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The man in this video is cooperate with scammers from Nigeria and Ghana, he petending to be Sgt. Aaron Ramos and LT Jeffrey Miller US Army - he is behind many FAKE profile on many dating sites. DON´T EVER SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU NEVER HAVE MET IN PERSON.

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Author george miller (23 days)
What a ugly fat twat he is says hes greg holmes useing jeffery millers
photos he needs to be caught weido

Author Theresa Andinsson (3 days)

Author Thu Hà (14 days)
i hate these guys

Author MARIA PIEDADE (21 day)
marissa assim e que se fala ja estas a fazer bem denunciar , obrigada

Author klutse Richard (1 month)
Mark miller is really Richard klutse "zuka" from nungua accra. Still
scamming women from UK and USA. Hes trying come UK on false visa by a guy
from Nima. He needs to be stopped.

Author marisa callus (1 month)
I check now ,he on face as ramos miller . few months ago I was on Skype
chatting with his name but he used ramos miller photos. he is still around
,so if they new what is coming nobody can stop his man.

Author Elizabeth Rizzo (1 month)
On vk site he is going under the name willem stevens and michael miller, be
aware ladies. He also says he has a daughter. The other one said he has a
son. Both claimed the mother's are dead. 

Author marisa callus (1 month)
few month he told me that he is general alvin denis,shame on you .hope now
you well have what you done to us ladies not i am talking for my pains .for
all the ladies he cost us pain ,

Author Jennifer Sheppard (2 months)
What a ugly fat twat he is says hes greg holmes useing jeffery millers
photos he needs to be caught weido

Author MARY May (6 months)
hey , i was chatting with this guy last week and i was a fool and because
i thought i am helping a military man. he pretend to be GENERAL KEVIN
PETRAEUNUS and her daughter ivelina kevin petraeunus. God!!! PLease advice
can i make a police report.

Author Eric Hayes (3 months)
Update he is running under Kenneth A Miller on POF.

Author renate sørheim (6 months)
Hope they find him soon,he still go on with this...he is still on Facebook
as Ramos Miller and alot of profiles...

Author Eugenia Margarit (3 months)
you ashamed to be wrong people on the site and ask god to beat you money
and will pray ploitia follow you and bring justice

Author Ира Вассерман (3 months)
He is heartless BEAST.

Author Eugenia Margarit (3 months)
not afraid of God that one day I will beat

Author Ира Вассерман (3 months)
He sent a picture of his passport but with J.Miller photo on. I an share it
to everyone who is interested. Hope we will stop him together.

Author Norian Mariano (4 months)
i chatted with this man too. His name is Steven Michael on facebook. What a
low life jerk😡😡

Author Eugenia Margarit (3 months)
escrocule si idiotule 

Author alelatina14 (5 months)
He is actually located in redmond, washington!

Author Ира Вассерман (3 months)
Hi, Caza I became a victim of that scammer as well. How does real Jeffrey
Miller feel like and what i he going to do about that? I feel very sorry
that such happened to him. Please email me back.

Author Josy Vale (8 months)

Author Jessica Rocque (5 months)
also on tagged as Roman M Fruth a family memeber just chatted with him

Author Uta Novak (6 months)
he pretends to be as Theo Miller, is here in Germany He has been here on
the internet community website at jappy, it seemed very strange to because
he writes a lot of spelling errors and not like a typical american and

Author jay parr (6 months)
Yes he still out there as sgt Chris miller and on yahoo as sgt.miller_chris

Author caza roberts (9 months)

Author christina payne (7 months)
he is going by the name tom miller on face book says he is stationed in
syria .he says he will be home in maarch and has a son named david milller
also has a facebook page , will promise you the moon very smooth talker

Author christina payne (7 months)
he is going by general tom miller too

Author Eugenia Margarit (5 months)

Author Tiksa Miksa (8 months)
This man is a cheating man!
Currently, more profiles in Facebook as Larry Douglas, as Davidson Carter!

Author Simone Marra (8 months)
another profile with his pictures and from other person to

Author Emőke Bagány (9 months)
This man is now the Davidson Carter in Facebook, Skype to name
But it is also known as Robert Curry in Facebook.

Author Eugenia Margarit (1 year)

Author Faith Baillie (1 year)
captain osca marvis was his name on the 4th august 29013, when i arrived
home because i have blocked all his massages he left a message on my 2nd
mail site = honey am online now waiting for u, pls come online now so that
we can chat ok

Author Reta DeLarge (1 year)
OMG this man says he is Blake Jeff B in Facebook...posing as a brother to
Jefferson Ken Bach in the Army who is having his pics abused by scammers

Author docmom50 (1 year)
he is using the name darrel miller and raibert david miller now

Author Rosebullet Tudor (1 year)
Yeah..that's the scammer..fat..ugly and disgusting and evil

Author Olifka oliwia (1 year)
he is on taggen now Dave Miller now him name see him yestoday on this side

Author stella georgiou (1 year)
oohh my God!!!i have this man on my skype as Kevin MIller im dating him on
line every day and night 2 months now.He asked me for money so he can leave
the army,he said hes in ASIA and he is a Captain i would really like to
find the real KEVIN MILLER he looks so kind and a inesint man,please can
anyone help????

Author Elke Steele (1 year)
Disgusting, hope they catch him and throw his ass in jail

Author rita de cassia Miranda (10 months)
meu melhor amigo

Author Rachael Ferguson (2 years)
This is the Same exact man that has scammed my Best Friend. He tried to
have her send him 6,500. He said he was over in afganistan fighting and
would be coming to Meet her as soon as she sent him the money. He had her
believing EVERYTHING until Lastnight. She finally got curious an looked
into it herself. Thank God She did. I hope she learned her lesson from this
Sick man. He even had Military documents sent to her e-mail addy Contact me
at Thanks

Author MrAnnatran04 (1 year)
big fat ugly bastard !!!!!

Author Sara Keller (1 year)
I spoke to this man last night!!!He goes by the name General Charles
Miller!I have now blocked him after he asked me to send money to his son,
Alex in Ghana!Shocking!

Author Eugenia Margarit (1 year)

Author CountryPumpkin Kukla (1 year)
He is also on dating site and yahoo as Miller James
( I have a live video of him also and a address in

Author mills5032 (1 year)
i really need help ....i am his victim since march and i he already collect
money to me for almost 20 thousand USD i lost my job and i borrowed lots of
money from money lenders and paying 10% to them till now ...because that
guy promise to me huge amount of money marriage and the last time i send
money to him was last october 1 2012 to accra ghana africa amounted 1700
USD...i really need help now...please contact me in my email

Author Sarah Dickens (1 year)
This man is posing as Sgt Robert Wilson US Army, Afghanistan - He is
scamming again

Author globbitts111 (2 years)
OMG I have just finished speaking to this man on Skype blocked him
yesterday under the name of miller heli christos im sorry to say i was
scammed but then he kept asking for more money thats when i realised he was
a scammer, also is using a young man of 16 who he claims is his son alex

Author mills5032 (1 year)
please contact this +447700045468 that was the number he use last may 10
2012 in uk at heathrow airport this is the one i always contact
+233546334020 he contact me yesterday his in plot32 meddina old road accra
ghana africa coz i send money to him last october 1 2012 usa
number+19544065399 please help me i am in huge amount of debts here now
because of him...shit i am so stupid...

this man used call paul miller wilson, as scammer used the real lt jeffrey
miller pictures, becareful......

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