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"Brightly Fancy" "Five Card Shuffle" "Fluffing a Duck" "Hand Trolley" "Mister Exposition" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Author Crystal Rogers - Agosto ( ago)
Is it a little bit to funny

Author Ticci Tobysa Slender's Proxy ( ago)
I didn't laugh

Author Riley Barnes ( ago)
Seriously some of these animals were hurt and some could of died like that hamster that fell of the dog or the hamster that fell off the wheel or the dog chasing the squirrel if you think that's funny go to hell

Author Destinii Hannon ( ago)
Did anyone pass this video without laughing because I did

Author connor demoss ( ago)
boooring!!! &dom

Author ganesh siyum ( ago)
cute animals...

Author Raccoon ninja love ( ago)
I didn't laugh and I have no idea how

Author Dr Prankenstine ( ago)
I didn't laugh

Author Frost Thorn ( ago)
didn't laugh at all most of those were just sad especially the chipmunk eating the peanut M&M's because THEY CANT HAVE CHOCOLATE

Author Frost Thorn ( ago)

Author Dynamite Sniper ( ago)
I didn't laugh. less than 10000 times

Author Taryntot tatertot ( ago)
That video was so cute!! The cuteness nearly killed me though😋

Author Neil Malesich ( ago)
Did not laugh

Author TASEAUR TUTO ( ago)
at 3:15 the cat is like sooo delishus i can eat him but know my master is gonna kick me out of the house

Author Olivia Ciecierski ( ago)
2:20 " Cash me ouside how bou dah"

Author Donna Snowdon ( ago)
I laughed at 2.57, 4.08, and 7.35

Author ccFlip ( ago)
The one with the bird in red and white was just plain cruel

Author puffalump76 ( ago)
the rooster at 7:51 was like come at me !

Author puffalump76 ( ago)
1:11 isnt funny .the poor creature had a seizure from shock

Author kait0930 kait0930 ( ago)
Didn't. Laugh

Author John Canto ( ago)
IT'S JUST A PIECE OF 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😒😒😒😐😐😐😯😯😯😑😑😑

Author John Canto ( ago)
Not funny at all

Author Robert Martinez-Thompsoz ( ago)
I survived

Author Robert Martinez-Thompsoz ( ago)
I survived

Author Dhea Batrisyia ( ago)
I did not laugh at all

Author Danielle Haggart ( ago)
the goats were so funny

Author Danielle Haggart ( ago)

Author Kerry Ringle ( ago)
I won

Author casey bortmas ( ago)
Well I passed.

Author Shelly Oliver ( ago)
Same old ones!

Author Trinity Schelin ( ago)
I passed

Author James Oleo ( ago)

Author Super Girl Galaxy ( ago)
4:35 smartest bunny I've ever seen!!

Author Super Girl Galaxy ( ago)
4:24 it's the Bird from finding nemo!!!!

Author Terry Stalsberg ( ago)

Author Angel Clark ( ago)
lol soooooooooo cute 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author kitty k ( ago)
1:49 that poor hamster

Author SKumar SK ( ago)

Author Mary Joyce ( ago)
didnt laguph

Author Imnotasthink asyoudrunkiam ( ago)
To be honest even dad jokes are funnier than this......

Author Julia J ( ago)

Author Gyuszy Barna ( ago)
eeee t a r e

Author Ronnel Thomas ( ago)
the movie full

Author Ronnel Thomas ( ago)
the movie full

Author Nerd Worm ( ago)

Author Donna Johnson ( ago)
I laughed two times then I said ha

Author FunFree FunkyVidios ( ago)
Ohh one thing Good Job Video Creator for your video entertainment. Thank You

Author FunFree FunkyVidios ( ago)
You crazy men? Those animals like parrot or some animals playing may hurt them off. Please take care of them. Not very funny because of some animal is getting hurt. (Wrong Grammar) ha ha ha

Author Sandy Mclaughlin ( ago)
I tried a try not to laugh challenge... I lost it after the chipmunk!

Author Pam P ( ago)
I never laughed during this but it was funny😂😂😂

Author Florie Dahl ( ago)
MADE IT WITHOUT LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

Author Darriella Buchoon ( ago)

Author Richard Stallard ( ago)
I didn't laugh once. it sucked

Author Jacquesauche Spyhn ( ago)
well I did!

Author The VGAJ show Yeh ( ago)
Cute but not funny

Author McKammry M ( ago)
the goats 😂

Author Zanemau 4Life ( ago)
I didn't laugh at all..

Author Hannah Taylor ( ago)
I passed plus watch my vids

Author Kwaii_Panda :3 ( ago)
I didn't think it was funny I just thought it was cute

Author Indar Pal Rana ( ago)

Author Jahnya Williams ( ago)
good for me 🐕🐕

Author Tiffany Masterson ( ago)
Poor Mini Pony!!!!!😢

Author Marina Banks ( ago)
can't see the whole pic

Author the kidgamer ( ago)
im sick and im pissed at my dad.. I passed

Author Legomaster2464 ( ago)
Loony toons at 7:52

Author Jayshree s ( ago)
it's not funny but it's cute

Author Neonsity bro ( ago)
I passed...😁
poor squirls😭😢😖

Author Betty White ( ago)
Not funny to annoy/stress/hurt animals. Miserable FAIL.

Author Charziiz ( ago)
If you think these videos are funny, you are sick!

Author Kailey Hix ( ago)
i never laughed i almost did but i held by breath

Author Cheesy Pink ( ago)
I once had a hamster and he did the same thing! also, my uncle Alberto, he thought his ball to run in was a playing ball to THROUGH! he through it and Timmy(my dwarf hamster) flew in the plastic ball through the air. He spun so quickly! 😂😂 he was upside down and legs sticking straight high! 😂😂😂😂

Author Kaylin Brownell ( ago)
I didn't laugh

Author Riley Marie ( ago)
animals are so cute but weird and when my cat farts they are silent but deadly.. gross XD

Author Jocelyn Bailey ( ago)
not that funny

Author Nicole Chikodi ( ago)

Author Deaneyra Thomas ( ago)
Awww i want a goat sooooooooo bad😕🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Author Louise Smets ( ago)
worry Does anybody identify one's better than this xariant?

Author Janella Glissman ( ago)
welcome to my world ppl

Author Stepahnie ( ago)
1:45 LOL and it didnt laugh

Author Arrena Collins ( ago)
l up poo it

Author Laneisanerd ( ago)
6:36 All Stock? Don't you mean All Stuck cause that goat was bagged and confused as all hell 😂😂

Author Britney Boothe ( ago)
the owl all was like I'm so f***ing high

Author GamingWithJessie YT ( ago)
I Didn't Laugh But I Did Say "AWE" A Billion Times 😊

Author Skylian Dream ( ago)
I love this ❗💕❗💕❗

Author Wolf Huntress ( ago)
I don't have a soul. I never laughed at this

Author Craig Mooring ( ago)
What the heck was that last little bit? Totally incomprehensible! A black something with a
barely moving beige something largely obscured by it, and a weak voice mumbling something indistinguishable in the background under the too loud foreground music. You should have cut that or made it understandable.
The rest was funny with only a few repeats from other Tiger Funnies.

Author Cherry May dela cruz ( ago)
That bird.. (Or was it a Parrot?) was doing the "Spin me right around" meme. XD

Author Angelina Alexander ( ago)

Author Scratch fur ( ago)
i liked the chipmunk one

Author Małgosia Krawczykiewicz ( ago)

Author David Stooodard ( ago)
so uh how was this funny again?

Author Miranda Wilkinson ( ago)
i never laugh, but i smiled

Author crazydaysful ( ago)
That part about that parrot on that electronic screw going around & around is not funny. I bet that animal was put their by intention and it is nauseating and cruel to that animal going around and around on that thing and not by choice.


Author sooo kawaii ( ago)
didnt it used to be Tiger production? wtf

Author Sompura Chakli ( ago)
nice video

Author Stussmeister ( ago)
5:10 "Hey, this bird feeder looks like it has some tasty food. Here we go....OOP! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

7:39 Flamingos watching a tennis match.

Author Joya Lewis ( ago)
i lost at the m&m one cuz the squirrel was me and OMG THE GOAT IS ME WHEN I GET SCARED TOO LOL

Author HERETICIAM 777 ( ago)
the animals are adorable it made me smile a bit but non of thier antics made me laugh

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