Mississippi Queen Video

On Any Sunday, Two Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Dazed and Confused

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Author Malec B. Pajaro ( ago)
This song is from The Expendables and the 1971 film Vanishing Point

Author winsome879 ( ago)
Thiis one of those killer iconic songs that you tend to forget about that
once you remember and you listen to it again... oh man yeah!

Author Kenneth Henny ( ago)
440 6 pack

Author Kako Caio ( ago)
show, bons tempo

Author Afonso Yamaha ( ago)
*Bom dia Nação Rock N´ Roll*

Author El ton ( ago)
This guitar is amazing, look how it "scream". Amazing man...

Author Rudy Ramirez ( ago)

Author Drunklesk ( ago)
Two Lane Blacktop, one of my favorite movies, 55 Chevy with a 454 with a
tunnel ram.

Author Augusto Ramirez Lopez ( ago)
GTA 5 :)

Author rob manson ( ago)
This would of been better with clips from vanishing point, dirty mary and
crazy larry and two lane blacktop. Its still good though.

Author Dana Snell ( ago)

Author iCrimzon ( ago)
2:35 the best part

Author Eddy G ( ago)
Drummer grew up near me,didn`t know Corky though.

Author Kylee Brosh ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author dc thatsme ( ago)

Author Maria HB ( ago)

Author Karina Allen ( ago)
woou this is rock and roll legendary

Author James Watts ( ago)
All revved up !
MOUNTAIN - Mississippi Queen

Author SunShines´ Music (1192 years ago)
When Rick and I Were Younger We Race Our Cars Against Eachother and
Friends..Billyjoe One Time Raced Backwards Cause his Car All the Gears Went
Out Except reverse! Lol. Awesome Times

Author Robert Leigh ( ago)
The regular show brought me here, who'd have thunk it!

Author Kris Nordberg ( ago)
Who did this first, Mountain or BTO?

Author Rock N' Roll ( ago)

Author Robert Wright ( ago)
i came here for more cow bell

Author Robert Lukacs ( ago)
Good accept Dazed is a wanna bee movie. it sucks

Author RottenDoctorGonzo ( ago)
Regular Show!

Author dzejms84 ( ago)
This is how a white man plays a guitar!

Author Barry Stamper ( ago)

Author American Country ( ago)
I focusing on that Gasser instead of the song.

Author Zane Clay ( ago)
Anyone else here from regular show haha

Author Beba Mercado ( ago)
So good 

Author jota jota “jotajota” José ( ago)
buena rola

Author AMBULANCE MAN ( ago)
bad ass cars and song !

Author Diane Upchurch ( ago)
Mississippi Queen Video:

Author whitefordf15004 ( ago)

Author Alpha PHENIX ( ago)
ah the good old days

Author robert andrade ( ago)
need some vans dude

Author Ron Hall ( ago)
I was going to say something clever, at least for an old guy, my whisky
advised me not to. Thanks 80 proof and my ole bulldog for common sense.

Author Ned ( ago)
Regular Show fans ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Author Tommy Parker ( ago)

Author Frank Forrest (1015 years ago)
Mississippi Queen Video:

Author Jayden Meehan ( ago)
Anyone come here cuz of gta v if so like this comment 

Author Rodrigo Hernandez ( ago)
Esa rola la toco bien chingon... En la rockband... :) #ecsbocs360

Author flesheatingvirus70 ( ago)
leslie and gasoline

Author crazymustang99 ( ago)
Most badass song ever

Author Dante Carrillo (1583 years ago)
GTA five 😂❤️

Author Fernando Cervantes G. ( ago)
Mountain - "Mississippi Queen" (1970)

Author jerry kauffman ( ago)
saw Two Lane Blacktop AND Easyrider with my older brother in 74. both
movies were so cool back then.

Author Mike Hand ( ago)
Mississippi Queen Video - Movies are On Any Sunday,Two Lane Blacktop,Bullitt
And Dazed And Confused .
I use to have a 68 dodge charger just like the one on Bullitt ,Bad ass car

Author Brian Seibert ( ago)
...have some fun ...

Author NoMoreBrotherWars ( ago)
OMG,@2:28, that's sounds so gooooooood.

Author fiddlerpin (276 years ago)
Two Lane!!!

Author Adam cleveland ( ago)

Author TheDethring ( ago)
That's just beginners luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, luck, luck..

Author Robert Loomis ( ago)
Mississippi Queen Video:

Author Joe Smith ( ago)
El competition. Kick it!

Author Spike “KC3BVN” Rogan ( ago)
Not enough cowbell in this. Come on, you come from Long Island--sound like
it. lol

Author Dollynho Da Valve ( ago)
los santos rock radio 

Author Faiz zahir Ramadhan ( ago)
Surprised when they use this song in Regular Show

Author Omar Lencina ( ago)
Mountain - Mississippi Queen (1970)

Author IMaDEM0N ( ago)
The cars are clips from the movie "2-Lane Blacktop", Bullitt, Dazed &
Confused, the motorcycle clips are from "On Any Sunday 1"

Author waylon james ( ago)

Author june sawyer ( ago)
Mississippi Queen Video:

Author Riley Munsie ( ago)
Love this song!!!!

Author Ian Munsie ( ago)
This song is awesome! I listen to it ever day when im on the bus! :D

Author Osvaldo Sanchez ( ago)
Regular show an misiiiipi queen misic an favoret

Author Brooke Tinney ( ago)
Go BullDogs!!!

Author Tattooed Tallman ( ago)
this is on regular show

Author ufohstarseed ( ago)
I love my southern queen <3 Koolest girl in the world

Author Fwuffy Pwant ( ago)
Okay guys, this is possibly the best rock and roll in the world period.

Author Sabine Diaz ( ago)
i still think it needs more cowbell

Author ComiCat ( ago)
This is kinda cool. It takes me back to the days when my parents let us
play video games from their time. I'm not like all these other kids, all
these vintage things and the classics fascinate me. I'm like a 5 year old
everytime I see something from the past. Like that time I picked up a soft
plastic cup putting it to my ear and smelling it and my grandma told me to
put it down and that it was a feminine product. But I still don't
understand how someone could fit that in there. 

Author gerard viruez roca ( ago)

Author Thiago Tonatto ( ago)
Alguém sabe o nome do filme ???

Author Andrew Mania ( ago)
she musta been real hot to inspire this classic.

Author phizgp ( ago)
1:30 Mark Brelsford #87

Author Tom Ledford ( ago)
*"Mississippi Queen"*

Yeehaw! It's Friday night!

Video from: On Any Sunday, Two Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Dazed and Confused

#Mountain #MississippiQueen 

Author rdunsky1 ( ago)
what about vanishing point?

Author wolvieguy ( ago)
how you gona have all these classics in this video but no vanishing point?!

Author Ed Spencer ( ago)
Fucking A!! If you ain't smokin' rubber yer smokin' somethin' else!!

Author TheStormtrooperrr ( ago)
'Merica fuck yeah! Best country in the world!🇺🇸

Author steve dobbs ( ago)
and another

Author darius bynum (1130 years ago)
Regular show

Author Billy C. LeWorth (732 years ago)
Vintage speed is still pretty bloody fast , especially without all the
safety equipment we have these days . Love 2 Lane and Bullit .

Author Juha Cker ( ago)
like por los que vienen por un show mas

Author rolyatknarfable ( ago)
Ahhh. The good ol days, with lots of horsepower, not so good suspensions
and bias ply tires. 

Author LC Games ( ago)
I wish you could drive like that these days in old mustangs at 1.44
cars back then were so much better than the crap we have now

Author ParallaxView ( ago)
Without a doubt this is one of the greatest rock-n-roll jams of all time.

Author Ptatoz ( ago)
Guitar Hero 3. :/

Author Joni Cesar ( ago)
concordo mano,mto show

Author MICHIYO966 ( ago)
came here because of Regular Show.

Author Towy Fragoso ( ago)
guitar hero 3 legend of rock

Author leanne kopitzke ( ago)
my all-time fav song

Author 3boxersmf ( ago)
Well done,gotta love it.It's fun to drive like that.Cant do it on the
street though, track only.

Author Todd Carlsson ( ago)
Mountain - Mississippi Queen

Author venun tox ( ago)
Hipnotizante o som que sai dessa guita !! 

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