TOP 10 FREE Games You Didn't Know Existed!

TOP 10 FREE Games You Didn't Know Existed of 2016 and 2017, the best Free to Play Games for the PC! TOP 10 FREE Games!

► TOP 10 FREE Steam Games (2017) NEW!

► Top 10 FREE FPS PC Games 2017 (NEW)

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More information about the games in the list can be found here:

Alien Swarm -

Battlefield 2 -

Battlefield 2142 -

Black Mesa -

Brawlhalla -

Golden Eye Source -

Killer Instinct -

Paragon -

Trackmania Nations Forever -

Unreal Tournament -

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Added: 22 days ago
Runtime: 11:24
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Useless InfiniteUseless Infinite (1 day ago)
"Halo online" ?

Mark JasonMark Jason (1 day ago)
u can get dayz for free .or h1z1 :)

3000 bosses3000 bosses (1 day ago)
warface should be here it is full of either casual or super high hardcore

김민규김민규 (2 days ago)
only if my laptop didnt die....

Some GuySome Guy (2 days ago)
Most of these games were heavily advertised when they were popular.They just died out over time.

Simple_Cute_KittyKatSimple_Cute_KittyKat (2 days ago)
Lol I all ready know about alien swarm and I have brawlhalla installed

Elvis PresleyElvis Presley (2 days ago)
Yeah... KI is free if youre fine with having only one character

MrAdrien914MrAdrien914 (2 days ago)
Wait, BF2142 is free ? I wanted to reinstall it like a month ago but my install CD is dead and the serial key doesn't work on Origin so that's cool

zu hangzu hang (2 days ago)
Paragon is really good

iFearlessRBLXiFearlessRBLX (3 days ago)
Wait if we didn't know it existed then how did you know, how were there players in your server, you clickbaited us.....

RiboPlaysRiboPlays (3 days ago)
i still don't see AVA in this list -.-'

Marco CMarco C (4 days ago)
What about Halo Online it's halo 3 with updated graphics and it's free

Kuberr gamesKuberr games (4 days ago)
black mesa costs 20 bucks

DjLinksDjLinks (4 days ago)
Anyone else cringe when he reloaded in battlefield 2 with 23 rounds still in the magazine?

-/\/\-TOXIC -/\/\--/\/\-TOXIC -/\/\- (4 days ago)
why the fuck ur lying, why u always lying... black mesa costs 20€

MishavMishav (2 days ago)
-/\/\-TOXIC -/\/\- Black Mesa: Source??

[TF] Zebdab[TF] Zebdab (4 days ago)
im surprised warframe didnt make it there xd its a really good game and its free

samsonic44844samsonic44844 (4 days ago)
killer instinct is pretty fucking well known... retard... and isnt free

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (4 days ago)
+samsonic44844 no and no lol

FatalPointNineFatalPointNine (5 days ago)
yeah, half life 2 and bo1 not gonna fool me

Angel GarciaAngel Garcia (5 days ago)

Angel GarciaAngel Garcia (5 days ago)
can I have a shoed out

Angel GarciaAngel Garcia (5 days ago)
love these games so cool

Troll Face,Troll Face, (5 days ago)
Wait... Battlefield 2142? Battlefield 2? I knew them

Pegboard CatsPegboard Cats (7 days ago)
Fuck outta here, Battlefield 2 and 2142 are known in many countries.
Its how the large scale warfare gameplay continued from 1942.

CronioumCronioum (7 days ago)
Black Mesa Free wow (Looks at steam 5 mins later) what...The....Fucc? (Looks at Description) Not Even Fucking Steam Link.

CronioumCronioum (5 days ago)
The mod isent the game you can get any mod for free at least most of them so this video is false advertising

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (5 days ago)
+Cronioum ??

CronioumCronioum (6 days ago)
But you dont get the game

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (7 days ago)
Yes because the steam version is paid but the mod is free

purple cowpurple cow (7 days ago)
My best free game is battlefield 2 & black mesa

What's ur favorite game?

Jordan WoodfordJordan Woodford (8 days ago)
black mesa isn't free dumbass

Le FoxfitiusLe Foxfitius (8 days ago)
Hey dude a guy that goes by DARK wolf stole your video (this one)

Le FoxfitiusLe Foxfitius (7 days ago)
btw i found another one that did the same xD

Le FoxfitiusLe Foxfitius (7 days ago)
+undercoverdudes np dude ill do that tomorrow :D

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (7 days ago)
if you could link me the video (through twitter would be great @undercoverdudes) I'll make sure to take it down!

A Professional MemeA Professional Meme (8 days ago)
You aren't even halfway through the video... 2:39

TheJere213TheJere213 (8 days ago)
How about söldner secret wars :D pretty old game but still fun to play every now and then and there is even a small community still(though sadly its slowly dying)

CiRCULUMCiRCULUM (8 days ago)
Black Mesa costs 20 €... :(

BaNz OwOBaNz OwO (9 days ago)
What about TF2?

Dudewithamic HereDudewithamic Here (9 days ago)
The word FREE is only a myth on console

Joseph KramerJoseph Kramer (9 days ago)
Warframe is way better then all them

eythan starchereythan starcher (10 days ago)
black mesa is not free put more work in your videos

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (8 days ago)
the mod is free

AndromedaX747AndromedaX747 (10 days ago)
black mesa is 14.99

Lukáš RůžičkaLukáš Růžička (11 days ago)
Black mesa is not for free !! -_-

sufi hdsufi hd (11 days ago)

Cameron WhiteheadCameron Whitehead (11 days ago)
Half these games aren't free, or are bootleg.....

SaduskoSadusko (11 days ago)
Oh my fucking god, I didnt know BF2 was recovered... And here I am playing the original with bots still :'(

JisoizzardJisoizzard (12 days ago)
Unturned is a great game

blancjokerblancjoker (12 days ago)
I grew up with the Battlefield games. Every Saturday night was game night and we would all try to get into the same team/squad. I still have my disk copies.

Dark Angel DreadnoughtDark Angel Dreadnought (12 days ago)
why does everyone hate customization?

ArtrysaArtrysa (12 days ago)
I just started downloading Unreal Tournament but i think i might not be able to run it properly judging from the loading speed.

SpoinRoinSpoinRoin (12 days ago)
Guys black mesa isn't free, it is on steam for 20$ i think

SpoinRoinSpoinRoin (12 days ago)
undercoverdudes really? i fidn't know, i'll check it out

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+SpoinRoin the mod versionis free :)

Henri DeadMortHenri DeadMort (12 days ago)
theres no more goldeneye source on steam

CasperCasper (12 days ago)
I can't find battlefield 2 on steam

CasperCasper (9 days ago)

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Casper use the download links in the description

Mike ConrastMike Conrast (12 days ago)
Didn't know about about the Goldeneye remake. I enjoyed it first hand in it's day. Thumbs up for that alone.

Ville VäisänenVille Väisänen (12 days ago)
"anyone watching can run trackmania" i doubt that, i have laptop with 1.3Ghz dual core pentium cpu and intel mobile express 4 graphics chip

J.N.G NAFISJ.N.G NAFIS (12 days ago)
i think Battlefield Play4Free Better than Battlefield 2 and other game in you video

Brandon CallahanBrandon Callahan (13 days ago)
I'm so happy you told me about the revival of BF2142. I love that game so much.

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Brandon Callahan No problem!

austin georgeaustin george (13 days ago)
when black mesa is a cop of half life 2

This is the most click bait video I have ever seen.

AutisticSelfAdvocacy VGAutisticSelfAdvocacy VG (13 days ago)
they remade Golden Eye , awesome 😃

NuclearUnicorn7NuclearUnicorn7 (13 days ago)
I don't really see why Brawlhalla and Paragon are on this list because Brawlhalla is consistently one of the most populat f2p games on Steam and Paragon has gotten a fair amount of coverage. Everything else I feel is understandable for being on here though.

Adam PenroseAdam Penrose (13 days ago)
Are there any games on PS4 like H1Z1

TJTJ (12 days ago)
Adam Penrose no. Come join the pc masterrace

Sunny NinyaSunny Ninya (13 days ago)
black mesa is not free

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Sunny Ninya the mod version is!

Wimpie BaarsWimpie Baars (13 days ago)
paragon is waaaaaaaay to ez.

Jyn KyoyushiJyn Kyoyushi (13 days ago)
project reality and revive are really good if you like old school good battlefield

Adam ŠámalAdam Šámal (13 days ago)
Is the golden eye on steam?

CristalcikCristalcik (13 days ago)
I love that you included Brawlhalla , love your videos :D

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Cristalcik <3

Ziks Mik ViksZiks Mik Viks (13 days ago)
Killer Instinct is only for Win 10? Fuck.

Poppy DefilerPoppy Defiler (13 days ago)
The UT4 is an absolute gem, even in it 'pre-alpha' stage.. And I must mention, you really could have gone for a fuck-ton of a better footage to showcase the game.. -As I've been playing it with my brother for 2months now, I can attest to; with its highly fluid parkour - style movement, even the duel matches can get pretty fucking hard core.. -So if something should showcase the game, it absolutely should be some of those 'world-class ranked duel matches'...

Poppy DefilerPoppy Defiler (13 days ago)
.Now i feel kinda dirty for basically doing an ad-piece for Epic.. or I at least would, if UT4 actually wasn't a collaboration between Epic, independent programmers with interest in the game, and gamers. ..Well ok, at least now i feel dirty for UT ;-]~

DeezNutsDeezNuts (13 days ago)
on rocket launcher (in goldeneye source) was written Potato is on :/

SquidopediaSquidopedia (13 days ago)
I knew two of those games...

GameDissolverGameDissolver (13 days ago)
if this is the top 10 free game you didn't know Existed


Pro BroPro Bro (13 days ago)
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop came out on Steam. Game is fuckin awesome

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (13 days ago)
+Pro Bro will be doing a first impressions gameplay soon!

POKEGAMERZ 9185POKEGAMERZ 9185 (13 days ago)

QR CodeQR Code (14 days ago)
Fuck you, i have finals too...

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+QR Code R I P

Robert BaldwinRobert Baldwin (14 days ago)

Shelley FeltmanShelley Feltman (14 days ago)
Wait where's warframe

SansSans (14 days ago)
Half of these games are very well known, a quarter are only betas or demos and the other quarter is f2p shit

SansSans (14 days ago)
>people that dont know golden eye and unreal tournament. Yeah okay buddy.
And everyone whos been on steam for more than 5 years knows Alien Swarm. Kinda stupid how you even showed the OLD alien swarm, they updated it with a lot of new content.

Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake (14 days ago)
Where is Orcs Must Die: Unchained?...

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Kakashi Hatake not that good of a game ino

Bowfry FrenchtieBowfry Frenchtie (14 days ago)
Lies. Black Mesa is not free!

Emil215pEmil215p (13 days ago)
Bowfry Frenchtie free non steam version on their website

DEUS VULTDEUS VULT (14 days ago)

Casual XboxCasual Xbox (14 days ago)
The thing is with Killer Instinct you only get one free character, you have to but the rest

Lc_crnnLc_crnn (14 days ago)
I knew 7, played 5 and they're all shit.

Chris JiangChris Jiang (14 days ago)
Igg games has all the "free" games you need

StormStorm (14 days ago)
m134 minigun capable of mowing down waves of crowds WAVES of people in a matter seconds of 7.62 millimeters bullets ha-having the velocity speed of 3 thousand feet or beat per second from a six rotating barrels powered from a electric external power source which has a capability of turning 6000 revolutions per minute which also has a capability of turning so fast you you can put a girls hair in it and and watch it rip off her scalp and the barrel can get so hot o-overheat so much that you can burn alive the victim of it and it al and it also weighs 90 pounds which has the capability of its recoil so devastating that one recoil knockback can knock down a 9 year old child's head in-inside out


Gasmask Man GamingGasmask Man Gaming (14 days ago)
Storm What?

Wooden Plank GamesWooden Plank Games (14 days ago)
The nostalgia when you boot up your old Sony vaio PCG-F250 Because it is the only computer in the house with a floppy drive and the windows 98 logon sound plays

Iron BeardIron Beard (14 days ago)
Toxikk is a great free game too.

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Iron Beard toxikk is pretty much dead

Fantastic MuffinFantastic Muffin (14 days ago)
tf2 should be on this list

ChingBlingtheKingChingBlingtheKing (14 days ago)
Fantastic Muffin everybody knows that game

Lil CheeseLil Cheese (14 days ago)
Battlefield Heroes was... *Crying in corner*

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Lil Cheese feelsbadman such a good game

nono (14 days ago)
Black mesa is 20€ in steam

YoloFishHollow// Gaming!YoloFishHollow// Gaming! (14 days ago)
Killer Instinct boiii

frankmoolahfrankmoolah (14 days ago)
Sucks that u have to have Windows 10 just to play KI for free. Damn M$

Dia NuevoDia Nuevo (14 days ago)
you just killed someone with a chop strike....

Alexander HolmbergAlexander Holmberg (14 days ago)
omg I hav elien swarm

DjmeqaDjmeqa (14 days ago)
Black mesa is NOT f2p

Rei TachibanaRei Tachibana (14 days ago)
I still have BF2 on disk

Dan PetrilliDan Petrilli (14 days ago)
black mesa is not free

Marten O.Marten O. (14 days ago)
*gets triggerd because had 784 hrs on alien swarm

ViveoLa MemioViveoLa Memio (14 days ago)
black mesa is not free

Gamer CatGamer Cat (14 days ago)
Any game is free, if you know where to search ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

undercoverdudesundercoverdudes (12 days ago)
+Gamer Cat ;)

SamDoubleViewSamDoubleView (14 days ago)
*cough* *cough*... ... *puke*

Robbie FreemanRobbie Freeman (14 days ago)
It's "The" not "Va"
doing my fucking head in mate

The_Adorkable _Gamer21The_Adorkable _Gamer21 (14 days ago)
track maina is mine i played it on ps4 and dear god its fun

GD ClazziGD Clazzi (14 days ago)
inb4 top 10 free games [with a salty community filled with kids who put in the search query "how to download games free no paypal"]

You know what happened to Paladins, LoL, TF2 and every F2P game.


mr x crossmr x cross (14 days ago)
red crucible

LemongrabLemongrab (14 days ago)
Someone should mention Warframe! Yes, it's grindy ass f***, but still better than some triple A games.

AspectAspect (14 days ago)
Yeah Paragon! Dude I have like over 100 hours on it. ITS A GOOD GAME GET IT!

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