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Author Roberto Whyyoucare (3 months)
I'm. Venturians. Number 1. Fan

Author VenturianTale (1 year)

Author Jerry Bennett (1 month)
Isaac how do you get robux

Author Anne Stanger (2 months)
B for Bethany ⬅️I don't know if this is correct. L for lol

Author Domothboss (3 months)
On simon says 2.0 on my other account I had 271 points! A lot right?

Author Vanessa Erbs (1 month)
you guys are so cool

Author Rosa Huertero (23 days)
Ok I'm not a mom ok

Author ThoxCake (2 months)
but dont wory its just 1 tooth

Author Chica The Chicken (4 months)
Can you guys do five nights at Freddy's ROBLOX

Author xTheBOSSaTron6552947 x (1 month)
That was a hot wheles helmet not power rangers

Author Rylinn Loyd (17 days)
1 year ago I never new u play ROBLOX cool I do to.

Author Jack Adams (7 days)
The red ranger guy is actualy a hot wheels guy wearing a venturians shirt

Author Andrea Potts (2 months)
Play more roblox you guys plz

Author thefangirls 1234567 (3 days)
wow u did good better than me

Author maria rodriguez (3 months)
Send me a friend request mine its victoriacute78 PLEASE SEND ME

Author John Czekala (1 month)
are you brothers whith ventrain

Author ThoxCake (2 months)
your teeth its gon

Author SavysVids "Savanna P" (5 months)
Hey commenters XD Click read more if you want to know the lyrics of the
song that they play for their intro! :)

Read more (19 more lines)

Author pawel martynow (1 month)

Author Erin Carr (4 months)
I am bad at Simon says 

Author Janet Malilay (3 days)

Author Darryl Revoc (1 month)
I have the same jacket from ventreuntale 😊

Author kuko0306 (1 month)
Good times :)

Author cube Jr (3 months)
HG your wired

Author Lando Miler (2 months)
Before you started recording I called you a noob lol

Author xxxEpiCdEsTroYeRxxx (19 days)
Its eels and escalators

Author Sayena B (25 days)
Hey did u know they updated this and it's now Simon says 3.0 and its AWSOME

Author Zorry And Foxy (3 months)
i wonder if you guys still play roblox cause i wanna play with you guys

Author The Gamer Crew Arianna (5 months)
If you don't like these comments don't press see more

Hi! I'm 1/2 of TheGamerCrew! My partner is ThaGamerCrew We really like
posting videos but not a lot of people watch them. I'm here because for us
it's like why should we post videos if not a lot of people watch them? So
we would like people to check out our videos! Thanks if you do! Also, tell
all your friends if you liked our videos! 

Author fili palacios (28 days)
Play zombies in roblox

Author Lauren Tepesano (3 months)
issac sucks

Author thefangirls 1234567 (3 days)
i have a youtube channel

Author danielle mcintyre (2 months)
I heard a dog

Author alejandra rosas (2 months)
It's now Simon says 2.0

Author Jumpstart Foxy The Pirate (2 months)
roblox im friends with them all but venturian no

Author PopOnRoblox Gamer (16 days)
look at him ..

Author Anne Stanger (2 months)
It was eels and esculaters⬅️I can't spell 

Author Oscar McDermott (1 month)
is roblox free?????

Author msbrina28 (1 month)
Do a five nights Freddys roblox play next

Author Richard Rectenwald (1 month)
The blue shirt kid was Fox racing for motocross 

Author pawel martynow (1 month)
I play on iPad mini roblox isman says 2.0 freind me i am x2100eryl

Author Mr Smile (4 days)
L is lemons!

Author ROBLOXGamingNetwork (3 months)
good games they doow

Author Ruth Estrada (1 month)
Can u guys be in roblox please I really want to see u guys in roblox

Author Ellisthegamer TV (14 days)
sub me

Author Fielder Callahan (1 month)

Author Chris Wolf (7 days)
and l is for logan

Author Donna Gordon (1 month)

Author joseph whitney (3 months)

Author Alex Zeledon (2 months)
Oh my God be my friend mineloxtime in roblox

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