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On Any Sunday, Two Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Dazed and Confused

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Author Tom Ledford (1 month)
*"Mississippi Queen"*

Yeehaw! It's Friday night!

Video from: On Any Sunday, Two Lane Blacktop, Bullitt, Dazed and Confused

#Mountain #MississippiQueen 

Author spacegasp (10 days)

Author ComiCat (15 days)
This is kinda cool. It takes me back to the days when my parents let us
play video games from their time. I'm not like all these other kids, all
these vintage things and the classics fascinate me. I'm like a 5 year old
everytime I see something from the past. Like that time I picked up a soft
plastic cup putting it to my ear and smelling it and my grandma told me to
put it down and that it was a feminine product. But I still don't
understand how someone could fit that in there. 

Author L.L. Silvercloud (5 months)
my recent stack of speeding tickets in my old Jaguar XJS slowed me down (at
least for awhile) haha..
speeding tickets =the price and privilege of speeding!!!!!!! at least it
seems to work out that way haha...

Author Fwuffy Pwant (5 days)
Okay guys, this is possibly the best rock and roll in the world period.

Author ufohstarseed (19 hours)
I love my southern queen <3 Koolest girl in the world

Author Billy C. LeWorth (2 months)
Vintage speed is still pretty bloody fast , especially without all the
safety equipment we have these days . Love 2 Lane and Bullit .

Author Sabine Diaz (7 days)
i still think it needs more cowbell

Author gerard viruez roca (21 day)

Author Andrew Mania (1 month)
she musta been real hot to inspire this classic.

Author phizgp (1 month)
1:30 Mark Brelsford #87

Author Thiago Tonatto (29 days)
Alguém sabe o nome do filme ???

Author Brooke Tinney (29 days)

Author Erica Noneya (8 days)
ok, some actual Steve McQueen and i'm done.

Author Clif Schory (1 month)

Author KiriGamer364 (7 months)
When they used this in Regular Show I was surprised. I haven't heard this
song in a long time until that episode in Regular Show :D

Author 3boxersmf (6 months)
Well done,gotta love it.It's fun to drive like that.Cant do it on the
street though, track only.

Author wolvieguy (2 months)
how you gona have all these classics in this video but no vanishing point?!

Author Ed Spencer (2 months)
Fucking A!! If you ain't smokin' rubber yer smokin' somethin' else!!

Author steve dobbs (2 months)
and another

Author Darius Bynum (2 months)
Regular show

Author TheStormtrooperrr (2 months)
'Merica fuck yeah! Best country in the world!🇺🇸

Author Juha Cker (3 months)
like por los que vienen por un show mas

Author jzgsk (6 months)
Regular Show brought me here... & I'm from Mississippi..

Author venun tox (6 months)
Hipnotizante o som que sai dessa guita !! 

Author ParallaxView (4 months)
Without a doubt this is one of the greatest rock-n-roll jams of all time.

Author luke cragg (4 months)
I wish you could drive like that these days in old mustangs at 1.44
cars back then were so much better than the crap we have now

Author Raymond Dowd (8 months)
Needs more cow bell

Author IM Mikey (5 months)
Needs more cow bell

Author Joni Cesar (5 months)
concordo mano,mto show

Author rdunsky1 (2 months)
what about vanishing point?

Author MICHIYO966 (5 months)
came here because of Regular Show.

Author Towy Fragoso (5 months)
guitar hero 3 legend of rock

Author leanne kopitzke (6 months)
my all-time fav song

Author Todd Carlsson (6 months)
Mountain - Mississippi Queen

Author dcuoboss louis (6 months)
the expandables brought me here

Author Ron Hall (7 months)
Best comp on utube.

Author Andre Graven (7 months)
Ozzy make an version of this music.....he make me
like ever did listem the god staf!

Author Chris Virnig (7 months)
This song is actually in Vanishing Point 1971

Author Paul Gadoury (10 months)
What a great fucking video, from Two Lane Blacktop, to bullet. great vid.
Amped up to go lay some rubber.

Author Greedo Jones (7 months)
Rock 'n Roll brought me here.

Author Andre Graven (7 months)
Whats movies ?can put names?

Author Ernie Cadell (3 months)
Mississippi Queen was always driving/gear rippin' music, so this video
matches up nicely; well done! 

Author rolyatknarfable (3 months)
Ahhh. The good ol days, with lots of horsepower, not so good suspensions
and bias ply tires. 

Author Islamorada FishTV (8 months)
dat cowbell doe

Author Kerry-Ann O'Connor (4 months)
(much) OF A SWEET HEART. . . .

Author Ptatoz (4 months)
Guitar Hero 3. :/

Author Eduardo Valdez (9 months)
Remember old times \m/

Author Caserol GF (9 months)
The Duke Of Hazzards

Author countygirl35 (9 months)
this song is so hot

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