sabiha khanum and santosh kumar and of course noor's vocals made this song a super hit.khalil ahmed is composer

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Author Abdul Siddiqui ( ago)
Gulu kari k fun ko kamal ki aakhri hadon tak pahoncha diya is se ziyada aur
kuchh nahin ho sakta.....

Author Malik Naseer ( ago)
Ever green song

Author Arife Islam Sr. ( ago)
Pakistan actresses then were really beautiful unlike Indian ones whose
only attractions are and were, the revealing clothes they wear.

Author Great Player ( ago)
Both are the Superstar Artists, that were their mind blowing performance,
the video is also so marvelous / wonderful / amazing and excellent, this is
really beautiful & unforgettable song.

Author artkid666 ( ago)
Sabiha is so beautiful. We dont realize this but Pakistani actresses from
the golden age were so beautiful. Their Indian counterparts were not even
nearly as beautiful.

Author Jawed Hameedullah ( ago)
Jiimy Bhai, Hameha Khush Raho... meri aur aap ki pasand kitnee aik hey...
Jub bhi akailaa hota hoon, Aap ki album kay ganay sun laita hoon. Please
Kabhi Toronto ain to mulaqat karain..Mil kar Khusi Hogi. Jawed Hameedullah,

Author lovehumanity ( ago)
@jimmynoor68 its never too late Jimmz.. sharab-e-kuhna ka nasha to baRhta
jata am again here after 2 years..cuz this song says.. na chhuR
sako gay daman :-) one word substitute for this song is "inimitable" .. ab
ye rendition centuries mein bhi nahi milnay ki :-(

Author JustujuTV ( ago)
Real credit goes to the Creator of the song: Himayat Ali Shaer.

Author sfarazmasood ( ago)
@YUMRGM Its Himayat Ali Shair.

Author sfarazmasood ( ago)
trivia: Who's the lyricist of this song?

Author Zafar Ahsan ( ago)
I feel obliged to post my comment whenever a memorable song just comes up
on my lips given by real situations in life. It is this magic of the golden
era that keeps it alive. A piece of art not only belongs to the creator
alone but to all who sometime in life come to appreciate it for it seem to
relate them. In those moments the creator turns alive and shares in person
to the admirer, who finds a company that enhances the set emotions. I am
thankful to you and you tube.

Author MsAftabahmad ( ago)
What memorable song with high stanadards of acting music and all reminds my
childhood, great upload

Author hindopak ( ago)
Great song!!!

Author Asiftabrez ( ago)
Great upload.

Author rahilanaz ( ago)
sabiha khanum and santosh kumar ki jorhi kamal ki jorhi thi aur phir Noor e
Jahan ki awaaz ho to gane main 4 chaand lag jate hain ..wah wah super song
is gane ko dekh kar to acha lagta hi ha par sirf sun kar bhi dil karta ha
bar bar sunon ...great loog they ....

Author Abieha Khawaja ( ago)

Author Ghazala Bashir ( ago)
I am fan of all sober and decent songs like this song .

Author Ghazala Bashir ( ago)
totally an excellent song

Author Ghazala Bashir ( ago)
yes she is but the the song has grasping quaility we can not escape from
its magical voice and tune

Author Jalilm123 ( ago)
yes it is, no doubt in it.

Author Ghazala Bashir ( ago)
No doubt that actressis beautiful but the song has an attractive tune too.

Author Abieha Khawaja ( ago)
maazrat kay sath arz hei kay isay lajajat nahi 'MAAN BHARA ANDAZ" KEHTAY

Author Abieha Khawaja ( ago)
llllllllllllllllloooooooooooove this song

Author chand420420 ( ago)
Waheed Murad's the very first film in 1960-61. Wonderful notation! Guess
it's a testament to fine acting that they seemed to have had a charming
on-screen rapport! I've seen it today in action, "not working," when 2
"actors" try to appear to be in love, as they were in real life husband &
wife, all I know Santosh Kumar(Raza Marhum) was very literary and had with
full of knowledge specially regarding URDU ADAB. Plus whatever subject
thereon talk with him he had great command about the same.

Author Jawed Hameedullah ( ago)
Kash waqt ruk jayi

Author swati King ( ago)
wahhhhh ji wahhhhh nice old song,,tnx

Author lovehumanity ( ago)
check to pehlay kiya tha.. comments aaj diay hain :)

Author jimmynoor68 ( ago)
doc, bohot der ker di meharban aatay aatay...

Author lovehumanity ( ago)
My Fav Pair from Pak Films. Khalil Ahmed ka best song Noor Jehan ka Lajajat
Bhara Andaz wala song No. 5

Author amrutvani ( ago)
Good song Is there is another version of this song? I think there were two
version in this film called Daman(Both sung by Noorjehan).If it is there
please upload.Thanks

Author GNgoodnews ( ago)
BK tum bykhabar ho ky Nwaz shreef ky achy din bhaly na ay hon magar on ky
sar par bal a chuky hain, sach opra opra (opra show wali nahi Strange
wala:D) Sa lagta hy Nwaz Shreef ko ganj ky baghyr dykhna LOL

Author ny28tx ( ago)
bhaie baykhaber lol gunjoo ka peecha kub choro gay? gunjoo kay tu baal tak
peecha chor gaye lakin aap hain kay somehow un ka tazkara.... lol

Author bykhabar ( ago)
yup hero ganjy hote to lagta Nawaz Shareef Qaomi Aasembly ke ijlas main
shirkat karne ja rahe hain:~D

Author bykhabar ( ago)
Video bna li hoti sir hum bhi khoosh ho lete app ko khosh daikh kr:)

Author jimmynoor68 ( ago)
thanks for the 'load' ye bojh kaisey sanbhaloon...

Author jimmynoor68 ( ago)
goodnews, 'shyrwani main' wali baat pe i am laughing like mad...cant stop
myself, honestly.wish you could see me ...great comments....loved it

Author ny28tx ( ago)
you can tell MT noor jehan had fun singing this song, infact its the only
song i can think of in which she "gongunati" at the begining of a song. One
of my top ten all time favorite songs by her. Sabiha khanum looks
GORGEOUS!! BTW this song is my "wada" to someone very special... Thanks Jim
for the upload.

Author GNgoodnews ( ago)
Yar shyrwani main kitny shareef qisam ky hero lagty thy os zamany ky.

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