Ultimate Bacon Eating Competition

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Executive Producer: Stevie Wynne Levine
Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
Writer/Producer: Lizzie Bassett
Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
Writer/Producer: Micah Gordon
Writer/Producer: Ellie McElvain
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
Editor: Casey Nimmer
Additional Graphics/Editing: Matthew Dwyer
Art Director: Colin J. Morris
Production Assistant: Saagar Shaikh
Content Manager: John Warder
Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb
Intro Motion Graphics: Digital Twigs
Intro Music: Pomplamoose
Outro Music: Pomplamoose
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Microphone: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones

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Runtime: 6:38
Comments: 863

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Author Sarah Cat ( ago)
Yes... the Sprite has returned

Author Mary Andrus ( ago)
Mayonnaise and Sprite?! Do will it soda!!!

Author erika cuautle ( ago)
Where's Chase?

Author christopher smith ( ago)
Anyone else have a crush on lizzy
Cause man oh man

Author Shinako Marston ( ago)
I love Lizzy.

Author Azooz Hhiii ( ago)

Author Amanda Renee ( ago)
i always love the dedication and serious attention to rules and details these guys have with their silly/fun challenges.

Author Andre Alexander ( ago)
so Lizzie is DISAPOINTED?!?!?!!! that the "meat" is too big?

Author Jack G ( ago)
I googled cookie too big and there all pictures of cookies that don't fit in a glass of milk

Author undertaker666dead ( ago)
Less talking and MORE BACON EATTING.

Author MovieMakinMonster ( ago)

Author Biggy S ( ago)
So... where is this Armageddon the republicans claim we're in ?

Author Sena Gundogar ( ago)
the way she said nooo :))

Author Chris Frank ( ago)
He lost in a eating contest to a girl omg smh

Author pejamin1 ( ago)
i thought lizzie was vegan? or maybe shes gluten free? or is that someone else...

Author KDigityDog ( ago)
this made me really really hungry xD

Author Blake Richard ( ago)
Does anyone else find Lizzie more attractive now?

Author Dime Fran ( ago)
Competition starts in the minute 4:25

Author Nicole Hawileh ( ago)
YEA LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nicole Hawileh ( ago)
And i think i would win

Author theunkillable 45 ( ago)
that's wat she said

Author mynameis bob ( ago)
Furious Pete would eat all the bacon before they finish it together lmao

Author Catman71 ( ago)
#860th comment

Author Sujay Chakraborty ( ago)
I was left drooling! :(

Author Bev B ( ago)
Let's be honest guys...eating bacon is it's own prize.

Author Commenter38 ( ago)
Have you ever watched baseball?



Author Gerardo loya ( ago)
Lizzie's a cutie! 😍

Author Failed Pixel ( ago)
Where can I get me a Lizzy

Author Malik Adegbite ( ago)
Well if she can eat like that I wonder what else that mouth can do.

Author Chris Geroleto ( ago)
Lizzie is my winner! because she actually had the will to combat! Wohoow lizzieee yaaay

Author Pepe the Frog ( ago)
I actually want to join the contest.

Author Epic Tactiik ( ago)
Someone wife her up quick!

Author TrueMasshole ( ago)
"That pig wants to just crawl down ya throat!"

Author Onix Grace ( ago)
I.....I idolise Lizzy! i wanna be like Lizzy!!!!! xxx

Author Guardian Grok ( ago)
Lizzy is now officially the sexiest woman alive! Look at those sexy bacon eatin skillz!

Author nox ( ago)
Lizzie + bacon = my new fetish.

Author Chris Pinder ( ago)
Sarah Cat lol sorry, cool. But we've seen clearly what SOME people are like on here haha, sometimes it's like a zoo with no cages. Take care :-)

Author Al Wilkins ( ago)
I've never been so attracted to Lizzie

Author Mntdewmania ( ago)
Shove Some Bacon In It!

Author James Lionheart ( ago)
Chew, chew, chew. swallow!

Author Josef Roesler ( ago)
Lizzie: I didnt think it was going to be this big. Is it going to hurt my mouth?

Author Ceasar Garcia ( ago)
awh lizzie eating like a boss 😍😍😍💖👍

Author Gebreyl Rabang ( ago)
You should have stuffed the chewed bacon in your cheeks like a squirrel 🐿

Author Ant Says ( ago)
damn lizzy is hot!!

Author rema395 ( ago)
Now I want bacon

Author patrick corona ( ago)
cheeks 4 days lol XD

Author G G ( ago)
well thats a sin XD

Author Doe Reh ( ago)
Nick Jonas would win y'all

Author Soi ( ago)
can i have some?

Author ken curzon ( ago)
i can eat some much bacon in one mineute i love bacon

Author Sifou Clossus ( ago)
i love this show so chill

Author Mike Brining ( ago)
I've never been as attracted to Lizzie as I was while watching that.

Author Justin Kimber ( ago)
.people hope uric


Author telephonesrule ( ago)
I love how stevie just nonchalantly takes a bacon.

Author Dominic Sear ( ago)
Me me big boy

Author Puppy Lover ( ago)
Just by myself I would eat it all and beat the world record, and still be hungry. YUMMYBACON!🥓

Author Bigg John96 ( ago)
1:50 why thank you.

Author DarkAztaroth ( ago)
Aw, she seems so stressed, her hands are shaking X3

Author Games and Nonsense ( ago)
Lizzie is the cutest thing. :)

Author GangsterPancake ( ago)
1:51 that's what she said!..literally.◉_◉

Author Abigail Smalley ( ago)
2:17 😂 link is just in the back!!! Lol lmao

Author Narwhals R Da Swag ( ago)
Rhett's face at 4:53 😂😂

Author Franklin Roosevelt ( ago)
They should have a crew camera so we can see what the crew is doing during things like this

Author Elias Ocampo ( ago)
At 6:08 someone got the piece lizzie spit out

Author Jord Wylde ( ago)

Author JAYSON_VT _ ( ago)
This is the only challenge I can win

Author Dominick Echeona ( ago)
poor Lizzie made the biggest mistake in her life saying"its so long"on the internet

Author MedEvil1c ( ago)
not fair... lizzie didnt have water to help. tsk* hasnt anyone ever watch furious pete before

Author Logan Hyatt ( ago)
Does anyone else not like LIzzie. She just seems so fake. Soznotsoz

Author connfyoozed ( ago)
Lizzie is someone they all can rely on. She's the one who brings home the bacon.

Don't bother booing, I already booed myself.

Author light aqua ( ago)
I would totally win this

Author Bluekk 88 ( ago)
Literally today my shirt said "breakfast checklist

Author The Sniper ( ago)
Thought would put you in cardiac arrest. Bacon is gross too

Author kingkrankSPW ( ago)
stevie and lizzie are just so freakin adorable it makes me hurt

Author dragonball bows ( ago)
That's funny cause a mayo truck hit a sprite truck outside my house a couple months ago

Author Brittany Grooms ( ago)
1:41 link did a little Rumplestiltskin thing

Author Cole Halverson ( ago)

Author Parsa Khani ( ago)

Author Zagdoodlenod ( ago)
thats what she said

Author Sage Henry ( ago)
Ughhhh Stevies Voice.....................................

Author cFlip ( ago)
"bacon mayonnaise & sprite" is my new band name. thanks Link

Author Alexis Sooklall ( ago)
I can eat 22 bacon in 11 seconds. I should've been there for this competition.

Author JDM Yaj ( ago)
Stevie and lizzie is sooo freak hot. Omg

Author Sarah Presnell ( ago)
I literally looked up Cookie to big and all I saw was a bunch of big chocolate chip cookies XD I was afraid to search it xD

Author William Deglas ( ago)
What happened at 1:54 ?

Author Patrick Bateman ( ago)
How does a man go about finding a girl like Lizzie?

Author Wolfgang Hood ( ago)
ROFLMMFAOPMP You got cheeks for days. woooooooooooo LOL

Author GLBlackestNight ( ago)
lizzie's the ugliest girl in the crew kevin is hotter than her

Author Justin Zimri ( ago)
Surely Sprite is a sponsor.....

Author coolguy0291 ( ago)
"Da Cookie Too Big!"
- Link Neal 2017

Author Emmet 2017 ( ago)

Author Azael X ( ago)
Can't understand American bacon. 70% fat, massively overcooked to become a dry, thin sheet of salt :(

Author Ernomobiili ( ago)
That's really chewy bacon.. No wonder they can't eat that many in a minute :D

Author Mad Prophet ( ago)
Lizzie is so gorgeous

Author Ken Mok ( ago)
honestly, they should bring matt stonie on this show

Author xLeaguex ( ago)
Idk... if I should be proud of the fact... but I could definitely fit that entire plate of bacon in my mouth at once

Author ZETSU BOU NO SHIMA ( ago)
that lady seems like she knew what to do

Author ArddisON ( ago)
is The Mythical Show ever coming back??

Author ralorox ( ago)
ill gladly put my bacon in her mouth

Author D FloatingCOWW YT ( ago)
Bacon hotline, what's your problem?

Uh, I am in a bacon eating contest, what should I do?


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