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Author frederick arauz (2 years)
Jha bless

Author KenzyBone1 (4 years)
hey guy what is your project when you joint video like this pfff you think
rastafari is funny but is not funny. go back to babylon now man!!!

Author ElNicco1 (2 years)
*Joke* im from sweden, white as a badgers arse man, but anyway, i'm going
to either jamaica or holland. HAve fun !

Author Natalie Walker (5 years)
how awesome is that ! like elvis presley said: " im all shook up !!"

Author OpenxNotes (5 years)'s like ball in a cup for your lips XD

Author arra009 (4 years)
one love!!

Author Gomes5 (2 years)
yeh you are right, I just dont know why people even reply to that guy.

Author Gomes5 (3 years)
I guess you are right

Author Dani Schmid (5 years)

Author Rolex13371 (3 years)
Little Jacob

Author arley rey paez (2 years)
ah que vacano vivir en medio de ganhja

Author yogo prihantoro (2 years)
jelay anjay

Author Salvador (2 years)
not really, Jamaica has the highest murder rate per capita in the world

Author destructivus (3 years)
wtf .... a lot of them are pure racists

Author dopeboimajik (5 years)
i would appreciate it if someone shows us how to make this !

Author Beast (2 years)
what a retard..

Author herito100 (6 years)

Author sakecity7 (6 years)
any rasta needs a good lung exercise

Author DelaCooka (4 years)

Author Septik Nolan (2 years)
Its a steamroller with a ball or a poor mans peak flow meter.

Author nickyjam305 (4 years)
I remember Marley speaking of exercising his lungs playing the flute (in
his 'Talkin Blues' album)... Upstairs in the head you get nice some time,
after certain amounts of breath u feel like u get REAL high... (so much

Author Blazin Major-Haze (5 years)
He should take a hit before he blows through the pipe...

Author Al Jabir Miranda (3 years)
y la hierba?

Author bighousetube (8 years)
Hey Thanks for sharing this video, we really enjoyed watching them all.
Renny is really smart and we liked his tour or Reich falls.

Author blondstallion (4 years)
@heeh2 haha,you got me there..

Author Brolog Sanctum (3 years)
That's from the shit others brought them to. But they're all really cool.
Besides, aren't most of the world pure racists?

Author Stijn Beeckman (4 years)
@ohliza really? do you know any sites where you can buy it? (:

Author codman16259 (2 years)
@JailPotheadsForLife Omg did u thank of that ur self

Author scjason420 (5 years)
i saw one of those at the hospital.

Author RAS reggae (5 years)
herb is the healing

Author Driv3th3hiv3 (2 years)
Nah sorry. You don't make that call. You are quiet unintelligent, unable to
grasp basic logic etc.

Author oQuickScopez (3 years)
Day 23, Still searching for nigouer's comment... Supply's running low... I
don't think i can make it..

Author Lisa Samson (5 years)
I'm in love

Author hellomynameis151 (6 years)
HAHAHA he made a makeshift aspirator...this is a respiratory therapy device
to strengthen the lungs. Its more for people with lung problems but why not
exercises every muscle you got. ganjaneuity!!!!!! smoke weed everyday!

Author Moby Dick (2 years)
Brothers please, why let temptation of babilon stray you from path of
peace, love and happiness? let us make peace with jah brother and sister,
one love!

Author esteban quesada (2 years)
exercise the lungs so u can smoke more weed at one hit! xD

Author Nicu CipA (5 years)
stroke smoke stroke smoke ,smoke blow ,smoke blow :))

Author morenaso1 (6 years)
lol, i guess you dnt smoke

Author Rsaint17 (4 years)
he seems so cool and laid back..... gotta love those people

Author Artio Dactyl (2 years)
i would like to smoke through that blow toy a good bowl ;D

Author 711suicide (3 years)
If i knew where you lived i would cover you in cyanide and light you on

Author Santeria231 (3 years)
He looks like such a cool and nice guy

Author winters war (4 years)

Author Rob Martin (3 years)
@GoneHunt is a pothead and he has a 3.4 gpa, you aren't a pothead and you
probably have a shitty gpa, that's why you went to pathetic college....what
a shame, what a waste of space

Author ChloePierre (6 years)
LOL this is cool! "It give ya long breath..." HAHAHA! Yeah good for taking
big hits of ganja! Great video....Blessings to all...

Author MrShirye (3 years)
"It exercise the lungs" they're fucking high.

Author Eri Saucedaa (3 years)
@king1431 hahahhahaha u right aleroo

Author Jamal Milwaki (4 years)
ya mon

Author j69d (5 years)
lmao good training exercise for when you move on to the heavy shit!!! work
hard play easy!!

Author Jennifer Ottenberg (4 years)
Renny is Awesome!! Can't wait to cross paths with him again :)

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