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Author Ayesha Amin (4 months)
Why can't we get polka panda now :( it was my fav ice cream back then. 

Author REVSTOCK (9 months)
Not a single Dark-Skinned Pakistani.. everyone with Bleached skin.. *what a
damn shame!*

This, bachon, is what we call Self-Hate.

Author sophia khan (6 months)

Author The Multidimensional (1 year)

Author The Multidimensional (1 year)
Pakistan had a glorious past just like India but it has been destroyed, all
thanks to extremism. For a moment, I felt like I was watching Doordarshan.
Thats how close both the cultures were at a time.

Author Mushtaq Khan (1 year)
great days....great dreammful days...cant forget those memories....peace

Author SamuraiAngels (2 years)
Dentonic wali larki ka naam Neelima Hassan hai aur binaka wali Afshan
purani singer compare or actress hai, it brought old memories when
everything was almost pure and no tention of life like now a days we have,
i wish if this new time would be jjust a bad dream and on opening eyes
again same purity like in old days, i really wish for it.

Author Kaustav Mukhopadhyay (2 years)
Good ads if u compare with 80s TV

Author Arsalan Arshed (3 years)
sirf waqt badal jata hai aaj baqi sab kuch chalta rehta hai ads aaj bhi
banty hain but in jaisi baat kahan

Author Rameez Raja (2 years)
aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh batchpannnnnnnnn ki yaaaadaiannnnnnnn

Author vanushehkhan (4 years)
million thanks to the up loader.

Author tanveer Zaib (3 years)
@clark786 ,,,,,, thx

Author xlillybeanx1 (2 years)
Omg the Kiwi add...'' And when the saints, go marching in, when the saints
go marching in, oh I want to be in the number (or waeva) when the saints go
marching in! '' LOL @ olden times copyright.

Author goodgirl0084 (4 years)
i just miss all this. i remember each and every commercial by heart and
love it.

Author sajid hussain (2 years)
mr sindhi how you know this little girl died

Author Farhan Kahn (2 years)
Thank you sir now i m in saudia Arabia DAMMAM good old memories i remembers
that when i was 2years old in 1990... i went to school that time was very
simple things are pure...that days were good.again thanks you sir....

Author 2311971 (2 years)
well, i think u r a natural born loser, and i dont think anybody can change
it for u. better get over it.

Author Syed Imtasal (3 years)
@arjunchauhan24 we need these kind of indians thnks

Author charlie12134 (2 years)
Please bhai ap YouTube par 15 ya 16 saal pehle ke PTV ke family planning
(population control) ke Ads bi upload kar dijiy. Aur please upload karne ke
baad muje os ad ka YouTube link bi send kar dena. Thank You Brother.

Author TheDzenie1 (4 years)
kash main usi waqt main thehar jata

Author syedawadali (3 years)
Allah asaan kare is mulk pe.

Author Irfan Ghori (4 years)
boht boht alla porani yaad taza kar di,dentonic wali larki k to ab tak
daant bhi gir chuky ho ge,or agarbati wali larki ki to qabar pe bhi
agarbatiaya jal gayi ho gi,state life wali bachi ko ab tak bima policy mily
hoye bi 10,12 sal ho gye ho gye

Author channelms (2 years)
good old days

Author Saad Noor (2 years)
Kya sukoon k Aur Kia Pyaray din Tae Aaaah :(

Author Hamza Kazi (2 years)
thanx Abasits

Author 2311971 (2 years)
r u stupid or something? how did u come up with the idea that i miss my old
days? my reaction was totally based on ur own stated facts about ur life.
and honestly u sound like a complete loser and had an abusive childhood, as
a result u, urself became an abuser. what a pity and what a shame.

Author Shamir Khan (2 years)

Author PTI Tiger (2 years)
Panda bohat khaii hai Bachpan mein ...

Author sheraz91244 (3 years)
Yad E Mazi AZab ha Ya Rab...................

Author Syed Imran (3 years)
and also do not forget Saturday night cinema 1980 Planet of the apes 1982
Highway to heaven 1984 Trahawks 1986 Little house on the preire 1979 Six
million dollar man 1978 you asked for it 1980 Waris 1981 Knight rider 1986
Air wolf 1985 Magaiver 1987 The power of mathew star 1980 Transmission
start at 5 AM after Basirat 5:05 Khabarnama 5:10 Childer's programe 5:30
Sindhi programe (Sogharo) 6:00 Arabic News/Boltey Hath 6:10
Dastawezi/Islamic programe 7:00 English News 7:15 English serial 8:00

Author Ghulam Qaiser (3 years)
theek kaha app ne mr arsalan dil wala aaj kal add nahi srif khoobsurati
dekhi jati hia .in add ko dekhne ke baad bachpaan ki yado mai kho jao.
poorana waqt srif yaad kiya jasacta hia wapas nahi ascta

Author Ahmer Hussain (2 years)
great stuff dude really liked it

Author Haider Tareen (3 years)
this chicks has now group up and become the sexiest woman

Author Imtiaz Ahmed Qazi (3 years)
Yar purani yaden taza hogain. kia din thay yaar

Author Fathfull872 (3 years)
What a beautifull ads was these remine me my best time of my life when I
was just a kid and we use to allways sing these ads we never Gona forget
that sweet time. I wish that time comes back for once again.....

Author syedrehmatshah (4 years)
Really, kya waqt tha wo, 4 bje khul ja sim sim dekhna, 8 bje drama dekhna
or 9 bje ka khabarnama dekh kr so jana. Be-had lutf aaya ye video dekh kr.
Shukriya Dost!

Author zuni sha (2 years)
and bomb blast ka khof nahi tha...log aik doosray ki izzat kertay thay
hamare neighbours hamari family ki terhay hotay thay koi computer ya mobile
game nahi hoti thi kisi new mobile ka intezar nahi hota tha koi cartoon
network chanel nahi tha bs sham ko 5 bje cartoon lagtay thay hackle n
jackle,thunder cat ya seasme street or haan full house movie ka boht
intezar hota tha...indian chanells allow nahi thay aik drama hota tha
precious days

Author Talha (4 years)
@irfanghori100 ... OMG .. u cracked me up totally.. hahahaha very very well
said.. hahahahah so true.. but these ads bring so many memories.. wow

Author zia ul haq (3 years)
aur subha k 7 bajay cartoon daikh ker school jana

Author Ariyaan Rocky (2 years)
i miss my childhood days :(

Author zuni sha (2 years)
ayesha khan ? who is she

Author hazara Nationalism (2 years)
we all miss that old day lakin aj kal ka bacha 30 sal bad aj ka din yaad
kararanga jaha logo ma serf nafrat croption paya jata ta and sab ka sab
pakistan ka khon shoos shoos ka jee raha han

Author Baboo (2 years)
Ayesha khan in nourus commercial lookin cute

Author Ariyaan Rocky (2 years)
me too :(

Author mrkorgy (3 years)
Friend u just rolled down my tears, Such a nostalgic moments they still are

Author Usman Hameed (2 years)
Amazing memories

Author aggresive1queen (3 years)
The girl in naurus ad is soo cute :)

Author fragrantsoul19 (1 year)
Great upload!

Author 6478225 (2 years)
LOL 100% agree with bitch part... wives these days can be impossible. :P

Author Rehan Hameed (2 years)
Made me cry as well, thanks for posting!

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