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Author Roshanda Smith (1 month)
Had to get refresher make it simple. Good instructor!

Author MIZZ GOODIE (6 months)
This is so dope.....Yall did that!!!!

Author Neil Nicholson (4 days)
K-Wang Wit It!
#kwang #khia #kwangwitit 

Author Amy Ohwalawala (16 days)
this song hits so hard lmao

Author Audley Craigie (4 months)
This is so disrespectful. Everything doesn't need a line dance especially
if the song already has a dance to it. I know my fellow Floridians would
find this disrespectful too. 

Author Latoya Farley (16 days)
I like this dance Of Course.
Khia CD was nice to me.
Kang Wang, is cool 😎 The man on the video, sliding doing the dance in his
church shoes was a little funny to me. He did do the dance for him, though
and added the slide.

Author Rose Shields (15 days)

Author lillakieah (1 month)

Author antique47 (9 months)
This a a boring!

Author Crossway Cross (7 months)
Lady in black boots is super sick with it!!! She so quick and fast with
it!! Super Classy!
Every dance she jamming!!

Author K Francois (7 months)
I LOVE YOU!!! I have learned MOST line dances that I know from you! Any
DVD's available?

Author Delores Jackson (10 months)
Werk it

Author Joshua Patterson (1 year)
The lady with the black boots.... Go Girl

Author Judith Fleming (11 months)
got now

Author Penelope Castillo (10 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Dee Dee (2 months)
The girl wearing glasses goodness she is really enjoy it <3 . I love when
people come together thru music! :)

Author S. Doby (9 months)
i do mine a little different. It's a video of 3 women outside, doing the
k-wang on youtube. I do their version. This is a good version as well.

Author Earsula Llahsram (1 year)
We do it different here in Dallas we cross the right leg over the left and
bounce with it twice when we turn. Its a nice twist

Author Sander Smart (1 year)
I'm in Cali but if I was there I'd be stepping with y'all. I definitely
love what y'all doing.

Author Kelli M. (1 year)
The only difference we do is we step right, slide right, step left, slide

Author Tina Jackson (1 year)
Love it! work it!!

Author Garnett Mitchell (1 year)
Y'all doing it wrong 

Author Eva Haliburton (1 year)
Great job instructer. Make it look simple.

Author thecloggingdad (1 year)
Love It!

Author Kristi Knipp (1 year)
whos the instructor here?

Author Billie Johnson (1 year)
I knew this was Charlotte Steppers!! See you on Sunday :)

Author kevanna adams (1 year)
im glad yall together and everything. but that is not how you do this dance

Author alma grace (1 year)

Author datdamntoy (1 year)
That's the Chinese checkers

Author MrBandidodo (3 years)
Love this one...Thanks

Author MarcusDj707 (3 years)
yeah this is not how its done in Houston there is a shuffle part before u
repeat the steps

Author garyjhunter (2 years)
Thanks I will have some posted soon!

Author Ladybug9497 (2 years)
I like when folk put their own finesse with it..that's how it should be
done, not just plain.

Author LiLi B (3 years)
This song is by a female artist name Khia....if someone else wrote it..he
or she personally needs to take that up with the record label and
Khia....but across the's KWang With it...or Can't Wang With
IT.....atleast that what the cd disk cover says when their spinning it in
the club......Let's Get It!....I love this dance...

Author Billy Gunn (2 years)
Whoah GaryJ...Brothas and sistas doin it in the Queen City! Good Job!

Author Crickett L (2 years)
Love it going to learn it too.

Author garyjhunter (2 years)
Stop Hating, Enjoy it or leave it be. There are many different dances to
this song, I have no idea how you even claim there is a "correct" way to do
the dance. I missed the documentary with Khia giving the official version
of the dance.

Author ntiger8705 (3 years)
@marcusdjcause i thought something was missing. lol I was like this is too
short and simple looking.

Author ChelseaSworldd (2 years)
We do it this way, well my family [In GA] but we have that umph to it
lol... Its a few different ways tho.

Author Big Mucci (3 years)
as i read the comments! all of yall are wrong about this dance! First the
Dance is call "The Boodie Bounce" by Big Mucci Dat 71 North Boi or you can
just say 71 North Boyz. This dance is NO K WANG WIT IT. people changed that
mans dance name & Song. Now i agree it's all about fun. But when an Artist
makes a song and put a Dance to it. Then you go on youtube and people are
doing it to another song and telling everyone this is the name of the
dance. what kind of credit do Big Mucci Get?

Author garyjhunter (1 year)
Thanks, that is one of the ways they do it here!

Author delight247 (3 years)
@185673 Khia

Author ReeRee H (3 years)
who sings this song?

Author BDTX11 (3 years)
ok...n Texas we du tha cross step win we turn plus u supposed 2 pause b4 u u dnt need sumbody on tha mic calln out errystep if u dnt no
hw 2 du it learn it sum of tha ppl wanna njoy tha song while their dancing
dey dnt need 2 hear sumbody's voice threw tha whole thing

Author cierra portis (3 years)
@185673 khia

Author garyjhunter (1 year)
Cool, post it up so we can see!

Author Romano Gitano (2 years)
AWESOME!!! for those that are beginners! my students loved it... And the

Author misssexyeva2009 (2 years)
The lady with the black boots on was killing it she can dance!!!!!!! I love
line dancing to this song!!!!!

Author garyjhunter (1 year)

Author Crystal Richardson (1 year)
How do l find your wobble dance video?

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