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On Any Sunday, Two Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Dazed and Confused

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Author KiriGamer364 (1 month)
When they used this in Regular Show I was surprised. I haven't heard this
song in a long time until that episode in Regular Show :D

Author Paul Gadoury (4 months)
What a great fucking video, from Two Lane Blacktop, to bullet. great vid.
Amped up to go lay some rubber.

Author leanne kopitzke (1 day)
my all-time fav song

Author 3boxersmf (4 days)
Well done,gotta love it.It's fun to drive like that.Cant do it on the
street though, track only.

Author Todd Carlsson (6 days)
Mountain - Mississippi Queen

Author Ron Hall (1 month)
Best comp on utube.

Author Caserol GF (3 months)
The Duke Of Hazzards

Author Ernest Rios (4 months)
This is bob

Author jake thomas (2 months)
All woman are better on wine!!!!!!!!!

Author Andre Graven (1 month)
Ozzy make an version of this music.....he make me
like ever did listem the god staf!

Author jzgsk (26 days)
Regular Show brought me here... & I'm from Mississippi..

Author Greedo Jones (1 month)
Rock 'n Roll brought me here.

Author Traynor2324 (5 months)
now that's how a white man plays the guitar

Author Rony Caba (5 months)
Regular show brought me here

Author dcuoboss louis (25 days)
the expandables brought me here

Author jose eduardo valdez rodriguez (3 months)
Remember old times \m/

Author juanpablo acevedo (4 months)
simple elegance of video 

Author Raymond Dowd (2 months)
Needs more cow bell

Author Chris .Virnman (1 month)
This song is actually in Vanishing Point 1971

Author james kirby (4 months)
I,d get a ticket just sitting in that GTO!!!

Author countygirl35 (3 months)
this song is so hot

Author HotRod Paul (4 months)
All the best car movies race clips

Author Dan Downing (7 months)
On Any Sunday, Two Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Dazed and Confused
Buy Mountain....

Author Electric Guitar (2 years)
I heard a band do a cover of this song last Saturday. The perfect classic
rock tune!

Author Luiz Roberto Amaral (8 months)
\m/ Mississippi Queen.... \m/

Author Michael Tooie Chick (1 year)

Author Andre Graven (1 month)
Whats movies ?can put names?

Author Dan Downing (11 months)
Hillbilly Heaven!

Author Dan Downing (11 months)
B U L L I T T ! ! !

Author abner israel (2 months)
aaaa mississipi queen

Author MaryAnn Regalado.vasquez (7 months)
This video depicts what we raced like back in the day when Live Oak still
had the stock car races every Saturday, we were there....;D

Author Frankie Rutherford (7 months)
bad song

Author BRENDAJASON1 (4 months)
heck yea

Author Veronica piña (9 months)
Jajaja ok

Author borndavid46 (1 year)
Muito bom adoro está guitrra.

Author ladyy bella (6 months)

Author Arthur gonçalves (1 year)
gostei dessa musica no regular show

Author Dolores Arroyo (1 year)
yo conozco esta cancion del programa un show más

Author ushergf1 (1 year)

Author gamoholicbros123 (7 months)
well a lot of people would be here because its a classic rock song

Author tmseh (9 months)

Author reedca97 (1 year)
So what if they found this through the show.The naive youth of today must
be educated somehow!

Author Sunny Thundersow (8 months)
they did not make it popular at least not in my book

Author Sir Douchebag (10 months)
Regular Show ._.

Author Gage White (7 months)
Best fucking Guitar hero game ever. With No. 2 at a close second

Author Felipe Ribeiro Hengstmann (1 year)
hey ya this is good music

Author scott coleman (7 months)
sweet vid I love Steve McQueen just learned he died in Mexico, after having
a second hart attic ,he was being treated for mesothelioma.

Author Catalistic (1 year)
Need moar cowbells

Author James A Dempsey (9 months)
great vid!!

Author Sailordude2012 (6 months)
What does he mean when he says "if you know what I mean"? Is it a drag

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