10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Doda Therqaj ( ago)
That's. More like it

Author Jianhao Tan ( ago)
Theres no 3 xbox controllers theres two! 

Author Just another commenter passing through ( ago)
1:38 The clip is empty...

Author avery black ( ago)

Author Draconine (1026 years ago)
The nerf air soft war is so annoying they're both fun and cool and have
they're advantages and disadvantages SO STOP ARGUING!!!

Author Cole Kessler (18 years ago)
ur from horny baber lol jk

Author Jadon Myrick ( ago)
1-jam gun one
2-don't play dumb
3-don't text in a nerd war

Author Dolly Kluesner ( ago)

Author BeastKiller 909 ( ago)
I actually found 4 Xbox controllers 

Author Gohangod400 SSJ ( ago)
You should never ever steal someone's coooooookie eveeeer

Author KidFromVault101 ( ago)
5:58 Indiana Jones anyone?

Author Braedon Henstra (Pigeon) ( ago)
#11 Don't be a nerf war, join airsoft.

Author BulletBoy ( ago)
Fucky you dusk 

Author javitrix ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Todd Stefko ( ago)
in the backround

Author Todd Stefko ( ago)
1 in never choose a gun that jams!!!

Author Juan Aldaz ( ago)
I saw all of them

Author antplaygame ( ago)
Found all three Xbox controllers

Author xXSwaggy PlayzXx ( ago)
I found all of the controllers

Author varun ravi ( ago)

Author Alejandro August ( ago)
I found all of them

Author iPr0 x R4MP4G3 ( ago)
Who doesn't lock the door when doing a shit?

Author Nerfyboy800 ( ago)
33k likes wow! I miss this channel ;)

Author Rudy Cordoba ( ago)
Nerf guns

Author Albert miranda ( ago)
You should make that you should do in a war.

Author Zenderman75 ( ago)

Author Ethan Morell ( ago)
Penut butter jelly time

Author Annabel Bickerstaff ( ago)

Author Alexandra Simopoulos ( ago)
Lol I'm havering a nerf war today

Author charles minegamer ( ago)
Never shot your teammate

Author Dinosaur the entertainer ( ago)
Anybody noticed 09 : 20? (Camera Man and Woman)

Author badass gaming ( ago)
and then one in a case

Author badass gaming ( ago)
1 of the controllers is on the couch an other one is by the litte box thing
in the corner and the third one is behind you when you were coming in to
the other person behind the double seat

Author foca mineradora ( ago)
In 9:20 with an blick of an eye you can see camera man and camera woman

Author Chayse Cook ( ago)

Author Travo217 ( ago)
+7:30 who holds a Nerf gun like that

Author nick garzon ( ago)

Author Soltero (1519 years ago)
what's the name of the music in the end credits?

Author Walker Bieren ( ago)
. This kid is a faggot thought this video would actually be useful

Author EliTe HoPe ( ago)
When it said don't play dumb all i could think of was "I Don't Understand"

Author Adidas Tong (2023 years ago)
i found all of them first one was next to the green box the second one was
on the couch the third one was in the box

Author Sue Brown ( ago)

Author Kahlia Costales ( ago)

Author Martin Boone ( ago)
2:00 controller 7:02 mybe a controller on couch

Author Jesse Meijer ( ago)
I know where the 3 remotes are at 1:59 next to the guy and at 7:29 on the
sofa and at 7:55 in the box behind the guy with longstrike BOOM i got all 3
remotes gimme mah mags

Author Carlo Araneta ( ago)
Nice I laughed the whole time

Author reyna najera ( ago)
You inspired me to film

Author Josh Vidal ( ago)

Author Dylan Donaldson ( ago)
Flip phone really XD lol that's so 1970s 

Author Tyler Rice ( ago)
your ugly

Author Me When The Bass Drops ( ago)
Awesome! :)

Author Cale Thornton ( ago)
xbox controller on shelf

Author Cale Thornton ( ago)
xbox controller next to ammo box

Author Bobby Wasabi ( ago)
That kid was awesome!

Author Tomoe Ciel ( ago)
did you say something about finding xbox cotrolers I saw one when your gun
was jamming

Author Tito Gamez ( ago)
He was using a flip phone lol

Author Jesus Cadena ( ago)

Author any time vids ( ago)
4 years later still funny

Author Michelle Kantor ( ago)
In the case in never text in a fight

Author Michelle Kantor ( ago)
On the couch in never play dumb

Author Christian Posluk ( ago)
JELLY TIME !!!!!! Is amazing nice

Author Sara Kuse ( ago)
Never ask for ammo in a nerf war

Author Professor CJB. ( ago)

Author lukas krishnamoorthy ( ago)
The sword part is part of Indiana Jones the assassin part

Author mattias doyeu ( ago)

Author Zacari Bollar ( ago)
I have no idea what nerf and airsoftis but now i wanna try it!!

Author Nathan TrixzonuGaming ( ago)
Wow you've come so far I remember watching your zombie nerf videos and
being scared to death (in a good way) you had like 200 subs I think goodjob
glad it worked out for you.

Author StudDawgShiba ( ago)
Joking me this sucks

Author Julius Estrada ( ago)
Lat one ( i dink ) 07:56 #xboxtriforce

Author Julius Estrada ( ago)
One at 07:29 on the couch

Author Julius Estrada ( ago)
One at 02:06

Author Karpe Brian ( ago)
How old are you are you serious

Author Andrew “feenix” Orozco ( ago)
I found all three white Xbox controllers 

Author JoHell10 Productions ( ago)
I really don't get how this has 10 million views but he doesn't have 10
million subscribers

Author Jordan Gutierrez (648 years ago)
Oh hey! Didn't see you there Harry Potter 

Author Mulekick Modding ( ago)
4:34 what would happen if you stole my phone

Author jessica quirindongo ( ago)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Author Dwayne Williams ( ago)

Author Danny Tschida ( ago)
spoted all xbox360 controllers

Author Jia Wei Chew ( ago)
never shoot really fast

Author Jia Wei Chew ( ago)
never fire recklessly

Author James Conway ( ago)
i could not find the last one

Author James Conway ( ago)
on in the tub

Author James Conway ( ago)
end of the stars is one concheroller

Author BenandBrett B ( ago)
i found all the controllers.1 on Never text during a fight.1 on Never
choose a gun that jams frequently.and 1 on Never play dumb. lol lol lol lol
lol lol

Author wedgieman h ( ago)
what is at 9:19 or 9:20

Author JTheMovieMaker 2468 ( ago)
5:55 we already knew that from Indiana Jones

Author sai obulasetti ( ago)
There is one Xbox 360 controller in "Never choose a gun that games

Author Derek Medina ( ago)
ni have a good nerf gun

Author Derek Medina ( ago)
i want to be in a video with you 

Author Derek Medina ( ago)
dude your videos are awsome i like 

Author Nathan Nathaniel ( ago)
I found all the controllers! One in never choose a gun that jams
frequently, never text in a fight,in the intro and in never play dumb

Author Drew The Amazing ( ago)
Beginning song? Oh and gr8 vid

Author Stuarrt Burge ( ago)
The second one made me laugh when you shot yourself.

Author Josh Thompson ( ago)
nerf is for pussies who are scared of airsoft and paintball

Author The EPIC Player 2004 ( ago)
why have door not locked?

Author X-Viking ( ago)
so funny

Author Gamer absolute ( ago)
3 xbox controllers 1.never choose a gun that jams frequently .2 never play
dumb 3. Never text during a fight thats all

Author ryan gardepe ( ago)
the controllers are at the staircase the chairs arm in living room and the
last was in the clear shelve when u was texting during fight XD

Author Heather Goforth ( ago)

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