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Author Ivan Rodriguez (7 months)
The water mixed with the oil.on my 94 toyota pickup what does that mean?

Author sergio polanco (1 month)

Author Mike Blake (1 year)
Thanks Brian have A Happy Holiday.

Author Jackson Landgreen (1 year)
I have a Volkswagen beetle 2.0 engine. When I take the oil cap off it has
some yellow just like you showed in the video. But when I use the oil stick
to see how much oil I put into the engine. I don't see any yellow color
just clear like the synthetic oil. On the other hand my car ticks and when
I drive it seems to cut out between shifting gears like I have it in the
wrong gear. I know how to drive a stick Ive had the car for about 7 years
it has 151,000 miles on it. Could this have any part of a bad head gasket?

Author TheMystificat0r (2 years)
Thank you for the informations ! ! ! :-)

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@DARIUSSR612 You may not have a thermostat opening, or fans may not be
coming on or a bad fan clutch. Also stop leak products can plug up your
radiator and make it run hot.

Author Long Range FPV Quadcopter .TBS Discovery (2 years)
Thats normal on the mercedes A class w168 read up on it!

Author Arthur White (2 years)
Yeah that is the case too. I have that same problem myself in extreme cold
weather. However, during the summer time I don't have that problem.

Author briansmobile1 (4 years)
@joe23london You can partially loose a head gasket such that the coolant
and oil don't mix, but the coolant still leaks into the cylinder. That's
what it sounds like- especially if your coolant level is going down. Raw
unburned fuel can also cause white smoke. You can definitely smell the
difference on your hand between the two. Also when coolant is in the
exhaust system it destroys the O2 sensors.

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@STREETSTALKERT09 lol - Yummy!

Author briansmobile1 (2 years)
I have one on "What Subaru Head Gaskets Look Like When they Die." I explain
it there.

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@automotiveDIY That's correct. Typically they don't. It's a 4.2L Trailblazer

Author james felicetty (3 years)
@327patron bad rings is probly wer is it leaking????

Author funnyandyetnaughty (4 years)
i have a subaru and the water doesnt seem to be going around the engine and
theres small sign of white residue in oil head gasket?

Author LKV (4 years)
This can just as easily be because of short runs and cold weather.

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@DARIUSSR612 If you have a new waterpump, t-stat, no leaks, full of
coolant, fans work, and radiator cap is good- then you've likely got a
plugged up radiator or air is blocked from getting to it- or your head
gasket is bad.

Author briansmobile1 (4 years)
@strathmann2007 Year, make and model. Engine, mileage, etc?

Author Chad Qualls (2 years)
This must be common on these 4.2 inline 6's?

Author Rob Moore (4 years)
I got a question, I have a 1994 Caprice LT1. My Oil always looks clean, I
drained the antifreeze before, no oil. From the right side of the motor,
there is a constant chat, chat, chat, chat, chat noise. I recently had my
exhaust rebuilt (for multiple holes) & a new Exhaust manifold gasket on
that side. I want to check for combustion, but if I put on a new head
gasket, and that noise is still there, how do I know if my heads are bad
and they need to be re-worked?

Author Jeff Meng (2 years)
This would be Intake Manifold gasket failures, not a Head gasket failure.

Author Julian (3 years)
@briansmobile1 Got an 87 mustang 5.0 notch, randomly it will decided
instead of idle it will fluctuate, between 500-1000 RPM, then a little
while later returns to normal Any idea? It's a regular 5 speed, has 230,000
miles, still pulls like a boss, and is not mass air...

Author briansmobile1 (4 years)
@najju07 I recommend NOT using additives ambiguously upon suspicion and not
at all unless the cars value is less than the cost of repair (totaled).
Your best bet is to fill the radiator full of coolant and let it warm up at
idle with the hood open and watch for where the coolant comes from. Then
replace or repair only what's broken. If you use a sealant short cut it
WILL plug up things you don't want plugged.

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@MrStraightProduction Rusted away water pump fins or a bad thermostat, or a
bad fan clutch.

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@sohail786 First make sure there's plenty of coolant in the radiator when
it's cold. Then warm up the engine. Check for leaks when it's warmed up.
Air gets trapped in the heater core first when coolant level is in decline.
Poor heat delivery can be from a thermostat that is stuck open, air in the
heater core, or corrosion sludge blocking the heater core. That last one
you can check for by warming up the car and grabbing the heater hoses that
go into the firewall. If one's hot and one's not.

Author Luis Rocha (2 years)
Hi, is there any other reason for having this mixture in the radiator than
a blown head gasket, I found this mixture after a very small heating and I
have changed all my head gaskets set and the oil continues going to my
radiator, I have a lot of oil inthe radiator, but nothing of water on the
oil. Parts for my car are really hard and expensive in my country i want to
check for another reassons before having them change again.

Author TheMystificat0r (2 years)
I have a terrible smell at the exaust.. =/

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@Usernameinvalid16 lol

Author briansmobile1 (2 years)
It does, if you are describing a head gasket failure or cracked head.

Author Spark of the Anvil (2 years)
Would that green Steel Seal stuff help keep things in place or would it
putting off the inevidable ?

Author briansmobile1 (4 years)
@funnyandyetnaughty If it's got 150K miles or so it's very likely. Check
out my videos on Subaru head gaskets on my channel by clicking my name in
blue and then search "subaru"

Author briansmobile1 (1 year)
If it boils again do a combustion gasses test (blue fluid that turns yellow
with CO2 present) at the over flow bottle.

Author Usernameinvalid16 (3 years)
@briansmobile1 Awesome LOL I was Refuring to as, You Do not speak Gibberish
like that guy said to you He didn't make any sense what he said LOL.

Author bradleymoney07 (2 years)
All I have is a bubbling radiator and overheating so I'm at a loss I don't
know what's wrong with mine :/

Author BmxDieseldude (3 years)
@sohail786 this could be a radiator leak, but could also be the heater
core, or any of the lines. if you start to lose heat, as the engine begins
to get hotter, odds are you're getting air into the cooling system (air
replacing leaked fluid) and so the pump isn't pumping the coolant. i'd
guess heater core before radiator. what section of the country are you in.
a failed heater core can be bypassed easily if you don't need heat in the

Author Myeyezhurt M (2 years)
Your engine head may be warped which prevents a proper seal.

Author jayy ford (1 year)
i noticed my car recently over heat once, it went up to the max then it
dropped back down. i put some fluids in the resevoir and radiator then it
did not overheat again, but the reservoir started to boil after idle. so i
took it to a shop and they didnt say much, took it to another shop they say
leaking head gasket from behind, didnt believe it took it elsehwere and
they said sticking thermostat and bad rad cap.fixed it flushed rad also.
car is doing fine now but should i be woried? respond asap

Author 101jjackboyz1 (4 years)
I bought a 90 cadillac deville it stutters when i want to turn it on.. then
i dont have much power at times.. theirs no oil mixyture or nothing? could
it be my water pump not working rite? because here and there it throws it
out from my reserve tank

Author Tappedya99 (4 years)
good info nice vid

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@asleeperj Idle air control valve/motor.

Author ShotgunSixBarrel (2 years)
I think I just blew the head gasket In my 1990 Toyota Supra N/A. I did a
radiator flush, then the next day I did an oil change...that night I was
drving home, and the temp gauge was almost at H, as soon as I noticed It I
turned off the engine, put it in nuetral and got to the side of the road. I
do have a little white steam from the exhaust, and It idle's weird, and Im
losing a lot of water/coolant. 2 shops have turned down the job so far.
Luckily my work Is only 10mins away. fml.

Author briansmobile1 (3 years)
@tompwh Runny oil could just mean it's a low weight oil. Bubbles in the
reservoir could be the result of a coolant leak creating excess air and
therefore steam to be pressing out. One of the best tests is to see if
there are compression gasses in the radiator. You can buy/rent a kit for
this at Autozone.

Author TheMystificat0r (2 years)
Okay ! Il check that out as soon as I can and remplace it if needed ! =)

Author briansmobile1 (4 years)
@streetlimitz89 A little is normal. This is in Utah where humidity is near
zero all the time (desert climate). Also when you pull the oil drain plug
and find coolant.... it's a head gasket failure.

Author briansmobile1 (4 years)
@undergroundpredator Sounds like a lifter problem. I'm not familiar with
the caprice specifically, but if the push rods plug up they dont get oil
and can wear down and make not only the noise, but cause the valves to not
open enough to give full power. Hydraulic lifters can get stuck or sticky
and do the same thing.

Author punx8086 (3 years)
early warning sign of gasket failure? WTF, that's been blown for a long

Author evilcowboy (2 years)
np hope you really get to enjoy your saturn do you have the SOHC or DOHC?
With the body being fiberglass you can really make those cars move. They
are really light.

Author LKV (3 years)
Hmm it could be an engine with a lot of cold starts or the head gasket as
you say. Some cars are worse than others regarding the grease in the oil
cap. Especially older Fiat cars here in europe did this. GREAT videos by
the way ;-)

Author Trouble Man (3 years)
mmmmmmmm SOUP

Author gil avalon (3 years)
My 97 camaro oil cap has that type of mayo like residue also. An 850 dollar
job to repair the blown head gasket.

Author evilcowboy (2 years)
Oh and if you can fit your finger tips between the rubber and metal its

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