MassChaos All GM Server WoW (Reborn as Paradox WoW)

MassChaos Is Offline.

Music in the start: Pirates of the caribbean House/Electro Mix
Server reborn as Paradox WoW.


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Author rico malfliet ( ago)
i can't even log in when i launch the launcher it says that i got no real
battle net account

Author DevilDance2131 ( ago)
Why i'm bannated ??!!

Author Luiz ( ago)
paradoxwowdotcom Masschaos is reborn as paradox! with all the admins and
custom items! we miss you guys!

Author philip nilsson (930 years ago)
i just get blocked from webb

Author zach lewis ( ago)
love this server but need more people online

Author Francisco Pacheco ( ago)
RIP trolol guy :'(

Author Anton Bolle ( ago)
came for the server, stayed for the music.

Author Andy Howard ( ago)
thanks, been trying to find that /watch?v=ksDOIIv5HeQ

Author Huntix ( ago)
Pirates of the caribbean House/Electro Mix

Author Andy Howard ( ago)
whats the name of the song at the start? I would like to get that remix of
"He's a Pirate"

Author coltmafia2 ( ago)
to play on this server you have to have version 3.3.5 (thats what i used)
and make a account and set the realmlist THEN HAVE FUN

Author icohp ( ago)
you need 3.3.5a or 3.3.5 i'm not sure

Author icohp ( ago)
nope it's not

Author Huntix ( ago)
@TheInfectedFetus Looks like the server is reborn as "Paradox WoW". Check
it out.

Author The Infected Fetus ( ago)
Hey xxxHuntxxx :D :D will you get the server back online ? o.O :)

Author sarkasmt2 ( ago)
no !

Author Itsuka Aedric ( ago)
Is it up?

Author Alrohn ( ago)
Tast meh Eggs

Author Andy Howard ( ago)
he's a remix of "He's a Pirate" from PoTC

Author oBringMeTheDiscoCake ( ago)
@dannyboi1109 Lol i totally know him

Author Tor Olav Andersen ( ago)

Author Tor Olav Andersen ( ago)
it doesnt semm like it...

Author Tor Olav Andersen ( ago)
are it back?

Author WoM Developer ( ago)

Author Tor Olav Andersen ( ago)
ahhh i was 4 votes away from being voter :(

Author MythicksVenom ( ago)
Its being shut down ;( read the forums

Author WoM Developer (1704 years ago)
ALso Also The REalmlist And Domain Is Back

Author WoM Developer ( ago)
Boy Dont Make Me Come OTher There And Kick Your Ass

Author WoM Developer ( ago)
Also Alternative Is Not The Owner Anymore And idk What Happened To Spirit
But ChaosChief is The Owner Now And Alt Is The Co-Owner

Author WoM Developer ( ago)
@Aryadei Ash No1 cares If You Love Nega P.S. I THink You Can tell Who it Is
From My Writing Style

Author Toxic ( ago)
@XXXHuntixXXX Is Masschaos down now again? Cus for me it just stands
connecting then "Unable to connect to the server"

Author Lollypopslik ( ago)
What the first song*?

Author Lollypopslik ( ago)
whats the song?

Author phongphak srichok ( ago)
Name one owner of MassChaos: For protection against spam, Answer the above

Author gorden23 ( ago)
Yeah.. our server kicks ass... more ass than any other.

Author Samantha Foley ( ago)
I love NegativeZero. -Ash

Author gorden23 ( ago)
Thumbs up if you found our server through this video! -Cryptwatcher

Author Vlad Ilie ( ago)
its actualy works!!!

Author WoWBlackgold ( ago)
I changed me realmlist but cant connect?

Author swizecheeze ( ago)
@DanNaranca No you can play. You just change the realmlist.

Author swizecheeze (972 years ago)
@DanNaranca There is no launcher :I

Author MrMinecraftdude4 ( ago)
is this all gm?

Author yokingdom ( ago)
mmmm every time i login it sed d/c from server lol idk y but that just
keeps happening to me

Author Imaf4gg1t (2000 years ago)
I cant get 3.3.5? )=

Author NeooNo1 ( ago)
@XXXHuntixXXX btw it is written all GM serer, that need to mean that all
members need to be GM !!!!

Author Death's Maw ( ago)
@XXXHuntixXXX HOLY SHIT! Good to know! I played this server FOR EVER! And i
was devastated when it went down :(((((((( I LOVE MASSCHAOS!!!

Author Michael Millsap ( ago)
visit godlywow(dot)dyndns-ip(dot)com to play some instant 80 pvp or high
rates level 1-82, were looking for more players to fill up the community!
Join now!

Author l0lman2000 ( ago)
well its still under construction :(

Author Sviatoslav Davydenko ( ago)
i cant register

Author fishboi121 ( ago)
im dyeing to get on this sever if its is patch 4.0.6

Author Huntix (1310 years ago)
I'm not the owner of the server BTW :P

Author pclavata ( ago)
@spontan234 There may be a delay though that is longer.

Author spontan234 ( ago)
@pclavata Ah ok thanks

Author pclavata ( ago)
@spontan234 It is. Will be ready in 1-7 days.

Author spontan234 ( ago)
When i try to register it says that the site is under construction...

Author Matt H (598 years ago)
The website doesn't work.

Author forsj001 (497 years ago)

Author Marko Petricevic ( ago)
Pls help how do I register and what is realmist when I GO REGISTER TYPE ALL
IT COMES : The Answer to the Anti-Bot Question you entered is incorrect,
Please check your answer and try again.

Author Pete S ( ago)
7 people got killed by the chicken

Author Vyndoriesh ( ago)
@HenseStudioz FYI the server will be up till the end of the week :D

Author Zachary Krogman ( ago)
At 1:00 that chicken song is my ringtone XD

Author Dawid Dorian ( ago)

Author Dawid Dorian ( ago)
ok wtf put it up !

Author Aleksandar Dimitrijevic ( ago)
Okey like for host you need computer like my >>3,6 Ghz 4x < Quad* + 8 gb
ram and some more adsl power get thath server works 100% ^^

Author Dawid Dorian ( ago)

Author Dawid Dorian ( ago)
Put up the damn server :(

Author Dawid Dorian ( ago)
Put up the damn server :(

Author kcarr232213 ( ago)
@XXXHuntixXXX Put it back up!

Author TheShadowdarkmaster ( ago)
The server is down Put it back Online :S

Author Levy ( ago)
i cant b e waiting i want to play this server :D

Author Sickly Eraser ( ago)
When is the server coming back? I miss it :S

Author Ikey Cakes ( ago)
I'd love to be apart of this server. c: PLEASE. PLEASE. Tell me. <3

Author Timea KillParadise ( ago)
When the server is up?I'm excited to join :]

Author WeKillForCause ( ago)
tell me whens it sup please

Author falmester ( ago)
I like too moo moo

Author trrune ( ago)
its down =(

Author Ikey Cakes ( ago)
Look's pretty neat. :) I wanna play! <3

Author kcarr232213 ( ago)
@XXXHuntixXXX when is it going to be up

Author Streetsurfer133 ( ago)
Whats first song name?

Author yogiebear815 ( ago)
Man this server was awesome to bad it doesnt wrk now

Author wowi132 ( ago)
its down??? i cant get into the website?

Author Soounknownshow ( ago)
Does this servar have gm server have RPs? i used to play on a server named
Echeloned wow but its gone now :/ and i miss the rps :) so i hope u have

Author Dragun135 ( ago)
ommmmg any 4.0.6 gm servers? i hate all those instant 85 junk GM SERVERS

Author hans petersen ( ago)

Author Snowfox109 ( ago)
@Evilxcloud Yes actully, its an awesome server. You can .morph without
donation or voting.

Author Snowfox109 ( ago)
@Evilxcloud Yes actully, its an awesome server.

Author Evilxcloud ( ago)
*sigh* NOW I HAVE TO DEPATCH! looks like a fun server btw. its fun to rp
but is .morph aloud without donating or voting

Author Huntix ( ago)
@Aleksandaraadm If your not a voter you can spawn NPCs and Objects but they
will be gone when the server restarts itself.

Author Huntix ( ago)
@Aleksandaraadm PLayed on Eche or something ? :P Ofc you can learn ALL
spells for free. You can save NPCs and Objects when you have voted for
about 2 weeks. Better than paying 20 $ ? :P Yes, you can save Objects and
NPCs forever if you have voter rank.

Author Aleksandar Marković ( ago)
@XXXHuntixXXX Please send me a message when this server starts to work.(Can
you build infinite npcs and gobjects?Can you learn all spells for free ?)
@MrSkillon Name if the song at 3:00 is Owl City-Fireflies @mraines4 Please
send me a message when you start up this server

Author Royce ( ago)
The server will be back up soon, possibly this weekend. Admin: Antivirus.

Author Dionte Evans ( ago)
hey its khad hiiiii

Author Dionte Evans ( ago)
i would love to host but -_-... idk how to contact you lol

Author Florin Crx ( ago)
what is the name of song at 3:00

Author TheBrendude ( ago)
Server's down atm. Will be down for a bit. We are without a host. If you
know of a host or want to host yourself, we would be glad to accept your

Author TheBrendude ( ago)
@Blaze380 logon(dot)masschaos-gm(dot)com

Author TheBrendude ( ago)
@hellraiser22222 Lol wtf you talkin about?

Author Blake Hardy ( ago)
hey wats the realmlist?

Author nahuel gil ( ago)

Author don beatola ( ago)
@Undeadishsmell lolumad?

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