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Author DDS TV 2 ( ago)
Hope you enjoy this video guys. Huge shoutout to everyone who sent in clips!

If you're in the market for a dashcam, check out! Use promo code "DDSTV2" to save 5%!

Author Matty Poppins ( ago)
we get in, we will stay alert behind the wheel

Author Connor McKnight ( ago)
"Chris stop you'll make him madder"

Author 125AXer ( ago)
#16 "Ride" or "Right" of way... Doesn't matter. Although the cammer was technically not at fault for the crash, the primary cause was his speed along a line of stopped traffic. Something easily seen as common in this type of smashup is a driver continuing along in a clear lane as if there is no potential danger from crossing traffic. Time and time again, that is just not the case. The Mustang driver pulled out without being able to see that the second lane was clear, but it was the cammer's speed which turned that error into a wreck.

Author MADDOH ( ago)
2-oneyefox was pure karma... unfortunately

Author HunterShows ( ago)
Honestly all the ride of way comments are pretty funny. Also, lowering my miniscule faith in humanity. Meh.

Author HunterShows ( ago)
1:10 If he had to hit one thing, he hit the best possible thing.

Author darin reese ( ago)
no need to avoid an accident when you have a camera that proves it is not your fault

Author khroe ( ago)
Note the crash at 1:55, got hit, corrected and stopped, if this were a Russian video it would have gone sideways into the ditch, rolled 360 degrees back on the wheels. cross back over the lanes with the engine on the rev limiter, bounced over the median into opposing traffic, smashed 2 more cars and roll it again on the other side ending up greasy side up in the cabbage spewing blyats and sukas the whole way.

Author aguilpa1 ( ago)
It's called the Right of way not ride of way.

Author Austin Lucas ( ago)
I like your notes at the bottom of the video detailing what happened.

Author Katball66 ( ago)
bffrrroo siccck vidddd

Author a g ( ago)
9:50 went right w that pouya.

Author TheArgosReed ( ago)
Nice Videos. I have just a small critique; It's "right of way", not ride of way.

Author Tom Johnson ( ago)
8:05. when the cars in the lane right next to you are barely moving you should slow down. Those cars decrease the visibility for people trying to cross the perpendicular road. you should slow down and give them a chance to see you coming. And give yourself a chance to be able to stop.

Author Tom Johnson ( ago)
1:00. A brake check can't cause you to Swerve unless you are following way too close.
both of those idiots were driving way too fast obviously.

Author Bad Drivers Of New South Wales ( ago)
5:32 Although the Cammer had the ROW, I still think he could've avoided that accident

Author Hacker07Gaming ( ago)
still colorado drivers > Texas drivers

Author Adam Katt ( ago)
its RIGHT of way ya moron.

Author Robert Fenili ( ago)
Please stop with the 'driving lessons' after each vid.

We can see what happened, we just watched it.

Author Tom Clooney ( ago)
Song name in the first clip? Anyone?

Author Mike Flynn ( ago)
Is this a Drivers ED Video? Whats up with all the.. "Check your mirrors" and "That's why you need to look both ways" Comments?? They ruin the videos.

Author Kevin Herrera ( ago)
Lol "ride of way"

Author sandiek ( ago)
re shouldn't pass on the right, but you ABSOLUTELY shouldn't pass on the right side of a semi. Regardless of who's technically "at fault" , it's not safe.

Author Sean Place ( ago)
7:27 - Cheer up buddy! Go to that "Adult Video World" and that'll make the rest of your night better!

Author K A L I 4 N I A ( ago)
9:45 Never thought I would hear $uicideboy$ on this channel lol

Author POGProductionz ( ago)
2:16 is Canada no USA

Author Nick Trapp ( ago)
I love your videos! I'm glad that you understand the term is "Right-of-Way" and not "ride of way". It still bugs me a little, but I understand if it's an inside joke.

Author NihselAuto ( ago)
7:00 That was totally on the cammer because if he was actually paying attention to the surroundings, he would have avoided the mishap.

Author Oneway Fare ( ago)
On Number 13, why was that car tailgating CJ? Never tailgate! Come on guys. Drivers can be better than this.

Author Intamin ( ago)
5:12 Was because the black SUV made an illegal u-turn. They're the ones at fault.

Author AqL Pinky ( ago)
when I c a ad ad block goes on

Author TheMasterofStupid ( ago)
lol clip #4 wouldn't have happened if Antonio stopped fully at stop sign..

Author Joseph Dugan ( ago)
I just saw the funniest road rage chase video in awhile. Go to jesse31's YouTube page. She has a redneck neighbor named Billie who complain's about Jessi's house and chases a Jeep after complaining that the driver stole her Taco Bell stash. It is so funny that is should be a recurring skit on SNL

Author Robin ( ago)
1:06 BMW vs picup Truck Clash of The Douches

Author Anna Gump ( ago)
6:50 Could have been very easily avoided as evidenced by the open lane and shoulder directly to the right, or even just by slowing down. I have no idea why people try this kind of shit with Semis. It's just a quick and easy way to turn yourself into roadkill.

Author Supbraj ( ago)
Video 14 is playing suicideboy$ and germ niiiiiiice

Author RM21H3G ( ago)
There is no such thing as "ride" of way... it's RIGHT of way.

Author Minn259 ( ago)
"Don't do that, you'll make him madder"
Wow, that lady sure sounded intelligent there...

Author Kyzzle112718 ( ago)
The accident with the pickup brake checking the BMW looks like it happened on Interstate 40 in North Carolina in Wake County outside of Raleigh.

Author Mubarak .S ( ago)
6:50 how about slow down and let the semi in you stupid asshole?

Author Eric Harris ( ago)

Author f ( ago)
please go vist this and if you sub i will sub back
everything airsoft1

Author AV8R ( ago)
7:00 no effort to avoid an accident you are equally at fault

Author yoda rainbow ( ago)
#16 was in San Luis Obispo CA

Author OneEyedFox ( ago)
thanks for the shout out bro!!!! well done like usual.. and update.... my car was totaled and I ended up getting a better car lol

Author Nitro Nerd ( ago)
What's the name of the song that's playing during the first clip?

Author Star Fire ( ago)
Another great crash video comp.

Author Moto Doyle ( ago)
Those dashcams are entirely too expensive. You can get a cheap reliable one on ebay for 50 bucks.

Author Adam Runde ( ago)
I always enjoy watching these. Especially when justice is served! On camera or off camera! ;)

Author Hamilton Dashcammer ( ago)
the ironic part of the last clip is the driver who failed to yield had someone fail to yield to him first

Author Hamilton Dashcammer ( ago)
9:28 I was road raged by an American (Ohio plates) here (where I live) in Canada. like if you can't behave get the fuck out of my country

Author Inriri ( ago)
It's funny to hear a trucker listening to Giant Bomb

Author GKproductionsHQ ( ago)
1:15 Perfect example of why brake checking is a bad idea

Author YouTube Comment ( ago)
6:48 cammer probably brake-checked the other driver a few times before the footage we see here. it's noticeable too that the cammer was driving pretty darn slowly. no sympathy for cammer.

Last clip: cammer not know brake. prob texting.

Author Fnckmatie ( ago)
At 7:00 why couldn't the driver just go into the breakdown lane or turnoff, i know the truck driver was wrong for doing that but that accident was easily avoidable

Author Redchew10 ( ago)
#14 hell no it was the cars fault for staying in the trucks blind spot

Author J4Gbaby ( ago)
That truck driver didn't "blindly merge" the dude was in the Trucks blind spot that's why they say driving on the right side of a semi is riding suicide

Author Bill Jones ( ago)
Right of way.

Author Chad Hoffman ( ago)
It is "Right Of Way" not "Ride Of Way"

Author No Thanx ( ago)
Been loving the channel, however can you PLEASE stop using "ride of way" in your footnotes of the videos? The correct term is "Right of way". Thanks :)

Author Brian The Explorer ( ago)
Nice, keep those entertaining videos comming. Thanks.

Author spiggy toppes ( ago)
Did you know that the correct phrase is "right of way". not ride of way.

Author Hank Hill ( ago)
Cammer at 5:28 is oblivious
Cammer at 6:57 is looking for problems
Cammer at 7:53 is going way too fast

Author shadowchaos117 ( ago)
Great video as always! Keep up the great work DDS!!

Author ColoradoDashCam ( ago)
Spring break?? That's still two weeks away for me :( Keep up the awesome work!

Author Peaches ( ago)
12 - very safe intersection with a long light. Very surprised to see a crash there, especially since cops patrol and park in this area all the time on the count of a big mall right next-door.
Overall - really enjoy your videos and I appreciate a pause so I can read the comments and don't have to physically pause the video myself.

Author samuel petty ( ago)
14 was bs, he made no effort to avoid being hit beside honk, he could have moved over a lane, or braked. BTW he was right in the blind spot

Author Timothy Allen ( ago)
Clip 14 is what happens when you'd rather be right than safe

Author Timothy Allen ( ago)
Clip 17 was a perfect example of a driver who's first reaction is to lay on the horn instead of braking or taking action

Author GeorgeJansen ( ago)
Thank you. I'm not bashing the driver. It's just, if you're tired, pull over and grab a 15 20 minute nap.

Author Milkdrink3r ( ago)
Cue the Mick Foley theme song

Author The Yeti Ahh ( ago)
It's right of way.

Author IDABAYAREA650I ( ago)
#7 Took place in Lathrop CA! Lol i recognize that chevron hahahah

Author 96zah ( ago)
If you could stop assuming everyone who makes a mistake is texting that would be great.

Author Jesse Vellucci ( ago)
ride of way lol

Author Bad Drivers of the Sacramento Area ( ago)
6:49 - Cammer is an idiot for camping out in the big rig's blindspot. Either go or back off!

Author Pete Gall ( ago)
#14 is why you don't cruise in a truck drivers blind spot. The truck driver didn't blindly change lanes, there was just no chance of him seeing the cammer.

Author A Fisher ( ago)
16 - that's why you don't stop traffic to "be nice" and let people out when you have the right of way. I'm talking to you, PT Cruiser.

Author stunnasam21 ( ago)
@9:18 nothing scares me more than an angry 113 lb boy wanting a fight LOL

Author Shakeb_ T. ( ago)
These drivers are actually fucking retarded, they shouldn't even have a licence to begin with

Author Geek Refactored ( ago)
"Ride away" is not at all funny and not every accident is caused by texting. Your commentary used to be decent, now you literally say the same 3 things for every video... its not adding to the videos anymore, its taking away...

Author Michael Duke ( ago)
While yes the truck at 6:54 is wrong this could have easily been avoided if the person driving the car with the camera wasn't a complete moron. I wish I was the judge if this went to court.

Author Boom Box ( ago)
7:48. Ken the cammer looks to be speeding if you ask me.

Author The Governor ( ago)
Still riding the way huh?

Author Boom Box ( ago)
6:49, the car driver is a total dumb ass. He had plenty of time to move out the way when his horn was not heard by the truck driver.

Author CarGuy ( ago)
@ 1:00 I was glad to see the brake checking truck driver get street justice from the unfortunate BMW driver for practicing such profound belligerence and extreme stupidity on the highways. Other dashcam clips I have seen of such stupidity, the brake checker usually gets away unscathed, likely as they drive away laughing.

Author L TTownTerrorer ( ago)
dude was clearly in the semis blindspot

Author A Burrage ( ago)
I have seen people get out of their auto and go up to autos at a stop and begin cussing and hitting the autos. This behavior is becoming more common and it endangers everyone that is around the offender.

I do not understand why anyone would endanger themselves or others in this manner.

What is there to prove? What benefit, if any, is there in this behavior.

Author Stan A. ( ago)
2 (0:53) - Both the BMW and the truck were at the wrong IMO. Both were speeding and the truck did the unsafe lane change and brake check. But the BMW had 4 seconds to back off and instead decided to tailgate.

Author Black Spark ( ago)
7:58 this is the kind of intersection you shouldn't be nice at it could save someone's car

Author illegalsmile シ ( ago)
Great as always! Thanks man!

Author TheTuner92 ( ago)
I don't usually comment on these types of videos, but I'll make an exception this time.
The crash @ 7:00 (#14) could've been easily avoided! Come on man, honk, flash, move over, brake, DO SOMETHING instead of stubbornly keep your lane!
I'm so tired of people not even trying to avoid situations like these, I know it's hard for someone, but at least put an effort into it!
Just my two cents

Author Eye Camdy ( ago)
Ride on!

Author THC BELIEVE ( ago)
$UICIDEBOY$ x Germ in clip #14 dopeeeeee

Author Trucker Dashcam // Sweden ( ago)
6:48 I am in no way deffending the truck driver. But why would you put yourself in that situation/Place?
I get a lot of cars that start to speed up when I am passing them. I will never understand why...

Author FuchsiLP ( ago)
Anyone crashing a Mustang should give off their drivers licence...

Author bmused55 ( ago)
Number 16: Cammer really should have slowed way down. If he hadn't been racing past standing traffic, he might have been able to break in time to avoid the Mustang. Only an idiot speeds alongside standing traffic like that, especially not when approaching a junction. You never know when someone my try to pull out.

Author Billy Reynolds ( ago)
2:30 Why the hell are there no traffic lights at an intersection like that?

Author Preston Cockrell ( ago)
any one else tired of the "ride of way" stuff? if anything it's "right of way"

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