10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author D'Artagnan Hickey (1 month)
Rule #1: don't have a nerf war. Go use bb.

Author Nessa Simpsalik (22 days)
5:33 Indiana Jones reference 

Author Daniel Watkins (9 days)
Anybody know what the message says at the end

Author oliver sharp (1 month)
You guys are the ugliest and saddest cunts I've ever seen.

Author noobplays (1 month)
who saw the words at the end?

Author zirkogames (2 months)
lol so easy the controllers 2:00 7:21 8:22

Author Matthew Croswhite (3 months)
I found all 3 controllers they're in 2 next to the ammo box or 2:00, 7:20
never play dumb, and never text at 8:23

Author Nicole White (2 months)
0:52 bullet behind him

Author Kacei Gleason (1 month)
I no the rules of a Nuff war and I'm a girl and I'm 9

Author Riyaz Mohamed (2 months)
There's also a 360 controller at 0:05 sitting on the couch beside the nerd
gun so there's actually 4

Author KreeperKiller (3 months)
Are you gonna do a giveaway or something for the people who found all Xbox
Controllers? That was very stupid if you don't. BTW,
1. 2:00 (By the box)
2. 7:20 (On the couch)
3. 8:23 (In the glass cabinet)

Author BLH (1 day)
That vid was actually quite decent.

Author Abe Whitesell (6 days)

Author Christian Brand (15 days)

Author Jack Sorrell (9 days)

Author 〉9.0x10^3 (10 days)
I can understand the corny humour coming from a 13 year old kid, but how
did this even get to 8 million views? Surely 10-11 minutes of crap is
enough to keep people from coming back for more.

Author Mackenzie Daw (11 days)
Asian in 3...2...1... SUSHI!!!! 0:24

Author Hezodon (12 days)
i fade then

Author MightyPants (14 days)

Author dominoesandtin (4 months)
u need a tan ur very pail

Author Thomas Keyte (1 month)
at 2:00 theres a controller on the floor, 7:28 on the couch, 8:02 theres
another one right beside chris

Author Chris Trlin (22 days)
thats stupid and there crazy ugly

Author Chloe Ponyblanket (26 days)
Hehe hide in the bathtub or behind something and ambush, duh

Author David Granados (26 days)
i died at 6:19

Author TylerakaTKO (27 days)
I remember watching this like 2 years ago

Author Claudia Welby (1 month)
whats that gun called in the matrix thing?

Author William McEachern (2 months)
So fuckin stuped

Author UndeadGamerz (2 months)
(shot in the face)

Author connor crews (2 months)
i found all3 xbox360cotrollrs

Author Cano Tricks (2 days)
Controller 8:04
Controller 7:20
Controller 2:00

Controller that dosen't count 0:05

Author Isaiah Galindo (3 days)
or 8:08

Author Cruz Ruiz-Ayala (20 hours)

Author alex Avery (7 days)
there is a exact moment you can pause at 9:20 and it said.

Camera man and Woman:David and Kathy cox

Author Stephen Gill (3 days)

Author John Sampang (9 days)

Author me and friends play games (1 day)
When I saw his shirt i said to my self I have the same shirt

Author ArronTheCreepster (10 days)
You can see the second XBOX 360 controller at 02:00.

Author Aaron Turner (1 day)
I found all three Xbox controllers. 

Author Sebastian Vreeburg (3 days)
Good memories from when I was a kid :D

Author reynaldo martinez (1 day)

Author Trevor Powell (6 days)
fag what r u doin

Author Hyder ali (5 days)
there isn't any

Author dennis gibson (4 days)
Am i the only one who likes his videos?

Author Shadow Rider (8 days)

Author Thomas Haney (3 days)

Author Kman Elders (14 days)
+D'Artagnan Hickey that's a smart idea plus its easier to do paint ball or
bb like you said (that's what she said) don't read this.

Author tntgirl6 101 (10 days)
Dat banana do

Author fai hmoud (10 days)

Author NarwhalHappySkins The Gamer (6 days)
Kacie iz a bad speler i no how 2 spel

Author LPSRainbow Power (16 days)
At red belt doh

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