Mean Tweets – Oscars Edition

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  • The Oscars are a celebration of the movies and those who lift others up, but we must also not forget those who push those same people down. They are internet trolls who keep celebrities grounded day after day, night after night. We acknowledge them with this special #Oscars Edition of #MeanTweets featuring Natalie Portman, Ryan Gosling, Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Chastain, Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Whoopi Goldberg, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Casey Affleck, Emma Stone, Miles Teller, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Bridges & Robert De Niro.

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    Mean Tweets – Oscars Edition
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  • Karina G
    Karina G 3 hours ago

    Lin nearly rapped his tweet, the teleprompter couldn't even keep up. What a perfect little roll

  • MaggiePayne916
    MaggiePayne916 1 day ago

    The tweet about Felicity Jones is pretty accurate. They're both hot, but I do think she looks like a female version of Eddie. Not saying she looks like a dude but they both have very similar eyes.

  • Drey Anime
    Drey Anime 3 days ago

    I love how they are all okay with the mean tweets 😂

  • ThatAwkwardGirl
    ThatAwkwardGirl 3 days ago

    I did not laugh once at their responses to mean tweets

  • First Name Last Name

    How was Felicity Jones comment insulting? I don't get that.

  • Red Card
    Red Card 6 days ago

    OMG!! Robert di Niro!

  • xLonGxLegZx
    xLonGxLegZx 8 days ago

    These are weak

  • PeanutButterZombie00

    To be fair, Robert DeNiro IS super old, though. Like digging-trenches-under-General-Custer old.

  • Cris Corcoran
    Cris Corcoran 8 days ago

    none of these were mean

  • Sad Aesthetic
    Sad Aesthetic 8 days ago

    I'm just here for my son Lin

  • Assyriansoldier1933

    0:28 that made me laugh out load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lolmao500
    lolmao500 10 days ago

    Jeff bridges is 75 years old or what

  • Mindaugas Dargis
    Mindaugas Dargis 11 days ago

    Does the tweets get picked completely by the guests or Kimmel staff helps out picking the good ones?

  • CrustyDustyTrash
    CrustyDustyTrash 11 days ago


  • Petko Krushev
    Petko Krushev 12 days ago

    god Jessica Chastain is amazing

  • TheBirthOfJackie
    TheBirthOfJackie 12 days ago

    i don't get the white balance one

  • SirNutalot1
    SirNutalot1 15 days ago

    If Emma Stone looks like a crack whore .. damn.. shes one of the hottest ive seen .. :D

  • Bruten Neff
    Bruten Neff 16 days ago


  • Mats Flogeland
    Mats Flogeland 17 days ago

    IT looks like Casey Is still in character

  • Anna santiago
    Anna santiago 19 days ago

    I love Miles Teller.. but that tweet was pure genius 😂😂😂

  • podcats TV
    podcats TV 19 days ago

  • Darlington Ojobo
    Darlington Ojobo 20 days ago

    de niro I love that

  • Petros Kouklotheatros

    I just saw Emma Stone,in Woody Allens "Irrational man". I think she is brilliant!

  • Kiara Animefan
    Kiara Animefan 22 days ago

    Did not know Natalie Portman was pregnant. Well, belated congratulations!

  • Marleo Ca
    Marleo Ca 22 days ago

    I love Eddie Redmayne, he's such a great (yet underrated) actor! And his reaction to the mean tweet proves it once again=))

  • Luis Fedalizo
    Luis Fedalizo 22 days ago

    The one about Felicity Jones was just mean.

  • velly yr
    velly yr 23 days ago

    Ryan gosling👌

  • Call Me Blurryface
    Call Me Blurryface 23 days ago


  • Javier Rodriguez
    Javier Rodriguez 24 days ago

    Ryan gosling looks like Gordon Hayward

    NATLUS 24 days ago


  • Diego Savage
    Diego Savage 24 days ago

    That dog one got me 😂😂

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts 24 days ago

    The one at Eddie Redmayne was a quote from The Little Rascals.

  • gorginhanson
    gorginhanson 25 days ago

    I like how they did Eddie Redmayne right after her

  • G.O.D No G.O.D
    G.O.D No G.O.D 25 days ago

    Tilda you should buy that dog!

  • Tierre Jevon
    Tierre Jevon 25 days ago

    gaaaaah damn....was Natalie carrying twins?

  • Kate Thomas
    Kate Thomas 25 days ago

    Eddie was dissed by the little rascals!!😂😂

  • Sofie Mccarthy
    Sofie Mccarthy 26 days ago

    ok I can't roast lin-manuel miranda

  • William Rozario
    William Rozario 26 days ago

    No way that was the worst tweet you could find about Casey Affleck

  • mandie willingham
    mandie willingham 27 days ago

    I freaking love Samuel L Jackson

  • JustAnother UndertaleFan


  • The Lover Boy
    The Lover Boy 29 days ago

    Emma Stone is A Angel From Heaven

  • WithADashOfPazazz
    WithADashOfPazazz 1 month ago

    why was the audience so quiet??

  • Lee Schindler
    Lee Schindler 1 month ago

    where is the DONALD TRUMP reads mean tweets.... please make this happen

  • Pouya Vagefi
    Pouya Vagefi 1 month ago

    Deniro response was awesome

  • Okami
    Okami 1 month ago

    Congrats Natalie for the pregnancy!

  • Wilmer Berg
    Wilmer Berg 1 month ago

    Smart human wild challenge landing by toxic

  • historiam amo
    historiam amo 1 month ago

    why were they so nice to lin.

  • Effy Stonem
    Effy Stonem 1 month ago

    LMFAO Miles Teller literally looks like a guy who would request Gangnam Style at a wedding where he doesn't know either the bride or groom

  • 0415jacob
    0415jacob 1 month ago

    I would NOT object to lunch with Natalie Portman

  • Brent Robles
    Brent Robles 1 month ago

    Oh look. It's Natalie Portman. Haven't heard from her in a while.

  • David Nuñez
    David Nuñez 1 month ago

    emma stone killed me

  • Mikael Bent
    Mikael Bent 1 month ago

    Do you love clicking buttons to subscribe to things? Then click the button and subscribe to my channel and you'll be happy

  • Mikael Bent
    Mikael Bent 1 month ago

    Omg... Emma stone does look like a crack whore

  • Ella Janssens
    Ella Janssens 1 month ago

    Indicator joint rush fellow police long high warm.

  • Prisoner 24601
    Prisoner 24601 1 month ago

    0:46 nearly made me cry.
    Noooo! Eddie! WHY?!?!

  • Music Girl
    Music Girl 1 month ago

    Why can't people just shut up. these people worked hard for what they have. Why don't u people go read a book, or say something nice.

  • theOVERWATCH54
    theOVERWATCH54 1 month ago

    Felicity.. has to be one of the hottest actresses out there.. i mean at Natalie.. what happened? lol

  • Steam Punk
    Steam Punk 1 month ago

    Swith the godfather to the GRANDfather, that's a good parody

  • Terrible Blerson
    Terrible Blerson 1 month ago

    who else is apart of the fight zhenya club for offending the cinnamon roll

    • Terrible Blerson
      Terrible Blerson 1 month ago


  • lincoln dasema
    lincoln dasema 1 month ago

    Ah!😬 leave Emma Stone alone!

  • musicprincessxoxo
    musicprincessxoxo 1 month ago

    I'd actually prefer them reacting to funny tweets rather than just mean tweets. Kinda like the one for Ryan Gosling was probably a fan just venting about how goodlooking he is

  • Cupcake Mafia
    Cupcake Mafia 1 month ago

    eddie's mean tweet was such a cute reference to "The Little Rascals"!

  • GrimTheRealReaper
    GrimTheRealReaper 1 month ago

    God Jimmy Kimmel got old.

  • Gyselle Matos
    Gyselle Matos 1 month ago

    nobody should ever make fun of lin manuel miranda!

  • Alex Bellingham
    Alex Bellingham 1 month ago

    Emma Stone is actually from here in Phoenix. Woo-Hoo! #HomeGirl #ArizonaBorn

  • stanley weezy
    stanley weezy 1 month ago

    Was the first one mean tho? It didn't sound mean at all...

  • trouser cat ginger
    trouser cat ginger 1 month ago

    1:02 off Christmas film 💓

  • BuddyGroove
    BuddyGroove 1 month ago

    These use to be funnier. Where do I click for funnier?

  • Ann Nonato
    Ann Nonato 1 month ago

    The Tilda Swinton one got me cracking up 😂

  • Madison Pease
    Madison Pease 1 month ago

    Lin and Eddie insulted in one video why do people try to hurt my babies

  • Fletch Creates
    Fletch Creates 1 month ago

    I think the miles teller one is the most accurate

  • Holly Havens
    Holly Havens 1 month ago

    I love how people say mean things about celebrities they don't even know! I always find it really weird that people have the time to sit around and tweet mean things about people.

  • Diamond Seraphin
    Diamond Seraphin 1 month ago

    but the tweet to Eddie Redmayne was Alfafa's misguided hate letter to Darla from The Little Rascals lol

  • hakasims
    hakasims 1 month ago

    How could anyone say mean stuff about Robert De Niro?

  • Quynh Harris
    Quynh Harris 1 month ago

    The one to Eddie Redmayne was a quote from The Little Rascals.....Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes! Love, Alfalfa.

  • DisasterWarning
    DisasterWarning 2 months ago

    I've completely given up on the "mean tweets" 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Tropicalnight
    Tropicalnight 2 months ago

    I wouldn't be offended if someone told me i looked like a dog. I'd be pretty darn happy.

  • I'm Not Biased
    I'm Not Biased 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but these weren't brutal enough

  • Asim Uddin
    Asim Uddin 2 months ago

    Robert should've said "yeah, I do grandpa roles. If you don't believe me, just ask your grandma."

  • LovetheWild123
    LovetheWild123 2 months ago

    They should do one with teen celebs like Kylie and Chloe Grace Moretz.

    INTENSE GAMING 2 months ago

    Natalie Portman got ugly from the star wars series

  • Bucky Barnes
    Bucky Barnes 2 months ago

    Whoopi's was funny lol.

  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado 2 months ago

    Satan, please take my soul in exchange for a one-night stand with Felicity Jones. Thank you.

  • CcHarAnDey
    CcHarAnDey 2 months ago

    The white balance one! XD XD im dead

  • Rens Kloosterman
    Rens Kloosterman 2 months ago

    God I love Robert de Niro

  • NameUnknown
    NameUnknown 2 months ago

    Whoopie Goldberg was shocked by that comment that she said "that's it"

  • TheKaukas
    TheKaukas 2 months ago

    Last one was so true.

  • Z Zeddler
    Z Zeddler 2 months ago


  • Herbert Hernandez
    Herbert Hernandez 2 months ago


  • My Chemical Self Indulgence

    God bless Lin Manuel Miranda

  • Josue Martins
    Josue Martins 2 months ago

    De Niro.

  • Christopher G.
    Christopher G. 2 months ago

    Heh, that dog did look like Tilda Swinton.

  • Isamanda Pariat
    Isamanda Pariat 2 months ago

    boy Eddie and Felicity don't have the same face but they're both gorgeous and amazing actors and BTW I loved Ryan's tweet cause who cant stand that guy?!!!😂😂😈😬😡

  • Naara Medina
    Naara Medina 2 months ago

    Is it just me or the Ryan Gosling one, was more a compliment?

  • Uğur GENÇ
    Uğur GENÇ 2 months ago

    who one cares twitter anyway, still proceed?

  • Katherine Gross
    Katherine Gross 2 months ago

  • sir kukucashu
    sir kukucashu 2 months ago

    mean tweets are dying off rip

  • Ellinor04
    Ellinor04 2 months ago

    More like "star Wars edition" 😂

  • Luka Dacic
    Luka Dacic 2 months ago

    Miles Teller one was GOLD.

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