Everything Wrong With Guardians Of The Galaxy

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  • Silver Controller Gaming

    12:57 i thought he said "Groot's Erection"

  • Joshua Berardelli

    Could it be Starlords dad is a sorcerer supreme

  • Sabrina McClain
    Sabrina McClain 1 day ago

    The reason that he doesn't understand the throat thing is his species doesn't understand metaphors, not that it's unique to earth

  • Ormi Ader
    Ormi Ader 1 day ago

    How is Ronan's ship able to stay in thei air and fly if the ship is made of stone?

  • Sam Green
    Sam Green 2 days ago

    I love what you do but you made so many mistakes you should sun your self not to mention humans can survive up to 30 sec in space

  • Joseph Iorio
    Joseph Iorio 2 days ago

    9:00 because he's part god

  • GD Inferno
    GD Inferno 2 days ago

    The more I think and look the more I realize how dumb and fake the costumes look

  • Eli Bernstein
    Eli Bernstein 2 days ago


  • Cloptiman
    Cloptiman 3 days ago

    3:07 how do aliens know what flipping the middle finger means?
    also what langage are they using? if it's english it doesn't make sense, but if it's not it's gonna be weird when meeting the avengers.

  • darkrai master
    darkrai master 3 days ago

    subtract the mom dying and abducted by aliens on same day sin. it's explained in gotg 2

  • Dubs fan
    Dubs fan 3 days ago

    Terrible movie.

  • TheAndrew0085
    TheAndrew0085 4 days ago

    What, no "character points out something obvious" bonus round?

  • Tamás Hegedűs
    Tamás Hegedűs 4 days ago

    This video is dumb

  • SophersSuper
    SophersSuper 4 days ago


  • JuICyBLiinGeR
    JuICyBLiinGeR 5 days ago

    At the end.. When they put in Avatar over the scene at the Collectors place xD

  • Quinton Carrio
    Quinton Carrio 5 days ago

    9:01 it actually takes multiple minutes to die in space

  • xerxBreak
    xerxBreak 5 days ago

    lol but yeah if its just for short amounts of time just keeping his oxygen supply up is totally fine, ironically the "you blow up in space from the pressure difference" and "you immediately freeze in space" myths are movie-populated myths

  • Sha Sta
    Sha Sta 7 days ago

    3:42 Duh, he's looking to score. She's the best-looking woman in the whole f*cking movie!

  • Sha Sta
    Sha Sta 7 days ago

    1:11 F*ck you Cinemasins! Guardians of the Galaxy has a kickass soundtrack and you know it! Ooga Chaka motherf*ckers!

  • Little lucky cat
    Little lucky cat 7 days ago

    Do the sequel!!!!

  • Chief Brody
    Chief Brody 8 days ago

    LOVED Vol 2, but it has a fuckhuge plothole...how did Ego settle on the human form when he set off in his search for life? He had no idea LIFE existed, much less HUMAN life.

  • PercoPlays
    PercoPlays 8 days ago

    its vacuum it's like your under water remove 10 sins for flaming that they don't die

  • Cyber Dash [BlackjackLeWoozard]

    "It's like the blue chick from Avatar had sex with Uhura _AND_ the green chich from Star Trek and had a kid."

  • Cyber Dash [BlackjackLeWoozard]

    Obviously they threw a net of spaceships in the Aster because Robbie Rotten just found it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Richie Bee
    Richie Bee 9 days ago

    a lot of these gripes are addressed if you pay attention to the details

  • Otter Man
    Otter Man 9 days ago

    Actually the human body can survive in space for a pretty long time. And as for transferring shot by bullets and blocking it some kinds of trees manly a sequence can stop bullets as well as a car driving into it. Oh and his mom arranged for the aliens to pick him up and take him to his dad, who is an alien, we don't know who he is. His dad. Cinemasins sins.

    • Otter Man
      Otter Man 9 days ago

      Other are a couple more.

  • Amanda Morales
    Amanda Morales 9 days ago

    I like this movies almost every single one but I love how you make me laugh

  • abel N
    abel N 10 days ago

    nebula is babe for sure !

  • Brittany Colbert
    Brittany Colbert 10 days ago

    But she is the blue chick from avatar!

  • Tommy Tonk
    Tommy Tonk 11 days ago

    who else noticed that at 13:53 it said that Peter was called 'space-lord' and not 'star-lord'. also he has a translator implant in his neck.

  • Shoryu Ken
    Shoryu Ken 11 days ago

    The sin at 4:13 isn't really a sin.
    It's explained in the movie that Drax's species takes everything very literally. So while other aliens may understand the gesture means to kill, for Drax he's literally dragging his finger across his throat.

  • Du Cjinadihjayak
    Du Cjinadihjayak 12 days ago

    Why do all beings of the universe speak English, if not even 5% of all Earthlings speak it as a native language? Why are almost all aliens basically humans in various colors?

  • REBDful
    REBDful 12 days ago

    Second move say's Yondu has a tailor!

  • Scarlett Smith
    Scarlett Smith 12 days ago


  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 12 days ago

    Some of these sins don't exist after "Vol 2".

  • jennifer peckham
    jennifer peckham 12 days ago

    Rest In Peace Adam West. He past today at 88. I happened to watch this episode today.

  • Maximus Rex
    Maximus Rex 12 days ago

    didnt regret watching Guardians of the galaxy but regret watching this shit

  • KOE
    KOE 12 days ago

    Some of these are fixed or answered in the second one

  • A&M's Rage Machine
    A&M's Rage Machine 13 days ago

    ok sorry, but I love this movie. Good point with the sins though.

  • Cascadeis
    Cascadeis 13 days ago

    Please do Vol. 2 too!!!

  • אהרון אלמוג

    should have removed some sins for the moment when Rocket finally stands up and says something like "there, i'm standing too. we're all standing now, bunch of jackasses"

  • Ehow567
    Ehow567 14 days ago

    It takes from 1 to 5 minutes for a person to suffocate in space

  • Thomas Dunn
    Thomas Dunn 14 days ago

    You said it yourself, bitch. We're the Guardians of the Comments Section.

  • Axquirix
    Axquirix 15 days ago

    Okay, so couple of pointers;
    Vin Diesel did state in interviews that characters like Groot and the Iron Giant are some of his favourite to play, and he didn't just sit in front of a microphone; all the motion capture was him too.
    Ronan asking what the hell Peter's doing when he dancing kinda makes sense when you consider how the Marvel Uni is full of super-powerful but human-size beings; Peter's treating Ronan like he's no threat, which either means he's an idiot or possibly is so far above Ronan in term of power that he can afford to muck about and has been bluffing everything so far. We know he isn't, but Ronan barely knows anything about him.
    GotG2 clears up all of Peter's surviving space and holding the Infinity Stone once you learn exactly what and who his dad is, but I won't say the specifics here because spoilers. Just know that it makes sense in retrospect.
    The big gold shield wasn't about bringing the Dark Aster down, it was about delaying it while the civilians were evacuated, which it managed.
    GotG2 also includes what basically amounts to a gun that repairs thing by digitally reconstructing them from some sort of hologram-projector-spray thing. Quill's walkman and tape are probably still in good nick due to the same technology, and it wouldn't be hard to make a rechargeable power supply of the same voltage and current as a pair of AA batteries.
    If you've got problems about anything else, go look up the WMG page for this movie on TVTropes, there's a theory or two for just about everything brough up here.

  • Karan
    Karan 15 days ago

    "You just wanna suck the joy out of everything"

  • Tom & Jerry
    Tom & Jerry 15 days ago

    fuck thanos 💪

  • Scarlet Aubergine
    Scarlet Aubergine 15 days ago

    imagine watching a movie with this guy

  • Vanessa Fernandez
    Vanessa Fernandez 15 days ago

    Do part 2.

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 17 days ago

    That "One Froggy Evening" reference at the end just about killed me! XD

  • JayJayFan
    JayJayFan 17 days ago

    Why do you do this
    Nearly all of these are actually explained IN THE GODDAMNED MOVIE

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer 17 days ago

    high school bahaha

  • NCFC monkey
    NCFC monkey 17 days ago

    I love all of your vids. Bit this is just too negative! I love gaurdians of the galaxy!

  • GG Yeo
    GG Yeo 18 days ago

    Sin number 104 is irrelevant if you watch Volume 2.

  • ethanchaotic 1
    ethanchaotic 1 18 days ago

    She had a seperate cell cause she's the daughter of FUCKING THANOS, THEY THOUGHT SHE WOULD'VE KILLED EVERYONE!

  • Riot Gaming
    Riot Gaming 19 days ago

    I had watched TWD before watching this and I thought that Yondu was played by some black guy and not Merle

  • Olivia Dreme
    Olivia Dreme 19 days ago

    I was waiting for a comment on Quill's Fuck You during the line-up...

  • Benjamin Drake
    Benjamin Drake 19 days ago

    take a shot each time cinemasins says bullsht

  • Jamie Chaplin
    Jamie Chaplin 19 days ago

    Everyone had a orb gamora used hers and starlord still had his

  • Rachel
    Rachel 19 days ago

    I think the reason the room they were in was exempt from the anti-gravity is because (if I remember right) only prison employees are allowed in there. The anti-gravity seems to be a tool to control the prisoners, like a last resort type of thing cause it's kind of hard to riot without gravity and the prison employees wouldn't want to be affected by it

  • caguioaness
    caguioaness 20 days ago

    Loved the Sawyer and LOST reference.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 20 days ago

    Also,I can't believe he didn't point out that the collector stole Laika

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 20 days ago

    Also,with the nova core I don't see why they wouldn't trust him.all he has been convicted of is a. Petty theft,and b. Destruction of property while trying to defend himself. There is no reason a petty thief would lie about the planet's imminent destruction.if Ronan had done that,they would have a reason not to trust him

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 20 days ago

    9:13 also,that yellow shit is likely spinal fluid.they were saying that organic materials being mined,and just as that pool showed up in the initial pan,the said spinal fluid.you can't argue with me.its a f*cking head,there is no way that's piss.maybe its snot.but I don't see why they would be mining for that.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 20 days ago

    7:08 also,The Collector isn't a lil' BITCH.

  • andrew taylor
    andrew taylor 21 day ago

    One of the Gamora related sins might not actually be a sin, if you can pick up on the subtle clues and know a little bit of Marvel lore. The sin about Gamora surviving explosions? Thanos enhanced her and Nebula in some pretty brutal ways. And one way was to use a rare element. Notice that they are mining for something in that giant floating space head that is Knowhere? Well the head is a dead Celestial (same thing as what Ego is and what the giant armored "fields of wheat" guy in the Collectors flashback was). What they are mining for is "Vibranium", a metal uniquely found in Celestials bodies. If that sounds familiar, over on Earth its the stuff that Captain America's Shield, the Vision and Black Panther's suit are made of. (spoiler a dead celestial crashed into Africa eons ago). Gamora is laced with the stuff. That's what the metal tracings on her face are. Much like Cap's Shield and the Panther suit, she can take a hit as it absorbs force directed at her.

  • tstommy7
    tstommy7 21 day ago

    At 9 mins it actually at least 90 seconds

  • Leet 1337
    Leet 1337 22 days ago

    I hope the final battle of Infinity War is just Thanos versus The Collector.

  • Xan Fennell
    Xan Fennell 22 days ago

    to sin number 75 because science!!!

  • General Killer W. of the Arca Army

    Technically a normal human would die of lack of O2 before freezing to death also during very extreme circumstances a person could survive up too 2 minutes in the vacuum of space

  • Pasghetti
    Pasghetti 22 days ago

    6:38 lol that Lost reference tho

  • Connor Mortlock
    Connor Mortlock 22 days ago

    12:55 "Grootsurrection" sounds way too much like 'Groot's erection'

  • Jassy AS
    Jassy AS 22 days ago

    have you ever thought of doing a video called "everything wrong with this channel's segment"?

  • Jassy AS
    Jassy AS 22 days ago

    first one ain't a sin

  • wolfaesthetic
    wolfaesthetic 23 days ago

    "space-air" jesus..

  • Bel-Shamharoth
    Bel-Shamharoth 23 days ago

    Why can't there be some kind of technology that can replicate other devices, such as, for instance, a walkman, a record tape, and some AA batteries?

  • alienlemur noodle soup

    howard the fucking duck

  • Gam'ekfa Toc Duujek Prancing Bull

    Alright, I disliked the looks of this movie before, but now that I've seen that it has Brule in it I can say one thing:
    Space space space space space.

  • Yoyo Young
    Yoyo Young 23 days ago

    Do guardians of the galaxy 2

  • Erika Holcombe
    Erika Holcombe 23 days ago

    Where's Guardians of the Galaxies Vol. 2??

  • ShadowCloudTracer
    ShadowCloudTracer 23 days ago

    That "Jackson Pollack Painting" joke was literary made years before this movie in the Two-and-a-Half Men X CSI Miami episode.
    That's at least one sin, right?

  • Cosmo Prod.
    Cosmo Prod. 23 days ago

    Do the guardians of the galaxy 2

  • Binarie Balasuriya
    Binarie Balasuriya 23 days ago

    sorry for being a dick but isn't there a roll credits at the police lineup when rhomann dey says "they call themselves the guardians of the galaxy"?

  • TheCultureshock101
    TheCultureshock101 23 days ago

    This movie would have been SO much better if they had left all the cursing and sexual innuendos out.

  • Alayla Burkhart
    Alayla Burkhart 23 days ago

    If science has anything to say about it, a human can survive in open space with no protection for about 20 to 30 minutes

  • Maggie England
    Maggie England 24 days ago

    Stone has the power to "mow down civilizations like wheat" *cue planet incinerating*
    How exactly do they think wheat is farmed?

  • Yuki C:
    Yuki C: 24 days ago

    "Wheres blue Merle!?"

    Hahahhahahahahah xD did anyone else laugh at that or was it just me that gets it

  • warpunk
    warpunk 24 days ago

    lulz he said "Groot's Erection"...and with that, we can all make wood related jokes

  • Sapo Deuces
    Sapo Deuces 25 days ago

    Hes half human tho

  • Aaron McElligott
    Aaron McElligott 25 days ago

    Fun fact; "starlord" is immortal. All the tension in this movie means nothing. His father is literal god.

  • infinitywarnerd
    infinitywarnerd 25 days ago

    Okay, just a few notes here.

    First: Groot is made of space roots, so he could be incredibly deans.
    Second: Ego isn't dead yet so Quill is still half Celestial. He can fricking hold an Infinity Stone and not die, so I think his hands could briefly survive space. And even though we only know his dad is something "ancient", it's still a pretty decent explanation.

  • Gamonize
    Gamonize 25 days ago

    Cinema sins if your reading this, I have an idea for a great sin for Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2: how the hell did baby groot drag the desk out of the captain's quarters without being noticed?

  • Sam Craiker
    Sam Craiker 25 days ago

    that last bit with just Howard the fucking duck just made me laugh my ass off XD

  • Penelope 'OC'
    Penelope 'OC' 25 days ago


  • Rocco Ferrer
    Rocco Ferrer 26 days ago

    so are we just gonna ignore that this is a farscape fan film?

  • Shelby McNew
    Shelby McNew 26 days ago

    OMG dude, I fucking love your videos. Always good for a laugh when I need one. Please make more!

  • The CunningHam
    The CunningHam 26 days ago

    4:22 They never said it was, smart ones.

  • Serial Margaret
    Serial Margaret 26 days ago

    I think it takes about 30 seconds in space to die

  • D1ttoDud3
    D1ttoDud3 26 days ago

    Yondu is Mary Poppins, Y'all

  • Sha'nyah Wilson
    Sha'nyah Wilson 26 days ago

    quick question: do you just find a sin and keep it in mind, and then when it's explained you keep it anyway? because it seems like that's what you do.

  • Psycho Teddy
    Psycho Teddy 26 days ago

    Now we wait for the second one

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