LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Full Comparison

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  • In this video we will do a full comparison between the LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8. The LG G6 and the Galaxy S8 are two of the best android smartphones in the world and offer a tight comparison battle.

    In this video, we will do a deep dive into every aspect of the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and answer the big question:

    Which one is better? Let's find out.

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  • Runtime: 14:49
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Comments: 275

  • 0fficial Tai
    0fficial Tai 12 hours ago

    LG G6😍🔥🔥

  • Jason Howes
    Jason Howes 17 hours ago

    I'm up on contract in one week with Verizon. I have an infant son and will be using fingerprint sensor to keep him out. I game on ps vita or 3ds when mobile. wide angle lens an awesome feature. due to above reasons, g6 is logical reason for me. my only hesitancy at all is due to timeliness of lg updates on Verizon and slower processor. if s8 put fingerprint scanner in better location, it'd be a harder choice. currently s6, previously s4, btw

  • Kent mosley
    Kent mosley 1 day ago

    Both are fantastic phones... hard to pick a winner. HOWEVER, ATT now has the G6 on sale for HALF PRICE. At that point, there is NO comparison. Wanna see my new G6?? One other point, the curved screen on the S8 takes a $50 screen protector, and even with that, the curved edges of the screen beg to be broken.

  • jagdish gadekar
    jagdish gadekar 2 days ago

    In this comparison if I want to buy I will go with G6.

    But now I am waiting for next iPhone if it it satisfies then I will go for upcoming iPhone if not I will go with G6 or pixel.

    So now stick with iPhone 📱 6

    Waiting to upgrade now

    Here in India
    G6 price is 40000₹ (650$) with snapdragon processor
    S8 price is 56000₹ (875$) with exxynoss

    Pixel 45000₹ (700$)
    iPhone 7 49000₹ (744$)
    With 3D Touch
    Guaranteed updates from Apple
    Smooth App
    Solid build
    It shows that the stupid marketing strategy of Samsung kept price higher than pixel and iPhone 🤣🤣

  • Shani Malul
    Shani Malul 3 days ago

    Why did they remove the LED lights? it was thebest thing about LG G3.

  • YANA World
    YANA World 5 days ago

    I thought the G6 was nice til I got it. It had one job it was designed for and it failed at that. The camera has such noticeable distortions specially on social apps like instagram and snapchats. Also, the iso is very obviously seen as in pixelated grainy pictures compared to the s8. I have the LG G6 right now, I will get it replaced with the s8. Points for the G^ design though. I like the solid feel better than the s8.

  • audiogek
    audiogek 6 days ago

    6:14 You meant the G6 of course.
    edit; Thanks for the nice comparison. But still very hard to decide. The camera is the most important for me, which do you think is better?

  • mjuhanil
    mjuhanil 6 days ago

    got the G6, feels better in the hand and looks more solid

  • Mehdi azad
    Mehdi azad 8 days ago

    Lg g6 is better, for the design, cameras and price.

  • Craig G
    Craig G 15 days ago

    I',m looking for a deal on the G6. haven't seen anything special, Fathers Day/Grad promotions can you suggest who

  • pandu suryadiputra
    pandu suryadiputra 20 days ago

    the galaxy s8 is like one of those hot girlfriend. sexy, beautiful, nice to "hold". but she's not practical. the G6 is more of the wife material. not as hot, but still pretty and very practical, and doesn't give you the headache. being a guy, I still ended up with the hot one and I have to put up with her bullshit.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 23 days ago

    rigged review lol..

  • CarlosAGV
    CarlosAGV 24 days ago

    got LG G6, found that overall are quite similar, ofc, did like that S8 design but G6 is also considerably cheaper... now just expecting no more bootloops

  • Zack dude
    Zack dude 25 days ago

    I got the g6. Honestly wanted the pixel although the deal was quite impossible to beat on the g6. I switched from project fi, Google's wireless service to sprint. Some may say sprint Wtf. Here has been my experience. I live in suburban md and honestly the coverage has been surprising to say the least. This is true %100. in my hone not connected to Wi-Fi my nexus 60 would average 10 to 15 mbps. After switching to sprint my lg g6 averages over 25 mbps all day. I was dumbfounded. My 6p was connected to T-Mobile and sprints network through project fi. And the majority of the time it was on T-Mobile network. Anyway it surprised the he'll out of me. Not to mention I got a google home and 49in hdtv with my g6 purchase. Crazy deal. My only complaint is no 64gb option I hate external storage and the b.s. bloat pre installed on the phone. But what a phone so far.

  • Michael Schlenger
    Michael Schlenger 26 days ago

    I bought the S8 and returned it. I can't get used to the curved screen. I loved my Note 5 for its flat beautiful screen. Just bought a g6 for the flat screen, ruggedness, cameras and overall design. Oh and I got it for half the price of the S8 on ebay, brand new. Couldn't be happier with my g6.

  • King Montero
    King Montero 27 days ago

    Sakitech, what about make a comparison video about the Galaxy S8 compared to my suggested phones:
    1. Google Pixel
    2. Huawei Mate 9

  • Alpha-wolfz Guerra
    Alpha-wolfz Guerra 28 days ago

    I have the g6 but I hate the emojis.

  • dani leggett
    dani leggett 28 days ago

    LG G6 I think is going to be the one I get simply because of the durability. I am very clumsy and every Samsung phone I have ever had gets a broken screen the first time it falls off the counter in my kitchen, even though it hit the rug on the floor

  • Steven S
    Steven S 29 days ago

    I've been using the LG Optimus 3 for over two and a half years and the Bluetooth is crapping out all the time (especially in the car). Looking at both and this video was succinct enough to lean me closer towards the LG 6 for my next phone!

  • Russ Capaldo
    Russ Capaldo 29 days ago

    I would take the LG phones over any phone that Samsung has ever made. I went through 4 + Samsung Smartphones including a Note 5 and had many problems with each one.I purchased LG Optomis Pro smartphone and it is the best phone I ever owned. My wife is using it now and she loves it.
    I am now using the note 5 and I hate it. I am going back to LG and the LG G 6 is it for me.

  • Barbara Turner
    Barbara Turner 29 days ago

    WHY does something HAVE to look or BE sexy?! That's rediculous. It's a phone! It's supposed to function. Not have sex! Y'all are perverts.

  • David Lawman
    David Lawman 1 month ago

    Get the G6 and wait for Note 8...

  • Wouter De Bruijn
    Wouter De Bruijn 1 month ago

    Always been an LG fan so the LG G6 is the one for me. What i missed in this video was the knock knock unlock. you sad only fingerprint as special security but the knock knock is so usefull, i use it all the time. justt to knock knock what the time is. to knock knock display of, so handy!!

  • Ibrahim Tandel
    Ibrahim Tandel 1 month ago

    Well explained...

  • nico4132
    nico4132 1 month ago

    love G6, i dont like edge screen

  • Steven Coleman
    Steven Coleman 1 month ago

    I just picked up the G6 for $480 from Verizon.... that changes the the ball game for me..

  • legrow91
    legrow91 1 month ago

    I feel like youre pretty biase against the lg g6

    • sakitech
      sakitech 1 month ago

      +legrow91 You feel wrong because your own bias is making you say that. I state the facts and analyze their meaning. For instance, if S8 has a Snapdragon 835 Processor, and the G6 has a Snapdragon 821 Processor, it is a fact that the S8 can produce more power. You might interpret this as bias because your own deep seated bias.

  • Christian Lion
    Christian Lion 1 month ago

    G6 for me but only because it was $300 cheaper

  • faster than LIGHT
    faster than LIGHT 1 month ago

    As a heavy mobile gamer, unfortunately i could not pick either of this phone as much as i love the phone design of S8 and G6 audio dac and wide angle camera. My main criteria is large screen size and battery life-to-performance ratio/efficiency and my two main phones right now are Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro and Huawei Mate 8. I don't really have a reason to change since i am still very satisfied with mine. I'm always looking for reviewers who can give a bit of perspective in this area but its almost non existent. A lot out there are comparing the speed of load times which is silly because they are just micro sec difference. Not many consider heat and throttle of cpu which affects gaming longevity and performance.

  • silviu ionica
    silviu ionica 1 month ago

    Just a few samsung haters here ..it's ok. Best people are always fair play .
    P.s i have an s8 and i like it.

  • random girl
    random girl 1 month ago


  • Adam Dang
    Adam Dang 1 month ago

    s8 all the way

  • longlostpotato ._.
    longlostpotato ._. 1 month ago

    Tight battle. Pleaze. the s8 kicks the g6's ass

  • zigzaggered
    zigzaggered 1 month ago

    It's clear from this commentary that this guy is an S8 fan. For every little "advantage" he gave the S8 over the G6, he gave a win to the Samsung but when it came to the cameras where the G6 is a clear winner...he scores it a draw 🤔🤔🤔

  • ghayash ahmed
    ghayash ahmed 1 month ago

    All hail lg g6

  • Fakhzan Radin
    Fakhzan Radin 1 month ago

    do s8 support dual sim card?

    • Arno Dorian
      Arno Dorian 1 month ago

      yes it has a second model with something called a hybrid Sim slot that can support 2 nano sims

  • Razvan Florea
    Razvan Florea 1 month ago

    6:15 The G5

  • Shane Horne
    Shane Horne 1 month ago

    Lg man Samsung is shit and who ever says is better needs they head examined

  • MrFunnyClips
    MrFunnyClips 1 month ago

    S8👍 G6🖓

  • Xiyou Wang
    Xiyou Wang 1 month ago

    I got LG G6 for the un-resistible price: $250 after $500 MIR for two.

  • Igor Bajevic
    Igor Bajevic 1 month ago

    Nobody talks about glare on that curved displays. It feels like you have a smaller surface on the display.
    I've used S7 edge...

  • DBJr
    DBJr 1 month ago

    Its funny how all the people who bought the G6 come here just so they dont feel bad because lets be real here, the S8 is better.

  • Chel X
    Chel X 1 month ago

    i will always and forever love lg

  • Derrick Bonilla
    Derrick Bonilla 1 month ago

    I chosened s8 because it has amoled

  • Gendhis Seroja
    Gendhis Seroja 1 month ago

    I will choose LG G6,...

  • Kalavati Nagvekar
    Kalavati Nagvekar 1 month ago

    I love my baby G6

  • Md Miah
    Md Miah 1 month ago

    LG phones always have some problems after couple of months. I used to love LG but not anymore.

  • Raza Quadri
    Raza Quadri 1 month ago

    lg is going to release lg pay and facial recognition too for the g6

  • Nav Teh
    Nav Teh 1 month ago

    I prefer g6 because of manual camera and better looks ..

  • Zyrazor
    Zyrazor 1 month ago

    Based on the display comparison, I think the color on the G6 is way natural and comfortable to look at.

  • Johannes Frank
    Johannes Frank 1 month ago

    lg g6. bin sehr zufrieden. nice video

  • yam wrd
    yam wrd 1 month ago

    very very nice comparison

  • Hells favorite angel mike

    Gorilla glass 5 scratches easiest of all gg

  • Hells favorite angel mike

    Personally im waiting on the V30

  • abdu zakir
    abdu zakir 1 month ago

    very detailed comparison
    thank you

  • loopymofo
    loopymofo 1 month ago

    When he was comparing screen size and storage, the phones were laying a video. The S8 on the first side scrolling scene stutters cuz OLED is similar to a plasma display where side scrolling isn't smooth sometimes due to the pixels not rendering fast enough for optimal smoothness. IPS LCD FTW!

  • Gari King
    Gari King 1 month ago

    LG all day! The Samsung is cheap feeling (as they always have been). The curved screen on the on the S8 is gimicky. The LG still feels 'cheap' compared to the HTC 10, but much more solid than the S8; and the HTC 10 being over a year old now and being essentially the same cost as the LG didn't make much sense.

  • Aten
    Aten 1 month ago

    I feel so sorry for L6 owners with their obviously inferior phones. It is sad when people think they are getting a top of the line phone only to find out the ONLY advantage they think they have is a thoroughly useless wide angle lens. Oh well, I must say I am glad I never fell for it.

  • Michael Perine
    Michael Perine 1 month ago

    Thx for the comparison. Additional comparison should be made about phone cases. I have watched several reviews of the Sammy curved displays, but haven't heard anyone comment/criticize the Sammy nor being able to have its front glass protected by the case because the case sides cannot protect the front glass because the display rises above the case. Therefore, when phone face down, the front glass is laying on the contact surface and subject to damage. There is no lip protecting the front glass.

  • T Mobile
    T Mobile 1 month ago

    LG G6 because of due camera

    GERIX 1 month ago

    s8 !!!!!!!!

  • alienstl
    alienstl 1 month ago

    I vote for G6! Great phone :)

  • Mark
    Mark 1 month ago

    All because you love the curved screens, doesnt make it better.

  • healthfulservant
    healthfulservant 1 month ago

    Hey Sakitech, great video! Off the subject: Would you mind sharing what monitor stand AND monitors you are using in your setup there? Thank you.

  • Dj Tre Blaze
    Dj Tre Blaze 1 month ago

    I've had the opportunity to test both. Ultimately s8 won my vote. I prefer to get the phone in my hand rather than make a decision based off of reviews. I only use the reviews to gather information on what to look for.

  • Martin Eugeniev
    Martin Eugeniev 1 month ago

    Ahh... why should there always be a fanboy to tell that this is the best... why can't we all agree that both phones are top notch and thats all... gosh... Both have pluses and minuses... i am a Samsung fan and i like the S8 more not only because that i am a Samsung fan but because i like the design and features they pack and this is because i am that type of person. But i can not deny that the G6 is good to!

  • Adyan Jahanger
    Adyan Jahanger 1 month ago

    I think LG G6 is better because I don't like Curved displays. They are useless

  • pool2002
    pool2002 1 month ago

    I chose Samsung be cause I was satified with my s6 edge but if I were to get any other phone g6 would be it. its camera is 13mp compared to s8's 12 and a dual lens but the s8's "selfie" camera (which I barely use) is better.

  • gjasso85
    gjasso85 1 month ago

    Is the lg 6 water resistant too ?

    JOSEPH JAMES GABO 1 month ago

    got the G6 now, from the S8, but smoothness wise😌 S8 is better, just going to wait for my Google Home Approval and get back to S8

  • Paolo Conforto
    Paolo Conforto 1 month ago

    Got G6 for the flat screen

  • adil karim
    adil karim 1 month ago

    thanks for video lg hardware is tough that's OK but x flagship from lg get sudden death like the G4 and v10 is lg g6 is safe

  • Amir Mohammad
    Amir Mohammad 1 month ago

    s8 is better! wrong decition

    HOWTOTECH 1 month ago

    lg all the way

  • TheMixterSquad
    TheMixterSquad 1 month ago

    the G6 is better, evrything considered..

  • Stik
    Stik 1 month ago

    G6 Here. Do not like amoled or curved edge screens. Fingerprint placement was also a no go for me as well.

  • Abject Rebel
    Abject Rebel 1 month ago

    design goes to S8? with a poorly conceived fingerprint sensor location? on the face they look very similar but LG was first. And they have done very very well with the design. Camera goes to G6, even in lowlight from what I've seen.. software is a toss up but I go with G6 cuz of the failed Bixby launch of the S8, and G6 doesn't have as much bloat. S8 has the better display imo, don't know who has better audio which is a big deal for me. Samsung wins the gimmick award and also had better accessories. the fact the G6 is going for $500 right now, (heard on POCKETNOW) makes this easy. G6 wins total package and with the extra $300 you can buy well... a lot.

    • James Neilson
      James Neilson 1 month ago

      Go to LGRebates.com to check it out

    • James Neilson
      James Neilson 1 month ago

      LG is now having a buy one get one free deal until June 8. I just picked up 2 of them!

    • Abject Rebel
      Abject Rebel 1 month ago

      I don't and I won't buy Samsung phones. The fact that they shun reviewers that tell the truth about their products, deny that they have display issues... red screen, burn in..., it's an overpriced phone. glad to hear you're drinking the Kool-aid tho. sorry you overpaid.

    • pool2002
      pool2002 1 month ago

      David Cole I don't know if you have an s8 but I do. all these videos saying the fingerprint scanner was in a badspot got me to worry about touching the camera when I rarely did... and with a case I have never missed the scanner. just saying not hatin

  • S Saini
    S Saini 1 month ago

    so curved glass is pretty?

    • S Saini
      S Saini 1 month ago

      +sakitech then you need to get your eyes checked nothing special or Revolutionary about curving the edges. Especially with that unpleasant light refraction from the curved glass just awful

    • sakitech
      sakitech 1 month ago

      +S Saini The way Samsung executes it, yes.

  • Charles Burnette
    Charles Burnette 1 month ago

    I chose the LG G6, I love everything about it, no complaints. 👍☺️.

  • Hollanda1975
    Hollanda1975 1 month ago

    Best deal would be an S7 Edge right now for half the price of an S8+. Or a beautiful Honor8 for 349,-

  • Hollanda1975
    Hollanda1975 1 month ago

    What's the stripe on the LG screen at 6:50??

    • sakitech
      sakitech 1 month ago

      +Hollanda1975 Just a flaw on my review unit.

  • Hollanda1975
    Hollanda1975 1 month ago

    Thx man! Just install Nova Launcher on the LG G6. For me the G6 is more interesting because I can get it for half the price of the S8 (400,- with T-mobile contract).

  • be Positive
    be Positive 1 month ago

    LG G6 better

  • Piyath Alawatte
    Piyath Alawatte 1 month ago

    G6 looks like a man's phone. S8 looks like a brittle shit full of gimmicks.

    • pool2002
      pool2002 1 month ago

      Piyath Alawatte watch jerryrigeverything

  • kiran mudnaney
    kiran mudnaney 1 month ago

    Loveee my g6.. Anyday over that delicate lagsung...

  • El Federal
    El Federal 1 month ago


  • camran bowie
    camran bowie 1 month ago

    Excellent comparison, i am now confident on which phone i would like to buy as before i wasnt sure between the two.

  • Kid Android
    Kid Android 1 month ago

    Just got the G6 and absolutely love it. I actually think the G6 looks better than the S8 in the Platinum Silver and I've always been a huge Samsung fan but was sick of dealing with curved displays after having the S6 & S7 Edge devices and am extremely glad I chose to switch it up and try an LG this time around. With the price dropping on the LG G6 at alot of places save the cash and grab one you won't be disappointed especially since that money you saved can grab you nice set of Bluetooth headphones to accent your device.

  • origaming
    origaming 1 month ago

    The S8 is too expensive.. The G6 has allmost the same results but 100$ less than the S8...

  • Enlil Gods
    Enlil Gods 1 month ago

    s8 wins.all all around smartphone

  • cheeriomartinez
    cheeriomartinez 1 month ago

    The specs are fine and all...but what about the issues that both phones have..like the s8 restarting randomly... or the battery issues with the g6?

    JOSEPH JAMES GABO 1 month ago

    price consideration, LG G6 is selling for $500 now on T-Mobile, got the S8, thinking about exchanging it, last day is tomorrow. what can you recommend?

    • Hollanda1975
      Hollanda1975 1 month ago

      For me the G6 is more interesting because I can get it for half the price of the S8+. (400,- with T-mobile contract).

  • MrPaolove
    MrPaolove 1 month ago

    I got the LG G6, for me way better then s8, design, wide camera lens, battery, speed and build quality!!!

  • Daniel Papendieck
    Daniel Papendieck 1 month ago

    Hey, I really enjoyed your video! This is the best comparison I've seen of these phones.
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Mohammed AlMusawy
    Mohammed AlMusawy 1 month ago

    Great unbiased comparison as usual.. you're the best

  • jag21979
    jag21979 1 month ago

    what about the most important metric the price, the G6 is about $100 cheaper doesn't that count for something?

    • Hollanda1975
      Hollanda1975 1 month ago

      jag21979 Here in Holland I got the G6 with a T-mobile contract for 400,- S8 much more expensive with contract

  • Amma Warrior
    Amma Warrior 1 month ago

    s8 wins

  • Tim M
    Tim M 1 month ago

    Both world class devices. If you are sensitive to lag may want to avoid the S8. According to xdadevelopers Samsung's software skin still results in choppy performance from time to time. For instance, when navigating the Play store. Regardless, it is a virtual guarantee the S8 will outsell the G6 by a wide margin.

  • iron_sight_ 87
    iron_sight_ 87 1 month ago

    I will be getting note 8 or s9 I still got s7 edge year left on contract

  • Beau Hovey
    Beau Hovey 1 month ago

    love my g6

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