thong wedgie

shame on Roxy :D

i dont think she knows i did this video

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Author nikoleta atanasova (5 months)
These were some cute thongs I want them!

Author 19911thatguy (2 years)
lol, i can type perfectly so who u talking to?

Author RU4BN8OUT (3 years)
@camodude101 you are sofa king we tall did

Author Extra Ordinary (4 years)
damn that must of hurt ahaha

Author camodude101 (4 years)
Why does everyone type like they have down syndrome? Jesus people, type

Author Fernando Layton (4 years)
them knickers were quite cute if I might say

Author NeoJD (3 years)
jesus what an ass

Author Panorama1981 (2 years)
I'd hit it

Author Debbie Nowicki (4 years)
i saw ur but wen she gave u the wegdie

Author LaBarDallas (2 years)
@panorama1981 hit what her butt?

Author Thomas Ellis (3 years)

Author LaBarDallas (2 years)
@spaghetimonster278 what does that have anything to do with a video with a
husband giving her wife a massive wedgie in a thong

Author lamecow21 (4 years)
ya funny bitch

Author spaghettimonster2798 (2 years)
@camodude101, It's not that we can't type correctly, it's just that at
school, college, university, work, among other places, you can't have ONE
grammatical error, but in the internet, no one judges how you type, it's
your free time, you can chill out and not be preassured for perfection, so
put it that way, and understand why so many do this.

Author hi (3 years)
@portalpwner 0:20 you can when she puts the bag up if you pause

Author MrCHIEFS1960 (2 years)

Author nickhits dabaddest (4 years)

Author Thondwedgie (3 years)
@DavilGirl2014 Makr a video of you with a hanging wedgie were your thong

Author iLoveJB22much (3 years)
U can also see it at 5 seconds

Author sexiisunshine100 (2 years)
Ya not videoin this r ya? Urr.... Well, ;b

Author pokemonloverTHQ (3 years)
Hey devilgirl2014. I have a dare for you. Put on a thong and hook ur self
to a door knob and quickly sit down.

Author Josh Carl (3 years)
Nice I love watching girls get wedgies!

Author hardy0000 (4 years)
its only a show up to show thong its not a wedgie

Author shooster11 (3 years)
Thong wedgie??? Isn't a thong a wedgie??

Author dinoking8100 (3 years)
pull it longer and harder

Author rhettbruckner (1 year)
Nice thong

Author Shawn Laney (3 years)
Damn I want ur pussy

Author iluvmyjill (4 years)
sxc panties

Author LaBarDallas (2 years)
wow thats one stretchy thong which equals a mega wedgie given by the husband

Author bigguy7878 (4 years)
show more ass wink wink

Author konar miles (4 years)
thts a nice butt u shud call me lol

Author caponi14 (2 years)
Lol check 0:31 the guy is thinking ''Oh YEAH''

Author SouthEastPoly (1 year)

Author nicole jean (2 years)
my last name is cuthbert........ i <3 weedgie

Author LaBarDallas (2 years)
@Pananorma1981 Hit what her butt0

Author nowherefast283 (4 years)
nice ass though

Author nathan showell (3 years)
nice wedgie

Author Lucas Fonseca (3 years)
nice pantie

Author dietrich10441 (3 years)
@emmacuthbert123 EXCELLENT VIDEO.

Author sciroccotsi1 (2 years)
she's hot xx

Author musicman123 (3 years)
Nice thong :) lol

Author Nige Twelvetrees (5 years)
poor ol Roxy cute knix mind you.

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