wallpapers

A few Dreamscenes I was able to find and use. (Not created by me)


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Author bookcase828 (4 years)
@bacterialjordi Transit One - Black Ice (Club Mix)

Author 24kadiro24 (4 years)
it works simply on every pc.. u need to set wmp to play vids on
desktop-background, nothing else

Author quangluu96 (4 years)
when i reboot the text is transparnt WTF any fix?

Author bookcase828 (4 years)
@xxmetalarmsxx dreamscene[dot]org

Author ZYOmusic (2 years)
almost all of these wallpapers are awfully designed and totally over the top

Author MASTAX1234 (3 years)
im on an intel pentium dual core sandy bridge and i get no lag whatsoever

Author bookcase828 (4 years)
@wastefuldragon dreamscene[dot]org

Author Rich Brunker (5 years)
you're supposed to be able to right click on any video u download and
click set as desktop background, right? on my pc it doesn't give an option
to set to background. plz help. thnx

Author Watashi wa Toyota Honda desu (3 years)
hah, we got the same video card ;3

Author Rich Brunker (5 years)
ok guys my wallpapers freeze up after 3 seconds. what am i doin wrong?

Author Kyle Trevinor (5 years)
does it slows your computer when startup?

Author xtremus dev (4 years)
intel core i7 lagg O.o

Author xtremus dev (4 years)
@bookcase828 but the vid show its a bit laggy O.o

Author bacterialjordi (5 years)
nice video name music please 5 stars :)

Author IceSamurai Dono (5 years)
What is "RC"?

Author MrGlockling (3 years)
I have need for speed shift 2 unleashed as my background ;)

Author tyrone jacobs (5 years)
The site?

Author bookcase828 (4 years)
@shuffleharddance Thats the recorder software, i didn't set the fps high
enough. software error, not hardware.

Author (5 years)
great to see that dreamscene will work on Windows 7. Btw. for all searching
the videos used, you can find it on: dreamscene[dot]org .. its free ;)

Author THEMAGICOFNIC (5 years)
windows 7 "release candidate"

Author bookcase828 (4 years)
@shuffleharddance erm...not really. I have not had lag in years

Author xxmetalarmsxx (5 years)
where u get scenes plz tell me

Author THEMAGICOFNIC (5 years)
Depends how good your computer is?

Author Nave Keinan (5 years)
it work also on 32bit ?

Author Watashi wa Toyota Honda desu (2 years)
we have the same GPU :)

Author bookcase828 (4 years)
@MrSalue Transit One - Black Ice (Club Mix)

Author Silver Dz (2 years)
how you get those icons up there like Macs? I want that too because too
much files are blocking the animation. please help thank you.

Author Aswin Auditore (5 years)
im going to make an hd crysis dreamscene and im publishing it soon ! So
help me by subscribing me and also to get it ! I have done it and its on my
another pc and soon im going to upload it to internet ! you can expect it
soon ! So the more subscriber i get the more soon i will upload ! And you
can use it as a wallpaper ! So stay tuned guys !

Author bookcase828 (5 years)

Author Sergey Shevchik (5 years)
tell me what is that song? i'm amazed

Author Jesus Gonzalez (5 years)
i cant get it to work on Window 7 64 bit :(

Author Wastefuldragon (4 years)
love the left 4 dead scence had 7 for 6 months now an its awesome ultimate
edition 32 bit hav 64 bit version also but wait for new pc to put it on

Author Wastefuldragon (5 years)
where did you find the scenes

Author THEMAGICOFNIC (5 years)
Are you using the RC?

Author ZepZer1 (3 years)
Hey nice stuff man. But where do i get them? :)

Author Mark Mercader (4 years)
how'd you get your icons to look like vista?

Author Wastefuldragon (5 years)
give the link to the first scene

Author Rich Brunker (5 years)
I figured it out. You cant run cubedesktop and Dreamscene at the same time.

Author bookcase828 (4 years)
The DreamScenes here I got from: dreamscene[dot]org. The Bar at the top is
called "Rocket Dock" and is free from: rocketdock[dot]com. The song is:
Transit One - Black Ice (Club Mix)....And this video was made when Windows
7 was still in RC, not released to the public, yet.

Author THEMAGICOFNIC (5 years)
What format are your videos?

Author bookcase828 (4 years)
@berrouz1986 Transit One - Black Ice (Club Mix)

Author MrSalue (5 years)
thanks! but can u tell me the name of the song or does anyone know the name
of the song ??

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