5 Umbrella Gadgets put to the Test

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  • Sutahr Platinah
    Sutahr Platinah 10 hours ago

    3:54 my dads reason on why I exist

    SHAGGYJONES 56 10 hours ago

    He looked like a running condom🤣but it's ok because it's Tara's kul.

  • sri shakthi
    sri shakthi 11 hours ago

    On 3:50 he's pantzeep is open

  • Sanjuax
    Sanjuax 14 hours ago

    Dab boi!

  • Dxnny
    Dxnny 16 hours ago

    Nah at 4:52 his dab has gotta be the funniest😂😂

  • Shreekant Kambli
    Shreekant Kambli 1 day ago

    add batman music while he runs with that wind proof umbrella

  • Lavanya Vuppugandla

    Pant zip open

  • tony affa
    tony affa 1 day ago


  • UnDexus
    UnDexus 1 day ago

    sleting celana kebuka coyy...

  • TheGlitteryUnicorn Girl

    2:48 when bae says her parents ain't home

  • Sara
    Sara 1 day ago

    lol turn on captions

    • Sara
      Sara 1 day ago


      "very doable" "do ability test!"

  • Sultana Meena
    Sultana Meena 2 days ago

    whoa u just dabbed

  • Chareese Bishop
    Chareese Bishop 2 days ago

    when he started running😂😂😂😫😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂😂😂😂😂😂this guy is cool

  • Nutella says hi
    Nutella says hi 2 days ago

    TheCrazyRussianHacker dab 4:50

  • Ben Brooks
    Ben Brooks 3 days ago

    At 5:19 he looks like a ufo

  • Shayla Pickering
    Shayla Pickering 3 days ago

    I love how excited he was about the first one 😂😂

  • Kaitlyn Schallow
    Kaitlyn Schallow 3 days ago

    HE DABBED 4:50

  • Unity Wolf
    Unity Wolf 3 days ago

    you guys wanna see a magic trick?

    4:48 tarus turns into a Russian condom in 2 sec


  • Cellar Tick29
    Cellar Tick29 3 days ago

    dab on em ohhhhhhh

  • Jonathan Cassidy
    Jonathan Cassidy 3 days ago

    the 🐕 ☔🌂 hack

  • Nicholas Kordysh
    Nicholas Kordysh 4 days ago

    3:58 he looks like a dragon trying to fight😂

  • DontKillMyVibe
    DontKillMyVibe 4 days ago

    4:51 Dat Dab Doe

  • BillyThaSquid Squid

    did anyone notice his pants are unzipped

  • Angel Maqueda
    Angel Maqueda 5 days ago

    I bet there's no video that has him impersonating his dogs😂

  • Tharo May
    Tharo May 5 days ago

    Nice dab bro😄

  • Rabia Imran
    Rabia Imran 5 days ago

    his trousers xip os open

  • KuKlux Kaleb
    KuKlux Kaleb 5 days ago

    @ 3:50 his shorts were unzipped

  • Chevelle Chiquito
    Chevelle Chiquito 5 days ago

    It so funny when he runs

  • Sharron S
    Sharron S 5 days ago

    In America, you drink water, in Soviet Russia, *water drink you.*

  • satya shukla
    satya shukla 5 days ago

    Umbrella on his head and I lost it :D

  • The Awesome Alien Called , Johnson

    You did the DAB

  • Joey's Channel
    Joey's Channel 6 days ago

    Jake I thought u like Amanda Cerny, btw Congratsssss!!!

  • Leong Alston
    Leong Alston 6 days ago


  • Leong Alston
    Leong Alston 6 days ago


  • Eduardo HE
    Eduardo HE 6 days ago

    crazyrussianhacker more like crazyrussiandabber

  • Victor Carranza
    Victor Carranza 6 days ago

    he seems like a condom 😂

  • Natan Magalhães
    Natan Magalhães 6 days ago

    who else noticed that his zipper was open?

  • Ken Android
    Ken Android 6 days ago

    omfg he forget to zip the zipper in his pants

  • Briana Khamp
    Briana Khamp 6 days ago

    3:45 your fly is open

  • Luke Riggins
    Luke Riggins 6 days ago

    anyone else come for the dab

  • Toxiic Clan
    Toxiic Clan 6 days ago

    did he just put a condom on?

  • Marielle Magramo
    Marielle Magramo 6 days ago

    The umbrella for dogs are supposed to be for cats

  • Jack Maw
    Jack Maw 6 days ago


  • Fernando García
    Fernando García 6 days ago

    3:45 CrazyChineseHacker

  • Apryl L
    Apryl L 7 days ago

    Now that I'm 18 I can finally marry this guy 🙂

  • Logan Speight
    Logan Speight 7 days ago

    At 2:52 he looked like a Chinese person sprinting to attack you lol

  • exotickirby
    exotickirby 8 days ago

    Did anyone read the captions? When he entered the house and said boom it had trademark sign on it

  • jayden thewanted
    jayden thewanted 8 days ago

    at the end when he said I look cool I was just thinking man you look like the tip of a condom

  • Dora Escobar
    Dora Escobar 8 days ago

    anybody lauhged when he dabbed

  • Piggehs 4 Emz
    Piggehs 4 Emz 8 days ago

    THAT DAB THO 4:52

  • Leon Löffler
    Leon Löffler 8 days ago

    your Pants were opened the whole Video

  • Golden Mods214
    Golden Mods214 8 days ago

    wy do u always do gadgets with the white dog and never do gadgets with the black and white one

  • Golden Mods214
    Golden Mods214 8 days ago

    his zipper is unzipped on the third gadget

  • MasterZero_
    MasterZero_ 8 days ago

    The only thing I'm giving a thumbs up is his dab

  • Ijhar Ahmad
    Ijhar Ahmad 9 days ago

    4:52 he did a dab!!!😂😂😂😂

  • frostdarkrai
    frostdarkrai 9 days ago

    he dabbed once

    FIMBF 9 days ago

    stranger: hey kid, want a candy

    kid: no, my mommy told me never trust a stranger when they are offering you candy, 3:58

  • felita padilla
    felita padilla 9 days ago

    these comments r hilarious 😂....love this video to funny

  • Amanda Van Groll
    Amanda Van Groll 9 days ago

    omg...i luv u! great runner! i loled all the way through the head umbrella demo

  • Tiffany Henson
    Tiffany Henson 9 days ago

    At 3:46 am I the only one who noticed his zipper is open 😂

  • Justin Kier
    Justin Kier 10 days ago

    taras forget to close its zipper

  • n9seswa
    n9seswa 10 days ago

    taras : do i look cool
    me: you look like a condom mate

  • kelly mckean
    kelly mckean 10 days ago

    Dab at 5:54

  • Satsha Contla
    Satsha Contla 10 days ago

    his zepper was open😂😂😂😂😂😂😋

  • John iDevice
    John iDevice 10 days ago

    His dab Thoe 😂😂😂😂😂


    You can stand under my umbrella that is the dog thought

    Me(thinks of the umbrella song on 2007 the rain year for Riri's hit)

  • AndroidAddict
    AndroidAddict 11 days ago

    My opinion on the first umbrella "gadjik"

    No one thought of closing the umbrella before coming in

    And, 4:53
    What do I think?
    You look like a human condom
    No offense Taras ✌✌

  • Yessica Salinas
    Yessica Salinas 11 days ago

    where did you buy the umbrella with the head thing for groceries stuff

  • Juan 70N
    Juan 70N 11 days ago

    Wind resistant umbrella makes him look like star trek character

  • Anthony Downey
    Anthony Downey 11 days ago

    Lol that was funny when he starts running like his car ran away

  • Mary Stolworthy
    Mary Stolworthy 11 days ago

    raining all day let's wear shorts

  • miguel angel alvarez v

    me gusto el primer paragua que se doblaba hacia arriba
    y encontre novedoso el paraguas para perros

  • Venus Heart
    Venus Heart 11 days ago


  • Höm Ok
    Höm Ok 12 days ago

    Durability test dundudundudndudnudndjd

  • Farrel satrio aji
    Farrel satrio aji 12 days ago

    he hit the dab hard😂😂😂

  • Milli W
    Milli W 12 days ago

    You Crazy Russian Hacker! 3:10 XYZ! 🙊
    You're so sweet and genuine... I'll forgive the wardrobe malfunction 🙈
    Sending love from NY State! 🍎

  • Mario Hdz
    Mario Hdz 12 days ago


  • Jack Son
    Jack Son 12 days ago


  • Bryce Cannady
    Bryce Cannady 12 days ago

    Did anybody notice that the one he staraped around his arms looked like a condom

  • Aaron Esternon
    Aaron Esternon 12 days ago

    Is there a camera umbrella?

  • Beast Unleashed
    Beast Unleashed 12 days ago

    Could you do gadgets to make slime if they have any?

  • Dat_typical_monkey
    Dat_typical_monkey 12 days ago

    uh nu fren plas dent doub

  • Imsalhi
    Imsalhi 12 days ago

    5:47 looks like a drone trying to spy on the dogs

  • RyDwy 2016
    RyDwy 2016 13 days ago

    One looks like a condom

  • Heather Marsee
    Heather Marsee 13 days ago

    did anyone​ else realize he didn't zip his pants??? 4:10

  • Nic 101
    Nic 101 13 days ago

    5:14 human Saturn lol and when he dabed 🙅‍♂️ it was hilarious 😂

  • Elizabeth Morales
    Elizabeth Morales 13 days ago

    Lets get 5likes to me and win5grands

  • alex9theo10
    alex9theo10 13 days ago

    This was the dankest video he looked look sonic when running and he also dabed.

  • Nyla Skyy
    Nyla Skyy 13 days ago

    I have the first umbrella you showed. I love it

  • Somaya
    Somaya 13 days ago

    His fly is open lol 😂 when he does the umbrella helmet

  • Husariu Paul
    Husariu Paul 13 days ago

    2:47-Rare footage of a soviet solider trying to escape from Stalingrad,1943.
    5:02-Same solider trying to escape the gulag,1943.

  • NATION Z 123
    NATION Z 123 14 days ago

    3:34 Always Zip your Zipper Lol didn't anyone else see that

  • A Weird Doge
    A Weird Doge 14 days ago

    4:51 crazy russian dabber

  • Niko Nevarez
    Niko Nevarez 14 days ago

    He looks like the evil person in spongebob at the head umbrella

  • KruNik
    KruNik 14 days ago

    crh i love you because you are. very hapy in all videos

  • Julianna Perez
    Julianna Perez 14 days ago

    turn on the subtitles it will make your day haha

  • Julianna Perez
    Julianna Perez 14 days ago

    turn on the subtitles it will make your day haha

  • Snow Dragon
    Snow Dragon 14 days ago

    that dab tho

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