School Lunch in Japan - It's Not Just About Eating!

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  • 'Arisii AMF
    'Arisii AMF 57 minutes ago

    WOW AWESOME! JAPAN IS THE BOMB wow how beautiful JAPAN is such a super nation when it comes to education - etiquette -RESPECT - people skills and teaching real basic skills and it is no wonder their kids are so brilliant. that respect by bowing n showing RESPECT is fantastic! go JAPAN! THANK U JAPAN!

  • Katherine Arteza
    Katherine Arteza 3 hours ago

    you have to be very polite in Japan.

  • jenn perez
    jenn perez 5 hours ago

    pretty cool

  • Doodle Bug
    Doodle Bug 5 hours ago

    *this was really cool!*

  • Mohsin Manap
    Mohsin Manap 13 hours ago

    remember the group of japanese spectators in the stadium during football world cup cleaning their area before leave? so guess now i know where it all started. at school!!

  • Faailangi Fauolo
    Faailangi Fauolo 13 hours ago

    If only these spoiled American kids could learn from this🙄😂

  • saz z
    saz z 18 hours ago

    tough life

  • Lise Liu
    Lise Liu 23 hours ago

    a part of me hate to say this but this is why asians get judged, and they should not because if
    you call this nerdy you must be a real moron. this is not nerdy it is merely a organized fashion of eating, it's their culture, don't make fun of them just because they are trying to make the world a better place

  • Lise Liu
    Lise Liu 23 hours ago

    why i wish i was born in japan...

  • 2-D is god
    2-D is god 1 day ago

    and then there's America

  • Oosee Oosee
    Oosee Oosee 1 day ago

    This is more beneficial to the kids than learning math and science

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar 1 day ago

    and we had just 25 min lunch break .

  • Nafisa tabassum
    Nafisa tabassum 1 day ago

    I wish I could born in Japan :(

  • Fukuda Arisa
    Fukuda Arisa 1 day ago

    I'm Japanese😊Shools provide not only delicious meals but also well nutritious 😊They select proper ingredients from a wide range of sources. Furthermore, everyday different menus are well organised by nutritionists who work for school. When I studied in an another country , I was just shocked how people were addicted to detrimental eating habits. For example, eating peanut butter as a desert. Considering eating habits is the key to success :)

  • tran thanh
    tran thanh 1 day ago

    they are the best !

  • xx Galaxy Gxames xx

    Why am I watching this even if I'm not Japanese

  • Logan R.
    Logan R. 2 days ago

    Us ny kids are laughing so hard

  • よし 96
    よし 96 2 days ago


  • brokecreole
    brokecreole 2 days ago

    this can happen in any country but democracy is the promoter of all bad behaviour...we must do what we want..our children must get more freedom to be happy and wasted

  • JUMP Sexyzone ポッキースカイピース大好き


  • Magpie Randoms
    Magpie Randoms 3 days ago

    Why can't British kids be so amazing?! :(

  • mjs
    mjs 3 days ago

    we are few hundred years behind

  • Jessica Mo
    Jessica Mo 3 days ago


  • chinna balan
    chinna balan 3 days ago

    why didn't they stand up while greeting the teacher

  • WalkingMeme
    WalkingMeme 3 days ago

    I wish they did this at my school. My classmates are lazy asf. Each school day one group is assigned to clean the classroom after the last period. I remember one time I cleaned the room by myself because my group mates were too lazy 😭 They all went home, leaving me to clean the room 😭😂

  • global channel
    global channel 3 days ago

    discipline overload lol..

  • Wanda Coffield
    Wanda Coffield 4 days ago

    Us Americans, could learn so much from the people of Japan! But we're to stubborn to! This is way much better than our school's here as well as organized! I wish I were there at a young age an go to their school!!!😊😊

  • PewDiePie Aphmau
    PewDiePie Aphmau 4 days ago


  • Sid Ney
    Sid Ney 4 days ago

    i want my school to be like that

  • les fy
    les fy 4 days ago

    i want to move in japan bc their so organize so study study ☺

  • Katie and Lexie Super Twins Walker

    America should learn from Japan! This is awesome! I want to go to a school in Japan!

  • Jasian LeRice
    Jasian LeRice 4 days ago

    No wonder Japan are so clean , they taught them as adolescence unlike in Southeast Asia garbage almost everywhere

  • Unicorns Are amazing

    There may be obese people in America. But that's not how other countries should tease us about. In fact we WERE the first country to have freedom in your choices.

  • Lara Hill
    Lara Hill 5 days ago

    Wish the lunch lady's in England would let me help.

  • Ilovmermaid
    Ilovmermaid 5 days ago

    Lucky we only have 30 minutes or less to eat our lunch in America.... 😫

  • ya itsmerc
    ya itsmerc 5 days ago

    Wow better than the soft plastic food the lunch serves us!!!


    it's nice to see kids are helping but that's not they are there for...

  • Tony Liang
    Tony Liang 6 days ago

    How people in east Asia wish that the Japanese could respect and admit their own past in world war 2 as they tell their children to the workers! An education with high quality should not be without looking into their own past correctly! This is as if they only want to build the second and third floor of a building and pretend that they could happily live in it!

  • Ai Vy Yolo55
    Ai Vy Yolo55 6 days ago

    while they are thanking the cooks in my school my friends yell at the cookers one time my friend had 9 potato bites and we usually have 10 so he made a big fuss about it so he got a minor -_-

  • CuteKitty Crisha
    CuteKitty Crisha 6 days ago

    Saitama school is the best because I live in Japan.My schools name is Tsuchiai Jr High school SAITAMA

  • ChasehaWing
    ChasehaWing 6 days ago

    So precious

  • Aliyah Digal
    Aliyah Digal 7 days ago

    i really wanna go there not brAggin but it looks fun to clean school its better than waiting i jealouss

  • A world of possibilities !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Gourmand meals no that's not right for American kids to have let's make them eat almost toxic food and it's discussing "said every American educational leader in America

  • regie peralta
    regie peralta 7 days ago

    That's a great way to teach your children... to be responsible from the start so they will grow will it... I hope every country will adopt the same tradition they are doing. keep it up guys. =)

  • Yifang Hong
    Yifang Hong 7 days ago

    Exactly just like Taiwan, but Japanese persue absolute cleanliness

  • Nnajaja R
    Nnajaja R 7 days ago

    And thats why they are smarter

  • Harman
    Harman 7 days ago

    all of the sudden I want to move to Japan. my Lil daughter she is two and she is fussy doesn't eat anything. and which give me so depression. I wish one day she gonna eat healthy and will stop eating chocolates and chips..

    NOLI LARIDA 8 days ago

    nice video

  • Anna Higgins
    Anna Higgins 8 days ago

    My school lunch time is 5 min

  • Kate Klein
    Kate Klein 8 days ago


  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 8 days ago

    what year is this from i dont see any cell phones

  • Natasya Syaznie
    Natasya Syaznie 8 days ago

    they don't bring a book???? school had to bring and don't bring that 😑😑😑

  • The Intellectual
    The Intellectual 8 days ago

    thats why japan is succesful.

  • The Intellectual
    The Intellectual 8 days ago

    thats called teachings n brought up

  • MirandathePanda
    MirandathePanda 8 days ago

    I wish I was Japanese

  • Aliaa Mohammedd
    Aliaa Mohammedd 8 days ago

    Me and our friend are grade 5 we fight with grade 6 no respect 😂😂😂😂

  • Michelle Christine August

    this is wonderful

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 9 days ago

    Now I don´t want to live in germany anymore.

    Well, I never wanted to :´D

  • Laura Jimenez
    Laura Jimenez 9 days ago


  • Addison Kay
    Addison Kay 9 days ago

    we use hands or forks to eat fish

  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Alyssa Rodriguez 9 days ago

    I would love to go there

  • Peter Negro
    Peter Negro 9 days ago

    once again america looks like a bunch of idiots with over hyped life styles.

  • xox_Caitlin _xox
    xox_Caitlin _xox 9 days ago


  • Isabel Wonnenberg
    Isabel Wonnenberg 9 days ago

    Their lunch room must be a very clean environment and the kids help serve food it's like the lunchtime is a class too

  • •hanjiweeb•
    •hanjiweeb• 9 days ago

    at my school everyone pushes and fights for food. they leave their plates at the table and the teachers always have to pick it up after them/us. In Japan everyone looks so well behaved and disciplined. <3 So cute tbh.
    Hopefully schools in my country could be more like this or even better I could move there but unfortunately im not confident in the language.

    • S 星期六
      S 星期六 6 days ago


      if i had to guess the reason why

      it's probably because they lack the education why a decent meal is important for tasks like school and stuff

      without the education for something, why care for it

    • •hanjiweeb•
      •hanjiweeb• 9 days ago


  • Sera Scientia
    Sera Scientia 9 days ago

    My brother would be much more discipline and diligent if he attend this kind of school x'D

  • Marsha Diy
    Marsha Diy 9 days ago

    Why the smocks and masks?

  • toejamtea yum
    toejamtea yum 9 days ago

    i have to do this at my school camp coming in a couple of weeks but not at my school but i want to!!

  • Tree-hugger Sans-cœur

    How can a western kid compete? Soon, America will be Asia's bitch if it doesn't stop looking in the mirror.

  • Sherilyn Herger
    Sherilyn Herger 10 days ago

    I loved this video. Thank you very much for making it and posting for everyone to see!

  • Melissa Chuah
    Melissa Chuah 10 days ago

    it's really great educational meal,it is difference with our country 😀

  • Lily Teo
    Lily Teo 10 days ago

    i think singapore is still the best

  • Thuan tee Lee
    Thuan tee Lee 10 days ago

    I know Japanese people of this class number means:This 5-2 class is say this 5 is the year 5. 2 is the Ranking

  • Amol Gawde
    Amol Gawde 10 days ago

    Truly Inspiring

  • Elish Seyfried
    Elish Seyfried 10 days ago

    Wow how I wish all the schools in this world should have their own farm so that all the kids can eat fresh healthy food, with very clean canteen environment. Everyone wash their hands wearing head cover and face mask while handling and taking the food. Everyone clean their own waste. Oh what an eco friendly world!

    • Elish Seyfried
      Elish Seyfried 10 days ago

      Not to forget, they did recycle that milk container! My God how everyone respect this world! They are so grateful and saying thank you for the teaching, for the food. I want to send my kids there. If not, I will open kindergarten and follow all the positive traits of Japanese education in my own country!!!

  • Jackie Patricia
    Jackie Patricia 10 days ago

    Japanese people and children are very intelligent and install good etiquette to the young one mind blowing.

  • Violina Blonk
    Violina Blonk 10 days ago

    Lunch should not be this complicated

  • iHuxi 1243
    iHuxi 1243 11 days ago

    Wow,they have actual food in those schools,I want to move there!

  • budmangt2
    budmangt2 11 days ago

    Looks like their all getting ready for surgery! LOL!

  • Super Glider
    Super Glider 11 days ago

    not be a weeb but there school is in saitiama isnt that the guy off of one punch man so i guess this is where they based his name off of

  • DashingWolf YT
    DashingWolf YT 11 days ago

    This school teaches a lot of rensponsibility I want to server food and I want to be in lunch duty I didn't think Japan schools were this cool

  • bp coffee
    bp coffee 11 days ago

    Japan is always awesome

  • Bb Debnath
    Bb Debnath 11 days ago

    I am from India but i love japan,japanese cartoon

  • Maiko Ono
    Maiko Ono 11 days ago

    ive went to japanese school like this a lot of times, but i dont like it lol. im going there again :P

  • Hannah Bananachan
    Hannah Bananachan 12 days ago

    これは、日本の小学校である給食ですよ this is japanese elementary school's lunch

  • Skylar
    Skylar 12 days ago

    It should be mandatory to recycle tbh

  • henriette oakheart
    henriette oakheart 12 days ago

    English people to year 7's :
    Japanese people to year 7's or whatever they have there:

  • NSN chrisdrew
    NSN chrisdrew 12 days ago

    i love that they play rock paper scissors to get the last piece and dont make a fit about it and be happy for the child that won

  • 李嘉洋
    李嘉洋 12 days ago

    Our school is like. Let me get more chicken over there . You got chocolate milk? The security escort you out. Like what the fuck. USA

  • Slime and Playdoe
    Slime and Playdoe 12 days ago

    I wish American school lunches were as good as there's. I got food poisoning from my school food. 😂

  • Nyanco Koro
    Nyanco Koro 13 days ago

    I look at this and compare it to my elementary years. They never taught us manners and the only thing we did at lunch time was cleaned our tables and thats it. XD

  • Minara Begum
    Minara Begum 13 days ago

    what about recess?

  • Ehin
    Ehin 13 days ago

    This is an example of true community and real education. There is no sign of stress in those kids and they learn how to be productive and work with others for the greater benefit. Thank you for this.

  • Nguyễn Zoey
    Nguyễn Zoey 13 days ago

    That little girl look like Jennie from BLACKPINK somehow

  • Xantia Turner
    Xantia Turner 13 days ago

    They're all so cute!!

  • Jocelyn Reforzado
    Jocelyn Reforzado 13 days ago

    i wish all countries will adopt how do Japanese school teaches their students

  • CrazyMunky84
    CrazyMunky84 13 days ago

    This is proof that breaking up with your partner or confronting somebody about their drug addiction works wonders. Dropping the bomb on somebody really straightens them out.

  • Not Kinky Kitty
    Not Kinky Kitty 13 days ago

    I use a spoon to eat fish....

  • Byron Chavarria
    Byron Chavarria 14 days ago

    I Never Brush My Teeth After Eating In Public In Australia After Eating Lunch The Custodians Clean After Us

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