School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating!

Get inspired to see how Japanese students operate their lunch period! You can see why "lunch period" is placed as a learning period in Japanese schools. Directed, edited and filmed by Atsuko Satake Quirk, Cafeteria Culture's media director. Visit to see how we bring in this Japanese style student-led operation into US school cafeterias on sorting their waste!

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Author Hello there ( ago)
We eat high school leftovers lol

Author Kayla Martin ( ago)
Im supried there is a lot of milk. Most People are lactose intolerant, unless you live in the states and parts of Europe.

Author tetsuya no yoroi ( ago)
man, at younger grades you can see the kids just having a blast lol

Author Ayu Ajja ( ago)
i soo maze too see this kid
soo good manner

Author Chong Hun Yi ( ago)
Wow, what a education for your kids! so precious little minds. all the respect to your efforts to raise these kids in a good, loving, harmonious manner... just delighted...

Author Amy Dinh ( ago)
Omg I wish California schools were like this

Author DehTrashCan .-. ( ago)
Japan Has a very nice school they grow there own food and say thank you and have alot of respect, there not as spoiled as i was born from China but i moved to the great land of AMURICA and i got use to this and probably is to spoiled to even do this stuff. THEY DONT EVEN HAVE JANITORS AND CLEAN THERSELVES WHILE IM HERE SIITING MY BUTT ON A CHAIR WATCHING THIS

Author XxItzArianaGrandexX MSP ( ago)
0:10 no offence but that girl looks cringey

Author ennder dog ( ago)

Author coolshadesjr ( ago)
If I were to go to Japanese school... I would literally be 70% cleaner, respectable, energetic and more. XD

Author coolshadesjr ( ago)
Holy cheesecake Japan is so... so... MUCH!! SO MUCH AWESOME!! OOOOYYYYYYY

Author Project kids ( ago)
I think so that the Indian food is delicious food ever I am an Indian so if you are also a indian give me a like........

Author Bilderbergz ( ago)
this is hilarious, so much discipline in those children.

Author 331SVTCobra ( ago)
Who could POSSIBLY downvote this???

Author 成宮毅 ( ago)

Author Max The great ( ago)
Oh well

Author Max The great ( ago)
I Think this is my Japanese school

Author Rosalie Nunez ( ago)
napaka disiplina ng mga bata dapat ganito sa ibang skul

Author Nyan_kitty Gaming ( ago)
Wow wish my school lunches were like that

Author Stargalacticgamer Sheldon ( ago)
I don't see a single phone wow

Author Larmisitor Charmis ( ago)
I wish I was born in Japan. They have so many good food😭

Author Natalie Cleveland ( ago)
we Americans are so wasteful and seeing little kids recycle all of that paper made my heart swell. America is a dump landfill and many adults don't know the proper way to recycle or never try to

Author Evert van Ingen ( ago)
My god :O Everything is perfect and well thought trough!
I would love to Live in Japan.

Author Scwirul ( ago)
I'm not usually one to say this... but this is actually adorable! I wish I went to school in Japan... we just got turkey twizzlers and sloppy inside of a cottage pie!

Author abd boji ( ago)
Japanese people is the nicest and most kind people on the world, they have systems of dealing with others . they give respect for others serving . respecting others is an essential thing in Japanese culture .

Author Exploded Diaper ( ago)
"When i heard saitama". ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!

Author DoorisJ ( ago)
Really? the part where the kid is reading from a sheet of paper the chef gave him. You got me fucked up! There's no way that schools tiny ass little cabbage patch produced enough potatoes for the whole damn school.

Author kopa shamsu ( ago)
now I understand why japanese kids don't post their pregnant photos on facebook to get 100 likes to abort the foetus.

Author Alberto Dejesus ( ago)
all Americans should watch this video

Author Geovanna Souza ( ago)
That's so cool they make homemade lunch ,they recycle, and the kids help the teachers and the staff make the food and clean up take me there

Author nephthally johnson ( ago)
they say that Asians are smart people

Author HE MAN ( ago)
This is so cute

Author Kawaii_Slimez ( ago)
Wow, now i wanna study in Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author hoang thien ( ago)
i love it

Author Sakura Chan ( ago)

Author Trippy Cornflakes ( ago)
10 times better than our government-regulated lunch programs here in the US.

Author johnjerick floriano ( ago)
i admire how japanese respects food

Author michael sj ( ago)
simply amazing for being Japan & Japanese

Author Mr Popsplit ( ago)
Never been so inspired before

Author Bashir Uddin ( ago)
'New York no ko tachi ni miseru kara.' What!!! Chanto shite yo. The lady who is filming said she will show it to the kids of New York. How about showing it to kids in Africa who don't have food and die every day!. it is a shame how you percept about the children in the world! Because you are Japnese, you want to show to American kids that how Japanese kids do. You are obliged to your superior who nuked you 70 years ago! break free yourself lady

Author ฬєlς๏๓є t๏ ๓ץ ђєll ( ago)

Author Alqasim Alqsim ( ago)
The Saudi school is shit , I hope the Saudi school is changing like Japan 🇯🇵 I can't imagine that 😂💔💔

Author kookie Anastacio ( ago)
is this a public school? my public schools suck😴

Author Noob131355 ( ago)
38 students? My class only have 36

Author Joey's BANANA & MAYO Sandwich REVIEW ( ago)
I think I'm just going to stick to my school's cardboard pizza instead.

Author Jena Walis ( ago)
i felt really inspired by this thank you so much😊

Author Rinpuii Tlau ( ago)

Author Rachel ( ago)
Japan seems like the only country in the world that has its shit together! All the kids are so polite and it's great that they learn to clean up after themselves, and are given responsibility in school. I want to go to Japanese school!

Author NSK131 ( ago)
Japanese kids seem so cute and respectful to. I wish I had a childhood like them. Forget the drugs and pain I had

Author Dayze 213 ( ago)
If only america was like this

Author vindelextreme ( ago)
this is where everyone wants their kids to grow up. good community that teaches respect and self reliance

Author Neko Savior ( ago)
"hora shito"
I'm so rude, but I started laughing when they said "shito"

Author Joshua Gonzales ( ago)
our lunch time in the Philippines it takes about 45 minutes too

Author PugCable 2V ( ago)
At 8:02 free child labor

Author amna hassan ( ago)
they are so clean!😃

Author Cristsia's Imagination ( ago)
Their school lunch is a WHOLE lot better than ours in Frisco, we have unseasoned mash potatoes, and pink gew chicken, and a little stale bread. Love the school though!

Author Jacob Willis ( ago)
Meanwhile in America kids are served mysterious green goop

Author LittleMissMe86 ( ago)
Some kids and adults don't even brush their teeth, well taught children.

Author Carmela Gray ( ago)
its only 45 mins to perform all those task?

Author Carolyn M ( ago)
Shaming him for not using chopsticks😂👌🏻

Author Basraj Khan ( ago)
Wow i like this school and my i heate it

Author Michelle Sacedor ( ago)
this is awesome 😎
❤ this much....

Author Alex Uzumaki ( ago)
This is the only school that I'd want to be a teacher at

Author Frank Gzz America's Boyfriend ( ago)
how long is the school day? Here in the USA it's all about teaching kids how to take tests for $$$

Author Anime Paradise :p ( ago)
most lunches in the U.S. is made from a box or it is frozen 😦😧😷😖

Japanese are such good people

Author tina peng ( ago)
same here in taiwan but you had to pay your meal every month😁...but this is most detailed and dicipline i guess...unlike here

Author Charles Choo ( ago)
when i was a kid,when my teacher call me to sweep the classroom and etc i always refuse
because i think i pay them, why should i sweep the school,and the goddamn school got janitor n other anyway
btw i live in indonesia

Author Conxa Pons ( ago)
Me parece muy adecuado, es ganial!

Author Lenin Gurung ( ago)
This made me more jealous. Of course this would be great lessons.

Author Anna W2006 ( ago)
I wish I lived there my school here in America SUCKS 😧😣😣😢

Author brie bwie ( ago)
I wish I could be a transfer student there, it is so amazing and everyone is happy and respectful. ..

Author Honeylet Gonzales ( ago)
Ow my in my school in USA we don't do that old people are serving us are own food and we don't brush our teeth in the school only in home and we need to wear uniform and we bring those items

Author Aditya Mohan ( ago)

Author Kittuete and Raj ( ago)
meanwhile in the North western hemisphere..

Author MegaZemor ( ago)
I wish all kids are like them. respect to Japan

Author 행복 ( ago)
Japan is one of the best place and Japanese were so discipline.

Author Amber Therese ( ago)
What a wonderful example of a well run school. I wish American schools would adopt some of these practices. Thank you for sharing!

Author Veera Rajendran ( ago)
OMG ... I love EVERYTHING about Japan

Author Popolar bear ( ago)
i'm a Japanese too its good in here everyone is discipline さよなら

Author Popolar bear ( ago)
i'm a Japanese too its good in here everyone is discipline さよなら

Author anshika yadav ( ago)
at least america is developed i wish indians were like this

Author Sky Ayande ( ago)
Man, in america they serve us artificial food with GMO and to top it up with pesticide.

Author annie wu ( ago)
I am toooo lazy to do all this

Author Loveto Cook ( ago)
kids in the U.S. in the 1950's used to have manners, my sister's jr. high in the early 50's grew vegetables in a school garden, but the U.S. was more culturally homogeneous, that's why things were as they were back then. Definitely need a return to that.

Author Michael Tan ( ago)
A weeaboo's dream

Author vindelextreme ( ago)
1:17 one punch school

Author Roshan Shinde ( ago)
I have a dream that one day such schools will be in my country.

Author Christina Jung ( ago)
So different than what I'm used to in Texas!

Author meh bleh ( ago)
Oh so that's why their better than Americans huh I feel like trash now

Author TheGuyWhoWatchHentia Q ( ago)
saitima holy shit I Just Notice One Punnnnnch Man

Author anime _miraculous ( ago)
American lunch is just a time to socialize

Author anime _miraculous ( ago)

Author Aliyah Davis ( ago)
wow they actually cook the food

Author Diamond Sporter ( ago)
I have to do that every summer when I go to Japan

Author tatyana sherinda ( ago)
how come schools in japan seems awesome like this?

Author rainiighost ( ago)


Author Baby Queen Bee ( ago)
I love the Japanese children they are sooooo kawaii 💠 cute like if you agree 👍 ^_^

Author Sarah and Tony's world ( ago)
Their recess is sooo cool

Author Phillip5432 ( ago)
Compare that to the west... Well done Japan :)

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