Loi-Koffi Olomide

Loi Koffi Olomide, Afrique Music, Ndombolo

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Koffi Olomide


Author Robert Mande (1 month)
this is the kinds of music we need than this current fake music.

Author Johann Baydeer (6 months)
not even a million views tho

Author Phyllis Gundu (2 months)
This song was once our national anthem in Zimbabwe......

Author Stephen Anibie (8 months)
Love this song. But I don't know if u realised this but koffi hardly sings
in the song!! He just talks in some parts!!

Author Isaelly Nagunwa (6 months)
The Great Koffi!

Author Kovambo Hamukwaya (21 day)
till today this song is the shit

Author 0Moreno0 (5 months)
Koffi used to run Africa in the 90s

Author Yandi Lolo (6 months)
this song brings back good memories when i first met my boyfriend 13 yrs
ago who is congolaise,now my husband Bobo Bembide 

Author desire prod (5 months)
souvrnir d taill

Author Pekara Tjivikua (7 months)
Mad love the song

Author Dingha Junior (8 months)
hi no

Author aeedeeaeeable (8 months)

Author Antony Jumba (4 months)

Author Tania Skyblue (4 months)
Nice 1 koffi

Author DJ PATRICIO DA CRUZ (10 months)
Loi-Koffi Olomide

Author Ogochukwu Charles (4 months)
love koffi olomide and will always do

Author Ellie Saye (7 months)
lol he is such a badass! all he has to say is loi!!

Author Dennis Omonyi (5 months)

Author Jon Carlo Datuin (8 months)

Author Duke Killah (1 month)
I love this song, even though Koffi doesn't sing through it. He's smooth
talking till sounds as good. By God I miss these days :)

Author Tino Ze (1 month)
This was our jam back in Cameroon.

Author Samuel Nabwiiso (5 months)
koffi good number

Author kay poly (4 months)
jombolo a jombolo!! memories!

Author MUNDU (1 month)
I had this shit on video! 

Author Nana Queen (5 months)
un classic

Author Dreamer XL (1 month)
Koffi olomide was that guy growing up, them nostalgic feels, good times in

Author Abdoulaye Balde (2 years)
@MissOrli27. Merci pour la traduction. Koffi a raison. C'est la verité qui
domine quelle soie la grandeur du mensonge. Dombolon a marqué beaucoup de
temps en Afrique. Il fut un moment en guinee, les jeunes dancaient du
dombolon comme si c'etait une dance guineenne. Grand merci a koffi olomide,
a extra musica, experience 7, wengue musica etc...

Author couta27 (2 years)

Author Nanaworkingforgod Glory (2 years)

Author LAY .Marie-Cécile (1 year)
Un classique

Author tigerstripes (2 years)
ummm most africans don't know what the heck he's saying...what with the
3000 different's don't care...we just like the

Author baba tula (9 months)
love this music die ...even though i don't understand anything but the beat
is awesome......kudos ...KOFI..

Author tyrifabrix (1 year)
Old times 3

Author vergix100 (2 years)
vergix prod facebook

Author 9D8D33A (1 year)
mon prefere de Koffi

Author MsSweetmademoiselle (1 year)
Grand mopao

Author JR Léopard (1 year)
Classic ya mopao !

Author karaib beans (2 years)
lokota éyaka na assensceur, vérité héé na escalier péecoumbi ça veudire koi

Author Elijah Smith (10 months)
Amingizile, ba yaya amingizile (2x) Nge u mvuata wayiza, wasi sameno. Kala
i ngangu ngowu mwe bai ka sakana. Shamukuale ya ko pesa mbongo, (Loi)
Shamukuale papa pesa mbongo, (Loi) tout sa sa veut dire koi? ya des
congolais ou des angolais ki peut me dire? je vais mourrir quoi si je ne
connaitrai pas les sens de sa

Author thierry zoh (11 months)
heééé dieu sa me fait rappelé le bon vieux temps si le temps pouvais fais
marrche arriere

Author Keke Love (1 year)
wtf? its 2013!!!!

Author Queen Cee (1 year)
both hands up if ur listening to it in middle of 2013 !!!!! dun no big boi
fukin tune!!!!

Author SEPHORA853 (2 years)
Angelina jolie Casssandra ft Beyonce djimbe - Loi.

Author lovely ndengue (11 months)
you are the king

Author MsSnazzy1 (1 year)
listening in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author paris2005 (2 years)
j aime cette musique koffi est le meilleieur

Author MsBellaRosa1 (11 months)
The anthem of all African dance parties I attend XD

Author aziz Isseini eli (1 year)

Author Tupac King (1 year)
Gosto muito deste som :D Faz me lembras os tempos em que vivia em angola
minha terra. Africa

Author S Ahmed (1 year)
Grew up on this in Kenya!!! Still good as ever:)

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