10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author arman jalalipour (2 months)
To all you nerf haters. You can't freaking shoot airsoft guns in your

Author D'Artagnan Hickey (5 months)
Rule #1: don't have a nerf war. Go use bb.

Author Bronco Films (3 months)
Honestly are you 6, play airsoft faggots.

Author William Burns (3 months)
2:00 by the ches looking thing thats brown
7:29 on the couch
7:55 in the toy thing

Author Alex Emms (4 hours)
8:11 who the fuck would want to text that specks shithead

Author Thelonlyminer and minions (2 months)
U know whats funny when he was reloading and didnt have ammo there was a
bullet right next to him

Author Emmet Dailey (4 days)
number one rule should be don't have a fucking nerf war

Author Alex Emms (5 hours)
5:52 and wut the fuck do u do when u run out of ammo u dumb dipshit

Author Matt Jack (6 days)
woop i messed up controller#1 near stairs 2:05 Controller#2 near couch 7:28 Controller#3
near room 8:02

Author EnhancedGamerChris (17 days)
gr8 no i cn b a pr0 jst lyek u! i r8 dis vid 8/8 super gr8 b8 bloody good
banter gr8 qualiti nver thot i wuld c skilz lyek diss 1337 shit!

Author Sungho Park (17 days)
Its weird how +CACox97 didnt play Five nights at Freddys

Author Andrew Damasio (6 days)
Anymore else notice that the mask got shot at 7:58 

Author Connor Bailey (3 hours)
I love the Indiana Jones reference in there.

Author The Student (2 months)
i found one at 1:59 ,7:55 that is all i found

Author SwiftShift (26 days)
I am fr0m MLG,and I approve this video.

Author Spider JokerMan (3 days)
there is one in the clip of never pick a gun that jams frequently on the
ground, there is one in never play dumb on the black couch and also one in
never text in a fight it is in the glass shelf behind the guy who texts!!!!
Ya i won woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Author Lawrence Jennings (23 days)
That fucking convincing slo mo at about three minutes in

Author Kids101 (3 months)
5:40 anyone else notice that happened in indea jones

Author Harvy Chopra (8 hours)
You can't see me I can't see you

Author João Ricardo (10 days)
i like both bb and nerf, but for me nerf is better,its way more simple and
fun, you can reuse the darts an it doesnt hurt, its cheapper and more
casual, its like when your at a friends house and say: lets have a nerf
war? -sure. so bb needs a hole preparation. i respect others opinions.
(sorry for my bad english im brazilian.)

Author Matt Jack (6 days)
another controller on the couch

Author Freddy Garcia (14 days)
Rule #1 on YouTube videos, NEVER SHOW YOUR CARS PLATE NUMBER IN 6:07

Author MicroCrumbs (3 days)
i found it

Author suhaas chennapragada (7 hours)
Is that a wig?

Author Sipatron _ (5 days)
Here are three reasons nerf is better than airsoft 1. They can be used
indoors 2. Reusable ammunition 3. A lot cheaper

Author Ruairi Gallagher (14 days)
This is the only positive comment
Gud vid 

Author Isaac James (6 days)
You should’ve had second thoughts about the “Dancing Banana” part.

Author Lightning Firegem (28 days)
Hidden message 9:20

Author kristan the awesomeness (16 days)
That was kind of mean to push his Dad out of his way. He just wanted to
have a nerf war too >:(

Author Michael Wolff (2 days)
I found them all 

Author Huriel Celis (7 days)
Bb is way better and NO CUSSING LITTLE BOY

Author Haroon Nudim (2 days)
2 Xbox controllers

Author Claude Weaver (16 days)
I only found 2 controllers in the video oh by the way thumbs up for both

Author Dave Park (3 days)
Wonder why the ninja didnt attack

Author Matthew Stotmeister (15 days)
Can never stop watching this.Always have to come back to it.

Author Katie Harrison (10 days)
the controllers are in rule 2,9,10.

Author Thomas Molina (23 days)
I found them all theres that one in the intro that one with the jammed gun
and that one is the counter and that's all

Author peter carr (1 month)
Controller 1: 2:00
Controller 2: 7:55
Controller 3: nowhere

Author Kaison Poyner (10 days)
CAC cox you should do a call of duty based video 

Author Carl Equibal (16 days)
Did you see the bullet in the chairs when it says never text while in a war
the bullet is their then it disapears,appear,dissapear and then apear

Author Jake Cromwell (12 days)
i only found 2 controllers

Author Sean M Hollendoner (3 days)
Found one at 7:55

Author NooNcams (3 days)
Beside the stairs

Author Blockus Maximus (1 month)
hahahah I saw the one frame that said "camera man and woman:
David and Kathy cox"
that's where having a photographic memory is epic
it isn't awesome in the men's locker room when there are lots of naked old
anyway u were trying to give them as little credit as possible XD

Author Matthew Potyraj (2 months)
gayest intro ever and are you 2 use airsoft guns how does this video have
more than 10 views

Author Felix mosqueda (18 days)
rule number one don't play nerf 

Author Riksa :D (1 month)
Rule #1 dont have nerf war, have airsoft war!

Author Kyle Christian (1 day)
It sucks shit

Author Andhika Chandra (19 days)
#1 @ 2:05
#2 @ 7:20
#3 @ 7:59

Author Solomon Garbett (5 days)
2:08 7:03 7:55

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