Loi-Koffi Olomide

Loi Koffi Olomide, Afrique Music, Ndombolo

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Author Samuel Winesse Winesse ( ago)
são boas.

Author Jophrine Kimbembe ( ago)

Author Fatou Ekila ( ago)
yaya batika ce koffi soki oboyi etali yo eeeeeeee

Author Fatou Ekila ( ago)
Ce koffi

Author Baringa Mafuta ( ago)

Author jaaaaaadore ( ago)
Intemporelle !!!!!!! Cette chanson sera toujours dans mon cœur!!!!!!

Author millan onyoni ( ago)
u know u ve a life when your saturday afternoon feels like this song

Author Sira Cisse ( ago)

Author afro khakeem ( ago)
african fire

Author Nwanyi Mbaise ( ago)

Author kipkurui nicholas ( ago)

Author Salamatou Bah ( ago)
Vraiment n'dombolo champion du monde 🌎 ✅

Author The Queen A ( ago)
Qui est la grâce à zatis92?😂🤘🏾

Author voldemord ( ago)
2ème hymne national des Z

Author Judine Zaoiédine ( ago)
Koffi c'est le sang

Author Alice Akissi ( ago)
Mes souvenirs de 1998 à Yamoussoukro

Author Layla Chilali ( ago)
Loi challenge

Author Monique TAPE ( ago)
tombo naga up schizo langa

Author Monique TAPE ( ago)
trop bonne cette musique je danser et écouter tt les jours

Author S.K10 ( ago)
trop bien

Author JoST KingdomH ( ago)
la base

Author Robert Muswaya ( ago)
Great music. Met Koffi personally only once. In Kenya. A great musician.

Author Lo l. ( ago)
Challenge Loiii zatis92 on est laaaaa

Author Amir Ali ( ago)
qui et venu voire le clip de koffi a cause de Oth'vine😂😂

Author Dona Lantey ( ago)

Author TheOgfizzle ( ago)
98 was the year. dancing competitions to this hit.ndombolo ya solo. things
burn at 5.00

Author Mireille Kina Mingiedi ( ago)
te une star

Author Amelio Archie ( ago)
what language is this?

Author Geraldine Chekwube ( ago)
I love this

Author Nasejje Suzan ( ago)
Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa am hot with it big up bro

Author Childish Victorino ( ago)
turn up songs at most parties in Namibia

Author magabe mrimi ( ago)
i like so much songs of olomede

Author gabon congo ( ago)
C'était le vrais koffi pas le koffi de Cyndi

Author Aiden Mattaka ( ago)
Don't understand shit they saying but been singing this song since 1999

Author masaoudou Adam ( ago)
oh le temps passé ne revient plus

Author mariah elgon ( ago)

Author Donat Kevin ( ago)
3M de vue seulement ? c'est une honte , ce son etait dans toutes les
soirées dans les annees 2000

Author T cuthbert ( ago)
The childhood memories tthis song brings though

Author Lizeth Da Silva Da Silva ( ago)
Sem palavras

Author Victor Paye ( ago)
What is he saying ? English pls

Author Chandy Kapesa ( ago)
qui regarde sa encore en 2016

Author Gl gucci garçon En'couleur ( ago)
the best of koffi olomide

Author S.K10 ( ago)
ptdrrrrr je m'éclate de rire

Author kaloki kalu ( ago)
Honestly, he's the only one remained among the best Congo Musicians... and
his music gave him the Best respect among us fans,regardless of his
behavior and its human,because no one is perfect. I pray for him to drop
his temper as he's growing old .

Author Feloge Milloca Makomo ( ago)
good video

Author Joyce yasi ( ago)
❤fière d être originaire du Congo rdc et qui aime pas c est son !impossible
de déteste même si tu ne comprend pas la langue

Author Kls Services ( ago)
Papa goût y'a rien na dire toujours fololo

Author Magda ( ago)


Author تيتيو وستس ( ago)
mukuru kayaba

Author marvin ezekiel ( ago)
brewed for the strong

Author Mage Myst ( ago)
Zambia in the house

Author Fktorea Afrekea ( ago)
I wsh he didn't misconduct in.our country kenya...we kenyans we love wl he cme back again or he was banned 4rever

Author Black Teenager ( ago)
Absolute classic.....

Author António Daniel Pascoal ( ago)
Gosto muito desse ndombolo

Author Zking Afro_house ( ago)
ma mère m'a dit que je dansé comme un fou sur cette musique hahh j'aime
bien mopao

Author mandishona chengetai ( ago)
i love this!!!! its a good throw back.reminds me of the days we were called
rhumba queens

Author Arsene Modzila ( ago)
Cette musique est nostalgique pour moi !!!

Author Apembo Fidel ( ago)
mibeko loi trop kitoko mopao non one love this

Author Florindo Smith ( ago)

Author Medina Hassan ( ago)
nice music

Author Jocelyn Martial NGASSAN ( ago)
cool koffi

Author Oluwayemisi Orunbato ( ago)
koffi n awilo turned Nigeria upside down! oh my gosh! especially awilo.
when he came to Nigeria.. roads were closed for days... stampede in
stadiums.... ah.... I can't tell enough. beautiful memories.

Author ZONOUA Prekermine ( ago)
Belle. Epoque

Author Rolls Royce 2 ( ago)
personne a fait danser l'afrique comme koffi olomide .

Author Justin Maley ( ago)
popular songs

Author Mukky gudsani ( ago)

Author Suleman Sulebobo ( ago)
Nice track

Author Tumelo Awee ( ago)
What is Loi?

Author Bah Amadou Sadio ( ago)
j'aime ♥ beaucoup ses chansons.
seulement, son action du Kenya nous avait déçu 😞

Author Ralph Marbler ( ago)
On l'a passée au Village du Sport...

Author Roger Banki ( ago)
I had Suzuki as the guy I was watching in this video..3rd dancer from
left..he was koffis best

Author Queen_ D ( ago)
😻💍💕💉 L'une des meilleures zik de Koffi 😻💍💕💉

Author Fktorea Afrekea ( ago)
where is he frm??? zambia or zibabwe bcaz his songs are very popular in my
country kenya

Author piet janter ( ago)
Does anybody know the song on my channel ?
Please comment on my channel
and love Congo music

Author DJALLY ACERO ( ago)
trop top

Author Nana Queen ( ago)
liberez kofffi diiiiit

Author Portia Sigauke ( ago)
this is the team Koffi should still be singing with, the great combination
of dancers and voices of all time

Author Alle Okanya ( ago)
Are those dancer's all still a live? Any one pliz help me with there names.

Author Jola Mimicri ( ago)
L´année la les camerounais ont montré au congolais et ivoiriens qu´ils
chantent leurs musiques, mais elles se dansent en n1 au Camer. Le Camer c
le pays de la java. On a toute les qualités. L´Afrique en miniature.

Author Adama Konate ( ago)
Koffi tu es un chef

Author S Ahmed ( ago)

Author schimei youdi ( ago)

Author Ania Sena ( ago)

Author Dy-dan ( ago)
Ndombolo 2016 très très fort. La Guyane aime Koffi

Author Ismael Kabore ( ago)
Merci pour l son

Author Membe Toure ( ago)
Prague ?

Author Didider De Luxe (2dz du kameroun!!!) ( ago)
je suis vous!!!!!!!

Author Eugenia Akochi ( ago)
This is so good. Makes me remember my innocent childhood

Author Angel San ( ago)
I've been searching for a song for a while like years lol and it's sooo
this genre, the chorus is like "oro daroté" obviously I didn't write it
correctly but do someone knows the name of this song? It is popular in

Author Blessing Chibharo ( ago)
my all time fav

Author sarah lutah ( ago)
Lingala tupo

Author tindo tare ( ago)
I'm from Zimbabwe and this song was played everywhere except the church and
a these kinda songs not the new ones on the market

Author Amoussou koffi ( ago)
I'm so proud and happy to be AFRICAN.

Author Amoussou koffi ( ago)
AFRICA.... The Best and Always

Author Dico1100 ( ago)
sempre quando ouço essa música, parece que foi lançamento... Top de mais

Author stringer1664 ( ago)
satant n'est plus LOI

Muito bom !

Author Nobesuthu Tshabalala ( ago)
2016 m watching reminds me when my uncle came from DRC to serve in the army
rest in Peace malume

Author Frédérique Kouame ( ago)
neli neli

Author King Bugg ( ago)
14 June 2016. I'm watching

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