Timeline of Human Evolution

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  • Jokoko Lopopo
    Jokoko Lopopo 4 hours ago

    2:40 = Barack Obama

    • MIS
      MIS 3 hours ago

      I don't think Barack Obama has that much hair

  • Atif Khan
    Atif Khan 9 hours ago

    did you just used OST of Jurassic park movie to show the evolution of humans....?

    • MIS
      MIS 6 hours ago

      Yes, it sounded cool

  • BenTheBoss
    BenTheBoss 14 hours ago

    I believe evolution and I don't believe God the old guy (forgot the name) by the way he is stupid I rather live in hell than being a brainwash Christian dumbass

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  • Tsavorite Prince
    Tsavorite Prince 21 hour ago

    I don't get why creationism still exists, even among Christians. I mean if creationism is true, that means every animal should be the exact thing if evolution exists.

  • Montage James
    Montage James 21 hour ago

    we never evolved we just got smarter

    TONY STARK 1 day ago

    it is just amazing

  • Zarif Muhamad
    Zarif Muhamad 1 day ago

    stupid evolution ever

    • MIS
      MIS 6 hours ago

      You don't have to like it. But it is still a fact

  • Xenomorph Elder
    Xenomorph Elder 1 day ago

    So we were squirels

  • Some Geezer
    Some Geezer 1 day ago


    • MIS
      MIS 6 hours ago

      No dinosaurs in this video.

  • rosita castillo
    rosita castillo 1 day ago

    Gracias austedes me me kiero sobre todas las personas alfin encontre mi camino

  • J F Gamerz
    J F Gamerz 2 days ago

    wierdest part

  • Pranav Vivek
    Pranav Vivek 2 days ago

    Great great great great great great...... great grandpa!! You silly Tiktaalik you! How are you?😂😂

  • Muhd  Abidin
    Muhd Abidin 2 days ago

    Well, this is nonsense :3

    • MIS
      MIS 2 days ago

      Really ? Why ?

  • Dante Windsor
    Dante Windsor 2 days ago

    we actually evolved from something
    similar to mice and the rodents

  • MyDick Burns
    MyDick Burns 2 days ago

    Where's the monkey fossils?

    • MIS
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  • MyDick Burns
    MyDick Burns 2 days ago

    Dis is complete bs bruh

    • MIS
      MIS 6 hours ago

      No bruh

  • noobmaster21111111 master

    this show is called walking with monster

    • MIS
      MIS 6 hours ago

      No, the video is made from many shows. See discription.

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  • Pink Jammer
    Pink Jammer 2 days ago

    Dino theme!!

  • Yonal Karunatilake
    Yonal Karunatilake 3 days ago

    what's with the Jurrasic park theme??

    • MIS
      MIS 6 hours ago

      It's cool

  • joseph hidayat
    joseph hidayat 3 days ago

    Why are the shown todau human examples whites? And do you think that today nordic people is the summit of homo evolution?

    • MIS
      MIS 6 hours ago

      "Why are the shown todau human examples whites?"
      - They are not.

      " And do you think that today nordic people is the summit of homo evolution?"
      - No.

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    jollyrancher34 3 days ago


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  • gamerpro980
    gamerpro980 4 days ago

    damn too many creationist flies. we need to spray them out of the comment

  • Malaysian Genius
    Malaysian Genius 4 days ago


    • MIS
      MIS 4 days ago

      Why do you think that ?

  • U_DJ_angZ Official Channel

    LOGIC FAIL!!!!

    • MIS
      MIS 4 days ago

      Really ? Where ?

  • Mohamed Abousserhane

    eating fish is cannibalism because we are the same species !

    • Mohamed Abousserhane
      Mohamed Abousserhane 4 days ago

      can you explain more please i would love to know

    • MIS
      MIS 4 days ago

      We are not the same species, we have common ancestors

  • CopperCookie
    CopperCookie 5 days ago


    • MIS
      MIS 4 days ago

      """ ?

  • cgdude gaming
    cgdude gaming 6 days ago

    Anyone else notice the background music was from Jurassic Park?

    • cgdude gaming
      cgdude gaming 6 days ago

      MIS : Oh I didn't see the description sorry.

    • MIS
      MIS 6 days ago

      Yes, people comment on it all the time. I even wrote it the description

  • rosita castillo
    rosita castillo 6 days ago

    La ebolusion es un regalo

  • rosita castillo
    rosita castillo 6 days ago

    Es lo más hermoso ke he bisto en mi larga bida grasias portodo you tube

  • Sir Dwayne Jones
    Sir Dwayne Jones 6 days ago

    the music sounds like something from jurassic park 🎶🐊🐉🐲🐍

    • MIS
      MIS 6 days ago

      That is because it is from jurassic park

  • Chrstphre Campbell
    Chrstphre Campbell 6 days ago

    A Small Point; It is often asked; if we came from 'apes', why do apes still exist? / and the Darwinianists reply that we didn't come from apes, we diverged from a common ancestor of apes and humans; But -- if we went back to visit these common Ancestors; we would -Certainly- Call them apes ! / Another fine point; One of the Great Mysteries of Human Evolution is that while most animals evolved over a period of millions and millions of years, humans very, very, very quickly evolved in about a quarter of a million years, from very small populations, one baby at a time. / i think that the solution to this is that ( more mysterious perhaps ? ) is that we were essentially 'humans' way back 4 million years ago, and since then, we haven't been evolving into different species, we've been naturally selecting in different races. So that Neanderthal wasn't a different Species, it was a different race ( ! ) ?

    • MIS
      MIS 6 days ago

      "But -- if we went back to visit these common Ancestors; we would Certainly Call them apes !"

      - You do realise that that makes us apes, that came from apes. Just like we tell you all the time. Humans are a kind / species of ape.


      "One of the Great Mysteries of Human Evolution is that while most animals evolved over a period of millions and millions of years, humans very, very, very quickly evolved in about a quarter of a million years"

      - That is not a mystery. All animals evolved over many millions of years, humans are animals so we too evolved over many millions of years, as the video shows. How can you even call it a mystery, when it is almost common knowledge ??


      "So that Neanderthal wasn't a different Species, it was a different race ( ! ) ?"

      It was originally thought that Neanderthals was a different species, but the latest evidence shows that we could interbreed and did so often, meaning that must be a different race, not species (since an important part of the definition of species is that interbreeding is impossible or at least very unlikely).

  • Muriah Rocha
    Muriah Rocha 7 days ago

    I have a question. How come we have no evidence at all of one species evolving into another in our theory of evolution versus creation. Why has this never been observed and reported as scientific fact yet it is taught to us as fact when it's just a theory that has actually been torn apart and is being put to shreds as further technology grows? So many scientists I have watched and read about have been forced to admit this and have no evidence for school boards to rely on. It takes much more faith in my opinion to believe I came from an ape when I see no evidence for it than that we were actually created. The car company makes many makes and models of cars. But they're still cars.

    • MIS
      MIS 6 days ago

      "How come we have no evidence at all of one species evolving into another..."
      - What makes you think there is no evidence at all ? Who told you something like that ?
      (Also it is; species evolve into new species, not other species. Small, but important detail.)


      "yet it is taught to us as fact when it's just a theory that has actually been torn apart and is being put to shreds as further technology grows?"

      - It has not been "torn apart" or "put to shreds", obviously. The very fact that you think that evolution is faith based and not on solid evidence, shows where the real problem is. You have not put any effort to understand what you are trying dismiss, and you listen to people who don't have either. Educate yourself, then you can criticise.


    The theory of evolution is Fetish defends zoophila

    • MIS
      MIS 6 days ago

      That is an odd conclusion

  • Lmao Gaming
    Lmao Gaming 7 days ago

    Its funny to think we were from fishes

  • Rico
    Rico 7 days ago

    i miss my fish-grandpa

  • M Fadzil
    M Fadzil 7 days ago

    so stupid, Adam is not from monkey, this theory is just a theory, not a fact

  • Indy500 Kid
    Indy500 Kid 7 days ago

    So my ancestors where fish.... Cool

  • Adrien FRUCHARD
    Adrien FRUCHARD 7 days ago

    Damn those religious people are angry...

    ...Why are they even arguing...

    ... Evolution has been proven by facts not argument...

    ...Good thing i'm not like them...

    ...Those brainwashed fools...
    Religion is a problem when it goes against Science because it's based on nothing exept the ammount of faith of the person...

    Blablabla Adam+Eve= Humanity and Blablabla

    1/They are an invention.
    2/They are supposed to be black peoples because they come from Ethiopia.
    3/They practise incest wich is a sin on the eye of Christianism.
    4/I don't even have to remind you that's a family which practise incest suffer from various diseases and end up to an extinction.

    But they are still a lot of people who forget about it😊

    ...Sometimes i wish i could go in Hell so i will never be with them...
    Also this comment section look like hell...

    Hell: the most effective way to control the entire population😮

    Other religious will probably insult me but all I can say about religion is:
    Nope.If you want me to believe,then show me.😑
    I'm a Christian who don't believe in fairy tales and believe in Evolution.☺

    My ancestor was a fish. Well It was a fish because it as been proven.
    Pls guys stop arguing without any evidences it make Christians look like a bunch of fools😓

    • gamerpro980
      gamerpro980 7 days ago

      Adrien FRUCHARD yea why this peskey creationist just watch this if they don't like this they watch this video and yell about god on the comment

  • Raj Pawar
    Raj Pawar 8 days ago

    Our history and evolution is great.

  • TaterWaiter
    TaterWaiter 8 days ago

    Can you believe... that we were once dinosaurs

    • MIS
      MIS 7 days ago

      No dinosaurs in this video

  • IMDN ItsMeDaNub
    IMDN ItsMeDaNub 8 days ago

    People say we from ape
    But actuallu we are fish

    • MIS
      MIS 7 days ago

      We are both

  • brylle namuag
    brylle namuag 8 days ago

    humans are already cancers in the water during that time lol

  • Mr. Yellowstone
    Mr. Yellowstone 8 days ago

    we are alien but we got devolved because of oxygen

  • cherryl songalia
    cherryl songalia 8 days ago

    but we have jesus and god

  • Amirul Husni
    Amirul Husni 8 days ago

    its not true

  • dan_Hak D.Hakimie
    dan_Hak D.Hakimie 8 days ago

    the first human was Adam and Eve

  • mrperfect390
    mrperfect390 8 days ago


    • MIS
      MIS 8 days ago

      What makes you think that ?

  • colonel coover
    colonel coover 9 days ago

    I think creationists don't know the difference between abiogenesis and evolution.

  • King Koush
    King Koush 9 days ago

    I smell a word from watching this video and it starts with the letter b. BULLSHIT.

    • MIS
      MIS 9 days ago

      Brush your teeth, use some mouth wash. And then try again.

  • gamerpro980
    gamerpro980 10 days ago

    get out of this video creationist if you don't like yhis video than don't watch it and yelling on the comment about god

  • Zoe Sik
    Zoe Sik 10 days ago

    me: *listens to music* that sounds familiar... *listens more* HOLY FUCKING SHIT TITS!!

  • leo silva
    leo silva 10 days ago

    You missed a part where the alien gene manipulates us.

    • MIS
      MIS 10 days ago

      Yes... I did miss that

  • mohd hanif
    mohd hanif 10 days ago

    you all know that were from adam n eve.. how stupid that make we evolution from monkey/ape?

    • MIS
      MIS 10 days ago

      No, i do not know that. I do however know that, the story of Adam and Eve is just a story.

  • Ho khanh
    Ho khanh 11 days ago

    Where is this full video

    • MIS
      MIS 11 days ago

      This is inspired by CeeSee7's video :http://youtu.be/zohMSNpW91k

      Footage from
      Animal Armageddon (Animal Planet)

      Walking with Monsters

      Discovering Ardi - Bringing Ardi Back (Animal Planet)

      Secrets of the Dead (PBS)

      The Ape That Took Over The World (BBC)

      Ape to Man (History Channel)

      Coca-Cola Commercial : First time

      Soundtrack from Jurassic Park :Theme from Jurassic Park by John Williams.

  • James Henry Smith
    James Henry Smith 11 days ago

    Evolution is something the British Empire invented to try to justify genocide. It is not proven fact.

    Australian Aboriginal skulls and fakes are labeled as the prehumans.

    • James Henry Smith
      James Henry Smith 11 days ago

      The comment says it's not a fact.

    • MIS
      MIS 11 days ago

      That is simply wrong. Evolution is af fact, and anyone labeling Australian Aboriginal skulls as prehumans understands evolution as bad as you do.

  • Agne Stukaite
    Agne Stukaite 11 days ago

    2:50 that looks like a super fun roler coaster! I want to join in! *becouse why not?! 😄

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  • Imran bhutta
    Imran bhutta 12 days ago

    what will be next?

  • Semi Biotic
    Semi Biotic 12 days ago

    dogs also came from tiktalik

    • MIS
      MIS 12 days ago

      And Cats too

  • aleem latif
    aleem latif 12 days ago

    haha really ?!

  • Packraptor95
    Packraptor95 13 days ago

    Very inaccurate human evolution timeline.

    • gamerpro980
      gamerpro980 12 days ago

      Packraptor95 this evolution theory is accurate and evolution from naked science is outdated

  • vakekok plays
    vakekok plays 13 days ago

    i was crying while watch this golden video...

  • welp
    welp 13 days ago

    When I'm Christian and believe in evolution

    you think you can only believe in 1 thing? Wrong.

  • MrBallasuda
    MrBallasuda 13 days ago


  • LuckyRabbit31
    LuckyRabbit31 14 days ago

    "HOMO ERECTus"


  • Albin Dajakaj
    Albin Dajakaj 14 days ago

    Wow there are still some people who thinks we evolved from monkeys to humans lol

  • 2nddoge
    2nddoge 14 days ago

    Man, Ive learned so much on Birthdays the Beginning.. I knew some of the name of the previous us

  • Christa Reid
    Christa Reid 14 days ago

    the comment section is disabled.

  • Rozer Horam
    Rozer Horam 15 days ago

    Who ever believe this don't know anything in this world...what an stupid fucking idiot video who made this die soon go to hell fuck u

    • MIS
      MIS 14 days ago

      I am sure you are a fine representative of your faith, hateful, intolerant, ignorant and science denying.

  • Musta White
    Musta White 15 days ago

    سبحانك ربي اني كنت من الظالمين خلقتنا اطوارا فابدعت وخلقت فسويت فهديت .

    • MIS
      MIS 15 days ago

      أنا شخ على إلهك

  • Musta White
    Musta White 15 days ago

    سبحانك ربنا صنعت فابدعت ماقدرناك حق قدرك الارض قبضتك والسماعات مطويات بيمينك

    • MIS
      MIS 15 days ago

      أنا شخ على إلهك

  • Lemuel 900
    Lemuel 900 15 days ago

    i didnt know that we are fish before

  • Arif Rakhman
    Arif Rakhman 16 days ago

    Yo Its Aqually fake so fake why tho Prophet Adam is the first Human Ever Ok!!!

    • Pokka4
      Pokka4 14 days ago

      Arif Rakhman we are talking about the real world, not a fictional world. We belive in science

  • Planeta Tierra
    Planeta Tierra 16 days ago

    pinche mierda

  • Evan Esswein
    Evan Esswein 16 days ago

    This video is stolen

    • MIS
      MIS 15 days ago

      No it is not. made it myself

  • rhak_ Zeal
    rhak_ Zeal 16 days ago

    and finally God made the dusT

  • rhak_ Zeal
    rhak_ Zeal 16 days ago

    idiot. we came from dust and shall go back to dust there will be no evolution after human being we are not Goku or some cartoons transformation to transform into.
    dig a grave and see... even the clothes gets back to dust some reasoning will poke your mind.. example soil_plants=cotton=clothes=soil .
    "we came from dust and shall be back to dust"
    or parasities???

    • gamerpro980
      gamerpro980 11 days ago

      rhak_ Zeal still no proof about the existance of adam and this is evolution is real religion is a fiction like cartoon and there is no such things as magic

  • Blackdarkdarker bleach

    OMG! Australopithecus is a CUTIE PIE

  • majikhat
    majikhat 18 days ago

    Five years later and the poster is still around commenting. Good job keeping it going! I have been trapped here reading just about every form of fallacy and religious apology imaginable. It's sad, really. I wish more atheists would devote some time to educating like you are doing here!

  • gamerpro980
    gamerpro980 18 days ago

    the only real god is natural selection reason natural selection help our greatest ancestor to adapt and evolve

  • fandy fahrizal
    fandy fahrizal 18 days ago

    I consuming fishs every day ... n my great great great grand father evolve from some kind of fish.... i murdering people fish ... i eating it with chili n rice ... l.o.l

  • DerVerfasser
    DerVerfasser 18 days ago

    Ugh science! Why do you have to be so interesting? I want to have a fun time living my life without a career,not struggling to find out what i want my career to be in the future!

  • Mister Meme
    Mister Meme 19 days ago

    I'm Christian myself and I'm not offended by this video , but when I saw the comments it was unreal. Let us believe what we want to believe.

    • MIS
      MIS 19 days ago

      You do realise that it is believers that come to this video to yell and scream about their science denial, because it is not enough for them to believe what they want to believe, they insist that everyone else too must believe it too.
      It is believers that insist that their beliefs be taught in school, and call science "just another belief"

  • kevin patianom
    kevin patianom 20 days ago

    we are fish

  • fabiolichi 3107
    fabiolichi 3107 20 days ago

    lo que mas megusto es que tiene la musica de jurásic Park de fondo

  • Ahmad Ghany W
    Ahmad Ghany W 21 day ago

    so the DNA of all fish and human are same ??
    lol its look like the Darwin's grandpa

    • Exit The World Ways
      Exit The World Ways 18 days ago

      Ahmad Ghany Wibowo we never evolved from apes

    • Adam and Eve our first parents
      Adam and Eve our first parents 18 days ago

      Ahmad Ghany Wibowo evolution never took place

    • silveren777
      silveren777 20 days ago

      +Ahmad Ghany Wibowo
      You don't have to believe anything since it's a fact, just refer to a phylogenetic tree of vertebrates and see where tetrapods are situated. For instance, look at the diagram in an open-access study intitled _The Tree of Life and a New Classification of Bony Fishes_ (you'll find it easily with google). Cladistically, tetrapods are fish, and highly derived ones at that.
      As for the "missing link", do you know paleontologists have found morphological intermediates between fish and tetrapods?

    • Ahmad Ghany W
      Ahmad Ghany W 20 days ago

      i don't believe that, fish and human very different, no fossil can break the missing link

    • silveren777
      silveren777 21 day ago

      +Ahmad Ghany Wibowoa
      No, but some fishes (sarcopterygians) are genetically closer to tetrapods (which include humans) than to all other types of fish.

  • Agustin Cooke
    Agustin Cooke 21 day ago

    Sometimes creationists talk about how they don't want to think they were evolved from monkeys, yet I think monkeys would say the same thing about you guys. "I'm gonna turn into that"

  • Yahoo Gene
    Yahoo Gene 21 day ago

    my teachers won't even believe me that we are from fishes

    • Exit The World Ways
      Exit The World Ways 18 days ago

      Yahoo Gene we never evolved from fished we never evolved from apes

    • Exit The World Ways
      Exit The World Ways 18 days ago

      Yahoo Gene we never evolved from fished we never evolved from apes

    • Adam and Eve our first parents
      Adam and Eve our first parents 18 days ago

      linked vids my account pray, repent, ask

    • Adam and Eve our first parents
      Adam and Eve our first parents 18 days ago

      Yahoo Gene we didnt come from fishes

    • MIS
      MIS 21 day ago

      Teachers are humans too, humans makes mistakes. Science is designed to eliminate human mistakes, så we end up with a true as possible description of reality.

      Oh, and tell your teachers they are wrong.

    SNOWB 23 days ago

    0:28 baby xenomorph

  • N Day
    N Day 23 days ago

    my great great great great paw paw was a possom and his father before him a catfish

  • MrBeard17
    MrBeard17 24 days ago

    Not all evolved. They are still cavemen sitting at the computer.

  • Gardevoir- Greninja
    Gardevoir- Greninja 24 days ago

    my grandpa are a dimertrodon '-'

  • pokemongojolteon 0
    pokemongojolteon 0 25 days ago

    666 thumbs down :O

  • carter crazy
    carter crazy 26 days ago

    god made us

    • Spiritual reality
      Spiritual reality 18 days ago

      everything exist even light darkness because of God, pray, ask repent

    • MIS
      MIS 18 days ago

      Nope, man created god in his own image.

    • Spiritual reality
      Spiritual reality 18 days ago

      MIS God always was, gave life Spirit to every living being that have ever lived

    • MIS
      MIS 18 days ago

      We made God

    • Exit The World Ways
      Exit The World Ways 18 days ago

      MIS God made your Spirit created heaven's earth universe all therein

  • Doug Mclellan
    Doug Mclellan 29 days ago

    Kids today will never know the struggle.

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