10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Morgan Campbell (5 days)
#1, why even ask the enemy for bullets? Just trick them into shooting at
you, and use the darts that fall down.

Author Alexander Riddell (13 days)
its really pissin me off cause i can't see what it says at 9:19!

Author supergailey1 (18 days)
1. leaning on the box at 2:01 7:27 one is on part of the couch
3.7:55 behind the kid

Author Noah Hugen (24 days)
Lol, I was once at a kids house and we were having a nerf gun war, and I
brought a disc gun instead of a dart gun like he had. He beat me in lazer
tag so I deserved a successful advantage (if that's what you would call

Author Cow Mania (1 month)
I found all 3 too!

Author Tuang Hui Teng (29 days)
I like the banana dance part

Author ritasue2011 (1 month)
04:58 God I really want that gun!

Author DuskyPlaysMinecraft (1 month)

Author Sikandar Bakhth (1 month)

Author Giuseppe De Santis (1 month)
Its 3 controller is 00:00,2:00,7:21 😆😆

Author [ERROR_42] (1 month)
And another one.

Author Gerke Nijdeken (57 minutes)
1:39 the ammo clip was empty

Author Alex Freitas (26 minutes)
i say the xbox 360 controller on rule don't text wals a nerd war and its in
the draw behind the kid with glasses

Author Stacy Bullington (6 hours)
i fount all xbox controllers stairs intro drawres

Author Euan Aitken (22 hours)
That last thing
Was a bit we reed
Because that gay's
Face was strat
Up at the carama

Author Johnny Sendall (14 hours)
I found a Xbox remote! Behind his hand wen he's texting

Author bud jorgenson (1 day)
found them

Author Adam Welwood (2 days)
I found the 3

Author Cheryl Kelly (2 days)
xbox controllers: 1:on the couch on dont play dumb. 2:behind him when he
falls on the floor in the corner of the stairsand 3:behind the kid

Author Garrett Teoh (1 day)

Author Austin Brady (1 day)
Can you do another q&a video

Author Alan Altamirano (2 days)
I'm takng a dump here

Author S.a. m. (3 days)
the Xbox controllers are in:

1: never play dumb
2: never choose a gun that jams frequently
3: never text during a fight

Author Tonya Green (3 days)

Author IsraelPlay's (6 days)
I found all 3 xbox controllers

Author Guted77 (7 days)
first one is in the second clip, the second one was in the last clip behind

Author Henry Edmond (6 days)
xbox controller 1 is leaning on the box at 2:00

xbox controller 2 is lying on the couch when you are sneaking up on him.

xbox controller 3 is behind you when you are texting the guy

Author XxGhostReversexX (8 days)
Says camera man and women david and kathy cox

Author will crowe (6 days)
Chris loves his cookies!!!

Author Keshona Fletcher (6 days)
on the box 2:00
on the couch 7:21
behind chris aka cacox97

Author Michael Morrow (9 days)
That was freakin awesome!!!! Lmao 

Author Louis Teo (10 days)

Author Nino Valeriano (9 days)
6:01 Indiana Jones reference

Author Asif Khan (10 days)
Nerf is for noobs it's all about Airsoft now

Author aidan childs (13 days)
8:28 is the xbox controller 

Author Jax Pawson (12 days)
all 3

Author cormac mullane (17 days)
That was soooo funny lol

Author GosTEn CZ (17 days)
my cookie :D

Author Matt Devita (20 days)
the controllers are the stairs couch and shelf

Author Brendan Achong (24 days)
I'd pay to see him dance like a banana again

Author Carlos Garcia (13 days)

Author Mahesh Vr (1 month)
nice video and very good music

Author basal bhalli (1 month)
You missed one. Never fart on a mans balls

Author Yamilet Gonzalez (12 days)
10 million views awsome guys

Author Ray Gouin (15 days)
by the ammo box on the arm of the couch and the final one is on the shelf

Author Chloe Girl (21 day)
neeeeeerrrrrrrrrddddddddddddd aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Author the04gman05 (1 month)
Controller 7:56

Author suabnkauj hmong (21 day)
i found the one at the end and the second one

Author David Franck (1 month)

When the dad came out of the room I was like ahhh rapist 

Author Jeffhardy108 (3 months)
It's a movie... -.-

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