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  • Amber Keene
    Amber Keene 19 hours ago

    You should do something Moana themed

  • Xan Man
    Xan Man 1 day ago

    Moana themed cake with liza koshy

  • Ivory Brown
    Ivory Brown 1 day ago


  • Mavie Dave
    Mavie Dave 1 day ago

    Can you *PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE* do a TARDIS cake???????? Please?

  • The Skyi
    The Skyi 2 days ago

    I like the dress :)

  • Caroline Alcaraz
    Caroline Alcaraz 2 days ago

    You should make flamin' hot

  • MLP Daimond Heart
    MLP Daimond Heart 3 days ago

    PLS make someting Miraculous Ladybug♥ themed!!!!!!!♥♡♥♡♥♡

  • Jenessa Hunte
    Jenessa Hunte 4 days ago

    make plantain chips

  • Bayburt Nadim
    Bayburt Nadim 4 days ago

    please please please cook with brizzy voices

  • Ezequiel Wilcox
    Ezequiel Wilcox 4 days ago

    My peepee got so erect the first second I looked at her

  • Jeannine Marie
    Jeannine Marie 4 days ago

    mmmmm love homade chips omg they are boss

  • Jordyn Thomas
    Jordyn Thomas 7 days ago

    Ro what was on ur pinky finger

  • Ava S
    Ava S 7 days ago

    Make something from moana

  • Shalendra Prasad
    Shalendra Prasad 7 days ago

    Do a witch cake😁😁

  • Divina Kupihe
    Divina Kupihe 8 days ago

    make my way temed

  • HaiOtter
    HaiOtter 8 days ago

    Bioshock infinite: 👎🏽
    Your Video: 👍🏽

  • Destiny LauraJo
    Destiny LauraJo 8 days ago

    This may seem like a strange request, but I'd LOVE to see something 13 reasons why themed! I'm so in love with that show even though it's sad. Thanks Ro!!

  • Aura Draw's
    Aura Draw's 9 days ago

    Ro, can you make a Bacon Soup from Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 2?

  • Bhupinder Nat
    Bhupinder Nat 9 days ago

    Little mermaid themed please please

  • Lettie Bug
    Lettie Bug 9 days ago

    Ro can you please do something Miraculous Ladybug themed??

  • Denise Palmer
    Denise Palmer 10 days ago

    Scooby doo please
    Maybe scooby doo cookies coz it's my birthday soon and I would like to make scooby doo cookies

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 10 days ago

    okay who else kept replaying 1:56 to hear that nice sound

  • Courtney Stach
    Courtney Stach 10 days ago

    i love the entry

  • Maria Arellano
    Maria Arellano 10 days ago

    me too! and shes so nice.:);)

  • ShayleeBach794
    ShayleeBach794 11 days ago

    She should make team ten cookies with Jake Paul

  • Galaxy Stars 101
    Galaxy Stars 101 11 days ago

    you should do the gummy vs real challenge

  • Morgan Hagedorn
    Morgan Hagedorn 11 days ago

    What is on your right pinkie??

  • Pooja Dharshini
    Pooja Dharshini 12 days ago

    lovely please make chicken pop corn

  • Pooja Dharshini
    Pooja Dharshini 12 days ago

    lovely please make chicken pop corn

  • cobbledirt is life!
    cobbledirt is life! 12 days ago

    you're am amazing baker

  • Zeria Valintine
    Zeria Valintine 12 days ago

    Lilo and stitch please!!!

  • TheRainbowBunny //KiaraTRB

    I cant belive she's 33 years old....

  • Ultra Diamond
    Ultra Diamond 13 days ago

    *attempts to make the potato chips

    Ends up buying them from the supermarket 😂

  • Hadassah Farias
    Hadassah Farias 13 days ago

    can you plz do cake pops

  • Sanna Arshad
    Sanna Arshad 14 days ago


  • Chloe Hettinger
    Chloe Hettinger 14 days ago

    Make something mermaid themed

  • Angelgaming Love :3
    Angelgaming Love :3 14 days ago

    do something with markiplier again

  • Fika Amalia
    Fika Amalia 14 days ago

    Those potato chips looks very good!! 😂👍❤

  • Megan Koch
    Megan Koch 14 days ago

    You should make something LGBTQ pride month themed

  • Unicorn SpaceRanger
    Unicorn SpaceRanger 15 days ago

    Can you do Sim themed cookies with Dan and phil?

  • hi bye
    hi bye 15 days ago

    if u don't want them to be vinegar, can u just not soak with vinegar?

  • Merlyn Lopez
    Merlyn Lopez 15 days ago

    Can u do something moana themed or trolls themed?

  • carolina portillo
    carolina portillo 16 days ago

    I love you ❤️💕😘💕❤️

  • Crafty Panda
    Crafty Panda 16 days ago

    Can you please make something from Captain underpants I've been watching you for a long time I love you

  • Crystal Whidby
    Crystal Whidby 16 days ago

    Oven baked potato chips!

  • SlapMyFlamingo
    SlapMyFlamingo 16 days ago

    Why am I here... I just wanted to watch bioshock 🙃

  • Simon Martinez
    Simon Martinez 16 days ago

    Has anyone wondered what she does with all her cosplays?

  • Tini TV Vlogs
    Tini TV Vlogs 17 days ago

    rossana ur just awsome

  • Oswald For The Win
    Oswald For The Win 18 days ago

    Doctor who related things would be cool - maybe adipose or something!

  • games world
    games world 18 days ago

    Like it

  • yara elhijazi
    yara elhijazi 19 days ago

    did anyone notice her right hand at 2:06

  • Aarjvi jain
    Aarjvi jain 19 days ago

    can you make a moana or a Rapunzel themed cake please?
    like if you agree☺😊😀😁😂😃

  • Yissel Vega
    Yissel Vega 19 days ago

    do garbpalkids them please you are so awesome

  • julie indermuhle
    julie indermuhle 20 days ago

    You are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawson Knipp
    Dawson Knipp 20 days ago

    Make something from DISHONORED 1 OR 2

  • SquishyKat 03
    SquishyKat 03 20 days ago


  • Activity Master
    Activity Master 21 day ago

    what happened to your pinkie finger?

  • Shanelle Contreras
    Shanelle Contreras 21 day ago

    Gummy VS Real

  • Mason Lyon
    Mason Lyon 21 day ago

    Heart of tifiti lollipops from moana

  • jay montoya
    jay montoya 21 day ago

    do the real vs gummy challenge plz

  • NaNaNerdette
    NaNaNerdette 21 day ago

    Make Hamilton cupcakes or a big Hamilton cake !!

  • mina A
    mina A 21 day ago


  • Kyra Polatty
    Kyra Polatty 21 day ago

    Do Something supernatural please 😭😭😭

  • Mixenia Parker
    Mixenia Parker 21 day ago

    do the big donut from Steven Universe

  • Shamlan Altukhaim
    Shamlan Altukhaim 22 days ago

    Make a yeezy cake

  • Marissa Hanicak
    Marissa Hanicak 22 days ago

    Why do you have a thimble on your finger

  • nasiha akbar
    nasiha akbar 23 days ago

    What happened to ur finger

  • The Amateur Gamer
    The Amateur Gamer 23 days ago

    ro!! please do kane chronicles!

  • The lady Miskovich
    The lady Miskovich 23 days ago

    do something mortal kombat themed like if you agree

  • Jonathan Ayye
    Jonathan Ayye 23 days ago

    You should make bacon soup from Bendy and the Ink Machine!!!
    Like if you want Ro to see this

  • Shannon Perez
    Shannon Perez 24 days ago

    make a gumbal cake

  • Bellatrix Lestrange
    Bellatrix Lestrange 24 days ago

    Please make a Narnia thememed tret

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 24 days ago

    Please make a Alice in Wonderland themed dessert!! Please!

    Like if you agree! 😝♥

  • Silvia Luk
    Silvia Luk 24 days ago

    can you do more videos like the pizza challenge you did with mo?

  • Audrey Cordova
    Audrey Cordova 24 days ago

    Can you please do something Animal Jam themed please :)

  • Avril mole
    Avril mole 25 days ago

    Make a slime

    MIRACLE WEISENSEL 25 days ago

    you should totally do a meem cake!

  • Jairus Bernal
    Jairus Bernal 25 days ago

    Hey what's up Ro! How about making Septiceye Sam with jacksepticeye? That would be really cool.

  • Kambala Indira
    Kambala Indira 25 days ago

    A Krusty crab burger from spongebob square pants

  • GoHeGdEh EhT dLoG
    GoHeGdEh EhT dLoG 25 days ago

    The bird or the cage?

  • Retaj Alqhtani
    Retaj Alqhtani 25 days ago


  • jocelyn shepherd
    jocelyn shepherd 25 days ago

    miraculous ladybug macaroons

  • Kaitlyn Marlor
    Kaitlyn Marlor 26 days ago

    Can you make something from Once Upon A Time please? (It's s TV show) I was thinking The Evil Queen/Regina's apple tart

  • Pamela Ingle
    Pamela Ingle 26 days ago

    Do a fancy theme

  • Jamuna Saravanan
    Jamuna Saravanan 26 days ago

    how did she even wear the choker

    it kinda looks weird

  • Khadija Akhtar - Conestoga PS (1474)

    Do something nerdy nummies related

  • thatssoheidi
    thatssoheidi 26 days ago


  • Wassabi Productions Fan

    Ro make something steven universe theme dounuts

  • Sky Force
    Sky Force 27 days ago

    Brown vinegar wow cool

  • shreya Goturu
    shreya Goturu 27 days ago

    ro why can't u make more eposide with your sister

  • shreya Goturu
    shreya Goturu 27 days ago

    i am a big fan of you ro and your sister

  • shreya Goturu
    shreya Goturu 27 days ago

    make a moana cake

  • shreya Goturu
    shreya Goturu 27 days ago

    make a giant carrote cake

  • shreya Goturu
    shreya Goturu 27 days ago

    make something from disney like snow white

  • Mary Daile Delatado
    Mary Daile Delatado 27 days ago

    idk if this is gonna be noticed but...can you make something RWBY themed?

  • Nadine Abulebdeh
    Nadine Abulebdeh 27 days ago

    come on do the fast furious theme please

  • Glamourdancer 9
    Glamourdancer 9 27 days ago

    Rosanna, you should make bendy in the ink machine bacon soup!

  • Nadir Ali
    Nadir Ali 27 days ago

    fishing show

  • Nadir Ali
    Nadir Ali 27 days ago

    please make some ice cream

  • david
    david 27 days ago

    Do Harry Potter

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