New Chinese gladiator robot to challenge the US' 'Megabot'

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  • Chinese inventors have created a $14 million fighting robot called "The Monkey King". This is the third "gladiator" robot to be revealed, after the US and Japan unveiled their models.

    The team has officially challenged the US' "MK III Megabot" to a duel, but will have to wait until after an announced fight between the US and Japan's Kuratas. Both creators are touting the duel as "the world's first public giant robot fight" and hope to make it a worldwide phenomenon.

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  • Patrick Wei
    Patrick Wei 10 hours ago

    Justin Trudeau if ur of there plz no join thx

  • Patrick Wei
    Patrick Wei 10 hours ago

    the "monkey king" is not a random name its a famous Chinese legend about well basically the monkey king. the monkey king also actually wields a staff. did anyone catch that?

  • Mustang_Chick
    Mustang_Chick 13 hours ago

    Exactly what is the process for "formally" challenging one robot to fight another? Registered mail? Are there forms to fill out?

  • *put name here *
    *put name here * 13 hours ago

    transformers is getting too real

  • Souper Model
    Souper Model 1 day ago

    Oh that's why China likes Transformers so much

  • Christopher Knorr
    Christopher Knorr 4 days ago

    Monkey King looks like a joke, they've got a long way to go if they even want a chance against MK. III.

  • cholericHematologist

    Can't wait to see what Russia comes up with .
    On a related note, who thinks that the EU will make its own mech, or will the EU countries make their mechs separately.

  • PFCthomas Blackhawk

    Don't be cheap
    use a narrator!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ariel Wollinger
    Ariel Wollinger 5 days ago

    They are all shitty. 14 million for that sluggish POS?

    CHICKEN BOY 6 days ago

    monkey king shouldn't it be called MEGATR.. i'll stop now😛

  • Fauzan Raif Dhiaurrahman

    Probably fake cause its made in china

  • Isidro Orta
    Isidro Orta 7 days ago

    Mk2 it's a joke

  • That Walking Guy
    That Walking Guy 7 days ago

    Its slow

  • Nestmind
    Nestmind 9 days ago

    NOw we have a usa team, a japanese and a chinese one...a league is starting to form here

    FRIED NEKO 11 days ago

    No doubt the japanese one will win this, that shit look dope.

  • Scratch Blaze
    Scratch Blaze 11 days ago

    pacific rim just got real

  • Anthony Crupi
    Anthony Crupi 11 days ago

    america seems to be slightly behind. only a couple of years tho

    but no one needs details. 'murica :)

  • Kevin Huang
    Kevin Huang 11 days ago

    Pacific Rim in real life.

  • jeff clark
    jeff clark 12 days ago

    made in china... 2 months to build?? 2 mins. to beat. lol

  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren 12 days ago

    Fights a snail in the 1/4 mile, loses. lol

  • Sean Warren
    Sean Warren 12 days ago

    If by "fighting", you mean "fighting poverty with excessive spending", I may buy what your selling.

  • Piston Mines
    Piston Mines 12 days ago

    We need liberty prime to fight this (from fallout 3 and 4)

  • D. Va
    D. Va 13 days ago

    "Holds a binocular and looks at Japanese's robot"

    sees: "G U N D A M" written on robot

    GG WP

  • くたばれクソタレ


  • McHighCommand *
    McHighCommand * 14 days ago

    I'm sorry to say but the metal on it looks fake and brittle, Smh China ...

  • jose garay
    jose garay 15 days ago

    Yeah..a bit slow, provably runs Android.

  • giancarlo maisto
    giancarlo maisto 15 days ago

    so what are we just going to wait until we have like 8 mechs from around the word to fight in one mech tournament

  • Fishhunter2014
    Fishhunter2014 15 days ago

    Not exactly fair that China gets to dump 14 million into their mech when the Americans used a fraction of that amount. Not sure about the Japanese mech but I'm sure they couldn't come up with that kind of funds either.

  • The Ithuriel
    The Ithuriel 15 days ago

    The MK III doesn't have any guns, same as with kuratas in the battle, it'll be melee combat..

    IMMORTAL GLASS 15 days ago

    LEGEND SAY (MONKEY KING IS BROKEN) had a disease called (MADE IN CHINA) 😂😂

  • Whisper Playz
    Whisper Playz 16 days ago

    take note monkey king is made in china ;)

  • Bro Imperfect
    Bro Imperfect 16 days ago

    they put a decepticon label on it.

  • coolboy12133
    coolboy12133 16 days ago

    Titanfall detected!!!

  • Alfie Pitogo
    Alfie Pitogo 16 days ago

    Bring it on!!!

    ROTO SCOPIC 16 days ago

    So I really can ride one into battle?

  • Bob Da Builder
    Bob Da Builder 16 days ago

    Stand by for titanfall

  • Gory Guy of Glory
    Gory Guy of Glory 16 days ago

    "It's called the Monkey King."
    I'm sure it's a lot more threatening in Chinese...

  • hoopsman GAMING
    hoopsman GAMING 16 days ago

    This is how you know, Chinese people play way too much video games.

  • OmegaV2
    OmegaV2 17 days ago

    this monkey king hopefully wont go on a journey to the west

  • The first of the Guin kind. #Merguin

    Wait Japanese and now the Chinese too

  • Big Josh
    Big Josh 17 days ago

    Where's Optimus Prime when you need him

  • Niko Heikkinen
    Niko Heikkinen 17 days ago

    they are so slow xd

  • Jø jø Kun
    Jø jø Kun 17 days ago

    They are seriously poor but they can build this shit OH MY GOD

  • victors testikler klør

    worldwide tournament with mech that would be awesome

  • Kevin Wu
    Kevin Wu 17 days ago

    News flash, we got tanks! And loads of them.

  • JohnathunPlays
    JohnathunPlays 17 days ago

    *U.S sees this*
    President: nuke it.

  • Gaming XP
    Gaming XP 17 days ago

    finnaly a updatet

  • kyle tran
    kyle tran 17 days ago

    it shit,its to slow to fight

  • Jerry Zuniga
    Jerry Zuniga 17 days ago

    No not BO3 or infinite just go back to humans like ww2

  • NoBot617
    NoBot617 17 days ago

    I mean it looks like all of them could be taken out with a single well placed shot from a tank.

    • phoenix eye
      phoenix eye 14 days ago

      NoBot617 aye, tanks are more sturdy, mobile and have better weapons, but tanks don't look as cool and can't lift cars (to look cool)

  • Squirrelly McNuttersen

    It's a P.E.K.K.A.

  • MahalaLife
    MahalaLife 17 days ago

    holy fuck the inside is nice.

  • Arnas Sad
    Arnas Sad 17 days ago

    why does it have a head tho?

  • DankSpicey Memes
    DankSpicey Memes 17 days ago


  • Samuel Berry
    Samuel Berry 18 days ago

    There's looks so much cooler than ours

  • -T-X-M-
    -T-X-M- 19 days ago

    Then Russia builds a 20 meter monster with a 152mm howitzer

  • ouro
    ouro 19 days ago

    I don't think the US robot will win against Japan or China. It was made by hobbyists in a junkyard, basically. Not sure about China's, but Japan's was built by an actual company.

  • meiko kaji
    meiko kaji 19 days ago

    애들 장난질수준 씨박~~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Stephen Kramer
    Stephen Kramer 20 days ago

    How are these things going to fight exactly? What are the specs, the rules?

  • Kingly00100
    Kingly00100 20 days ago

    Dang Japan made a mobile suite from gundam.

  • Nobody in Particular

    Oh please. Do you see how slow that Chinese bot is? It's ass would get whooped before it can make its first attack.

  • Undead Will
    Undead Will 20 days ago

    Did they ignore that no guns are being used in this battle?

    And if it was the US would win, we have some of the best gun makers in the world where has China copied its design and so did japan and the last guns made by Japan in WW2 were some of the worst in history.

  • Miguel Sunga
    Miguel Sunga 20 days ago

    Gundam fight!



  • Lee Studley
    Lee Studley 21 day ago

    I'm sorta liken the Japanese one!

  • Robo LOL
    Robo LOL 22 days ago

    I would not want to be inside that mech for a battle... specially considering they'll be wielding heavy cannons.

  • American Berserker
    American Berserker 22 days ago

    what glue is China using to hold that bit togeather?

  • Spiderkillers, Inc
    Spiderkillers, Inc 23 days ago

    Great. Now we must wait for Russia to get involved.

  • James D.
    James D. 24 days ago

    Autobots roll out

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 24 days ago

    So that's how G-Gundam got started...

  • xXAlonIntheDarkXx
    xXAlonIntheDarkXx 25 days ago

    There's just been an update, the new and enhanced MK. III will fight Japan's robot, not the previous gen. MK II.

  • deathbunny
    deathbunny 25 days ago

    rip monkey king

  • Malakie Usn
    Malakie Usn 25 days ago

    If this is the China entry, no worries.. It will not have a chance against the USA bot

    JARED 25 days ago

    Word has it that North Korea is keen on joining this

  • Ash HMS
    Ash HMS 26 days ago

    Russia, Australia and Germany your move

  • ilock345
    ilock345 27 days ago

    *Robot*: _goes to throw punch_
    ......5 minutes later

  • Dante Freeman
    Dante Freeman 27 days ago

    curious, if the Kuratas wins the battle, does that mean the monkey king would fight Japan instead, or is the challenge simple for America win-or-lose?

  • Jaymoney thesayian
    Jaymoney thesayian 28 days ago

    gundam anyone?

  • ryan jones
    ryan jones 29 days ago

    these mechs should be on the next armored core game

  • D-Days
    D-Days 29 days ago

    moves really slow though

  • Mark Wong
    Mark Wong 1 month ago


  • yoongi trashuu
    yoongi trashuu 1 month ago

    Pacific rim ?

  • PSZPlays115 .935
    PSZPlays115 .935 1 month ago

    This is obviously fake, and if it is a "Robot" then why does it require a human for usage? That is a mech.

  • BlackCat 3041
    BlackCat 3041 1 month ago

    Did you know I fucking hate China?

  • Dindo Russetine San Antonio

    perfect for the megabots vs kuratas battle
    Could be a 1 v 1 v 1

  • Hello Its Me
    Hello Its Me 1 month ago

    America has one
    Japan has one
    Chineese Has one

    we'll wait Russia
    for an all out mech war

  • Faizal 1234
    Faizal 1234 1 month ago


  • Dr. Becker
    Dr. Becker 1 month ago

    Holy crap that thing looks so cheaply built, how the hell is that thing worth 14 million? It would actually be shameful for America to challenge this thing because compared to the MK III it would be like a bodybuilder pushing a cripple in a wheelchair down a large flight of steps.

    • GameSpender
      GameSpender 22 days ago

      dude it lifted a car
      its not flashy but works..

      not to mention it's only mk 2

  • BadwolfGamer
    BadwolfGamer 1 month ago

    Now we need a British Megabot.

  • crashinator1
    crashinator1 1 month ago

    It's actually criminal that a real life mecha fight is about to go down and nobody cares. I don't care about the president I care about robots

  • Mike Bennett
    Mike Bennett 1 month ago

    lol Megabot would destroy Gladiator, but Kuratas is the real challenge. So fast moving, Could prolly easily avoid sluggish Megabot. Will be interesting to see the scoring guide on these duels.

    • A Artisan
      A Artisan 22 days ago

      actually considering the gladiator was designed around using melee weapons like swords and spears. it may have the advantage as long as it doesn't get too close.

  • jker the
    jker the 1 month ago

    chinese ? i thoght it from japan ?

  • Sergeant Methcake
    Sergeant Methcake 1 month ago

    Thing is, china wasn't invited.

  • LoVeRSaMa
    LoVeRSaMa 1 month ago

    "only took about 2 months to build"

    ..Yeah looks that way too, this thing would get crumpled :/

  • DocWolph
    DocWolph 1 month ago

    Megabot looks like a serious effort to make a first Generation Battlemech. This is only the beginning although military application will be slow coming.

    The Karuta looks to be some notion of building a real life anime mech. I expect the competition mech will be much more serious.

    South Korea has a serious bipedal mech that is not really in competition but you can see where that one is going. The thing looks like an AMP suit from Avatar and just needs a good self contained power supply or generator.

    The Chinese "Monkey King" is some shoddy kinetic sculpture. If their "Gladiator" Mech is a serious effort, that would be neat to see.

    Mr.LONEY 27GONNER 1 month ago

    got to give it to the us

    Mr.LONEY 27GONNER 1 month ago

    it'll break. made in china

  • Shix Lo The Crusader

    My country finally made a Gladiatorial robot

  • Jaylin SK8
    Jaylin SK8 1 month ago


    U REPLY U LOSE 1 month ago

    Looks crap, one punch from it's competitor and it would break.

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