Under hood signs of a head gasket failure

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Under hood signs of a head gasket failure

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Author Charlie Dwelly ( ago)
I have a brand new Toyota Tacoma. and this same thing is happening to me I
only drive about 2 miles to and from work 5 days a week. dealership said
it's because I don't put enough miles on the engine to make the
condensation evaporate. mine looks a little darker more like peanut butter

Author Charlie Dwelly ( ago)
I have a brand new Toyota Tacoma. and this same thing is happening to me I
only drive about 2 miles to and from work 5 days a week. dealership said
it's because I don't put enough miles on the engine to make the
condensation evaporate. mine looks a little darker more like peanut butter

Author D Clark ( ago)
This is not necessarily true. If you only take short trips and not letting
the engine burn off the condensation you will get moisture under the cap.
Now if you have a milky substance on your dipstick that could be a head
gasket problem. But I have seen condensation buildup under the filler cap
in winter on vehicles that are only driven short distances. Your oil will
become acidic and should be changed regardless of miles on the oil and your
PVC valve. 80% of my work is on senior citizens cars and see that all the
time. Could also be due to a design issue. If it has a long oil filler tube
condensation may collect under the cap.

Author Jimmie Ely Leonard ( ago)
why does water come out of the top of the radiator when
i take the cap off .water is push out it is cool

Author sergio polanco (639 years ago)

Author Ivan Rodriguez ( ago)
The water mixed with the oil.on my 94 toyota pickup what does that mean?

Author Jackson Landgreen ( ago)
I have a Volkswagen beetle 2.0 engine. When I take the oil cap off it has
some yellow just like you showed in the video. But when I use the oil stick
to see how much oil I put into the engine. I don't see any yellow color
just clear like the synthetic oil. On the other hand my car ticks and when
I drive it seems to cut out between shifting gears like I have it in the
wrong gear. I know how to drive a stick Ive had the car for about 7 years
it has 151,000 miles on it. Could this have any part of a bad head gasket?

Author Mike Blake ( ago)
Thanks Brian have A Happy Holiday.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
If it boils again do a combustion gasses test (blue fluid that turns yellow
with CO2 present) at the over flow bottle.

Author jayy ford ( ago)
i noticed my car recently over heat once, it went up to the max then it
dropped back down. i put some fluids in the resevoir and radiator then it
did not overheat again, but the reservoir started to boil after idle. so i
took it to a shop and they didnt say much, took it to another shop they say
leaking head gasket from behind, didnt believe it took it elsehwere and
they said sticking thermostat and bad rad cap.fixed it flushed rad also.
car is doing fine now but should i be woried? respond asap

Author JM2012TSX ( ago)
my dads 2005 ram 4.7l had this in the oil cap minor amount..i put seafoam
in the oil after the first change..and hasnt been back yet...can if the
vehicles been sitting outside or loose oil cap can cause this happen too?
the vehicles is a 333 000 km...coolants clean and no milkyness in oil
during the oil change..

Author La Croix ( ago)
ok-I was told my head gasket is blown-but no water or antifreeze in my
oil-nor is any smoke coming from the tail pipe...another Rip-Off mechanic!
And-my 99 Ford Taurus Supposedly needs a new radiator-what are the odds??
Tired of getting F*cked by mechanics-help

Author mannys9130 ( ago)
Ewww, mayo. This one sight can break a man's heart.

Author Cheezy Dee ( ago)
I had an old 76 Plymouth Volare that did this because I forgot to change
the coolant after the last owner ran straight water. Changed the head
gasket, problem persisted, but never had any free water in the oil. I just
kept driving it for another 80,000 miles till the chassis rusted out and I
had to junk it.

Author cam man ( ago)
im sure had leak cause water mist the exaust i dont see that come no more
was told sealnt dident work cause white sludge

Author cam man ( ago)
i got that on a 2002 ram 1500 4.7 was leaking coolent i uses head gasket
sealent no more leaks i get that in oil fill is that normal water drops on
cap an white sludge theres no oil to mix in the chamber

Author TheMystificat0r ( ago)
Okay ! Il check that out as soon as I can and remplace it if needed ! =)

Author evilcowboy ( ago)
Oh and if you can fit your finger tips between the rubber and metal its

Author evilcowboy ( ago)
Yeah the ol vibration. lol It is caused by the engine and tranny mounts
being bad. You'll be surprised how much more pick up it has when those get
done. Honestly they are about 30 minutes each to replace and only about 40
bucks per mount. I've never had a bad Ujoint in one so I kind of rule that
out as a source of vibration in these cars. You can check the engine mount
they are on top at the passengers side. The thing that looks like an upside
down U with rubber in it. ;)

Author TheMystificat0r ( ago)
Iv paid 1000 $ for it with 8 tire and a full tank of gaz lol. still the
polymere material is awsome but there bit of money to put in it (stability)
so i dont beat it. Also, this engine is vibrating a lot, causing the radio
anten to vivrate fast. haha :)

Author evilcowboy ( ago)
np hope you really get to enjoy your saturn do you have the SOHC or DOHC?
With the body being fiberglass you can really make those cars move. They
are really light.

Author TheMystificat0r ( ago)
Thank you for the informations ! ! ! :-)

Author evilcowboy ( ago)
Don't let my words discourage you from the SL1. I would buy another if I
could because I know what fails most. Things to keep an eye on: Coolant
Sensor (replace, stock one is plastic crap) Water pump (easy after removing
pulley) Frame (body don't rust frame needs to be kept clean) Valve Cover
(just RTV clean and replace and use only T40 Torx those screws strip easy)
Engine and tranny mounts (easy on these) Never allow a saturn to overheat
it will definitely blow the head gasket. Good Luck

Author TheMystificat0r ( ago)
This is funny to hear because i just bought a satun sl1 to remplace my
mazda3.... i hope that it is a good car... At least, rust wont eat it :)

Author evilcowboy ( ago)
Yeah its a downer when seeing something like this in the oil. I use to see
oil in the antifreeze on a Saturn SL1. The head gasket was screwed.
However. If you are good at taking things apart then a head gasket should
only be a 3 day job for a novice and just requires you buy a 40 dollar kit
and some fluids (wouldn't want the old stuff circulating) and head bolts
(30 bucks) so for around a hundred and your time you can fix this just have
to get torque right on head bolts and rockers.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
GREAT COMMENT! Thanks Jason!

Author Jason Fisher ( ago)
My oil cap looked like this on my truck and it was due to a carboned up TBI
so my PCV wasn't working. I rebuilt my TBI and new PCV and that problem
never came back. But I also have had this caused by a blown head gasket in
another car. I just say do some research before anyone assumes it's a blown
head gasket.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
On some videos I do. On other videos like this one- there wasn't time. Also
for some reason YT used to really favor shorter video times like this one.

Author 647762816 ( ago)
As much as you like to talk, why not go into more detail? Good thing I read
all the comments from the peanut gallery.

Author TheMystificat0r ( ago)
and my engine is doing en extra noise. and the prestone level is lowerwing

Author TheMystificat0r ( ago)
I have a terrible smell at the exaust.. =/

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
It can also be caused by water vapor from humidity in the air. Double check
for additional symptoms before you stress out due to that alone.

Author TheMystificat0r ( ago)
When i saw that into my mazda 3 today, my head exploded. ( And my wallet
attempt to sucide)

Author Spark of the Anvil ( ago)
Would that green Steel Seal stuff help keep things in place or would it
putting off the inevidable ?

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
That's right- Good man Tony!

Author Tony Nameless ( ago)
OR it could be as simple as water vapors caused by short trips and car
parked outside. BMW's are nutorious for this problem, replacement of the
oil separator and parking the car inside solves the problem. I almost paid
nearly $2000 for head gasket replacement, but because of some research of
my own, i spend $60 and park the car inside now. Problem solved.

Author label1877 ( ago)
Not Toyota truck with 187,000 miles looked like this in 2007,a
$10 bottle of Bars Head Gasket Repair fixed it and it is still on the! This did not work on the next 2 vechicles I used it on but
it's worth a $10 bet to try.

Author thundercloud47 ( ago)
LOL.. this video certainly brings back some bad memories of the first two
cars I owned :-)

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
It could be either one. Many intake manifolds (lower) have coolant pass
through them proximate to the valley pan.

Author Arthur White ( ago)
Thats something I didn't know myself. Thanks, I'll take that into
consideration. Any way I can learn I'll take it!

Author Arthur White ( ago)
Yeah that is the case too. I have that same problem myself in extreme cold
weather. However, during the summer time I don't have that problem.

Author 325xitgrocgetter ( ago)
Usually my cars will get a similar build up if they're being run on short
trips during extremely cold weather....I kind of freaked when I saw the oil
cap but was assured it was due to short trip condensation.

Author san379 . ( ago)
your oil looks like pure mustard .. change the oil ASAP

Author Jeff Meng ( ago)
This would be Intake Manifold gasket failures, not a Head gasket failure.

Author DrAlbertSMeinheimer ( ago)
Dump it and move on Rarely worth repairing Good money after bad

Author Chad Qualls ( ago)
This must be common on these 4.2 inline 6's?

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
Could be a number of things. Could be a cracked head or block, blown
headgasket, radiator hose leak that's spraying such as to get into the
crankcase etc.

Author stormy hennon ( ago)
hey brian question we have asked everybody and we get diffrent answers, he
has antifreeze spraying under the hood but we cant find where its coming
from, the oil looks all milky like. he has a lot of smoke coming out of the
tail pipe and its leaking water and antifreeze. when we turn the heat on
its comes out cold. also he tryed to start it it woldnt role over, we left
it for a min and tryed it again and it worked. what could this be?

Author ShotgunSixBarrel ( ago)
I think I just blew the head gasket In my 1990 Toyota Supra N/A. I did a
radiator flush, then the next day I did an oil change...that night I was
drving home, and the temp gauge was almost at H, as soon as I noticed It I
turned off the engine, put it in nuetral and got to the side of the road. I
do have a little white steam from the exhaust, and It idle's weird, and Im
losing a lot of water/coolant. 2 shops have turned down the job so far.
Luckily my work Is only 10mins away. fml.

Author Long Range FPV Quadcopter .TBS Discovery ( ago)
Thats normal on the mercedes A class w168 read up on it!

Author BadAndUgly ( ago)
Found a similar mess under the oil filler cap on my old -84 chevy van.. And
sludgy bad oil just after a couple of months. I'll replace that old 305
with a 350 instead.

Author Brady Skeen (173 years ago)
Thats not a early warning sign of head gasket failure. Any symptoms listed
in the video means you most likely have a head gasket failure.

Author Jim B ( ago)
my mom has 1990 subaur lazgwey 2.2 blows cold air and the fans are
running all the time but the temp gage will stay half way till driven that
it over heats .....but this summer i took the thermostate out and cut the
copper part out and bc running some what cold it never once overheat at all i was going to try w the new thermostate drill two small holes in
the side of it to let the coolant flow more better to see if it stops
overheating .....let me know your thuts on this as well

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
I have one on "What Subaru Head Gaskets Look Like When they Die." I explain
it there.

Author James Hudson ( ago)
but why does the head gasket fail? do you have a video about that?

Author Myeyezhurt M ( ago)
Your engine head may be warped which prevents a proper seal.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
If you have an automatic transmission and the copper pipe cracks inside the
radiator tank you could have that issue.

Author Luis Rocha ( ago)
Hi, is there any other reason for having this mixture in the radiator than
a blown head gasket, I found this mixture after a very small heating and I
have changed all my head gaskets set and the oil continues going to my
radiator, I have a lot of oil inthe radiator, but nothing of water on the
oil. Parts for my car are really hard and expensive in my country i want to
check for another reassons before having them change again.

Author bradleymoney07 ( ago)
All I have is a bubbling radiator and overheating so I'm at a loss I don't
know what's wrong with mine :/

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
It does, if you are describing a head gasket failure or cracked head.

Author aodhanof90 ( ago)
Hey Brain I want to run something by you. I have a '96 Ford Contour GL with
the 2.0L, The car over heated and I believe I blew the Head gasket. The car
started blowing white smoke from the intake and from the exhaust and
stalled out, I managed to get it restarted and limped it home where found
coolant in the cylinders and maybe a little in the crank but non in the
Cooling system. The coolant smelled really bad & there was what looked like
carbon in the overflow- Does this sound right?

Author ostrowskidan ( ago)
the engine is ingesting it across the head gasket duringthe micro second
where there is a pulse of vacuum between the end of exhaust valve event and
beginning of intake event: coolant is drawn in to the combustion chamber
and vaporises and ends up going out the exhaust.

Author ostrowskidan ( ago)
radiater sometimes.To be sure however, put a smog ckeck exhaust probe above
filler neck of radiater with cap off,engine running.The HC(hydrocarbon)
will most likely peg @ 2000 ppm.Or use the blue fluid that turns yellow
when hc is present. a kit is available at auto parts store.makes a great
majic trick with what you dont

Author icewind1906 ( ago)
head gaskets always make me smh, every time.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
I think that pink crud is key. Bottom line is that you're not getting
coolant flow. That's either because you have blockages or your pump isn't
moving the coolant. Perhaps your water pump impeller is gone or spinning
loose on the shaft.

Author Daniel Bonawitt ( ago)
I replaced the cap, the bottle is in good shape. I flushed the system
yesterday, when i pulled the radiator drain plug at first nothing came out.
It was clogged with about 2 cups of this pinkish chalky wet stuff. I ran
water through it about 7 times, after all of that i put universal coolant
in and it still is getting up to about 225° while driving. When i turn the
heat on when its at 225° no heat comes out, just cool air. HELP PLEASE!

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
Replace the coolant bottle/radiator cap. If it doesn't hold enough pressure
it will over heat AND it will spout when off. Pressure helps raise the
boiling point and keep the coolant cooler.

Author Daniel Bonawitt ( ago)
I just bought an 03 grand am off of a guy who was selling it because of
over heating issues. I put dex cool in and swaped out the thermostat and it
is going up to about 200°-220° on hot days. The fans come on at the right
time, and there are no signs of a blown gasket. When I turn the vehicle off
I get coolant coming out of the over flow???? Any help would be great.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
Could be leaking out the radiator, radiator cap, hoses, water pump seal,
heater core, or heater hoses. It could also be going out the tail pipe due
to a bad head gasket or cracked head or block.

Author kaiwingwong ( ago)
Thanks, one more question to bug you. How come's my cars water seems to be
going quite quickly? there doesn't seem to be a leakage anywhere, but i
check the water every so often meaning 3-4 days since the water nearly ran
out last week, and the water seems to be decreasing quite rapidly. Thanks

Author gokartbuyer ( ago)

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
If it's black it's likely just vapor deposits from oil past due oil.

Author kaiwingwong ( ago)
Hi. on my car, the oil cap is full of a Black substance. Is that normal or
does that mean i have a blown head gasket? It does not have any yellow sort
of colour substance. Also, is it a long process to repair? My car seems to
be running low on water very quickly but no leak, im not sure what it is, i
filled it up to more than half 4 days ago, and the water seemed to decrease
to a quarter. May you give me some advice please? :)

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
Yes, OR a bad intake manifold gasket or a leaking trans cooler pipe inside
your radiator.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
It's AWESOME- just don't use as much as they say to use. Use maybe half or
a quarter.

Author steve Icky ( ago)
looks pretty nasty Bri whats your opinion on SEA FOAM??

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
Compression gasses from the combustion stroke go into the water jacket.
That DOES sound like a head gasket failure

Author Ryan Dicko ( ago)
Hi Brian, thanks for the vids, very useful. Question though. Is it possible
my head gasket is failing but letting air into the cooling system making it
overheat at times? Mechanic says once too much air is in water wont
circulate and this is from head gasket failure, but im confused about it. I
can hear water swishing throughout the heater core aswell once air gets
into the system. I have already put a new radiator (old one leaking core)
and changed the thermostat in hope it was that.

Author 400whp240sx ( ago)
To check the head and block surfaces for flatness you will need a machinist
edge and a feeler gauge. Lay the machinist edge along the coolant and oil
openings. If the feeler gauge slides under it the head or block is not

Author 400whp240sx ( ago)
Great video, but if any of you are having issues with coolant getting into
the oil you will need to do a careful inspection. Do not assume you need a
head gasket. Find the root cause and fix it so it doesn't happen again! If
the head gasket is sealing properly you should be able to see the
embassment marks on the head and block surface. The cylinders should look
dirty. If one is clean that is a sign coolant was getting in the cylinder.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@MrStraightProduction Rusted away water pump fins or a bad thermostat, or a
bad fan clutch.

Author Luis Perez ( ago)
My car's heat needle goes all the way to the red line when I accelerate,
but once I let go of the acceleration the needle start to go back to
normal. What can it be? By the way the car doesn't over heat.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@spelunkerd a bit of condensation IS normal. A little brown goo is normal-
especially in humid/cold conditions.

Author spelunkerd ( ago)
In a normal engine, are you allowed to have a small quantity of water
condensation at the oil fill cap? If you have a small quantity of brown
gunk on the oil fill cap, is it always abnormal?

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@DARIUSSR612 If you have a new waterpump, t-stat, no leaks, full of
coolant, fans work, and radiator cap is good- then you've likely got a
plugged up radiator or air is blocked from getting to it- or your head
gasket is bad.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@DARIUSSR612 You're radiator could be thoroughly blocked. Tell me why you
used stop-leak. What was leaking?

Author briansmobile1 (1963 years ago)
@DARIUSSR612 You may not have a thermostat opening, or fans may not be
coming on or a bad fan clutch. Also stop leak products can plug up your
radiator and make it run hot.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@ZacHansonLover80 Sounds like the bands need to be adjusted or it may be
worn out.

Author james felicetty ( ago)
@327patron bad rings is probly wer is it leaking????

Author richie rich (1406 years ago)
yeah thats bullshit to just bc theirs milky oil under the oil cap does not
mean its a blown head gasket its nothing to worrie about all it is moister
build up under the cap no if ur oil is milky now thats when u have the
problem any car that sits up will have moister build up under the cap like

Author william torres ( ago)
i have that but in the radiATOR any ideas

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@327patron Replace the valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals.

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@asleeperj Idle air control valve/motor.

Author Julian ( ago)
@briansmobile1 Got an 87 mustang 5.0 notch, randomly it will decided
instead of idle it will fluctuate, between 500-1000 RPM, then a little
while later returns to normal Any idea? It's a regular 5 speed, has 230,000
miles, still pulls like a boss, and is not mass air...

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@boywonder1993 I've heard it called "an Italian tune up" that is to run it
hard for 30 minutes. It's also a good idea to emissions test it while it's
hot. (op. temp)

Author briansmobile1 ( ago)
@tompwh Runny oil could just mean it's a low weight oil. Bubbles in the
reservoir could be the result of a coolant leak creating excess air and
therefore steam to be pressing out. One of the best tests is to see if
there are compression gasses in the radiator. You can buy/rent a kit for
this at Autozone.

Author tompwh ( ago)
hi. on my 2002 fiat. my oil looks a bit watery and runny. There is also
also bubbles constantly in my coolant reservoir. is this alone a definite
sign of heat gasket fail? thanks

Author MeMad Max ( ago)
God, that looks like an Expedition.... I hate doing the heads on those,
especially the drivers side..............

Author automotiveDIY ( ago)
and not always do you have coolant in the oil, or oil in the coolant. the
headgasket can fail between a coolant port and cylinder, a cylinder and oil
return, and between 2 cylinders (in sleeved engines) all of them would not
expose coolant mixed with oil. you would have steam out the exhaust for a
coolant jacket to cylinder failure. and excessive blowby in a oil return
failure. and just a power loss if it fails between cylinders.

Author Usernameinvalid16 (1642 years ago)
@josh61595 It means Oil is some how getting into the Coolent.

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