Trump's Cruel Budget Breaks His Campaign Promises: A Closer Look

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • Seth takes a closer look at the release of President Trump's first full budget and mounting evidence that POTUS tried to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation.
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    Trump's Cruel Budget Breaks His Campaign Promises: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 10:40
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Comments: 3 251

  • :D
    :D 8 days ago

    He looks slightly less orange now than he used to

  • Andy Semite
    Andy Semite 11 days ago

    It's like the left have forgotten that obama was a failure

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 13 days ago

    Couldn't Ferrari sue them for using some of their intellectual property in the Trump U logo?

  • Trombonebone
    Trombonebone 14 days ago

    Republicans, screwing over the poor? No way!

  • XXtoby233 never
    XXtoby233 never 16 days ago

    we knew this was gonne happen, right?

  • Joe  S
    Joe S 17 days ago

    Just accept you lost. She isn't that great. At all.

  • Maya Long
    Maya Long 18 days ago

    Dumb trump got too many enemy, he can't fight them all...
    You need to go ... dumb ass bring your offspring with the grave.

  • WTF Redux
    WTF Redux 19 days ago

    Johnn Snobelen, a conservative cabinet minister in Ontario (Canada) was filmed arguing that the government needed to "bankrupt" and to create a "useful crisis" to initiate significant reforms. When the video was released he was forced to resign. That's the conservative playbook - slash taxes, do nothing on spending, to create a budget crisis. Then use the 'crisis' to push for eliminating as much social spending as possible.

  • Todd Taliaferro
    Todd Taliaferro 19 days ago

    *"Collusion and corruption of the highest order." That pretty well sums up Trump's presidency.*

  • TwippyTwilight
    TwippyTwilight 20 days ago

    Trump Chumps don't care if trump is a good president or not, Trump was elected because of spite from the right. Trump could destroy the USA as we know it and the republican voters who have the mentality of a 5-10 year old would be laughing...

  • Piat Piat
    Piat Piat 20 days ago

    stop cutting me off Internet

  • Piat Piat
    Piat Piat 20 days ago

    I m sure you'll see

  • Piat Piat
    Piat Piat 20 days ago

    I do not intend to offend ,we're on the same side.

  • Piat Piat
    Piat Piat 20 days ago

    and they should be held accountable,for spreading bullshit and lies.

  • Piat Piat
    Piat Piat 20 days ago

    Amen astreaveltos I totally agree Trump is tre stupeed

  • Giondi
    Giondi 21 day ago

    He didn't make an error, they're using alternative math.

  • Aidan Taylor
    Aidan Taylor 22 days ago

    OMFG carbon This work sounds like deeuly nicemargin . .

  • jcubed70
    jcubed70 22 days ago

    Stay bet for you.

  • Matthew adams
    Matthew adams 22 days ago

    God damn it Seth Meyers I wanted to think that you were the third world country of late night comedians. but two months into watching all of your YouTube post and laughing my ass off there's just one thing I can say. "I can't quit you".

  • Evelyn Petroski
    Evelyn Petroski 22 days ago

    Himself should take the old saying to heart "better to keep mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open mouth and remove all doubt"

  • Carnell Douglas
    Carnell Douglas 22 days ago

    😂😂 that's a twilight moment😣😣😣 sad

  • Sierra Jones
    Sierra Jones 22 days ago

    Seths Closer Looks are as brilliantly savage as Stephen Colbert. Love these guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 23 days ago

    anyone who buys into this jew bit@hes crap is a moron...and by the looks of things, they is a bunch of morons

  • Adi Adrian
    Adi Adrian 24 days ago

    Damn right, take from the poor and give to the rich.......wait

  • Marcouche Colapellouche

    I made him an offer I don't understand

  • Brieuc T
    Brieuc T 24 days ago

    It feels so good to live in France while you have this stupid president. Good luck, only 3 years and 8 months left. Hope the US won't be too damaged after his presidency.

  • straycatdying
    straycatdying 25 days ago

    A millionaire helping millionaires keeping there money. Never so that coming 🙄 same with Trump doing the opposite he said

  • PrincessofErised
    PrincessofErised 26 days ago

    Thank you. For making these dark days bearable.

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 26 days ago

    "And the world is laughing about us. They're laughing at the stupidity of our president." Having just returned from being abroad in Scotland and traversing Europe, I can safely say that on their part this statement is true and has been true--for just the past four months anyway.

  • Tereza Jezkova
    Tereza Jezkova 26 days ago

    Seth is the BEST!!!

  • Vincent Ng
    Vincent Ng 27 days ago

    "And the world is laughing... at us, they are laughing at the stupidity of our president..."
    So epic!

  • Desert Hot Things
    Desert Hot Things 27 days ago

    I saw an ad for that movie that's coming out about autonomous cars and it actually looks really good.

    I guess Herbie the Love Bug gets the hots for Christine (the killer Plymouth Fury). Christine manipulates his blind devotion and seduces Herbie into joining her in a series of thrill kills of mostly random people. R2D2 plays the detective trying to solve the murders. It's cool someone gave him a role outside the Star Wars franchise because I know R2 has wanted that opportunity for a really long time. I haven't seen it yet but I really hope he does a great job.

  • Taylor Olsen
    Taylor Olsen 27 days ago

    I guess as a poor woman with a disability (so obviously many health problems) I'll just have to die. 😂

  • Delightful Douschebaggery

    Hello liberal sicko's! You can all watch this hack and pretend your right.
    You are so mistaken.

  • mikeysix3
    mikeysix3 27 days ago

    Nobody watches late night tv anymore its all about politics politics politics

  • llennon73
    llennon73 27 days ago

    they allllll break their campaign promises...what are ya new

  • Nick Crisler
    Nick Crisler 27 days ago

    How do people think this guy is funny?

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 28 days ago

    I love the budget that's why I voted trump

    MAXXHEW 28 days ago

    You liberal sheep should be glad IF he tried to obstruct justice.  Most of the info you believe is agenda driven fakenews, nothing but smoke and mirrors... watch what happens when the real undistorted truth comes out.  Be careful what you wish for you dumbs

  • Axel's DDO Channel
    Axel's DDO Channel 28 days ago

    Why has every late night talk show turned into the Colbert Report and the Daily Show? I used to watch late night shows to get away from all this crap. It's sad that EVERYTHING has to be about politics on TV these days. I miss Leno, Craig Ferguson and even Letterman.

  • Merl Ball
    Merl Ball 28 days ago

    Why is every anti-Conservative, anti-Republican, and anti-Christian video made by a major media organization posted to trending immediately without earning it, yet conservative, Republican, and Christian videos that have to earn their views without "trending" are never posted to trending, no matter how many views they get? It's almost as if there's an intent to manipulate and control narratives here.

  • Mike Burger
    Mike Burger 28 days ago

    Thank God for Trump ! take ALL their "benefits" away ! you don't work, you don't eat !!

  • K 1
    K 1 28 days ago

    Liberals should suck shotguns

    TheMRAKALYPTOS 28 days ago

    democracy with stupid people is scary

  • MrRichDavid
    MrRichDavid 28 days ago

    trump is a schizoid mental long? must we endure this mess!

  • Eugene L
    Eugene L 28 days ago

    flat but replace with falt

  • Eugene L
    Eugene L 28 days ago

    trump is cutting food stamps for people who can work. there work out but
    not high paying jobs my are making it on the wages we get and we don't
    own nobody money and we got off foods with 5 months so I believe other
    Family's out there can do it to but if you owe for credit cards and banks now that is your flat I seen what was coming so I took care of we owe and
    and that how my family's is making it on my and wife wages

  • Miche.
    Miche. 29 days ago

    this is not even funny anymore i feel like crying my parents are going to suffer so much

  • مرتضى عيد
    مرتضى عيد 29 days ago

  • P.S My Grammar Sucks

    Will USA be Greece 2.0???So far it seems that way.

  • Sol Hexa
    Sol Hexa 29 days ago

    can we Nuke ourselves?

  • Savagelifeb-roc gaming

    All to build a wall better wake up

  • Andy Manning
    Andy Manning 29 days ago

    It`s a wrecking ball budget otherwords, cream off as much tax cuts for the wealthy-himself and his family included-and build up as many business contacts in the States and beyond, before he is out off office before Christmas..This builds up his business/contact portfolio and secures his own pension fund.I`m assuming even he is not that stupid to recognise he`ll not last the full four years,also hence ,building a political `war chest` for his second term,knowing it`ll never happen.Where will those campaign funds go?GOP SHOULD be looking into that case..

  • TheLumberjack1987
    TheLumberjack1987 29 days ago

    I´m not going to lie, every single one of his supporters who are middle class or poorer deserve this and more

  • Barack H Obama
    Barack H Obama 29 days ago

    those clips should be used in a political ad

  • TheCrook
    TheCrook 29 days ago

    Seth's children would starve if Trump wasn't president, go back to The View lmao

    • TheCrook
      TheCrook 25 days ago

      Top 30 videos, 22 are Trump. Top 60 videos, 50 are Trump.

    • The Phenomenal Demon
      The Phenomenal Demon 26 days ago

      Hey. I'm back. Out of his top 5 most popular, only 2 related to Trump so..............

    • TheCrook
      TheCrook 26 days ago

      go to Seth's youtube channel, go to videos, sort by popularity, then come find me in a week when you hit one without one involving Trump

    • The Phenomenal Demon
      The Phenomenal Demon 27 days ago

      how would they starve? Seth is worth $12 million. What did his children do when Obama was president? They still ate

  • CrazyLegsMcGee
    CrazyLegsMcGee 29 days ago

    Trump supporters can deny the news all they want. Being stubborn and ignorant won't help you when your aid gets cut lol. #Can'tRunFromFacts

  • Burner2k3 TFW
    Burner2k3 TFW 29 days ago

    What the fucking hell did you americans expected? Why should your gouverment pay for social security, when they can spend even mor money in to "defence"?

  • andre maraoui
    andre maraoui 29 days ago

    There is no evidence of collusion with Russia. No real evidence

    • andre maraoui
      andre maraoui 29 days ago

      Catfactory the first words of this video are "the evidence continues to mount" this is FAKE NEWS

    • Catfactory
      Catfactory 29 days ago

      We'll let the various investigations determine that. There's no point to saying "there's no evidence" before all the subpoenas have been issued and testimony heard.

  • Gary Witherspoon
    Gary Witherspoon 29 days ago

    And for this.... hang the Republicans first

  • Michael Pesavento
    Michael Pesavento 29 days ago

    Hi,it's time for the Pitchforks and Tourches!Eat the Rich!Thanks

  • Hafsa M
    Hafsa M 29 days ago

    Lol at Cellino and Barnes! I thought they were only known in western new york

  • Radical Nation
    Radical Nation 29 days ago

    And what are all these cuts for again? What a farce, he's literally enriching himself and impoverishing his own voters.

  • Angel of Art a.k.a. Artwear Couturier

    "That's Numberwang!"

  • Gwyn taggart234
    Gwyn taggart234 29 days ago

    Let's get the hashtag starting #iRegretVotingForTrump like this to make it big 😂😂

  • Rebekah Wiles
    Rebekah Wiles 29 days ago

    It's so sad that it's funny 😂

  • Dontasme Eydidnudoit

    It must of been hard for the Pope to standing next to the most evil person on earth.

    FFTVII 29 days ago

    When the government lies to us - its politics, but if we lie to the government - its a felony... #smh

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 29 days ago

    More Jewish Controlled Media!

  • Derp Derpus
    Derp Derpus 29 days ago

    The "reverse of Robin Hood" is the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    So Donald Trump is President-Sheriff of Nottingham.

  • bubba buckwheat
    bubba buckwheat 1 month ago

    The liberal commie agenda is what is cruel. Just keep pushing your "progressive filth" and in the end you will witness unbelievable cruelty. The "elites" won't be playing by the same rules they want to enforce on you. This goes for the fucking morons on the right as well.

  • NeoBladeSC2
    NeoBladeSC2 1 month ago

    "And the world is laughing at us ..."

    So true, Donald, so true.

  • Ken Schneider
    Ken Schneider 1 month ago

    seth you are a pathetic comedian that has gotten way too political. you suck

    • Catfactory
      Catfactory 29 days ago

      Tell that to his record audiences

  • kyung0215
    kyung0215 1 month ago

    Oh my goodness that last sentence just killed me! Yep some folks in south korea are laughing at the stupidity of him, sir.

  • Masht Ali
    Masht Ali 1 month ago

    wow...2.3 million views in 5 days !!

  • Carlos Pellecier Jr
    Carlos Pellecier Jr 1 month ago


  • Chris Reppond
    Chris Reppond 1 month ago

    the election is over ok iam sorry hillrey didn't win get over it cry baby

  • Eugene L
    Eugene L 1 month ago

    the government is wasting you tax dollar trying to connect trump to Russia which I prove them wrong

  • Fastidious Curious
    Fastidious Curious 1 month ago

    cutting Medicaid? how do you take nothing from nothing?

  • Evan747
    Evan747 1 month ago


  • Charles Tonirownov
    Charles Tonirownov 1 month ago

    I do not trust the mainstream media. If CNN wants me to believe what it says, then let the national intelligence guys come on and say that on TV. It is a lot more credible to hear from the horse’s mouth.

  • Elizabeth Njanji
    Elizabeth Njanji 1 month ago

    USA has a Mass shooting everyday. That is one person killing 3 or more people day. lt cld be a flat earth inbred shooting his kid and wife then shooting himself. For example, an unskilled Trump supporter unwilling to learn new viable skills with all his above benefits taken away is gonna do every single day!!!

  • Thompson BMX
    Thompson BMX 1 month ago

    These cuts will cause much death in America. Our enemies are killing us without even firing​ a shot.

  • andra popa
    andra popa 1 month ago

    The idea of killing him is still on the table, folks. Just think about it. We have people to replace him, it's gonna be ok.

  • Shamwow _
    Shamwow _ 1 month ago

    I don't understand why Trump supporters keep calling things "fake news" when most of the news is just directly streaming interviews and citing direct quotations from people like the POTUS? Or how climate change is backed up by scientific evidence? Like what do they think is fake about it? Oh right, they don't believe in facts..

  • alice brown
    alice brown 1 month ago

    So, you Christians, did Jesus say, "Kill as many of the poor as you can. Enrich the rich with your tax breaks."? Survival of the fittest is the rule, not the 'Golden Rule'.

  • Ronnie Mead
    Ronnie Mead 1 month ago

    yet his wife is wearing $51,000 coat.

    • Ronnie Mead
      Ronnie Mead 1 month ago

      I mean jacket, not even a coat, which could be worn for a couple years.

  • ozzrob
    ozzrob 1 month ago

    Sadly Trump voters who will be the greatest victims of this attack on human life, but those same people, that are now his vitims, are also likely to double down and support him even more fervently. Death to all Trump voters may not be a chant of the majority of Americans who voted against him, but Trump's own policy to end the people who voted for him "You voted me in, now you pay the price"

  • PowerOfTheMirror
    PowerOfTheMirror 1 month ago

    Right now is a period of normalizing insanity. So what follows? Consequences. Ready your "I told you so".

  • Gregor Meisen
    Gregor Meisen 1 month ago

    Dear Americans, please stop driving your society apart even further! This is not the time for snarky or salty comments towards those who voted differently than you. If you realize something is going very wrong in your country, you need to stand together instead of moving further apart. If you let emotions dictate your political discourse, you won't change a thing. Please, start building bridges instead of tearing them down. Reach out instead of shutting your eyes. United we stand, divided we fall!

  • micger
    micger 1 month ago

    You've forgotten tiffany!!!

  • Danny Brophy
    Danny Brophy 1 month ago

    Wow electing a billionaire to be President who's only interest is himself and making rich people richer. who'd have thought that?
    not non college whites 18-35 because their thought have been given to them by yes you've guessed it...the GOP

  • jackel142
    jackel142 1 month ago

    USA is "great" again, now that there's a white male in the white house.. feel it?

  • Tripping Pug
    Tripping Pug 1 month ago

    Seth Meyers is kind of a boring comic, but I like the facts they put in these segments. Leaves me feeling more knowledgeable about the world.

  • SuperNicaChica
    SuperNicaChica 1 month ago

    Mick Mulvaney is an AH! He calls helping the poor theft because it requires taxing the rich. But he fails to understand how these people got rich to begin with...they got it from the rest of us! If they are billionaires, it is because they are charging the rest of us TOO MUCH for their products and services!!! THAT is the REAL THEFT!!!

  • Lamehuman 420
    Lamehuman 420 1 month ago

    so.... trumps taking away peoples food stamps so that he can give rich people tax cuts? That is the most evil thing I have ever heard, it doesn't even make sense that this is real

  • Gisa W Slonim
    Gisa W Slonim 1 month ago

    Melania looks exactly like a Sicilian widow who has come to the Mafia boss asking him to do something about killing her husband's murderers. I have never seen a sillier head covering than hers. As for Ivanka...did she get a dispensation from her usual bending-over backwards rabbi (who allows her to desecrate the Sabbath for "reasons of State") to visit the head of the Catholic church, when she claims to be an orthodox Jew? What a family!

  • BlackGirlFly
    BlackGirlFly 1 month ago

    Those jokes were not very good..

  • Scud Carcrash
    Scud Carcrash 1 month ago

    So, logical people, still possibly a majority in this country, not by much, logical people think: how do the Republicans continue to have a support base that debases the poor, the sick, and all-around average American? Answer: Jesus and guns and screw that negro prez-i-dent!! Something in me hopes that these morons all get starved and left medically inept to an early grave so the Republicans no longer have such a large support.

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