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  • CaptainBraxxton
    CaptainBraxxton 5 days ago

    There were a surprising amount of whores. That girl was completely topless..

  • Alexander Roca
    Alexander Roca 9 days ago

    80's back lol

  • Sponge Clunge
    Sponge Clunge 12 days ago

    Milo is done, the dumb faggot.

  • Daniel Embree
    Daniel Embree 16 days ago


  • Nazyair sengikar
    Nazyair sengikar 17 days ago


  • siwa69
    siwa69 17 days ago

    "Deport your local illegal"? just for being illegal?...No thanks, this is inmoral, not for me...

  • Alex Tweedie
    Alex Tweedie 18 days ago

    you utter cock.

  • Chuck Muffin
    Chuck Muffin 19 days ago

    This is the funniest thing i think i have ever seen.

  • Yakimandu
    Yakimandu 19 days ago

    lol wtf

  • Slaanesh
    Slaanesh 20 days ago

    Our god milo is back

  • Noah Matos
    Noah Matos 23 days ago

    the king returns

  • agweterndg
    agweterndg 25 days ago

    I'm straight as fuck but cant lie, I love Milo. I mean, how could u not love that guy!

  • Chris Ludolph
    Chris Ludolph 28 days ago

    as a straight white cis gendered male, I believe i finally understand the word Fabulous.

  • Mr. Reborn
    Mr. Reborn 29 days ago

    I fucking love this guy.

  • Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle

    Bill Cosby touched my doodle.

  • Snow Lizard
    Snow Lizard 1 month ago

    Welcome back, senor Pedofilio

  • Nein
    Nein 1 month ago

    Please come to Holland, we need you, Milo.

  • Gone
    Gone 1 month ago

    +MILO please next tine you go to a feminist SJW protest just play bitches aint shit by filthy frank

  • papa al
    papa al 1 month ago


  • Robert Barron
    Robert Barron 1 month ago

    Word of caution Milo: Stop carrying Burmese pythons around your neck. That thing gets spooked, and it will cinch up around your neck and you're dead. Glad you're back.

  • Adam Q
    Adam Q 1 month ago

    Look im a Straight man, But the one guy to make me go gay for the night is milo.. He's just the dopest dude out here speaking up for US... and I just dig his style and I've never had a gay thought ever in my life cause I LOVE women... but milo is so fuckin awesome I would do it just for the experience... but I would also want to woman in the room who was down so milo can see what pussy is all about also...

  • Joeys WorldTour
    Joeys WorldTour 1 month ago


  • aplayaz2000
    aplayaz2000 1 month ago

    most people would say he's gay but that was actually god damm cool

    it's cool cause he knows what he is and is proud of it

  • Wilhelm
    Wilhelm 1 month ago

    What a faggot

  • polcra
    polcra 1 month ago

    This is ether gay... kinda looks like everything he stands against

  • Sarsfe
    Sarsfe 1 month ago

    MILO! When is your book coming out!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • All Invite Ohm
    All Invite Ohm 1 month ago

    Pretentious cocksucker!

  • Ian Lockyear
    Ian Lockyear 1 month ago

    What a gay cunt lol

  • Adam Ant
    Adam Ant 1 month ago

    King Milo

  • wupeide
    wupeide 1 month ago

    That was pretty satanic...

  • Not Bruce Wayne 77
    Not Bruce Wayne 77 1 month ago

    song? please c:

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 1 month ago

    This faggot is a legend

  • VÆRM Koponen
    VÆRM Koponen 1 month ago

    Faggy af

  • dROp tHAt BeaT
    dROp tHAt BeaT 1 month ago

    welcome back dude....

  • Christian Aguirre
    Christian Aguirre 1 month ago

    Milo, cuando en español? :'(

  • Lyn K
    Lyn K 1 month ago

    you're such a fucking faggot

  • Maddy Perennity
    Maddy Perennity 1 month ago

    Watch out, SJW cultists - we're coming for you and we're sending you all to your spiritual homeland North Korea to live under your spiritual leader, Body Positivity Kim. Have fun!

  • John Syzlack
    John Syzlack 1 month ago

    It's a whole lot of posturing, a whole lot of nothing else. We could use you back with helping, Milo.

  • stop the feminist
    stop the feminist 1 month ago


  • eric crljen
    eric crljen 1 month ago

    it was literally nothing

    grow your balls back and get in the ring, you faggot cuck

  • Ellie Crossing
    Ellie Crossing 1 month ago

    Why is he always so extra. I love him.

  • The Heathen
    The Heathen 1 month ago

    Cutie pie!

  • John Franks
    John Franks 1 month ago

    I have this strange urge to play GTA: Vice City

  • Stationboxz
    Stationboxz 1 month ago

    Hey Milo, how did it feel when you raped your 14 year old boyfriend?

  • psycleen
    psycleen 1 month ago

    party trap

  • nappybiscuit
    nappybiscuit 1 month ago

    Man those women are hot!  They are women right?

  • Liomar Baru
    Liomar Baru 1 month ago

    The flamboyant faggot !

  • TheAnnoyingMoe
    TheAnnoyingMoe 1 month ago

    Vice city /pol/

  • StanwoodSpartans
    StanwoodSpartans 1 month ago

    Troll level over 9000!

  • reJectedcss
    reJectedcss 1 month ago

    The black guy behind Milo looks like Ainsley Harriot

  • Not Bruce Wayne 77
    Not Bruce Wayne 77 1 month ago

    name of song please. makes me think of like an 80s film or something lol

  • Yankee 1985
    Yankee 1985 1 month ago

    My Favorite Fag...

  • dont ask
    dont ask 1 month ago

    Milo is the only thing gayer than the new Starbucks unicorn frappaccino.

  • amanrob
    amanrob 1 month ago

    If only he liked white boys...

  • Micro Aggressor
    Micro Aggressor 1 month ago

    This is fucking awesome

  • Grigorij Cleaver
    Grigorij Cleaver 1 month ago

    that was bent

  • Mike Boland
    Mike Boland 1 month ago

    So hes starting his own cult now? Give a speech and stfu 'meelo'!!!!

  • Gee, who's been stealing my memes

    That snake ain't the only Anaconda Milo has...

  • Des Troya
    Des Troya 1 month ago

    Disgusting fag worship. They are laughing at you "conservatives".

  • nameless wanderer
    nameless wanderer 1 month ago

    godamn you Milo, so fabulous

  • Danyel Bigger
    Danyel Bigger 1 month ago

    Hallelujah Milo's back!!!

  • Ben Stone
    Ben Stone 1 month ago

    @MILO your music is shit and no one gave a fuck about your bougie house party.

  • trigger maggot
    trigger maggot 1 month ago

    Wow Gta 6 looks amazing !

  • Brazilball, Lord of South America

    if my son be a faggot, i want him to be like you

  • Jet Set Tomato
    Jet Set Tomato 1 month ago

    A rose blooms twice

  • risingsonseven
    risingsonseven 1 month ago

    what's the music?

  • largerfiend
    largerfiend 1 month ago

    "hey guys I'm back! I just had to wait for that drama about me wanting to fuck small children died down a bit XD"

    • NobodyInParticular45
      NobodyInParticular45 29 days ago

      "That was a pre-planned media hit job that forced me to relive the child molestation I went through and use dark humor to cope with!"
      Nice to see some people choose to not catch up on what actually happened.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 1 month ago

    Reality is becoming more surreal.

  • Paper Gangsta
    Paper Gangsta 1 month ago

    We need you now more than ever #DaddyMilo

  • Josip
    Josip 1 month ago

    100% degenerate, but 200% B A S E D.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 1 month ago

    Milo is like Derek Zoolander

  • Rly Makes Me Think
    Rly Makes Me Think 1 month ago

    amirite fellow r_Ds?

  • Atheist Fryguy
    Atheist Fryguy 1 month ago

    Oh, I actually took you people seriously. I see this is more of a fashion thing for you all. All of the glitz and glamour, being part of fabulous culture. It is like a revitalization of Club Kids, very strange yet interesting.

    Sort of like how SJWs are in it for the attention.

    Humans are weird.

  • YoungTemplar
    YoungTemplar 1 month ago

    How is milo any different to those faggots prancing like princesses on the streets?

  • Sam Moore
    Sam Moore 1 month ago

    Milo has embraced the living meme life haha

  • TheMythof Feminism
    TheMythof Feminism 1 month ago

    First you get the money.
    Then you get the fame.
    Then you get the women.... unless you're Milo, because Milo likes the cock.

  • The Liberterran
    The Liberterran 1 month ago

    THE PEDO QUEEN O'CRINGE IS BACK FOLKS!! WOOP WOOP!!! Forget the insane amount of damage he'll do to the free speech movement, IT DOES NOT MATTER because he said HE WAS MOLESTED. If Social Justice has taught me anything - it's that publicly blaming others for your words and actions is fine, as long as you're a victim! Welcome back to the left folks.

  • papapapenis
    papapapenis 1 month ago

    This is so fucking obnoxious lmao 😭

  • FidelCast0r
    FidelCast0r 1 month ago

    oh frère t'as pas des mineurs à baiser déjà ?

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 1 month ago

    Am Ysrael Chai!

  • Alice Blue
    Alice Blue 1 month ago


  • kyzercube _
    kyzercube _ 1 month ago

    You had me at 80s retro! :D

  • Dmitriy Lebedev
    Dmitriy Lebedev 1 month ago

    I believe this caricature arrogance and self-grandiosity has gotten too much. Already it's impossible to tell if it's a joke or corruption.

  • Nicholas Kudin
    Nicholas Kudin 1 month ago

    that party looked like the s***

  • Boris82much
    Boris82much 1 month ago

    Hi Milo.

  • Billy D'Andrea
    Billy D'Andrea 1 month ago

    0:21 does anyone know where to get that RARE shirt?

  • Sean McIntyre
    Sean McIntyre 1 month ago

    "MILO, NEXT TIME DON'T UPLOAD A LIVESTREAM. WHen ur trying to sell an image it's very important to edit, PROPAGANDA 101" -Diethard, Britannian PR

  • philosophy is freedom

    Well he is not saying trannies are worst than pedophiles this time.
    He's got one of those awesome type parties going on that right wingers never seem to have, but there it is.
    Not too bad.

  • Chelsea Oguike
    Chelsea Oguike 1 month ago

    I would've loved to come but to bad you're a zionists cuck

  • Matt
    Matt 1 month ago

    HEY EVERYONE, NOTICE ME!! Jesus wept.

  • Cajon Chowdhury
    Cajon Chowdhury 1 month ago

    Why do white christains follow this gay conservative jews

  • Big John Schroeder
    Big John Schroeder 1 month ago

    Go to your safe space bitches

  • SS SS
    SS SS 1 month ago

    Coming down the stairs with a snake...EPIC!!!

  • Barrios Groupie
    Barrios Groupie 1 month ago

    The anti-social-science (ASS) crackpot returns.

  • Pokewars454
    Pokewars454 1 month ago

    We are saved

  • Chuck Noris
    Chuck Noris 1 month ago

    I'm only here to see Roger Stone getting crunk

  • Danijel Mornarić
    Danijel Mornarić 1 month ago

    Did milo immigrate to the us

  • Carleena Keithan
    Carleena Keithan 1 month ago

    milo is freaking fab

  • Terry White
    Terry White 1 month ago

    The cock breathed faggot is apparently still unable to handle the castigation heaped upon him from all the other self-loathing under-aged bumming victims. Which is odd, as he is overly fond of dishing out the same sort of sneering opprobrium to assorted Social Justice Warriors and other lame brained liberal wets.

    Come on Milo, stop being such a sissy and man up. It is time to put an stop to having endless cream teas with Mr Tumnus (yes, you've gone that far down into the back of the closet that you are in danger of entering Narnia). You desperately need to perform an act of volte-face, wipe the cum from you chin and start 'shooting' down the liberal cunts once again.

    As my old Scout Master was keen on saying when things started to get hard: 'Remember boys - it's chin up, trousers down' or was that my old priest? Honestly, I was so abused as a kid that at times I can't tell if I'm coming or going. Oh! Happy days.

  • Lt ChugaCast
    Lt ChugaCast 1 month ago

    Milo rocking out lookin like a Bond villain

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