Roblox SIMON SAYS Multiplayer Game!

Bethanyfrye and I are in Roblox and we play the Simon Says game! In this game you one of us is Simon, and must tell the others what to do! Watch as we do all sorts of crazy things in this game!

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Music: Matt McFarland

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Author Payton Maddox (3 months)
How do you look around like that

Author Master Shred (5 months)
my username is mastershred

Author TheRantingMonkey Rants (3 months)
God these guys are childlish

Author Roseavel Rose (3 months)
OMG the girl with the pink bun hair looks exactly like me at 0:02!!!!

Author VenturianTale (9 months)

Author pamela madrid (5 months)
Um.. Isac i will remember to send u a friend request ok

Author Evalala Fales (24 days)

Author The majestic wolfy tardis (27 days)
Can you join my game I'm kittykittymeowmix580 it's not an official game but
send me a message if there might be a glitch or I forgot something thanks

Author Mikayla Cockrell (1 month)
Dear Isaac If you could create a Dalek/Weeping angle what color would it

Author Lourious TeamMcRequested (3 months)
Mine is TheSlendeeye

Author PHOENIX EMPIRE Phenny (6 months)
omg I love this game :D

Author YouAlwaysLike (5 months)
wow isaac i spammed more one time so much more...

Author mike mofo (3 months)
my roblox name is agentfarthead

I know how to cheat, even with the new update :D

Author Destiney Slagle (6 months)
play a dinosaurs life v4 beta

Author Toma Škaro (3 months)
1.never do the thing when it says go on the lader because there is no simon. what issac does

Author thedarkmask mars (6 months)
how come no one can follow u
btw i cant belive no one notices u

Author Dilly Dop (4 months)

Author john pena (4 months)
You should play slenders revenge

Author Master Shred (5 months)
hey isaac check my profile in favs to play this rubix cube game with me :D

Author ang yi jin (3 months)
whats his username:/ venturian tale on roblox?

Author Yoshi Trainer (5 months)
at exactaly this time isaacfrye is playing roblox

Author jason Dedjonaj (7 months)
Please play with me my username is "iplayfootball3123"

Author MajorMayhemX (6 months)
People and dem stalking XD. I have a game for you. It's not done yet but
the real thing will be out on February 13. On roblox. We have a demo
version. Plz play distilled 

Author Enrique Zavala (6 months)
Really you say wdf its wtf

Author Sincere Does ROBLOX (4 months)
OMG I just found out you play roblox and I wanted to play with you one day
my user name is Sincereburton

Author Laurie Tomaziefski (5 months)
Do muerder mustery

Author jonathan bowles (4 months)
issac what your user name on roblox

Author Xpsychogamer500X (8 months)
1. Rolblox sucks

2. I wonder if they know that a video editor can allow you to lower your
voice because if he doesn't for the love of God someone please show hi

Author Jenn Brockman (7 months)
my daughter plays robloxs her user name is bratzbff101

Author Jill Ocasio (4 months)
i asked him to be my friend on roblox and he said yes now he's my friend no
kidding - _ - 

Author Ashraf Sakhizade (22 days)
Add me on roblox my name is cupcakeheartlilly

Author RandomMidgamer random (8 months)
issac are you bc

Author Pinkie Pie (8 months)
I play Roblox my user name is carrie0503

Author Rae Kaylor (4 months)
Someone please friend me on roblox my username is RosieKaylor

Author Alex Spearman (4 months)
L is for lee

Author steve mcminer (20 hours)
plsssssssss add me as a friend on roblox my name is sergeydykyy123
or else agumon will come and kill you

Author sam shillinglaw (14 hours)
ADD ME MY NAME IS pancake444

Author Samuel Cox (4 days)

Author Tristian Taguacta (2 days)
I actually play roblox

Author Jake Willis (6 days)
I play roblox my name is unstopablegod352

Author Nathan Griffin (19 days)
2:00 pillow said Btw I play Roblox

Author Reyanne Vensel (13 days)

Author Ariana Iverson (10 days)
old are you

Author Jessica Toghill (4 months)
i love this game i play it alot :3

Author vivi - ann karlsen (4 months)
Im belonga the ugly head girl i play roblox

Author mqkitten (6 months)
hay +VenturianTale i play ROBLOX wuts ur name on the game mine is
*Gothicwolf135* just to let u know :D

Author Bo Curtis (10 days)
You are awesome my username is shadowob look me up

Author Barbara Stanič (1 month)

Author Michael Lear (5 months)
In friend request I typed ghost and he was last seen 2006

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