Roblox SIMON SAYS Multiplayer Game!

Bethanyfrye and I are in Roblox and we play the Simon Says game! In this game you one of us is Simon, and must tell the others what to do! Watch as we do all sorts of crazy things in this game!

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Music: Matt McFarland

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I'm. Venturians. Number 1. Fan

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Hi! I'm 1/2 of TheGamerCrew! My partner is ThaGamerCrew We really like
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it's like why should we post videos if not a lot of people watch them? So
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Hey commenters XD Click read more if you want to know the lyrics of the
song that they play for their intro! :)

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Author Chica The Chicken (2 months)
Can you guys do five nights at Freddy's ROBLOX

Author Thox (12 days)
but dont wory its just 1 tooth

Author Domothboss (28 days)
On simon says 2.0 on my other account I had 271 points! A lot right?

Author maria rodriguez (1 month)
Send me a friend request mine its victoriacute78 PLEASE SEND ME

Author Andrea Potts (7 days)
Play more roblox you guys plz

Author Thox (12 days)
your teeth its gon

Author Erin Carr (2 months)
I am bad at Simon says 

Author cube Jr (1 month)
HG your wired

Author ROBLOXGamingNetwork (1 month)
good games they doow

Author Anne Stanger (5 days)
B for Bethany ⬅️I don't know if this is correct. L for lol

Author Lando Miler (2 days)
Before you started recording I called you a noob lol

Author Zorry And Foxy (1 month)
i wonder if you guys still play roblox cause i wanna play with you guys

Author Lauren Tepesano (1 month)
issac sucks

Author danielle mcintyre (3 days)
I heard a dog

Author alejandra rosas (7 days)
It's now Simon says 2.0

Author Angel Contreras (1 month)
I always enjoy Watching people play roblox

Author Bella Phoeun (22 days)
let. me get in your video

Author Anne Stanger (5 days)
It was eels and esculaters⬅️I can't spell 

Author Axeinhollow (1 month)
Guys,Something Important i need to say..

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Author joseph whitney (1 month)

Author Jumpstart Foxy The Pirate (17 days)
roblox im friends with them all but venturian no

Author Terry McCormick (1 month)
You are the best thing ever man 

Author Don't cry wolf (3 months)
OMG i do this game tooo can you play with me im CanCfan1111

Author Toby Fox (1 month)
Yes you can have my autograph

Author SkyDoes Minecraft (2 months)
Isaac In Roblox What Your Name?...

Author Alex Zeledon (10 days)
Oh my God be my friend mineloxtime in roblox

Author jessicanguyen (1 month)
I played that game before

Author Michael Oige (7 days)
Issac I met jorden

Author Erin Kirtley (1 month)
The spongebob episode your talking about had eels and escalators

Author Summer Beebe (2 months)
I played this game

Author mark inich (18 days)
you guys are awesome

Author Jayleigh Lloyd (2 months)
Homeless goomba plz go on roblox and play simon says at 8:12 to meet me

Author Kris Stitt (1 month)
greetings fellow

Author sagiv Levy (23 days)
so old its better now you need to sit, jump & more XD

Author Larry Crawford (1 month)

Author skyler green (3 months)
I have some cool stuff on my roblox account my screen name is bounty234 but
my computers isn't working right so I cant play it on my computer.

Author Cody Metcalf (1 month)
U play roblox

Author Snipper King (1 month)
it was eles and staars

Author Michael Fleischer (1 month)
what does afk mean and you guys are AWESOME

Author uricho michoacan (2 months)
LOL lol

Author SkyMC Andrei (29 days)

Author Kaiden PlayZ (1 month)
i love your videos like dancing old chiCk

Author Arian Price (1 month)
Hi Isaac good job simon says is hard for me too:D

Author Betty Book (3 months)
i am going to request you guys as my friends ok

Author Kaleb Sitivong (1 month)

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