Speed Listening Challenge

We try to listen to things really, really fast. GMM #1060!
One day studies might find that Beard Oil + Lip Balm + Pomade help with speed listening. Try for yourself!
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Join us in donating to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention at Every donation goes toward the mission to save lives and give hope to those affected by suicide.

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Author Kelly Webster ( ago)
Im a new subscriber, absolutely love you guys. Ive been binge watching. Im not sure I am your usual demographic but you make me happy.

Author The Gameing Warriors 1938 ( ago)
i accidentally tried out the speed listening thing when they did the speed listening joke at the beginning of the episode

Author Ian Reed ( ago)
Lol I was watching this double speed but had to go back to 1x for the challenge :P

Author Jenny Ledunger ( ago)

Author Kevin Romero ( ago)
link didn't stay still for the 2nd part. that's not cool bra

Author Dom Flemming ( ago)
The p e with black hair cheated. He said you can't move when listening to the instructions and he moved

Author theduelking ( ago)

Author Emily Mendes ( ago)
I just realized that the one picture in the frame to the right of links head (from our view) is different in each video

Author Dakota Blake ( ago)
Put this on 0.5x speed. You're welcome.

Author Zya Muntaqim ( ago)
Amazing Amazing

Author Harry Bautista ( ago)
12:05 is so hilarious

Author thelittlemuffet ( ago)
Link looks like Noel Fielding when he has no glasses/a robe on.

Author FantasiaTastical! ( ago)
Those bugs are more successful than me.


Author Connor ( ago)
He killed a few rip

in every vedio that one picture changes

Author SkeletonDentist ( ago)
rhett w/ glasses is kinda hot

Author SkeletonDentist ( ago)
rhett w/ glasses is kinda hot

Author Annika Anderson ( ago)
what's the "bad symbol" that Rhett is making ?

Author Genesis Grace ( ago)
So according to one study,
1:16people speak, on average, about 105 words per minute
Me: 200
Me Angry: 300

Author Lauryn Landers ( ago)
I'm a new subscriber i have created a playlist called most awesome YouTube's comment if you wach

Author Zoey Furie ( ago)
Who else watched this video at two times speed just for kicks

Author Archdemon ( ago)
Bringing hope to those affected by suicide? I think it may be a little better to help them BEFORE they're affected by that particular ailment.

Author mythicalkat McJohanson ( ago)
Anyone know how to make the video go 2 or 3x as fast?!

Author TheDestroyingGhost ( ago)
Average person speaks at 105 wpm, while the average auctioneer speaks at about 2000.

Author Marklyn Weight ( ago)
I love when y'all make southern jokes because they're usually so so true

Author claybonz ( ago)
i watched this video on speed 2

Author jennymk01 ( ago)
Hey GMM, you'll pry never see this but its ok. The donation to suicide prevention was really nice. Two people committed suicide at my school this week, and another at a school nearby. We dont live in a depressing area either, we are mostly middle class. It happens to the best of us and I have to say, they don't realize how many people love them until its too late. Unfortunately I never knew these people, but I hear they were wonderful.

Author Pippa Smith ( ago)
Creating a guestbook! Sign here if you see this! Or if you want just like it...

Author Julia Agro ( ago)
OMG just noticed you hit 12 mil subscribers

Author awesomeness80455 ( ago)
I was whatching this in 2x so I guess I was whatching it as 4x

Author Kim Weir ( ago)
Link is the best.😊

Author Crunkmaster Flex ( ago)
i watched this video in 2x speed

Author Avery Saul ( ago)
Nothing ever really bad happens to Rhett

Author The Freaky Crew ( ago)
7:05 Fangirls are going crazy!

Author Lollipop123 Candy ( ago)
I love u guys and your crew u da best ❤❤🖤🖤🖤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😘😘😘😘🙂

Author Sandie Maguire ( ago)

Author Cpinka ( ago)
Link´s T-shirt is pretty cool!

Author Allythecatqueen F ( ago)
Link, you didn't say "on the floor" you just said "behind you that is"...

Author Allythecatqueen F ( ago)
I heard t-zone as well

Author Kris Jury ( ago)
WE know you know, bo

Author Jack ( ago)
I am deadly TERRIFIED of cockroaches, whyyy? :'(

Author Hell Raiser ( ago)
I watched at 2X speed, i lost cuz it was 4 times faster

Author Abby Couden ( ago)
I Subscribed I Have Post Notification On And I Love You Guys...Btw Im New(My Friends Told Me To Check You Guys Out) <3 :) :P

Author Lady Youtube117 ( ago)
I felt so sorry for Link when he got the cockroaches! Ughhh

Author angelstouch92 ( ago)

Author angelstouch92 ( ago)
I knew it was coming with these foot bath but I didn't expect it to be so gross!!!!

Author angelstouch92 ( ago)
Rhett totally deserved those 4 points at the beginning!

Author ElectroNik ( ago)
Speed listening.... CHECK! Speed remembering... not so much...

Author Ashton Lekter ( ago)
Link kinda reminds me of Yelawolf lol.

Author Cruzer 87 ( ago)
i heard everything Rhett said in Round 2 Lmao, am i the only one or do i have super hearing powers😂🤔👂🏼

Author Kaizo Audio ( ago)
Link DID tell Rhett that he had lost a point for the arm being out when he was going to do it. I call shenanigans.

Author GUY נקש ( ago)
i see youtube in 2 time speed

Author Guaire Dickson ( ago)
sped up, Rhet sounds like that guy in portal 2

Author AltariaAudio ( ago)
Turn the video down to 0.5 speed. Trust me.

Author Purple Panda ( ago)
I could understand Rhett sped up way more than link.

Author The poke channel of Js ( ago)
links a jerk

Author Bo Shubinsky ( ago)
I gotta know what those sneakers are

Author Mercedes Hallman ( ago)
You know what's interesting is that after I listen to the 2x talking, my thoughts seem like they go slower, it's like the opposite of my mind racing

Author Brianne Leach ( ago)
When i saw the thumbnail i questioned links mental health

Author Family Account ( ago)
my reading is 184 im in 5th grade 0-0

Author Metamonkey ( ago)
I'm surprised that "Score me Link" isn't a meme

Author MusBam ( ago)
I watch movies at 2X speed

Author Girls on Fleek ( ago)
Guys, stop it with Rhett's hair, it looks amazing, so don't say anything negative cause u want his hair probably, cause it's sooo great

Author Karl_Winters ( ago)
I died at 4:06 XD , "It looks like I'm making a bad symbol." - Rhett

Author Lance Gamer ( ago)
I love when link got pranked by Rhett and he was really relaxed then

Author MyDudesDecent ( ago)
It was weird watching link on the left side of the desk during the challenge while he was judging

Author Aghrezar ( ago)
Portal flashbacks 😀

Author Gianna msp gaming :3 ( ago)
I heard cow bells and knew link was wrong and I was literally screaming at my phone to grab the cow bells 😂😂😂

Author cool jess web go ( ago)
can you body swap again and ps say this on you video

Author TheGameGenie ( ago)

Author Wolf in The Box ( ago)
Link's Shirt Tho XD Amazing
A Artistic Panda With A Drink In Its Hand With Sunglasses Ridding A Artistic Giraffe Wearing Sunglasses 😂😂😂😂

Author Charles Tomberlin ( ago)
wow ur mom taught u how to wash ur face, maybe thats why i never wash my face, because my mom never taught me, very sad, maybe i just learned from links mom, thank you links mom

Author Charles Tomberlin ( ago)
honestly my brain worked better that way

Author Matt ( ago)
Watch this in .5 speed :)

Author Ryan Smallwood ( ago)
11:55 link looks like robin 😂

Author timwylie ( ago)
I thought I must be horrible at speed listening, until I realized I was watching the whole episode at 1.5 speed, so the sped up instructions were more than 2x as fast.

Author Weri Biper ( ago)
I can barely understand the fast talking

Author Anti Riku ( ago)
11:51 ''Give me that foot bath, ON THE PUSSAYY!''

Author Na&Am ( ago)
if i'm sad i watch your videos and it makes me super duper happy. i REALLY love the 'Will It' series.<3 Love u guys :3

Author Łēø Ïž Šøłø Ğãmīňğ ( ago)
need for a speed

Author Ellierox 6 ( ago)
How do you ask them stuff

Author Karen Keene ( ago)
I speak waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more than 105 wpm.........I'm very talkative, like very talkative, ok, I'll shut up now

Author Alex Gogoasa ( ago)
and 0.5x speed

Author Marc Suddleson ( ago)
Great episode!

Author gralkor ( ago)
aww. hell no, that is not okay. The cockroaches right at then end there, that would suck so badly

Author Haivoxx ( ago)

Author Azenix Roblox ( ago)
well, I can't watch this with 2x speed.

Author Fred Eye ( ago)
When Rhett said that they got Link again, which episode did they get Link previously?

Author PonyStark69 ( ago)
Then put the video on 2X speed.

Author Shaykh_ubby XD ( ago)
Lol The Roaches

Author Julian& Beck142 ( ago)
Number one youtuber

Author Emily Lamm ( ago)
Their hair has improved so much over the years

Author Kelsee Douglas ( ago)
I speak 177 words per min. too fast lol

Author JiMichalos314 ( ago)
12:20 "we got him again". In which other episode is Link pranked?

Author ultimate Aidan ( ago)
if you slow it down to .5 speed, you can easily hear it.

Author 2D ( ago)
i watch gmm in double speed lol

Author Lightning Cool ( ago)
who is listening to this at more than 1.0 spped

Author Marc Jungermann ( ago)
Watch this video in 2x speed. You can thank me later.

Author Jasmine Bartez ( ago)
i loved rhetts 2x instructions, soo funny

Author Zoey Abs ( ago)
finaly my life is on track because of gmm

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