"METHOD-1" manned robot project by "Korea Future Technology" (주)한국미래기술 & Vitaly Bulgarov - 4

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Author Cyber Bane ( ago)
Sigourney Weaver eat your ♥ out

Author 제시리버 ( ago)
그냥 포그레인 운전이랑 뭐가 다르지 별 기술도 안닌것 가지고 호들갑 이네
움직이는 로봇도 아니고 고정된 상태로 팔만 움직이데 장난감 외사에서도 이정도는 기본으로 만들것

Author Dennis Michael Paris ( ago)
Is this real? I can't find the company who is behind this project.

Author 도깨비뉴스 ( ago)

Author 20somthingdrifter11 ( ago)
So when is the the South Korean Military going to get a militerized version? Imgine one of those wilth 40mm cannon or a Mark 19 grenade launcher in an urban enviroment...

Author iicharliieii 2142 ( ago)
Now that... cool.

Author 치즈치즈볼의전설 ( ago)
scv 머지않아 만나게 되겠네요

Author descendant0fdragons ( ago)
These so called mechs and robots or terminators, from kurasata DARPA atlas cheetah to FEDOR are all fundamentally flawed, but they think they achieve something. Reminds of quote from Robocop: 'I am a machine' but the engineers lack experience outside their field, they just build robots, that is not good enough. A two storey mech is a easy target, so fundamentally flawed to build big mechs! unless you have mobility or the heaviest armor in mankind! Both the former and latter creates more problems and so on. Only advantage is on forest or muddy soil.

Author 프프로 ( ago)
저런 이족보행은 아무짝에 쓸모없음 그냥 바퀴로 가는게 낳지 이족보행이 필요한건 장애물을 넘거나 계단을 오르기위해선데 저건 무쓸모 그리고 팔도 허리를 못숙이면 무쓸모 땅에있는거 잡지도 못함 지 무게도 못견딜거같은데  저건 그냥 전시용인듯

Author 그라목손 ( ago)
아재들 현금 장전 두둑히 해놓고 있어야겠네ㅋㅋㅋ
취미, 수집에 새로운 분야가 될듯

Author 3D Gaming ( ago)
looks almost exactly like the mechs from Avatar

Author MSJ SWAPNIL ( ago)
PEOPLE.................................................................................................... Just don't add weapons with it. Make it a Firefighter OR soon I'll have to fight these awesome robots to save the world.

Author Joseph Chavez ( ago)
the questions can it pick up a car or something.

Author dogeun Kim ( ago)
꼭 아바타에 나온 맥같네요

Author MechaBlaze ( ago)
Looks like a boss fight, you know what I'm saying?

Author Scott ( ago)
That's beyond fucking rad.

Author RM BASA ( ago)

Author 3D Printwiz ( ago)
Finally, TitanFall is here.

Author Gamalier Rosa ( ago)

Author ArmoredAnubis ( ago)
This has got to be the most advanced humanoid robot of the time. I would kill to see it in person :3

Author B Kalmuratov ( ago)
will he able to transform?

Author Sung Jun Park ( ago)
이것도 핵융합 kstar 처럼 잘 되다가 갑자기 연구진들 다 짤리고 어느나라의 연구진에 넘겨주는 일은 없겟지요;;;;

Author KingAbi21 ( ago)
Manticore from bo3

Author David Smith ( ago)
CG as F. Viral marketing (world building) for some upcoming movie most likely. Just like what they did for "Cloverfield" and "10 Cloverfield Lane".

Author Hermann Krenz ( ago)
Nice !

Author michaelblackcat 貓米高 ( ago)
i want to play

Author Aleks Streltsov ( ago)
Welcome to Web site about robot-avatar.

Author Zach Carlsson ( ago)
This looks really really really cool! Hope this becomes a thing in the future! Best thing about it is that it uses actual legs instead of wheels/tracks, never seen that before on a real mech and it looks soo awesome!

Author 나 알어 너 ( ago)

Author thegamingdovah ( ago)
mk3 and method 1 battle in the corner while kuratas knows it will lose

Author hung kim ( ago)
와우 대단합니다.... 앞으로 기대됩니다.   허리도 회전이 되면 좋을거 같고  걸을때 좌석과 조정 장치가너무 흔들리지 안게 카메라에 짐벌기능처럼 움직임을 상쇄 시키는 장치도 달렸음 좋겠내요 ... 정말 정부에서 지원받아 상용화될때까지 개발하셨음 좋겠습니다.

Author BookyOnTour ( ago)
it's just me or this thing look like those mech from Avatar but taller?

Author M. Albert Garza G. ( ago)

Author 곽상순 ( ago)
스타에 나오는 골리앗은 한국산으로 밝혀지다.

Author The Chosen One ( ago)
Fucking aaaawesooooome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author kameron454ci ( ago)
this thing would defiantly make firewood less of a chore

Author karis114 ( ago)
For explanation for the first watch, This power amour idea was came from "AVATA : Movie" and same designer was hired from the movie technical team.
this is just proto type and will be more develop as like easy control and balance of running.

Author ManintheArmor ( ago)
They seem to have a pair of other legs in the background, colored black and with more parts attached.

Author Mark Dejando ( ago)
something that big needs alot of Power... does have a built-in power source? if not... it's still AWESOME!

Author Blue RooF ( ago)
타이탄폴에 나오는 로봇같기도 하네

Author Hurricane Floyd ( ago)
Mobile Suit Gundam

Author Mind Yours ( ago)
Looks nice but needs real weapons to face the American bot.

Author 어설픈락커 ( ago)
손가락도 움직이는 로봇임 다른 영상보면 손가락이 마치 사람이 피아노 치기전 손가락 푸는것처럼 움직임 어느정도 다리로 이동속도및 균형만 잘잡히면 될듯 베터리 분야는 워낙에 우리나라가 최고라 조만간 해결될거같음...

Author kira64 ( ago)
How do the hands open and close?

Author kira64 ( ago)
And they said it couldn't be done.

Author og c ( ago)
묠니르전투복 mk6을 만들것 같은 한국!

Author Hong Gyu Song ( ago)
에너지원이 문제지

Author hyo ( ago)

Author winterkks ( ago)
"메써드"라는 게임이 나올 듯 ㅎㅎㅎ

Author weed jesus ( ago)
I think if you guys attach the arms to the waist that robot could carry more weight

Author SHADOWxWOLF ( ago)
how much can the arms lift. is it just enough to move them or can they lift something like a person.

Author Ryoo SeungWoo ( ago)
로봇 영상을 즐겨 찾아 보는 사람 입장에선 '그냥 그냥' .... 클수록 균형 잡기가 힘들다고는 하나 실용적인 측면 보다는 이벤트적인 방향으로 가는듯... 자비로 투자는 꽤 했는데 대기업들이 구매해 줄지 의문... 바디 부문에서 외부 충격에 균형 잡는 로봇을 주로 개발하는 해외 업체들(앉고 서고 비틀고 돌고 구르고 달리고 멈추고 이런 건 이미 마스터한) 입장에선 '그냥 그런가 보다' 할 듯. 전기차를 로봇으로 변신시켜도 '글쎄~'  어쨌든 크다는 점에서 이목을 끄는 듯.

Author Brayden Park ( ago)
손가락 관절 다 구현하고 조금만 개선하면 공사판에서 쓸모있겠는데

Author enkhs ( ago)
일뽕새기들이 로봇선진국이라며? 쿠라타스? 응?

Author DAY UM ( ago)
저아저씨 엄청 신나하는것봐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저건진짜 모든남자들의 로망이기도 하지.. 꼭한번 타보고싶다

Author SPERA ᆞ ( ago)
양키형 싱글벙글

Author Mat Morph ( ago)
Very nice :) Make a 4-wheels version (mobile). Driver could have one pedal for going forward and brakes and the second one for steering. The first would be something like a box in which you have to put the foot. Second one would have fastening to the foot ankle. When you turn your ankle, you turn.
Legs are unstable and slow and they swing, what can cause vomits

Author 윤장현 ( ago)
기본 베이스만 만들어서 연구용 또는 행사용 으로 팔아도 대박남~~

Author 박진웅 ( ago)

Author Zane Damon ( ago)
cough* Titanfall cough*

Author Plauto Zanella ( ago)
Vamos colocar para Lutar ....

Author InfiniteCyclus ( ago)
I almost thought that it was 3d animated at first!! Great work!

Author Johnson Parker ( ago)
I hope this project is not affiliated with Samsung Note 7

Author watcharapon srikun ( ago)
Awesome, Korean

Author Hyeok June Shin ( ago)
또다른 무기가 되는건 아닐지

Author David Cook ( ago)
very cool

Author Said Angel ( ago)
First the Kuratas, then Megabot now this . . . start saving your pennies gents we'll be getting Gundams soon enough. I'll take mine a size Wing Zero EW, fully loaded.

Author Josh Jacob ( ago)
are the hands/fingers truly functional yet?

Author ㅇㄴ ( ago)
이거 맨첨에 기사떳을때 동,서양 반응이 다 못믿겠다는 반응이었는데 진짜 이걸로 우리나라 흥했으면 좋겠다

Author ㅇㄴ ( ago)
디바 온라인!

Author footstep002 ( ago)
군에서 엑소슈트 만든다는건 이것과는 별개사업으로 알고 있고, 요건 별도의 업체주관으로 개발한 모양이네요. 시험동영상으로 봐서는 아직 운전석 내에서 상체, 하체, 손가락 조작 전부를 통합하진 못한듯하고 별도로 움직이는 수준인듯 하네요. 보아하니 뒤쪽에는 하체 케이싱 씌운 것도 서있네요. 상하체 전부 케이싱 씌워놓고 보면 볼만하겠군요. 전원부분을 완전독립형이 아닌 설령 지금처럼 유선으로 유지한다고 해도 쓸 수 있는 곳은 꽤 될거라고 봅니다. 전원케이블의 길이와 강도만 충분히 확보된다면 각종 산업현장, 재해현장에서 충분한 효용성을 발휘하겠죠. 사실 없어서 못쓰는 거지 있기만 하다면야 쓰일곳은 많겠죠.

Author dodohagi choi ( ago)
기술 보안 상태는 어떤지? 이렇게 공개를 하니까 좀 걱정이 되네요

Author san man ( ago)
Somebody use it in a Sci-fi movie/short please!

Author 김재민 ( ago)
여러분들...이제 지게차, 포크레인 기사가 뜨는게 아니라 로봇기사가 뜹니다.  미리 준비 합시다.

Author 종상박 ( ago)
멀미 쩔겠다

Author 이창진 ( ago)
멋있다..우리나라 젊은이들..

Author Baldoxxx4000 ( ago)
Shame, japan should have been the first to make a suit.

Author kittylactose ( ago)
This is no Zaku boy, no Zaku!

Author wasabiwars222 ( ago)
Awesome !!
30 years ago a Roboter like this was shown in the Movie "Robocop" as a
fiction of what may be possible in a far future. Then in the 90´s we all
saw "the Matrix" and the idea what such Robots will can do.
And here we are in 2016 - and the old ideas of Robots in the future
becomes reality !

I´m very excited about this developments as also a bit scared, because
we all know that ingenieurs want to create a machine like this to help
people and make difficult tasks for us as humans more easy - but we also
know which groups will have the money and will get some machines in the
first place - THE MILITARY -
And how these people want to use it we all can imagine by ourselves, I
guess !

So i stay tuned and informed on this project and be very excited about
what we will see in the next years and our nearer future.


Author Knuds Channel ( ago)
I really want that for my birthday 🎉

Author Пютский ( ago)
Только пидарасы снимают телефоном вертикально!!

Author Сергей Шинкарев ( ago)

Author islandofskate ( ago)

Author 27182818284590452354e-19 ( ago)
A bit disappointed D.Va wasn't in the clip.

Author Dewa Eryadi ( ago)
please make Knightmare

Author dat boi ( ago)
he should dab

Author 로리콘 ( ago)
디바가 생각난다..

Author k.h maeng ( ago)
국군의날때 시가행진하는날이 어겠군

Author 박창현 ( ago)
Small Pacific Rim..? 😂

Author 울엄마 ( ago)
이벤트용으로 전세계에서 활약할듯..😎👍

verry unstable.. but good example... because this is what we get to see.. and everything we get to see 20 steps away of things we do not get to see get it?

Author enkhs ( ago)
재난현장투입로봇찬성 물체를들어올릴수있는지궁금하고 어느정도무게까지 가능한지궁금..

Author Frost ( ago)
Get inside the Method Shinji!

Author ARON ( ago)
디바 기술은 진정 자국 기술이였단 말인갘ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Author 나성은 ( ago)
미래산업의 첫발걸음이군요 대단하고 한국에서 만들다니 자랑시럽내요

Author 박성관 ( ago)
군에서 엑소슈트 만든다 그랬는데 정말 되겠는데?

Author 이선영 ( ago)
언능 상용화해주세여 보러가게^^

Author seraya Y ( ago)
nerf this

Author Karigo ( ago)
조종석이 좀 좁은것 같은데...

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