10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Syko Galaxy ( ago)
great quality

Author theSKbros live (SKbro) ( ago)
5 year anniversary of the video

Author WolfHound X ( ago)

Author TheHumanSpider ( ago)
5 years ago from today

Author Swagalicious Gamer ( ago)

Author Ryan Shook ( ago)
i found em all!

Author MrMacTen ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2016

Author Kevin McNall ( ago)
by the shoe box in part 2 in the draw in never text during a gunfight those
are the only two i found unless you lied and we could count in the one in
the intro

Author CrEcsEnDO ( ago)
lol gimme back my cookies

Author ollie knows best ( ago)
dude get a haircut

Author Prince Talisayon ( ago)
the first one ha ask an enemy for ammo who does dat MLG

Author Prince Talisayon ( ago)
the first one ha ask an enemy for ammo who does dat MLG

Author Jamie Caudle ( ago)
Yeah and the 11th thing not to do is have a nerf war because that queer af

Author King Joseph ( ago)
I found the third controller in the office room in a shelf

Author King Joseph ( ago)
I found the second controller on the side of the couch

Author King Joseph ( ago)
I found the first controller at the bottom of the stairs

Author Matias Luciano Molina Chavez ( ago)
the xbox controller is in the minute 2:06

Author Stephan Franczyk ( ago)
Dang the second one is more funny this one is stupid

Author RobloxGaming5300 ( ago)
6:20 Lol xD

Author Ethan Reinsch ( ago)

Author Happy Family ( ago)

Author Erik Gaming tv ( ago)
found two controllers

Author The GreenCreeper ( ago)
I messed up with the first one at 2:03 on a green ammo box near the stairs

Author The GreenCreeper ( ago)
And last but not least at 7:55 one in a clear box

Author The GreenCreeper ( ago)
Next at 7:20 on the sofa arm

Author The GreenCreeper ( ago)
! near a green ammo box at the stairs

Author ethan kritzer ( ago)
wtfffff is with him in matrix fuck the length this idiot I am his number
one hater now

Author Darren Best ( ago)
u can maytrix nerf but aslong as u dont do it in slow mo

Author Devons vlogs ( ago)
its in the bathroom and the never play dumb and never text during a fight

Author Devons vlogs ( ago)
found the Xbox controllers

Author KL Productions ( ago)
Who's watching in 3025

Author Ronnie P ( ago)
epic and nerfy

Author Kaedynla Nothing ( ago)
At 0:16,1:59:7:22

Author AnimeAddictedGames ( ago)
Man he must make a lot of money especially if this video is still monetized

Author Theo Phillips ( ago)
okay this was entertaining

Author Gmngvlogs &MORE ( ago)
Reply if you know my channel and you're a fan!

Author Demari Harrison ( ago)

Author Cooper Walleen ( ago)
When I see never bring a sword to a gun fight I just think of genji and

Author shaun korah ( ago)
never choose a gun that jams frequlently!

Author Hype Tutorials ( ago)
he needs a haircutt

Author Lamy the boss Vloger ( ago)
I saw the white controllers in never choose a gun that jams
frequently,never play dumb,and never text during a fight.

Author Benny 6490 ( ago)
What's that chaingun called

Author Shannon Fitchko ( ago)
The part where he asks for ammo there's a few bullets behind him and its
nerf they can be re-used

Author Jude Barz ( ago)
Flip phone is stupid because no iPhone or any good technology expect an
Xbox remote

Author Jude Barz ( ago)
How come the x box remote is always in every scene of the video

Author NinjaChicken 92 ( ago)
9:19 why is there a photo

Author Robert Bradford ( ago)

Author Luke Moralles ( ago)
fuck u peanut butter jelly

Author TAN NGUYEN ( ago)

Author THE HACKER70 ( ago)

Author luckysniper Gaming ( ago)
i found them

Author minecraft bro ( ago)
they so ulgy they suck cock

Author youngestCODkid1 ( ago)
found all controllers here is 1 of them 2:00

Author Darius Baldwin ( ago)
I rich I have 100000099900000000000000000000000000000006556000

Author Darius Baldwin ( ago)

Author Scorpion 14437 ( ago)

Author Seth brough ( ago)
I know

Author Daryl Garvin ( ago)
I'll give you a nerd gun

Author Dan Pugh ( ago)
this kids intro should ne a meme

Author Tony Chen ( ago)
found all haha too easy

Author BACON GOALIE35 PRO ( ago)

Author BACON GOALIE35 PRO ( ago)

Author Illuminati Swagger ( ago)

Author Xander xavier Rafael ( ago)

Author SmokePlayer 420 ( ago)

Author DiamondAdventure ( ago)
There license plate shows

Author Shane Flaman ( ago)

Author Sizzlin' Porkchopz ( ago)
This guy is not funny

Author TheGamer 14 ( ago)
I did all 10 #SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Jurassic Jaden ( ago)
The bnana is very stoped

Author Katrina Tomeldan ( ago)
omg lol hahahahhahahahha

Author Destroyer667 ( ago)
4:04 is that Mario!?

Author Destroyer667 ( ago)
2:22 WUT?

Author Grigoris Karapetian Karapetyan ( ago)
2:18 lol

Author COD masters 101 ( ago)

Author Nathan Wiebe ( ago)
Found all 3

Author Idk ( ago)
First one = my friends

Author MRRANDOM GAMER ( ago)
Stairs couch and at chair scene Xbox controller

Author Bricklapse ( ago)
Never make a pt 2

Author EQ Gaming ( ago)

Author Julien Da Coolien ( ago)
I feel like this is an ad for a bunch of movies.

Author Rubberbullets 88 ( ago)
I had the shot gun the yellow one air always jamed

Author Julien Da Coolien ( ago)
Thanks for the house tour! :D

Author JACKY PHUNG ( ago)

Author Dakota Estupinana ( ago)
found two of the controllers

Author Kaden Johnson ( ago)
u live in Fresno?

Author J. Corban Murphy ( ago)
Raise you hand if you didn't see all that coming!( hand remains by side).
you trying way too hard.

Author Riku Soma ( ago)

Author Beyaz Leopar ( ago)
7:38 that look😂😂😂
"theseee nuuuts"

Author Boss gamer Xx ( ago)
Found all three

Author Misa 365 ( ago)
2:07 i saw on first try but i had to replay for knowing the time i saw that

Author Kelvin Pederson ( ago)
LOL peanut butter jelly time!

Author Ross Nygard ( ago)
That was a stupid vid

Author Jelly cake [ADC] ( ago)
Target spotted for controlleer

Author Ingi Arnason ( ago)
🍺🍩🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍩🍩🍺🍺🍺🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍺🍺🍺 your Hómer ha ha ha

Author Rhett TV “Rhett TV” ( ago)

Author Miken ( ago)
There's one at 7:20

Author Chris Lantman ( ago)
in the seen with the never get a gun that james.

Author Tony Pearson ( ago)
this is good but your new vids suck

Author Conner The Bikie Boy ( ago)
awesome banana hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha lol

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