Arokai Livestream

Well decided to record superfeesh's epic progress on the livestream ^-^.
Everything belongs to superfeesh, I do not own anything, nor am I superfeesh, I'm just a fan of her game like everyone else ^-^. : Chara creator download

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Author Silverand Moon (5 months)
Funny, how the comment. " they said it wouldn't take much longer" was out 2
years ago :/

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@dino30001 No problem :P Yeah, I hate when that happens.

Author gnomecake (3 years)
The Arokai team says it shouldn't be to much longer before the game is out.

Author Julie Wolf (3 years)
Omg,omg,omg,omg xD thanks for Recording some of it~ ive been waiting to
watch super's livestream but its never on / im late and the livestream is
over ;-;

Author TheSapphireFox (2 years)
I wanna make awsome games @_@

Author TheWealthyFilly (2 years)
Love yur vids! Keep em comin!

Author gnomecake (2 years)
@onewolflegend Not sure

Author layla moul (1 year)
can someone help me,on the canine editor it wont let me use the proportion
bit if you understand please tell me

Author Neko the Lioness (2 years)
I have blender and it starts out as a cube and I dont even know wht the f
to do :P

Author Patrakka69 (3 years)
well. the longer it takes it must mean the better it will be! :D

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@WolfLova1231 it's not out yet

Author Brianna Nottellingyou (2 years)
@Sucico2 I think it wasn't recorded, and I never took a screenie, I'm so
sorry D: wish I took the screenie, the night was just solid black, couldn't
see a thing but the stars, sky, and moon. Very realistic.

Author ForestoFlight (3 years)
@Annaboo523 they aren't gonna have dragons in the first phase :/ the last
one will have it sorry

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@Wolfquestloverful Nope, they couldn't get the flight to work so they are
putting canines in the first version.

Author MsFrenchfries18 (1 year)
yes, but it takes a lot of time and knowledge to get to where Superfeesh is
in this video.

Author gnomecake (2 years)
@AnimalLuver215 Don't think superfeesh will be working on the gryphons
anytime soon since she hasn't worked out the flight. But I will whenever
that happens :P

Author TsukiTheAnimal (3 years)
It is just to epic to hold in, dont you agree?

Author FlyingScribJelly (3 years)
@XevanescenceamyleeX But why? Don't you want it to be more realistic? :\ If
you want sharp teeth, you could just be a dragon or something. D:
Personally I think the teeth look great.

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@julissakent31 Yeah, I think so.

Author xZombieParadise (3 years)
Wow. I'm so excited for this game. I practically stalk the forums and their
DA. Lol. It's coming along amazingly and I think th game will be beautiful.

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@Wolfyy23 Yes she does ^_^

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@emmieabrams Not sure, think they are re-doing the model.

Author gnomecake (2 years)
Do ya' make stuff in it? :P

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@Wolfquestloverful ^_^

Author dragoness4321 (3 years)
Don't think it's going to come out this year. They still have to animate
the growl, sit, lie down, and alot more things before the first release is
out yet. You just gotta be patient, and wait... Don't go crazy... o-o
-Starts juping up and down on seat. - I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!!! - Goes crazy
and runs around the room like an energy-packed jackal. D:

Author TheSnowCat1 (3 years)
@gnomecake XD wait this is a lot liek FeralHeart... it looks pretty cool...
possibly cooler than FeralHeart, but i need to see more.... is this what
FeralHeart is going to become or is this just a different game? and can you
see other players on this game?

Author WICKAtheWOLF (2 years)

Author DOENOT XD (1 year)
There certain date for this game to come out... please be patient! :)
it will come out when it does

Author Brianna Nottellingyou (3 years)
I bet this will be the most top game ever to be having the most realistic
and best graphics ever, if there was a vote for best game, I would vote for
this one ♥ Super does the best things ever.. c:

Author Kent goodwin jr (3 years)
was this used with blender or something

Author Aliyah Woodz (3 years)
i want teh teeth to be sharper

Author ropeburn2 (2 years)
how come i cant download the game? on the forum it says i dont have
permission to access that area... is it not done being made? or something
else please help!

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@TyphoThewolf101 ^_^ Yeah, will most likely be way better then Feral
Hearts. (No offense to the FH team)

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@xZombieParadise Same, and same. ^_^ lol

Author Alphafemale143 (2 years)
They used blender

Author XxMaddieGirl12xX (3 years)
lol this song is always used! xD great game btw cant wait till its out!

Author gnomecake (2 years)
@ropeburn2 Plus the game isn't out yet, so it's not even on the forums yet

Author Prince Chrom (2 years)
I would hate to ask but can you film gryphon livestream? plz i love them!
p.s thanks for the wolf livestream

Author Alex Gilmore (2 years)
What is this song lol?!

Author gnomecake (2 years)
@StormZorua They are working on them as far as I know, not to sure about
the dragons though.

Author gnomecake (2 years)

Author onewolflegend (2 years)
So wht program did Arokai ppl use to create the charecters?

Author mspurpplepie (1 year)
I want the game as soon as it come out so if it does and u contact me and
tell me please..Thankyou!

Author TyphoThewolf101 (3 years)
i was there :D awesome vid :I just cant wait till its out...

Author BrokenGlassMirror (3 years)
@dragoness4321 it's coming out soon... That's what gnomecake told me o.O

Author nalasaffy98 (1 year)
when will come out arokai?

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@TheSnowCat1 Feral heart and Arokai had a friendship thing going on. I
think it's going to be more advanced then FeralHeart. This is a different
game then FeralHeart. Yes you will be able to talk to other players just
like FeralHeart. Since it's a multiplayer game.

Author Brianna Nottellingyou (3 years)
@gnomecake Which makes her specialness. xDD

Author gnomecake (3 years)
@Wolfquestloverful Yeah that'd be awesome :D

Author gnomecake (2 years)
@ropeburn2 The area may just be for admins until the game is officially

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