Arokai Livestream

Well decided to record superfeesh's epic progress on the livestream ^-^.
Everything belongs to superfeesh, I do not own anything, nor am I superfeesh, I'm just a fan of her game like everyone else ^-^. : Chara creator download

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Author Silverand Moon ( ago)
Funny, how the comment. " they said it wouldn't take much longer" was out 2
years ago :/

Author layla moul ( ago)
can someone help me,on the canine editor it wont let me use the proportion
bit if you understand please tell me

Author DOENOT XD ( ago)
There certain date for this game to come out... please be patient! :)
it will come out when it does

Author Umbraza ShatteredMoonRise ( ago)

Author mspurpplepie ( ago)
I want the game as soon as it come out so if it does and u contact me and
tell me please..Thankyou!

Author Takata Cheroki ( ago)
i have blender 3d, and i can do the 3d model, but there aren't any simple
tutorials (ie- a simple list) on how to skin, animate, or code. :/ i guess
i'm just gonna have to wait till i can finally find a class...

Author MsFrenchfries18 ( ago)
yes, but it takes a lot of time and knowledge to get to where Superfeesh is
in this video.

Author marija4434 ( ago)
when will it be out 

Author Silver S.S ( ago)
hay how do u download Aro'kai? 

Author TheSapphireFox ( ago)
I wanna make awsome games @_@

Author gnomecake ( ago)

Author Neko the Lioness ( ago)
I have blender and it starts out as a cube and I dont even know wht the f
to do :P

Author Alex Gilmore ( ago)
What is this song lol?! 

Author StormZorua ( ago)
Good luck Team Aro'Kai! Make people ditch Feral Heart and Impressive World
for ya!...Well not really ditch but...all I'm saying is not play for a
while :3 Good Luck! ~Stormy

Author gnomecake ( ago)
Do ya' make stuff in it? :P

Author gnomecake ( ago)

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@StormZorua They are working on them as far as I know, not to sure about
the dragons though.

Author StormZorua ( ago)
Hey guys,no biggie but are there dragons and owls there?Cuz I looove them!

Author Silvera Soul ( ago)
O-O I think I have a brain freeze of this O_O

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@RILEYOKAMI ikr o-o so technical

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@onewolflegend Not sure

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@ropeburn2 Plus the game isn't out yet, so it's not even on the forums yet

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@ropeburn2 The area may just be for admins until the game is officially

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@AnimalLuver215 Don't think superfeesh will be working on the gryphons
anytime soon since she hasn't worked out the flight. But I will whenever
that happens :P

Author V3ngeful Maiden (V3ngefulMaiden) ( ago)
@Sucico2 I think it wasn't recorded, and I never took a screenie, I'm so
sorry D: wish I took the screenie, the night was just solid black, couldn't
see a thing but the stars, sky, and moon. Very realistic.

Author Sucico2 ( ago)
@Wolfyy23 nope didnt see it. where can i see it??

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@WolfLova1231 it's not out yet

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Wolfyy23 xD

Author V3ngeful Maiden (V3ngefulMaiden) ( ago)
@gnomecake Which makes her specialness. xDD

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Wolfyy23 Yes she does ^_^

Author V3ngeful Maiden (V3ngefulMaiden) ( ago)
I bet this will be the most top game ever to be having the most realistic
and best graphics ever, if there was a vote for best game, I would vote for
this one ♥ Super does the best things ever.. c:

Author V3ngeful Maiden (V3ngefulMaiden) ( ago)
@gnomecake Thats good news to hear c: -about the Arokai Team thing- Have
you seen that island place yet during a livestream btw? :D It was sooo
beautiful ♥

Author gnomecake ( ago)
The Arokai team says it shouldn't be to much longer before the game is

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@emmieabrams Not sure, think they are re-doing the model.

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@NingyoDanna agreed :3

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@FlyingScribJelly I agree, the teeth look pretty realistic and great.

Author FlyingScribJelly ( ago)
@XevanescenceamyleeX But why? Don't you want it to be more realistic? :\ If
you want sharp teeth, you could just be a dragon or something. D:
Personally I think the teeth look great.

Author Aliyah Woodz ( ago)
i want teh teeth to be sharper

Author Aliyah Woodz ( ago)
@dragoness4321 lol

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@ZoopRanger Yea :P

Author ZoopRanger ( ago)
Omfg. seriously. i cant wait ;D Im gonna be a deer <3 I hope it will come
out this year..

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Patrakka69 Yep :D

Author Patrakka69 ( ago)
well. the longer it takes it must mean the better it will be! :D

Author TsukiTheAnimal ( ago)
It is just to epic to hold in, dont you agree?

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Dustywhisker nope :P *bounces up and down in seat*

Author Dustywhisker ( ago)
The AK team is doing a BEAUTIFUL job <3 Can't wait, can you?

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Wolfquestloverful ^_^

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@xZombieParadise Same, and same. ^_^ lol

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Wolfquestloverful Yeah that'd be awesome :D

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Wolfquestloverful Nope, they couldn't get the flight to work so they are
putting canines in the first version.

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Wolfquestloverful ^_^ yeah

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@SporeWolfDragon Nope, they couldn't get the flight to work so canines are
going to be first this time. The Arokai team made a vote for which animal
would be next, so no one knows for sure yet.

Author SketiHoops ( ago)
@Annaboo523 owls are the only animals that will be there when we first get
the game, otheranimals will be reallesed eventually and i think its in this
order: 1:owls 2:wolves & cats 3:bears & dears 4: gryfons & dragons. im not
to sure this is the order but owls are defaneily first. hope that helped!

Author TheSnowCat1 ( ago)
how do you watch livestream?

Author TheSnowCat1 ( ago)
@gnomecake ok kwl thx

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@TheSnowCat1 Feral heart and Arokai had a friendship thing going on. I
think it's going to be more advanced then FeralHeart. This is a different
game then FeralHeart. Yes you will be able to talk to other players just
like FeralHeart. Since it's a multiplayer game.

Author TheSnowCat1 ( ago)
@gnomecake XD wait this is a lot liek FeralHeart... it looks pretty cool...
possibly cooler than FeralHeart, but i need to see more.... is this what
FeralHeart is going to become or is this just a different game? and can you
see other players on this game?

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@Annaboo523 I'm not sure whether they will put dragons on it when it first
comes out. I heard Superfeesh was having problems with the flight. So it
may just be anything that doesn't have wings. ^_^ and sure 

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@julissakent31 Yeah, I think so.

Author Kent goodwin jr ( ago)
was this used with blender or something 

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@TyphoThewolf101 ^_^ Yeah, will most likely be way better then Feral
Hearts. (No offense to the FH team)

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@spike200r o-o I thought the music was pretty good hah. Guess that sucks
for you, it's better then what I was gonna put.

Author gnomecake ( ago)
@dino30001 No problem :P Yeah, I hate when that happens.

Author Julie Wolf ( ago)
Omg,omg,omg,omg xD thanks for Recording some of it~ ive been waiting to
watch super's livestream but its never on / im late and the livestream is
over ;-; 

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