MassChaos All GM Server WoW (Reborn as Paradox WoW)

MassChaos Is Offline.

Music in the start: Pirates of the caribbean House/Electro Mix
Server reborn as Paradox WoW.


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Author Amonsia878 (4 years)
When is the server coming back? I miss it :S

Author yogiebear815 (4 years)
Man this server was awesome to bad it doesnt wrk now

Author zimmerhains (4 years)
am i the only one who cant login today?O.o

Author make don (4 years)
@Undeadishsmell umad?

Author Evilxcloud (4 years)
*sigh* NOW I HAVE TO DEPATCH! looks like a fun server btw. its fun to rp
but is .morph aloud without donating or voting

Author Tor Olav Andersen (3 years)
are it back?

Author Jazzysworld11 (4 years)
@boriss0001 Actually it is. The gm Alternative got his friend to give him
his computer and so now he shall host. BTW For everyone Masschaos is
amazing if you hate whining babies who always want Cataclysm.

Author Dionte Evans (4 years)
hey its khad hiiiii

Author tastytaffyvideos2 (4 years)
uhhh. why does the sign up make me name an owner of mass chaos??? i dont
know who that is

Author swizecheeze (3 years)
@DanNaranca No you can play. You just change the realmlist.

Author Imaf4gg1t (3 years)
I cant get 3.3.5? )=

Author Andy Howard (2 years)
whats the name of the song at the start? I would like to get that remix of
"He's a Pirate"

Author Lollypopslik (3 years)
whats the song?

Author Dionte Evans (4 years)
i would love to host but -_-... idk how to contact you lol

Author dannyboi1109 (3 years)
@oBringMeTheDiscoCake I know him too. Hence the inside joke.

Author Alrohn WoW (3 years)
Tast meh Eggs

Author coltmafia2 (2 years)
to play on this server you have to have version 3.3.5 (thats what i used)
and make a account and set the realmlist THEN HAVE FUN

Author WoM Developer (3 years)
Also Alternative Is Not The Owner Anymore And idk What Happened To Spirit
But ChaosChief is The Owner Now And Alt Is The Co-Owner

Author Lollypopslik (3 years)
What the first song*?

Author XXXHuntixXXX (3 years)
I'm not the owner of the server BTW :P

Author Vlad Ilie (3 years)
its actualy works!!!

Author The Infected Fetus (3 years)
Hey xxxHuntxxx :D :D will you get the server back online ? o.O :)

Author klodwas (4 years)
@XXXHuntixXXX correction you have to pay for unlimited spawning of NPC
gobjects and save nothing else

Author Tito Manu (4 years)

Author zach lewis (2 years)
love this server but need more people online

Author Luiz (2 years)
paradoxwowdotcom Masschaos is reborn as paradox! with all the admins and
custom items! we miss you guys!

Author TheBrendude (4 years)
@klodwas But you have to vote for the .learn command and the .npc and
.gobject spawning commands.....

Author Ádám Bakonyi (4 years)
pls change to 4.0.3 cata :(

Author cernalfriez (3 years)
Crashes every 30-60 mins, more than once.

Author zac soteriou (4 years)
I had to laugh when i saw tis

Author WoM Developer (3 years)
Boy Dont Make Me Come OTher There And Kick Your Ass

Author dannyboi1109 (3 years)
@arresyou yeah, the domain expired or some crap like that. there's a new,
temporary realmlist that you need to set in order to continue playing. pm
me if you want it :)

Author Dawid Dorian (4 years)
Put up the damn server :(

Author TheBrendude (4 years)

Author Máté Sajtos (4 years)
@XXXHuntixXXX can you write me when i can create? because i really want an
account and play!

Author hellraiser22222 (4 years)
Aint this supposed to be an all GM server...? why aint i a gm yet?

Author XXXHuntixXXX (4 years)
@klodwas Still, you have to pay :P

Author TheBrendude (4 years)
@Blaze380 logon(dot)masschaos-gm(dot)com

Author Anton Bolle (2 years)
came for the server, stayed for the music.

Author fishboi121 (3 years)
im dyeing to get on this sever if its is patch 4.0.6

Author Pete S (3 years)
7 people got killed by the chicken

Author dannyboi1109 (3 years)
There's this player called Agony. He's kind of gay. Just to put it out
there :)

Author DevilDance2131 (2 years)
Why i'm bannated ??!!

Author make don (4 years)
@Undeadishsmell Haha, calm down ?

Author WoM Developer (3 years)
@Aryadei Ash No1 cares If You Love Nega P.S. I THink You Can tell Who it Is
From My Writing Style

Author Zachary Krogman (4 years)
At 1:00 that chicken song is my ringtone XD

Author WoWBlackgold (3 years)
I changed me realmlist but cant connect?

Author spontan234 (3 years)
When i try to register it says that the site is under construction...

Author Vyndoriesh (3 years)
@HenseStudioz FYI the server will be up till the end of the week :D

Author rico malfliet (1 year)
i can't even log in when i launch the launcher it says that i got no real
battle net account

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