James Stewart-Fastest Person ever to ride a Dirt bike

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This is a video that I made on my spare time of some clips from e60, the answer shoot in his backyard and a couple other clips that I found on youtube. I do not take any credit for any of the filming or clips on this, all of the owners I am borrowing to make a group of videos. Also the song in this is Aloha - Fat Joe ft. Pleasure P & Rico Love not copyright intended all rights go to artist and group.

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Author al pacino (6 months)
I didn't think negro's were smart enough to ride a motorcycle!! He should
stick to robbing and carjacking and leave motorcross to the WHITES!!!

Author PlasmicTNT (6 months)
sick :D

Author Bigsmith4040 (8 months)
Amazing how many "yeah but's" this guy gets simply because of the color of
his skin. " Yeah he's fast BUT"," Yeah he won a few races BUT".You chumps
need to put away your stereotypes and ride harder, because Black guys are
catching on to this sport and if you keep wastin time worrying about
bullshit you'll be assed out and even more bitter than you are now.

Author Cameron Putt (5 months)
Villopoto can kick his a** any day.

Author Morgan Mcquiggan (7 months)

Author jjsracing1469 (9 months)
Stewart is a clown! Anyone can ride fast and recklessly. Ride fast and
clean chump. You can get a little dirty in the corners, everyone has, but
trash talk and stupid antics are unprofessional. Look at some of the best,
the goat is Ricky period, but fast fluid guys like Windam, McGrath or some
privateers. Just cause you ride 3 races a year and are out most of the
season doesn't make you a badass, it makes you unreliable and selfish to
your team.

Author Fred Garvin (10 months)
Ricky Carmichael's nickname is the GOAT not the FOAT. James Stewart holds
FASTEST OF ALL TIME honors for the moment. Stewart on his best day would
pull away from Villopoto (or any other rider) on their best day. Not
saying RV is not a great champion and VERY fast, but Stewart is inhuman.

Author lifesaboar2 (2 years)
@hermannkid54 easy to talk shit when your behind a keyboard isnt it? you
must know noone would believe you. and if stewart is so shit whys he won
the overall in both rounds this year? explain please

Author Aaron Rowse (2 years)
You should probably change the title of this video. The fastest man ever to
ride a dirt bike is Ryan Villopoto.

Author 1powerbandman11 (3 years)
my ass!!!!!! ricky charmicheal and chad reed is a monster james stewart
sucks dick all day

@xobreebaby Aren't you a funny kid but the fact is that there are more
white men in jail than black because blacks dont get caught like retarded
white people

Author Tyler Kent (3 years)
Anyone interested in a video like this for villopoto or windham? Like this
comment and ill make one!

Author Tom Wilson (3 years)
its funny cuz he's black

Author XsniperswedenX (2 years)
James stewart- cockiest person ever to ride a dirtbike

Author 3000Luka (3 years)
the song is cool too. James Stewart is my biggest ideal. I could die for
him he's so cool

Author wheelie w (3 years)
Fastest to the hospital too.

Author CRFrider061 (3 years)
@grantsawesomevids I love the 199, but I think Bubba is just in a class of
his own.

Author 9716patrick (3 years)
best alive i see some comments from people who have so douche bag issues
and why wacth the video if u dont like him

Author Tadeo Barrera (3 years)
@3000Luka Dude you r' soooo gay.

Author MrYeti12 (3 years)
@SpawnKilled01 what are you a strait A student cause all of them love
pastrana look up deegan bud or Twitch After you grow some

Author rockyota1 (1 year)
Hes is fast on the MX track . But would like to see him on something like
single track or open desert series . Those are different animals . Seems
like we forget the greats like Scott Summers or Malcome Smith even Johnny
Campbell and many more who rode heavy post modern technology bikes that
still seemed to set records . I guess what Im trying to say labeling one
man as the fastest ever is a stretch . Just imagine if one of the post
modern riders rode one of todays bikes . Anyways great video !!

Author flyfishincrazy (3 years)
I have been following MX since the Marty Smith, Bob Hannah days back in
1976. I have seen them all. Carmichael is the G.O.A.T. but James Stewart is
the fastest.......wild as hell....but the fastest!

Author brandon moore (3 years)
james bubba stewart the greatest of all time!!! XD

Author sector888 (3 years)
too bad Carmichael smoked him..

Author kawasakikx22 (3 years)
@FyZixSniping dude thats wht happens when u go fast!!

Author the90'skids (2 years)
Created by the hands of God with talent beyond others! No hype ! A movie
should by made about him. This young man opened the door and broke the mold
of motor cross ! He brought a sport to the people- who were unaware of how
Awesome and extremely talented these guys are!!!!!!!

Author 213bob1 (3 years)

Author tjc97cobramustang (2 years)
I like stewert cuz he dont act like nigger he has class

Author Shawvuh (3 years)
Fast but sketchy

Author Cody Burfeind (3 years)
he's not the fastest anymore i dont see #1 plates from the supercross

Author Tyler Kent (3 years)
@xlt42 Aloha by FatJoe Check out my new channel. I dont post videos to
strictlymxtylerkent anymore!

Author Stephen Peterman (3 years)
I'm not a James Stewart fan, but his bike looks badass.

Author xobreebaby (2 years)
i thought the only thing black men did fast was run and steal......

Author Tyler Wolstenholme (3 years)
Hes the fastest bcz he rides for yamaha

Author blacprofit (3 years)
@strictlymxtylerkent u stank

Author 17jfrade (3 years)
@c6quad3 I tottaly get you. You're right, it has always been about factory
profits, and not about the joy of the sport. But I still think there is
much more pressure nowadays. Bigger companies, more competition. It's hard.
Still, there have always been riders who are more into de fun of it, and
not careing for the brands, than giving it up for the factory profits.
Check out Reed. He his doing this year MX championship as a privateer, 'cuz
factories find him too old, and he is proving himself!!

Author 17jfrade (3 years)
Man, you all forgeting about Robbie Reynard and the old school crew?? Gotta
miss the MX and the SX when it was all about the joy. Much before the
factory riders and the agressive competition!

Author TheCNDvideos (3 years)
this song is so sick!!! STEWERT is so fast!!!!

Author GWaddCustoms (2 years)
" No one can go around that track faster than i can " oh yea except for
ricky carmichael. DUHHHH

Author hermannkid54 (2 years)
alright, thats why i race in the expert class and completely dominate. i
qualified 2nd for loretta lynns this year. Going for a pro contract not to
crash and give up like him.

Author hagara59 (1 year)
He wrecks to much

Author wadie626 (3 years)
@strictlymxtylerkent i'd like to see reed or stewart do a double backflip

Author Stephen Peterman (3 years)
I like the song more than I do him.

Author iCool247 (3 years)
@SpawnKilled01 They're in 2 different categories ! I'm sure Robbie Maddison
has beat him in long distant jumps...

Author cozza358 (3 years)
Fastest man? Nah Ricky Carmichael didn't own him ey..

Author Andreas Freund (3 years)
what is thios for a song????

Author ncy614 (1 year)
First off the music sucks! second james is fast but thats about it.
defanatly not a g.o.a.t. or a mcgrath.

Author Tyler Kent (3 years)
@Bluediamondmx423 Its called Aloha by FatJoe. Check out my new channel
motofilms151 I dont use this one anymore. Cheers

Author Matt Goetz (3 years)
the difference between james and all other riders is that james is
constantly pushing himself to be faster every lap no matter what place hes
in. The guy rides on the edge. his problem is just keepin er on two wheels
but he is faster than charmiechal was and faster than everyone else out
there right now...everyone else just rides smarter than james

Author Devin Hazlett (2 years)
actually, look how many back to back championships ricky carmichael has.
and how carmichael has 7 back to back and james only has 1 back to back.

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