K-Wang Wit It Line Dance

Purple Charlotte Steppers doing K Wang Wit
It Line Dance

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Author Jessica Jones ( ago)
the lady with the glasses on killin it

Author Jordan A G (1572 years ago)

Author yung amy ( ago)
this song hits so hard lmao

Author Latoya Farley ( ago)
I like this dance Of Course.
Khia CD was nice to me.
Kang Wang, is cool 😎 The man on the video, sliding doing the dance in his
church shoes was a little funny to me. He did do the dance for him, though
and added the slide.

Author lillakieah ( ago)

Author Roshanda Smith ( ago)
Had to get refresher make it simple. Good instructor!

Author Dee Dee ( ago)
The girl wearing glasses goodness she is really enjoy it <3 . I love when
people come together thru music! :)

Author Audley Craigie ( ago)
This is so disrespectful. Everything doesn't need a line dance especially
if the song already has a dance to it. I know my fellow Floridians would
find this disrespectful too. 

Author MIZZ GOODIE ( ago)
This is so dope.....Yall did that!!!!

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
I know 4 versions of the dance, just do the version that is popular in your
area and you will be fine. "In Rome do as the Romans do" Remember just have

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
You can do it, It just takes practice.

Author tiphaniel72 ( ago)
Now i like this version of the dance, more simpler. Which way is correct

Author tgordon163 ( ago)
man I wish I could dance that looks like

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
LOL, Glad you like it.

Author Cierra Teague ( ago)
OMG. I love this kinds of line dances XD I think we should all do this in
dance parties lol we don't have but I'm just saying

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
That is actually a friend of mine (The General), I am filming this one!!!

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
Thanks! That is another version, and we do that one too. We actually do 4
versions here, but I only recorded 2.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
Thanks, that is one of the ways they do it here!

Author lowedownbree03 ( ago)
It looks good. But the slide is missing a few steps.

Author Not2008Me ( ago)
Yeah I feel you I live in Florida too, where Khia is well known lol. You
are correct this is nottt the dance. The dance they're doing is a popular
line dance that we do to another song down here, but it's definitely not
the K wang. I'm not mad at them though they're just having fun.You know how
it is by the time stuff makes it out of Florida ppl have the stuff
completely the peanut butter jelly, city boy etc..ppl in other
states never get it right

Author Crickett L ( ago)
Hey Gary--you got some magic legs with this one. Keep sliding and stepping!

Author ericanicole1000 ( ago)
you all look great dancing, but what happened to the leg crosses and the
slides. was this an easier version?

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
If you are in the area you are welcome to join us

Author fatchudwan ( ago)
Man, I wish I could dance with you guys! Looks like a lot of fun!

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
if you search "garyjhunter wobble" on the youtube main page it comes up

Author garyjhunter ( ago)

Author tonicfitness ( ago)
Love it, so simple & smooth also loved your Wobble clip!

Author Crystal Richardson ( ago)
How do l find your wobble dance video?

Author garyjhunter ( ago)

Author K Higgins ( ago)
Ms Lady gettin it but glad I get to see this line dance for SATURDAY at r

Author DELTA WRIGHT ( ago)
What YouTuber own the k wang line dance - purple Charlotte steppers

Author garyjhunter ( ago)

Author Alexandrea Berry ( ago)
They did a o.k job on the dace

Author prplangl40 ( ago)
Im from Tampa...there are not many variations to the dance! Thisis kool but
it aint K Wangin

Author Dennis Jackson ( ago)
Well i'm not trying to be mean but thats not how you do it just saying

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
Khia the K-Wang. Khia is the artist name also.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
I will let her know.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
No one is trying to steal credit. I honestly have no idea who created the
first version of the dance, if you ask me whatever version Khia likes
should be the "official" version, but is all about having a good time. As
long as everyone is enjoying themselves that is the version that they
should be doing.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
They were teaching the dance that night, so you are correct many did not
know the dance.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
I will let her know.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
LOL, this is a popular song there are many versions of the dance.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
I will let her know when I see her.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
Khia is the artist and the song is Khia the K-wang

Author garyjhunter ( ago)

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
I will let her know.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
Cool, post it up so we can see!

Author garyjhunter ( ago)

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
We went through this before, this is just 1 of 5 ways I know to do the
dance and there are a few more that I know of. This is just what they
happen to be doing around here. Post your version and if it is nice I will
try to encourage others here to do it.

Author lady6916 ( ago)
This isn't the correct dance to this song.

Author Frank Thomas Jr ( ago)
what is the name of song and title?

Author Billy Gunn ( ago)
Whoah GaryJ...Brothas and sistas doin it in the Queen City! Good Job!

Author Krystal J ( ago)
The way they do it is too plain....we do ours with more movements and swag
in Texas!!!

Author Jessica Uyvette Thompson ( ago)
Sistah with the boots GETTIN' IT!!! :D

Author La'Monte Cristo ( ago)
Garyjhunter.....we not hatin we just tired of people not givin us credit if
u were hillsborough county or know anything bout da 813 you'd understand....

Author jamia ramsey ( ago)
they act like they dont know the dance

Author Justin Smalley ( ago)
the lady in the black boots ... gave me Life!!! she was killing it

Author prplangl40 ( ago)
wish I was there so I could Kwang through the room...cuz this aint it

Author charmamillion ( ago)
Khia- k wang wit it

Author josh fraley ( ago)
right left right left shush

Author mslashalle1 ( ago)
Hi do u mind sending the music to me at thanks alot

Author docdoorjr ( ago)
I would like to know what music that you used on this line dance. thanks
for now

Author Denise Keithler ( ago)
Oh, and I like to kick turn, not step turn.

Author Denise Keithler ( ago)
Like they do toward the end of the video!

Author Denise Keithler ( ago)
We do it differently at Birdie's in Walterboro, SC! On the second step each
way, we slide instead of just stepping.

Author Change2be1 ( ago)
this line dance is good for a person that is not use to line dancing and
want to learn, very easy.

Author littlejak ( ago)
yup she is hating Don't know where you are at Gary but, this is the way the
do it in Houston and this video will help me learn THANKS

Author misssexyeva2009 ( ago)
The lady with the black boots on was killing it she can dance!!!!!!! I love
line dancing to this song!!!!!

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
It is back up take a look for it. I will put some more up soon, editing
them now.

Author gnjyw ( ago)
Awesome video, what happened to the other version you had posted? Can you
put it back on youtube?

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
Glad you like it. I wish you luck!

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
Stop Hating, Enjoy it or leave it be. There are many different dances to
this song, I have no idea how you even claim there is a "correct" way to do
the dance. I missed the documentary with Khia giving the official version
of the dance.

Author Crickett L ( ago)
Love it going to learn it too.

Author Collette G ( ago)
STOP THE FOOLISHNESS!!!!!! There IS a correct way to do this dance. Its an
ACTUAL DANCE. please stop making this dance into a line dance. its not.
Watch videos of Tampa people, ie the city the song came from, do the dance.

Author garyjhunter (208 years ago)
Thanks I will have some posted soon!

Author Michael M. ( ago)
What a Great set of dance Videos watch them all and enjoyed everyone of
them.Beautiful Sexy Ladies doing their thing and the guys doing it
too..Purple Charlotte Stepper's are Fantastic keep up the good work. cant
wait for your next set of videos

Author kmatos4life ( ago)

Author Romano Gitano ( ago)
AWESOME!!! for those that are beginners! my students loved it... And the

Author blacktress30 ( ago)
Yeah its a cross over turn.

Author taydamalayda ( ago)
Thing my song

Author Themaddprof ( ago)
The sister in the boots is working it!

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
There is another version that I have posted where the dance is a bit more
complicated you may like that one better. I will also post some new stuff
soon so check back.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
My favorite way, is the way they do it in Detroit. I will get that filmed
and posted.

Author raven farris ( ago)
wobble is easy ive known for a while and this is easy but i do it a little

Author Nathan Marquis ( ago)
Lady in orange was working it

Author Ladybug9497 ( ago)
I agree, I don't see them doing the cross over when they turn.

Author Ladybug9497 ( ago)
We do a cross over with the turn where I live.

Author Ladybug9497 ( ago)
I like when folk put their own finesse with it..that's how it should be
done, not just plain.

Author garyjhunter ( ago)
I am glad you like it, I hope you have a big group at the birthday party to
do it with you!

Author deshayne09 (1056 years ago)
love the video I did not know how to do the wobble or the dance to this
song but now i got it struggle a lil bit n for get a part but rather then
that i was gettin it. Thanks for Posting the two Videos so much wen i have
my 21st bday party nxt year i will get out on the floor and do it now that
i know the dance. Thanks so much.

Author ChelseaSworldd ( ago)
We do it this way, well my family [In GA] but we have that umph to it
lol... Its a few different ways tho.

Author Takayla B. ( ago)
this version is too dryy ; i likee the other ones better

Author ravengirl974 ( ago)
Please shut that dam dj up. Right and left.......

Author MossitaBrenande ( ago)
Really there are three ways I have seen it done

Author butternuttt ( ago)
don't care if it's right or wrong. sexy bald carmel is fun to watch.

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