10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author zirkogames (5 days)
lol so easy the controllers 2:00 7:21 8:22

Author Matthew Croswhite (1 month)
I found all 3 controllers they're in 2 next to the ammo box or 2:00, 7:20
never play dumb, and never text at 8:23

Author Nicole White (12 days)
0:52 bullet behind him

Author William McEachern (12 days)
So fuckin stuped

Author connor crews (16 days)
i found all3 xbox360cotrollrs

Author UndeadGamerz (23 days)
(shot in the face)

Author Riyaz Mohamed (28 days)
There's also a 360 controller at 0:05 sitting on the couch beside the nerd
gun so there's actually 4

Author Michael Zaleski (1 month)
He's such a fag, he's a little pussy and needs to stop playing with toys
you ugly as Jewish fag lol 😂😂

Author KreeperKiller (1 month)
Are you gonna do a giveaway or something for the people who found all Xbox
Controllers? That was very stupid if you don't. BTW,
1. 2:00 (By the box)
2. 7:20 (On the couch)
3. 8:23 (In the glass cabinet)

Author anTIjuice (1 month)
boring :(

Author Andre Brady (26 days)
Dude needs to quit the kid stuff and play some airsoft or better yet, go to
the range.

Author Sambob Haugen (1 month)
What nerf gun was the dad using 

Author Glenda Montoya (1 month)
I only found 2

Author dominoesandtin (2 months)
u need a tan ur very pail

Author Dare YoutoDye (14 hours)
Funny as fuck man:P

Author Lukas Thoel (17 hours)
The nerd sword sucks at blocking, but the warlock axe is great at blocking

Author Johnny Edwards (2 days)
this is way to long

Author Erin McFarland (2 days)
i love your videos!!!!
i like em a lot

Author Ethan Gonzalez (3 days)
Nerf is like airsoft/paintball for pussies. I really hated this video

Author Rose Kay (3 days)
stupid but funny

Author Derianplaysminecraft (3 days)
Sword fail! Hahaha😂 lol

Author Hudson Holloway (3 days)
lay of the book. you look like a nerd.

Author Hariawan Santoso (3 months)
You look like joseph garret (stampy longnose) only younger

Author Jim Vaughan (4 days)
6:13 props

Author Kenichi S (4 days)
Chrsitopher Cox lol

Author jonny gat (5 days)
rule #1 of a nerf war go in guns blazing

Author Mycatscrazybeware Channel (5 days)
What am I doing with my life? ;-;

Author Swe MC Gamer (6 days)
09:20 what?

Author Da y'all Jinn (7 days)
Damn this kid must be getting bullied at school for this. 

Author Nathan Escalante (8 days)
You should've tooken the ammo that they were shooting

Author roblox player222 -roblox all day (9 days)
found them all

Author LACAZE Celine (9 days)
0:52 He don't need to ask because there's an ammo in the stairs...

Author Kurt Cerezo (3 months)
there is one in 2:01 and thats the only controller i can find

Author That guy you know (9 days)
But everybody should know that the nerd is the word

Author Eduardo Velasquez (9 days)
9:08 XDDDDD son of a (nasjkbfuiasuibfayufu) 

Author Gracia Hernandez (9 days)
Can I have your sniper fram nerf

Author laralevvroy95 (10 days)
The cat when he threw his book at the beginning xD

Author roy meuwissen (11 days)
i found all of them

Author minecrafter23 (11 days)
i was gonna say it would be funny if this video was made in 2011 and it

Author Zac Morris (11 days)
uh dont youguys know that i went to a commet that had all of them and went
to all of them haaaaaaaaa

Author Seth Crawford (12 days)
Ice cream and cakie Cake

Author Chris Ginger (13 days)
in the begining the cat is in the background

Author margolina.svetlana Svetlana (13 days)

Author Migu Gonz (13 days)
Over Kill hahaha 6:10

Author alexander smith (13 days)
from now on im going to call this guy dirty q-tip

Author JWATTgaming (13 days)
on the couch 7:20

Author EastCoast Nerfer (13 days)
i found a xbox controller during , Never Pick A Gun That Jams Frequently,
Never Play Dum, And Never Text During A Fight.

Author Connor Jenatian (13 days)
Lol play airsoft losers

Author Alexander Riddell (4 months)
its really pissin me off cause i can't see what it says at 9:19!

Author John Caruso (14 days)
Sorry We Cannot Show You This Clip Due to Excessive Amount Of Blood and
violence... So Instead We will show you this picture of a crazy Danceing
Bananna It's Peanut Butter Jelly time Peanut Butter Jelly Time Peanut
Butter Jelly Now Were He At Were He At Were He At Were He At Now There he
go! Now There He Go! There he Go! Lol made me laugh

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