Mississippi Queen Video

On Any Sunday, Two Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Dazed and Confused

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Author Steven Pomeroy ( ago)
HERE'S YOUR CHANCE FANS! Do you feel Leslie West ( the Guitar God who
played and sung Mississippi Queen) should be inducted into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame? Sign the petition!!

Author EDC_PLUS ( ago)
That '55 Chevy was BADASS!!

Author Mackey - ( ago)
Great video...But no "Vanishing Point" ??

Author Taint Meat ( ago)
I clicked this video cause I used to have a '53 chevy highboy w/454 c.i.d
twin holly 850's and a 871blower abt. 788 hp . rear end was narrowed
and tubbed out ladder bars and heat wrapped strait pipes. chevy engine
block orange and said earth shaker in '70's style phat letters on the
sides. till my now X wife sold it while we were going through a divorce.
lol at least she didn't get my bike.

Author Webb Moncure ( ago)
Reminds of my mother. For entertainment's sake let's just call Vanessa
Moncure "Queenie." Get it mommy? #lol #momsracialheritage #cajunlady

Author Lucas Trejo ( ago)
Where are the dirt bike scenes from?
And what brand/year are they?

Author jon veb ( ago)
excellent, do more!!

Author UnworthyOfKnowingLove ButVeryWorthyOf ( ago)
Love this and Amus Moses

Author Yuki ____ ( ago)
regular show :3

Author somerville99 ( ago)
Good footage.

Author Ben White ( ago)
What movie is that bel air from?

Author pixel the hedgehog ( ago)

Author Phil Lowman ( ago)
What was the movie with the 55 Chevrolet and the GTO? I've seen it but
can't recall. Would like to see it again. Had a CST Chevrolet 72 like in
Dazed n Confused and hate that I traded it. was a great driver and always
drew a crowd.

Author Aare Luhaäär ( ago)

Author MumiaAbuJamalFreedom ( ago)
the regular show

Author MumiaAbuJamalFreedom ( ago)
the regular show

Author Lori LaFleur (1285 years ago)
Steve McQueen in a car chase, in a stang = HOT. AS. HELL.

Author Eddie Doran ( ago)
my favorite movie!

Author alejocapitan2 ayerra ( ago)
the best song

Author Mrs Francis ( ago)
it cool

Author Alejandra Molina (1402 years ago)
Im here from Regular Show... Oohhhhhh!

Author Spikey The dark wolf ( ago)
Guitar Hero 3 legends of rock

Author Carrie Gillespie ( ago)
Kick Ass

Author Kaleb Carvalho (1508 years ago)
musica mt top

La mejor cancion

Author guilherme Dantas ( ago)
amo essa musica

Author Enzo Chuck ( ago)
eu quero sabe quem é q transa nessa poha

Author ShariValo ( ago)

Author Ron Hall ( ago)
GTO Judge with the Hurst was a Hell of a ride.

Author IIJG27Rich ( ago)
Who in the hell would give this video a thumbs down??? It rocks!!!!

Author G Day ( ago)
regular show

Author Rodri Gooo ( ago)

Author Carl Garrett ( ago)
Mountain never got the credits they deserved, Leslie west my best to u

Author PURE PS4 ( ago)
regular show brought me here

Author Kevin Zavala ( ago)
is that a green mustang , forgive me for not knowing car models?

Author Vic Sabb ( ago)

Author Yan Ulrich Moroz Caccia Gouveia ( ago)
the scene with the green mustang is from some movie???

Author Marcelo Namikaze ( ago)
mississippi queen muito foda rock nas veias

Author Deadpan Randle ( ago)
bullit, on any sunday, two-lane blacktop

Author VírusT Gamer ( ago)
Eu jogando toda hora GUITAR HERO com essa música

Author Blown Mafia ( ago)
Sweet video man, I'm surprised you didn't add any scenes from the movie
HotRod with the primer grey Willys.

Author ericynot ( ago)
This is a good video, but it needs a little something more -- some scenes
from 1971's epic Vanishing Point.

Author papazz mud ( ago)
55chevy! still my favorite car ever built.

Author Night Shade (1851 year ago)
I love playing the Good Ol Southern Rock especially when I'm driving my 06
Convertible Mustang Super Charged w 2 Muther Thumper Cams, 4/10 gears, Bama
Custom Racing Tunes, Polished and Ported Heads, X pipes w no cats. Tested
at 638 horsepower 629 TorqueBest feeling in the World. Driving that car.

Author Israel Cordero ( ago)
100 dislikes?
(gays little penis)

Author James Shaw ( ago)
THAT was one cool video, a walk down memory lane...

Author Marius Blacklee ( ago)
e mișto trupa

Author Alex Willis ( ago)
That's how a white man plays guitar

Author Jeff Stanley ( ago)
I'll take the Chevy.

Author kyle m (1441 year ago)
Man, that is some goooooooood $h!t.

Author Alex Kuhn ( ago)
marmalade cream...

Author Robert Dunkes SR ( ago)

Author Roderic Reece ( ago)
more cowbell

Author Jack McCoolio ( ago)
That's just beginners luck luck luck

Author senor250 ( ago)
Awesome video!!!

Author Paulo Cesar Ferreira ( ago)
The name this film is...??????

Author Rigo es Amor ( ago)
Drive in movies

Author Justin Watson ( ago)
What's the name of the movie with tha 1955 Chevy Gasser & 1970 Pontiac GTO

Author steve baker ( ago)
Love the 55 sedan!

Author lanteri salvatore ( ago)
love the guitar solo !!!!!!! almost had this song hammered down on rock
band !!!!!!

Author Immortalized1 ( ago)
On any Sunday; Malcolm Smith classic. Great video my man

Author Malec B. Pajaro ( ago)
This song is from The Expendables and the 1971 film Vanishing Point

Author Kenneth Henny ( ago)
440 6 pack

Author Afonso Yamaha ( ago)
*Bom dia Nação Rock N´ Roll*

Author El ton ( ago)
This guitar is amazing, look how it "scream". Amazing man...

Author Drunklesk ( ago)
Two Lane Blacktop, one of my favorite movies, 55 Chevy with a 454 with a
tunnel ram.

Author Augusto Ramirez Lopez ( ago)
GTA 5 :)

Author rob manson ( ago)
This would of been better with clips from vanishing point, dirty mary and
crazy larry and two lane blacktop. Its still good though.

Author ⭐ CrimzonXd ⭐ ( ago)
2:35 the best part

Author Eddy G ( ago)
Drummer grew up near me,didn`t know Corky though.

Author Karina Allen ( ago)
woou this is rock and roll legendary

Author Robert Leigh ( ago)
The regular show brought me here, who'd have thunk it!

Author Kris Nordberg ( ago)
Who did this first, Mountain or BTO?

Author Robert Wright ( ago)
i came here for more cow bell

Author Robert Lukacs ( ago)
Good accept Dazed is a wanna bee movie. it sucks

Author RottenDoctorGonzo ( ago)
Regular Show!

Author dzejms84 ( ago)
This is how a white man plays a guitar!

Author American Country ( ago)
I focusing on that Gasser instead of the song.

Author Zane Clay ( ago)
Anyone else here from regular show haha

Author jota jota “jotajota” José ( ago)
buena rola

Author AMBULANCE MAN ( ago)
bad ass cars and song !

Author Alpha PHENIX ( ago)
ah the good old days

Author robert andrade ( ago)
need some vans dude

Author Ron Hall ( ago)
I was going to say something clever, at least for an old guy, my whisky
advised me not to. Thanks 80 proof and my ole bulldog for common sense.

Author Ned ( ago)
Regular Show fans ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Author Tommy Parker ( ago)

Author Stewie Griffin ( ago)
Anyone come here cuz of gta v if so like this comment 

Author Rodrigo Hernandez ( ago)
Esa rola la toco bien chingon... En la rockband... :) #ecsbocs360

Author flesheatingvirus70 ( ago)
leslie and gasoline

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