TOP 10 FREE Games You Didn't Know Existed!

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  • jose luis pinzon C

    0:58 what a fall 🤣😂

  • HyPPex
    HyPPex 2 days ago


  • Nikola Babić
    Nikola Babić 3 days ago

    black mesa isnt and wasnt free ya dingus

  • E3gamer61704
    E3gamer61704 3 days ago

    i use to play Battlefield play 4 free everyday after work... pretty sure its the same game as the battlefield 2 on this list..or am i confused lol?

  • Armless
    Armless 4 days ago

    fk yea! brawlhalla

  • phoondos
    phoondos 5 days ago

    i knew all of these games existed sir

  • Michael Kroes
    Michael Kroes 6 days ago

    my most played game is half life 2

  • GenereTicZ Danker
    GenereTicZ Danker 7 days ago

    Do you want to play Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2141 and do you miss battlefield heroes? Well you are very lucky search for Revive Heroes project on youtube and join the discord :^)

  • Serathis
    Serathis 9 days ago

    I'd like to mention Underhell and Nightmare House 2 for HL2/Source mods.

  • Jayeffex
    Jayeffex 10 days ago

    hmmm.... Black Mesa its not free!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nataly Bar
    Nataly Bar 11 days ago

    i had 2000 hours on brawlhalla whwen this video was uploaded
    and nobody plays alien swarm anymore :( i liked it back in the day when it was more online

  • NeVeR 4GiT
    NeVeR 4GiT 12 days ago


  • geoffrey nava
    geoffrey nava 13 days ago

    how do we download goldeneye

  • Mrs Sabahat Ara
    Mrs Sabahat Ara 14 days ago

    omg..da first game was soo funny😂😂😂

  • Ryker Johnson
    Ryker Johnson 14 days ago

    all the games online

  • Bojan
    Bojan 16 days ago

    tnx man a lot

  • Adrianpato Ciego
    Adrianpato Ciego 17 days ago

    Planetside 2

    • Collin Moynihan
      Collin Moynihan 2 days ago

      Adrianpato Ciego everyone knows about planetside 2...

  • J C
    J C 19 days ago

    paragon isnt free

  • kenobi mendoza
    kenobi mendoza 20 days ago

    like budden

  • kenobi mendoza
    kenobi mendoza 20 days ago


  • SebPlaysGames
    SebPlaysGames 20 days ago

    I knew about every single one of these, and some of these aren't even free!

  • Kyle Pfitzer
    Kyle Pfitzer 21 day ago

    Jesus I didn't even know paragon launched. good job epic. you're doing a really good job promoting your games on services that aren't steam.

  • Σωτήρης Κατσουλιέρης

    goldeneye source isn't technically free
    you need hl2 for the source sdk

  • SkullZ_PuncherZ
    SkullZ_PuncherZ 22 days ago

    guy this guy was lieing about killer instinct becuase 1.IT IS A PUBLIC GAME 2.ITS A PUBLIC GAME 3.ITS A PUBLIC GAME 4. you get the point

  • Resycss Blender
    Resycss Blender 23 days ago

    Project Reality And Squad !!

  • TheAce.
    TheAce. 24 days ago

    paragon is not for low pc, you need 1gb vram to run it

  • Uncle Peter
    Uncle Peter 25 days ago

    every game is free if u pirate it

  • Isaac Swiftlink
    Isaac Swiftlink 25 days ago

    paragon sounds like an exact copy of lol

    • Collin Moynihan
      Collin Moynihan 2 days ago

      Isaac Swiftlink why because it's in the same genre? They're in two different perspectives and play very different

  • Beast Gaming0504
    Beast Gaming0504 25 days ago

    on Steam?

  • Hyper1ox
    Hyper1ox 25 days ago


  • Robert Hosein
    Robert Hosein 25 days ago

    I knew golden eye existed.I used to play it a lot on my Nintendo

  • Delta Sbj
    Delta Sbj 27 days ago

    They are not free, all of them are pay to win except unreal tournament.

  • Zaw 117
    Zaw 117 27 days ago

    My favorite game is Critical ops

  • Srdjan Krajcer
    Srdjan Krajcer 29 days ago

    i CAN'T RUN TRACK MANIA, that is how bad my pc is, all I need to tell you is that i have intel pentium 4

  • GoldenNoob Playz
    GoldenNoob Playz 1 month ago

    how can i download golden eye source? there is no download link

  • beast_rightCAE
    beast_rightCAE 1 month ago

    Alex, i hope this new channel improvement and new content will help your channel grow in the future.
    good luck!

    • undercoverdudes
      undercoverdudes 29 days ago

      +beast_rightCAE thanks for the kind words! Channel is going from strength to strength :)

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez 1 month ago

    best top 10 that I can acually use on my shit computer thank u so much

  • Night Blazer
    Night Blazer 1 month ago

    I Subscribed when you told me to going to like when i have done typing this.

    so yea i will like it now

  • Sans The Skeleton
    Sans The Skeleton 1 month ago

    Ummm You know that Alien Swarm is just S.A.S. 4 but 3D?

  • Useless Infinite
    Useless Infinite 1 month ago

    "Halo online" ?

  • Mark Jason
    Mark Jason 1 month ago

    u can get dayz for free .or h1z1 :)

  • 3000 bosses
    3000 bosses 1 month ago

    warface should be here it is full of either casual or super high hardcore

  • 김민규
    김민규 1 month ago

    only if my laptop didnt die....

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 1 month ago

    Most of these games were heavily advertised when they were popular.They just died out over time.

  • Simple_Cute_KittyKat

    Lol I all ready know about alien swarm and I have brawlhalla installed

  • Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley 1 month ago

    Yeah... KI is free if youre fine with having only one character

  • MrAdrien914
    MrAdrien914 1 month ago

    Wait, BF2142 is free ? I wanted to reinstall it like a month ago but my install CD is dead and the serial key doesn't work on Origin so that's cool

  • zu hang
    zu hang 1 month ago

    Paragon is really good

  • Dexar
    Dexar 1 month ago

    Wait if we didn't know it existed then how did you know, how were there players in your server, you clickbaited us.....

  • RiboPlays
    RiboPlays 1 month ago

    i still don't see AVA in this list -.-'

  • Marco C
    Marco C 1 month ago

    What about Halo Online it's halo 3 with updated graphics and it's free

  • Kuberr games
    Kuberr games 1 month ago

    black mesa costs 20 bucks

  • DjLinks
    DjLinks 1 month ago

    Anyone else cringe when he reloaded in battlefield 2 with 23 rounds still in the magazine?

  • -/\/\-TOXIC -/\/\-
    -/\/\-TOXIC -/\/\- 1 month ago

    why the fuck ur lying, why u always lying... black mesa costs 20€

    • Mishav
      Mishav 1 month ago

      -/\/\-TOXIC -/\/\- Black Mesa: Source??

  • [TF] Zebdab
    [TF] Zebdab 1 month ago

    im surprised warframe didnt make it there xd its a really good game and its free

    • Sen van der Heide
      Sen van der Heide 1 month ago

      [TF] Zebdab everyone know that game, that is the problem

  • samsonic44844
    samsonic44844 1 month ago

    killer instinct is pretty fucking well known... retard... and isnt free

  • _R3bootV1
    _R3bootV1 1 month ago

    yeah, half life 2 and bo1 not gonna fool me

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 1 month ago


  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 1 month ago

    can I have a shoed out

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia 1 month ago

    love these games so cool

  • Troll Face,
    Troll Face, 1 month ago

    Wait... Battlefield 2142? Battlefield 2? I knew them

  • Pegboard Cats
    Pegboard Cats 1 month ago

    Fuck outta here, Battlefield 2 and 2142 are known in many countries.
    Its how the large scale warfare gameplay continued from 1942.

  • Cronioum
    Cronioum 1 month ago

    Black Mesa Free wow (Looks at steam 5 mins later) what...The....Fucc? (Looks at Description) Not Even Fucking Steam Link.

    • Cronioum
      Cronioum 1 month ago

      Sen van der Heide black mesa :source is diffirent

    • Sen van der Heide
      Sen van der Heide 1 month ago

      Cronioum the hell are you talking about? Black Mesa : Source is free

    • Cronioum
      Cronioum 1 month ago

      The mod isent the game you can get any mod for free at least most of them so this video is false advertising

    • undercoverdudes
      undercoverdudes 1 month ago

      +Cronioum ??

    • Cronioum
      Cronioum 1 month ago

      But you dont get the game

  • uzumaki naruto
    uzumaki naruto 1 month ago

    My best free game is battlefield 2 & black mesa

    What's ur favorite game?

  • Jordan Woodford
    Jordan Woodford 1 month ago

    black mesa isn't free dumbass

  • Le Foxfitius
    Le Foxfitius 1 month ago

    Hey dude a guy that goes by DARK wolf stole your video (this one)

    • Le Foxfitius
      Le Foxfitius 1 month ago

      btw i found another one that did the same xD

    • Le Foxfitius
      Le Foxfitius 1 month ago

      +undercoverdudes np dude ill do that tomorrow :D

    • undercoverdudes
      undercoverdudes 1 month ago

      if you could link me the video (through twitter would be great @undercoverdudes) I'll make sure to take it down!

  • A Professional Meme
    A Professional Meme 1 month ago

    You aren't even halfway through the video... 2:39

  • TheJere213
    TheJere213 1 month ago

    How about söldner secret wars :D pretty old game but still fun to play every now and then and there is even a small community still(though sadly its slowly dying)

    CiRCULUM 1 month ago

    Black Mesa costs 20 €... :(

  • BaNz OwO
    BaNz OwO 1 month ago

    What about TF2?

  • Memes is Gud
    Memes is Gud 1 month ago

    The word FREE is only a myth on console

  • Joseph Kramer
    Joseph Kramer 1 month ago

    Warframe is way better then all them

  • eythan starcher
    eythan starcher 1 month ago

    black mesa is not free put more work in your videos

  • LeoN-7472
    LeoN-7472 1 month ago

    black mesa is 14.99

  • Lukáš Růžička
    Lukáš Růžička 1 month ago

    Black mesa is not for free !! -_-

  • sufi hd
    sufi hd 1 month ago


  • Cameron Whitehead
    Cameron Whitehead 1 month ago

    Half these games aren't free, or are bootleg.....

  • Sadusko
    Sadusko 1 month ago

    Oh my fucking god, I didnt know BF2 was recovered... And here I am playing the original with bots still :'(

  • Jisoizzard
    Jisoizzard 1 month ago

    Unturned is a great game

  • blancjoker
    blancjoker 1 month ago

    I grew up with the Battlefield games. Every Saturday night was game night and we would all try to get into the same team/squad. I still have my disk copies.

  • Dark Angel Dreadnought

    why does everyone hate customization?

  • Artrysa
    Artrysa 1 month ago

    I just started downloading Unreal Tournament but i think i might not be able to run it properly judging from the loading speed.

  • SpoinRoin
    SpoinRoin 1 month ago

    Guys black mesa isn't free, it is on steam for 20$ i think

    • SpoinRoin
      SpoinRoin 1 month ago

      undercoverdudes really? i fidn't know, i'll check it out

    • undercoverdudes
      undercoverdudes 1 month ago

      +SpoinRoin the mod versionis free :)

  • Henri DeadMort
    Henri DeadMort 1 month ago

    theres no more goldeneye source on steam

  • Casper
    Casper 1 month ago

    I can't find battlefield 2 on steam

  • Mike Conrast
    Mike Conrast 1 month ago

    Didn't know about about the Goldeneye remake. I enjoyed it first hand in it's day. Thumbs up for that alone.

  • Ville Väisänen
    Ville Väisänen 1 month ago

    "anyone watching can run trackmania" i doubt that, i have laptop with 1.3Ghz dual core pentium cpu and intel mobile express 4 graphics chip

    J.N.G NAFIS 1 month ago

    i think Battlefield Play4Free Better than Battlefield 2 and other game in you video

  • Brandon Callahan
    Brandon Callahan 1 month ago

    I'm so happy you told me about the revival of BF2142. I love that game so much.

  • austin george
    austin george 1 month ago

    when black mesa is a cop of half life 2

  • Ccs904
    Ccs904 1 month ago

    This is the most click bait video I have ever seen.

  • AutisticSelfAdvocacy VG

    they remade Golden Eye , awesome 😃

  • NuclearUnicorn7
    NuclearUnicorn7 1 month ago

    I don't really see why Brawlhalla and Paragon are on this list because Brawlhalla is consistently one of the most populat f2p games on Steam and Paragon has gotten a fair amount of coverage. Everything else I feel is understandable for being on here though.

  • Adam Penrose
    Adam Penrose 1 month ago

    Are there any games on PS4 like H1Z1

    • Sen van der Heide
      Sen van der Heide 1 month ago

      TJ nah, we don't need console scrubs

    • TJ
      TJ 1 month ago

      Adam Penrose no. Come join the pc masterrace

  • Sunny Ninya
    Sunny Ninya 1 month ago

    black mesa is not free

  • Wimpie Baars
    Wimpie Baars 1 month ago

    paragon is waaaaaaaay to ez.

  • Jyn Kyoyushi
    Jyn Kyoyushi 1 month ago

    project reality and revive are really good if you like old school good battlefield

  • Adam Šámal
    Adam Šámal 1 month ago

    Is the golden eye on steam?

  • Cristalcik
    Cristalcik 1 month ago

    I love that you included Brawlhalla , love your videos :D

  • Ziks Mik Viks
    Ziks Mik Viks 1 month ago

    Killer Instinct is only for Win 10? Fuck.

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