Empire Of The Sun - We Are The People

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Author Wh1teShad0w CSGO ( ago)

Author Lucas Quintana Garcia ( ago)
pimp flaco

Author Gary O Mahony ( ago)
freakin love this tune. HUP I saidddddddddd

Author SafeRoundHouse ( ago)
Wanna feel old? It has been 7 years since this song came out.

Author Brandon Noguiera ( ago)
who's watching this on 2017 after 7 years

Author Glen Wells ( ago)
Remember this being played in Ibiza's Mambo bar when the sun was just going down, beautiful!

Author Mike Gutierrez ( ago)
2:55 pelvic thrust woo! 😃

Author das bin ich!? ( ago)
Ich habe den Namen von dem Song vergessen und einfach seit 7 Jahren danach gesucht immer wenn das irgentwann kam im Radio oder so hab ich auf den Text geht und versucht zu erraten wie der Titel sein könnte

They see just in LA this weekend they will be back in June and I will be front row!! This song makes me soooo happy like when I was a kid!! Crazy

Author Maura O'Halloran ( ago)
i touch my balls to this song

Author Jake McKoy ( ago)
This band's sound just touches me so deeply. Like a memory in a dream...
so wonderful that music is so powerful-
Sunny days and twilight fires

Author The Olympian ( ago)
Amazing ...

Author GuardianM Boi ( ago)
6.695 people have no idea what real music is... sad

Author Emil Dimitrov ( ago)
I tought it was Pet Shop Boys- sounds pretty much like their misic

Author Christina Ksp ( ago)
I love this song

Author Amazedlife Sehdev ( ago)

Author Laurin Haase ( ago)

Author Kyra Bilagody ( ago)
My favorite song !! I'm soo hyped to see them tonight 😄😄

Author David Price ( ago)
Does anyone know who the lady is in the video? I cannot find anything on her. She's absolutely gorgeous, and I'd like to see if she's done any shoots, so I can get a print done. Thanks everyone.

Author Natallie Herman ( ago)
is this copyrighted

Author Inga Hiltunen ( ago)
/I know everything about you
You know everything about me
We know everything about us/

Author Gerry Wayne ( ago)
this isn't just a nice 'song'... its a production that hits all your emotions in an all-encompassing way... bloody brilliant,,, and i love that Mexican looking girl in that awesome skull makeup...

Author Boris Rceg ( ago)

Author Miomena ( ago)
This Song is nearly seven years old?! Omg I'm getting old

Author David Van Ry ( ago)

Author barcelonnette ( ago)
Where ar these guys... it moved me 6 years ago

Author Rogue Star ( ago)
I just found this song, reading the comments. I wonder why I've never heard it before. I was searching for another song.

Author Sophie Bre ( ago)
this song is my life saver. so damn good

Author Anne Poindexter ( ago)
this fucking shit is fucking good

Author Gudrun Powell ( ago)
This song reminds me of my mum a lot. It was played a lot when I took care of her. She died of cancer and I get very emotional when I listen to this song.

Author Michael Warunek ( ago)
These guys do a lot of peyote or somethin'? 'Cid? Mescaline?

Author PinkFloyd ( ago)

Author HSR JasperL ( ago)
Goeie shit

Author FancyDoll ( ago)
I want this time back.

Author Arthur Negosanu ( ago)
the beginning is shit

Author 3to1 eternal ( ago)
member feeling dazed ad watchin it late at nighbt on tv

Author emirguvenc ( ago)
1 million views of them should be mine.

Author Jesse Rodriguez ( ago)
Were these guys high on acid during this video? lol

Author shannonbyrne18 ( ago)
Little whip ass tune

Author alic ( ago)
i ship the two guys

Author Daz ( ago)
never even heard of these guys!? wtf!

Author Tom Kuhbrügge ( ago)
Immer noch ein Ohrwurm...

Author Sarah-Michelle Griffith ( ago)
Am I the only one who loves this music, but works and lives with a bunch of Aussies and feels like EOTS is a bunch of guys who just want to get f*d up on peyote etc and write music? They're awesome though. The cultural appropriation is kinda funny tbh.

Author Bleak Gaming ( ago)
What kind of fuckup names their spade Patrick, seriously.....

Author Windso ( ago)
I am so high right now

Author ian laybourn ( ago)
Bloody hell what an awesome flashback to my youth :-) star radio mystery years, I owe you a drink!!!!

Author jess tucker ( ago)

Author Albarn's Gorillaz ( ago)
This is like a music video for a movie lol

Author dandelion burdock ( ago)
Life can be amazing only through your own eyes. Cheers...

Author cohiba ( ago)

Author Carlos Steam ( ago)
Reminds me of peace

Author Johnson, The black and white boy, the beautiful boy ( ago)
Son of a lemon, love this song

Author Croccy C ( ago)
Heard this on radio 2 today, didn't know what decade it was from, thought it was a lot older than 2010, fuck knows what I was doing in 2010 that I missed this but I think it's great.

Author Corduene ( ago)
2017 still listening, from Kurdistan

Author YNWA ( ago)
A Masterpiece !

Author Carlos Steam ( ago)
Güzel bir yaz akşamı evde oturup aptal hayaller kurdurtuyor, çok hoş.

Author Cas Du Bois ( ago)
fucking kankerghoeie skeeffffffffff als ik mij aftrek denk ik hier altyd aan

Author Bakhsh Amir ( ago)
Blodes Video ich musste ann die ganzen toten meiner Familie denken also scheisse

Author Roman Szewczyk ( ago)
kto z filmiku z wyprzedzania?

Author Νικολας Κουκουτσης ( ago)
nut cases,but awesome yes.

Author Eidyllia Artisiaidis ( ago)
One of the best songs and video clips of 2000s!

Author ioannis baklis ( ago)
I have been searching this song for YEARS! So glad i finally found it

Author Crabb People ( ago)
wow every song sounds the same, much talent.

Author 4Sebastian8 48 ( ago)
Whos listening in 2017?

Author Zuzana Fingerhúttová ( ago)
šukám je

Author the unknown ( ago)
why only 40 million views?

Author FATMANDANCES ( ago)
it speaks to me via my ears and my soul. It lifts me and fills me up.

Author gwiazdeczka1007 ( ago)
My favorite song ! 😍

Author Cupcake Cutie Crew ( ago)
My 5th favourite song!

Author Ella Sansolis ( ago)
Ughhhhh so beautifulllllllll

Author serge mika ( ago)
Sintigo- Pimp Flaco

Author Dschingis Khan ( ago)
Vodafone Werbung xDS

Author Dahlia's videos ( ago)
You guys have such good music

Author Kitten Heels ( ago)
I never knew these guys were Australian, or that Bag Raiders are. Australians do this kind of music perfectly! My favorite type of music <3 ^_^

Author Tonzo Wall ( ago)
Top song.

Author RED h.c. ( ago)
Regards from me everyone!, Jan

Author CrystalMonkey33 ( ago)
I can't do well when I think your gonna leave me but I know I try... Are you gonna leave me now? Can't you be believing now...

Author Nefeli Tsitenidou ( ago)
i love this song. I can hear it all the time for years!!!!!

Author Cutie:) ( ago)
Old Voice-Your Old.

Author tlc ( ago)
quanti ricordi...😢

Author Jon Daugherty ( ago)
What an amazing song

Author Alexandre Mauvais ( ago)
Anyone here that can check out my music channel and give some honest feedback?

Author Lando Hutshison ( ago)
the music is generic and shitty new age pop garbage. their costumes are ugly and pointless. no art here

Author Joy Miles Gimbel ( ago)
I saw them live last summer and it had just down poured rain. Everyone was so happy in the NYC air and as they played this I danced like I was 17... I'm not even close😉

Author Real the most successful football team ever ( ago)
Like it's 75 again.

Author tom lee ( ago)
They remind me of MGMT, they should have a duo

Author raymond choon ( ago)
still listening in 2017

Author ASMR / Relaxation Channel ( ago)
si je croise un mec fringué comme lui avec une robe de chambre de mamie et un abat jour sur le front je me barre en courant !!!

Author NoN ( ago)
They are brilliant,at first listen years ago :)

Author Fire Lacrima ( ago)
Me and my Mom always heard this Song when i was going to school, it is now 6 years ago. Its just beautiful to hear this Song again. This is bringing back memories man ;D

Hope u all have a great day !

Author מאיה חזנוביץ׳ ( ago)
got loste in your eyes🙊😻

Author Azghar Mohamed ( ago)
all time the tune..excellent

Author Emilija Lik ( ago)
Very nice

Author oh gee ( ago)
if I could pick one song to show to aliens, this would be it.

Author matanui12s ( ago)
Pretty cool song. Great for the summer! :D

Author roguesoftware4free ( ago)
The song is Australian.

Author BLACK NICKER ( ago)
2:14 when you come but she keeps on sucking..

Author Marcos Ribeiro ( ago)

Author Verbindungsfehler ( ago)
"childhood Song"

Author Joshua Fischer ( ago)
He's is the next David Bowie to me

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