New!! People Of Walmart 2017 #1

Most crazy people of Walmart in the new 2016 funny fail pics compilation . Funny Walmart people Shopping like they just don't care ( of their awkward look ) . Please don't forget to Share & Subscribe. ;o)

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Alan Walker
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Author David Learned ( ago)
Cu t

Author ggrimaldo1 ( ago)
Stupid annoying music in the background can't watch the video

Author Suz Moon ( ago)
These pictures are the people from Hillary Clintons campaign rally's. Fuck fat and freaky.

Author АндрейАмрих ( ago)
I hate that fckn song 😩

Author Allen Burt ( ago)
Ah....actually, some of those panties...weren't so hard to look at...But, the others...

Author Myrtle Kelly ( ago)
o my god what is this world coming to hell Thas what

Author FULL RETARD ( ago)
Burqas for everyone!

Author Mark Colabella ( ago)
San FRAN sisco perhaps?

Author Steven Watson ( ago)
woman at 0:52 with her ass hanging out, if a guy dressed like that he'd be arrested for sexual harassment, indecent exposure, probably f#!@ing rape too nowadays...just sayin

Author Cindy WH-Witter ( ago)
WARNING! VOMIT ALERT!: do not watch before or while eating.

Author Kyle Raglin ( ago)
New Orleans, maybe Los Angeles? Either way, be careful. People might file lawsuits, if unflattering pictures were taken without their permission.

Author Maryanne Turner ( ago)
it's funny.makes you want to follow them with a broomstick and like it up then lol

Author Jamilla Green ( ago)
Maybe I'm either, going to the wrong Walmarts, not going enough, or just going on the wrong day!!!! I never see stuff like this!!

Author Brenda Blunden ( ago)
I see a few pairs of shoes I'd really like to own! I get a kick out of the people just looking strange/weird, wearing over the top outfits, behaving strangely, etc. I don't appreciate the people with their asses hanging out of the bottom of their skirts/shorts, etc. Girls you are demeaning yourselves so sadly! If I ever saw you in person, I would tell you to go home and put some clothes on. Show your ass on the beach where people are expecting to see skin, but don't do it in a public place where there are parents and their children, ministers, grandfathers and grandmothers, etc. You are getting the attention you desire, but it's not good. Hope your mother doesn't watch YouTube, such a disappointment you would prove to be.

Author Jeon JunWoo ( ago)
I feel like people use Walmart to express their selves

Author Scott Miller ( ago)
music is shit

Author M c pee pants ( ago)

Author Riley Padilla ( ago)
Some of these pics were normal....

Author Evon Williams ( ago)
you have got to be kidding me right

Author MrYfrank14 ( ago)
2:37. i give up. what is it?
and why is it so low to ground?
he will a tow truck to pull him off a speed bump.

Author Savanny Unicorn Videos ( ago)
maybe it was halloween and everybody was dressing like that.never know!

Author KeAnthony Thornton ( ago)
the last one tho😍😍😍

Author Billy Johns ( ago)
your mother made this music

Author Castor Troy ( ago)
I once made a mistake of going into a Golden Corral in Indiana on my way to Chicago. The people in there are worse than anything you'll see at Walmart. Disgusting fat people eating plates and plates of food! I want to puke just thinking about it

Author SithSereyPheap1 ( ago)
It's rude if i look and rude if i dont look......

Author Leanne Rey ( ago)
A couple of these pics are of Courtney Stodden. Does she shop at Walmart?

Author Nomi Fields ( ago)
look at obama's children lol

Author Alan Drucker ( ago)
music annoying

Author stranger 31 ( ago)
Am I the only guy that thinks the chick in the red top at 21 secs is hot?

Author jamesd ( ago)
0:55. why dont i see girls like this in walmart

Author Jack Keller ( ago)
Walmart isn't the only place you find these people what's the big deal

Author Herb Wandrei ( ago)
I want to know who makes this fucking music I want to know where they are I want the world to know where they are and I want people to stop this annoying fucking bullshit I can't stand it anymore

Author Steven Michael ( ago)
What planet is this Walmart on?

Author kim weinkauf ( ago)
it is off the chain in walmarts

Author 汇轩 yu ( ago)
i need video,not picturs

Author Alfa Painting ( ago)
Fuj! Fuj !

Author Maurice Maloof ( ago)
I heard Walmarts open up a freaky Department in the photo section of Walmart it's going to be call the mental ward 241 section

Author Vinylz ( ago)
Thinking about it some of these girls that have swimsuits panties and bras on probably stopped by Walmart to get sunscreen or etc.

Author Molly Conlin ( ago)
Okay...I see how some if these are a little off, but, saying people can't dress how they want, is saying that if you want a dream to come true, don't do it. And yes, I totally understand that some of the people are wearing inappropriate clothes while they know kids can go to Walmart with they're families, but really? Why mock an outfit by posting it on YouTube? If you think it's wrong to wear, and maybe others won't agree with you, just keep it safe in your mind.

Author Sara Israel ( ago)
where are these walmarts i have never seen this at a walmart are you all going on trick or treat

Author April Bisiar ( ago)
just wow

Author Brandon Edgar ( ago)
what is the song it makes me so happy

Author Juicyjay 8 ( ago)
Most of the people aren't that crazy

Author ZMan1471 ( ago)
ok who the hell walks into wal mart with nothing but a coat and underwear

Author IWillDuckYou ( ago)
quit with this trash song its on half of YouTube

Author Mark Solarz ( ago)
Walmart is a reflection of America! The Good ,the Bad,and the UUUUGGGGLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Author TXGUNNER! ( ago)
1:14 Who wouldn't want to see that?

Author Stormy McNeal ( ago)
Should be illegal to wear a thong over a certain weight! 😂

Author Lamchowder ( ago)
1:18 is what you came for

Author MacroX1231 ( ago)
3:25 is what you came her for...

Author raul gomez ( ago)
Did you pull that stupid music out of your Turd Tunnel? Why do you idiots add music anyway? Thumbs down for you!

Author eric blood ( ago)
This video, shows the results of what the steady human diet of TV, CELL PHONES, INTERNET & (ANTI) SOCIAL MEDIA have done to us & our world!
America has only been like this for about the last 10 to 15 years.
I don't even want to imagine where we go from here. I violently throw up when I do...

Author I Eat My Boogers With Butter ( ago)
Maybe they should purchase a mirror while they're at Walmart!

Author walmart walmart ( ago)
lol no joke there is this guy that comes into a walmart in ohio that streaks through the store n runs out at least once a month lmfao! Walmart is just a place to screw around n bascially get away with anything you want!! haha

Author Shawn Bybee ( ago)
These are not people of Walmart. I have been to I don't know how many Walmart's and never seen this. These are people who don't give a fuck, and would rather please themselves rather than anyone around them. In Ohio and Indiana, you don't see this shit. Not shit, but type of expression, mostly shit.

Author Ricovette ( ago)
To think that this is what our soldiers are dying for makes me want to puke!    Stay safe...      Rico

Author Sandra Torres ( ago)
what is wrong with these people?

Author D Carter ( ago)
Ya know, I've been to Walmart many times & have seen many odd people but I've never seen a scantily clad hottie with her goods hanging out! Do I have to go to the Customer Service department & make a special request for that or something?! It'd surely make shopping there a more pleasant experience! 😉

Author Jean Miehm ( ago)
And to think this is wtat is putting Sears, Penny's, K Mart and wards out of business

Author Jonathan Manzana ( ago)
I like the Wal*Mart video

Author harry balls ( ago)
lady gaga @54

Author sherrie Code ( ago)
are these people real?

Author Lance Elliott ( ago)
lance Elliott I love these videos keep them coming

Author Phil Brown ( ago)
Butt shorts are back???

Author Janklebox ( ago)
cant do this song anymore.

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