Rasta Renny Shows His Blow Toy

Rasta Renny demonstrates his original creation.
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Author deborahzebra ( ago)

Author Septik Nolan ( ago)
Its a steamroller with a ball or a poor mans peak flow meter.

Author Duck3003 ( ago)
you got me there

Author nirvan jasrotia ( ago)
is he blowing the smoke or is that a toy ?

Author Jakov ( ago)
I have those boxers :D

Author Khair Salhudin ( ago)
how to made that shit.

Author ElNicco1 ( ago)
*Joke* im from sweden, white as a badgers arse man, but anyway, i'm going
to either jamaica or holland. HAve fun !

Author ElNicco1 ( ago)
i lak to liv der mon. I get plen tiket right naw. Gan smoke de ganja. Money
don i gone amsterdam isteed

Author Artio Dactyl ( ago)
i would like to smoke through that blow toy a good bowl ;D

Author arley rey paez ( ago)
ah que vacano vivir en medio de ganhja

Author William M.O.G ( ago)
hahaha bbeeekkk...

Author The sk8_lvl_99 (1832 years ago)
0:30 meeeeeeeh

Author yogo prihantoro ( ago)
jelay anjay

Author esteban quesada ( ago)
exercise the lungs so u can smoke more weed at one hit! xD

Author TenaXxable ( ago)
I was searchin for porn in YT ...but that also good lol

Author Kieran EK ( ago)
Yeah it's not for everyone, I wouldn't choose it either. They live In
paradise though so I guess it's easier to chill and do nothing :)

Author Kieran EK ( ago)
Well having met Renny myself, I know he climbs the Reach Falls waterfall
with his brother most days, leading tourists or just for fun. Also he does
odd jobs like carry bananas from the nearby farm, grow food etc And yes, he
grows and smokes a lot of the old ganja

Author Kieran EK ( ago)
and its actually second highest after South Africa I believe :)

Author Kieran EK ( ago)
he means the rastafari. Aint no peaceful jungle rastas killing people,
thats the gangs down in the cities, mainly the poorer areas of Kingston

Author Salvador ( ago)
not really, Jamaica has the highest murder rate per capita in the world

Author Ken Ho ( ago)
Awwww fuck i thought he meant dildo

Author frederick arauz (184 years ago)
Jha bless

Author GHOSTRUSKI ( ago)
I was stoned and when i got what that thing was i nearly pissed my self :D

Author No Name ( ago)
what a retard..

Author Miguel Red ( ago)

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)
So, you admit to mugging a bunch of people, then complain that somethings
gotta be done about society? (Obvious sarcasm but i'm sure that limited
mind of yours could connect the dots) Irony.

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)
I'm still waiting for you to provide any evidence to support your claims.

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)
Hows collecting government food stamps going by the way?

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)
Ahahaha, you really are pathetic..

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)
Ahh nice deflection. I left that in to see if you would actually go for it,
it really does tell alot about someone. Come to think of it that rotation i
did in psycology really did pay off.

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)
I also see in your profile this odd statement "MARIJUANA IS ONE OF THE
case show me actual evidence of this, i want numbers, statistics, not
sensationalist new articles from buttfuck nowhere. Did you know Obama
smoked pot most of his teenage life? And what did he go on to do, i don't
know, become the first black US president.

Author Driv3th3hiv3 ( ago)
Nah sorry. You don't make that call. You are quiet unintelligent, unable to
grasp basic logic etc.

Author codman16259 ( ago)
@JailPotheadsForLife Omg did u thank of that ur self

Author Gomes5 ( ago)
yeh you are right, I just dont know why people even reply to that guy.

Author Moby Dick ( ago)
Brothers please, why let temptation of babilon stray you from path of
peace, love and happiness? let us make peace with jah brother and sister,
one love!

Author francis camilo ( ago)

Author Pascal † シ Molliwater † Santos (350 years ago)
preparing everyone's lungs for the real stuff ;) rastafari!

Author Brolog Sanctum ( ago)
That's from the shit others brought them to. But they're all really cool.
Besides, aren't most of the world pure racists?

Author 711suicide ( ago)
If i knew where you lived i would cover you in cyanide and light you on

Author destructivus ( ago)
wtf .... a lot of them are pure racists

Author Gomes5 ( ago)
I guess you are right

Author Gomes5 ( ago)
Lol you are a nice troll indeed, I don't even know how these guys seriously
reply to you xD

don't feed the trolls

Author Rob Martin ( ago)
you have never even been to university....Hahahha what's wrong your brain
can't handle it?

Author Christian Ariza ( ago)
Hey you stupid fuck! You never replied to my comment on my video so I take
it that I won ? You are such an ignorant fuck haha.

Author xGoneHuntiNx51 ( ago)
My gpa cant get a whole lot higher first off. and yeah I hunt. go look up
some facts on hunting. were controlling the population you stupid fuck. if
people didnt hunt, animals would get over populated and die from starvation
and disease. they would then start eating their same species and spread
disease eventually passing the diseases off onto the human race. do some
research dumbfuck. you're against everything that our country was based on
aren't you? if you dont like america gtfo bitch.

Author Rob Martin ( ago)
@GoneHunt is a pothead and he has a 3.4 gpa, you aren't a pothead and you
probably have a shitty gpa, that's why you went to pathetic college....what
a shame, what a waste of space

Author jenard Eugenio ( ago)
Yeah right.. a blow toy.

Author xGoneHuntiNx51 ( ago)
I'm personally a pothead and I have no idea where my next marijuana "fix"
is coming from and frankly, I don't give a fuck. I'll get it when I get
around to it. AND I also have a 3.4 gpa so how about you get the fuck off
youtube, maybe go figure out how the real world works, and then go kill
yourself. The world would be better off you child molesting uneducated fuck

Author MrShirye ( ago)
"It exercise the lungs" they're fucking high.

Author Rob Martin ( ago)
that's bullshit because marijuana is not addictive....less addictive then
coffee and people won't do anything just for a cup of coffee

Author TheUnknownGrower ( ago)
suffercation is thst beeing in a hotbox for 14 hour.i smell bullshit

Author iSuavee ( ago)

Author LaughingDespair ( ago)

Author oQuickScopez ( ago)
Day 23, Still searching for nigouer's comment... Supply's running low... I
don't think i can make it..

Author Rolex13371 ( ago)
Little Jacob

Author Samson Ikpen ( ago)

Author Remus1033 ( ago)
He doesn't even laugh when the white guy fails... What a wonderful place <3

Author Armando Mota ( ago)
alta pipa!

Author Al Jabir Miranda ( ago)
y la hierba?

Author 420spiraltribe ( ago)
@nigouer im a white ganga grower and i would stomp a mud hole in your ass
if i saw you

Author Dakukobura ( ago)
We all know why they would want to exercise their lungs XD

Author magua4 ( ago)
looks like the chillest bro

Author Dick Hertz ( ago)
Most peaceful people on this earth

Author GuerilliaFarmer ( ago)
@crackpotdweeb you arnt any better then nigouer kid... just look what u

Author TheNyCsound ( ago)
rastas are some of the coolest most laid back people youll ever meet

Author Eri Saucedaa ( ago)
@king1431 hahahhahaha u right aleroo

Author Run13 Buddhabrot ( ago)
@Santeria231 thats what being humble means, not what everyone thinks it

Author bugangusmaximus420 ( ago)
I wonder if he smokes weed

Author Santeria231 ( ago)
He looks like such a cool and nice guy

Author Tobi O. ( ago)
Lovely people! No bad thinking, one with nature! God bless Rastafari!

Author andy efstathiou ( ago)
i wanna know its name and where i can find one

Author Andreas Buch ( ago)
@nigouer comes from a fail troll, who only got the brain capacity to type
low minded racial comments here on youtube. - check his channel

Author IRIE AJAY ( ago)

Author Joshua Bader ( ago)
@nigouer how bout you learn some manners ass hole

Author Jennifer Ottenberg ( ago)
Renny is Awesome!! Can't wait to cross paths with him again :)

Author blondstallion ( ago)
@heeh2 haha,you got me there..

Author crackpotdweeb ( ago)
@nigouer u are by far one of the most ignorant and retarded folk to ever
shed your poison on humanity or any of its brotherhood. if you are
interested in exercise, why not get some yourself and stay the fuck off of
youtube with your gutter-mouth, pussy ass shit. people like you define why
humanity is able to rationalize the killing of their own species, you
delinquent, insolent faget. go kill yourself, cause i dont think anyone
would want to come near you far less lay hands on u. i mean it. die

Author daniel mcqueen ( ago)
@blondstallion usain bolt

Author blondstallion ( ago)
@heeh2 name one. just one.

Author Houba Hop ( ago)
Lol he has no lung power at all LMAO

Author winters war ( ago)

Author daniel mcqueen ( ago)
He's not lying about the lung power....Jamaica wins every godamn track
competition on the planet.

Author mewrth ( ago)
This should be a classic toy for kids. It demonstrates a simple scientific
law. Not like the polluting, broken-in-3 days plastic crap that's ugly and

Author malaysiancule ( ago)
@Sk8ordieknarlysk8er well your comment wasn't really productive nor did it
sound friendly. What, you expect this guy to rain you with praises for
stating a fact and not being ignorant?

Author Tony Banks ( ago)
@Sk8ordieknarlysk8er It isn't counter productive when you exercise your
lungs. That's why you exercise them.

Author arra009 ( ago)
one love!!

Author DelaCooka ( ago)

Author nicholarts ( ago)
Lung breath

Author Stijn Beeckman ( ago)
@ohliza really? do you know any sites where you can buy it? (:

Author Stijn Beeckman ( ago)
I want one

Author campbpar ( ago)

Author lennor1349 ( ago)
WOow Calabash oO

Author Ezra Pound ( ago)
@snorlaxx1337911 lol

Author Ezra Pound ( ago)
where can i get one?

Author snorlaxx1337911 ( ago)
what?? its magic how does he do that? i mean like there is nothing pulling
the ball up how can that be??? probably some voodo black magic or so^^

Author WorshipInTruth ( ago)
That looks pretty cool.

Author sensibuddz ( ago)
I thought he was going to smoke something. this looks like Belize

Author Jon Jester ( ago)
nice..he's so cute..and thats a good

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