10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author End My Suffering ( ago)
Leafy! Pyro! were the fuck are you guys?? this shit is gold waiting to be
dug up😂

Author Jack Pywell ( ago)
The cat in the background freaks out btw Bottom right corner when he throws
the book

Author KoolKatMoney20 Boat ( ago)
Who wants to listen to the matrix again? OK

Author fnaf gamer Op ( ago)
Oh it's 2:06

Author fnaf gamer Op ( ago)
Found one 2:50

Author Monical Playz - Call of Duty & More ( ago)
I found them all

Author Mark Eaton ( ago)

Author Mr Gamer ( ago)
Find the 3 Xbox 360 controller

Author derp pug ( ago)
3:13 that is one deep voice

Author Alex K ( ago)
pitch the frickin' deploy

Author Richard Kaup ( ago)
I read "Directed, Written and Edited by Christpher's cock"

Author Raptor Realm ( ago)
0:27 No. 0:29 Damn he got me good.

Author Kev Gaming ( ago)
u look like me anoying nabor

Author Yamileth Rodriguez ( ago)
3. in 1:58 you see a Xbox controller in the background

Author Yamileth Rodriguez ( ago)
2. Xbox controller in cabniet in never text in a nerf war

Author wolfs_r _awesome ( ago)
that part with the 🍌hahahHahHA

Author Enzo Kasprzykowski ( ago)
7:55 Controller!

Author Faze Adpat ( ago)
I can use nef guns I am 9 years old

Author SanikGaming9000 ( ago)
frikin indiana jones right there

Author Carson McBride ( ago)
why are you dumb

Author Lucas Cuff ( ago)
The fuck is this mate

Author Kyler Hall ( ago)

Author EmeraldSlayerGaming ( ago)
1:22 Wait what!? That kid is using a Specter? WHAT WORLD IS THIS!?!?!?!

Author roope penttilä ( ago)
I like nerf guns and everything but my mum says im too old for them and im

Author john s ( ago)
the scene when you killed yourself with a alpha trooper,on the couch in
never play dumb,and in the shelf in never text in a fight

Author Spooky Pumpkin Man ( ago)
nerf videos are pretty cringey tbh but this was the only non cringey nerf

Author Barrett Hadfield ( ago)
Well I found them all

Author Tommy Rook ( ago)
6:32 bruh

Author Tristan Davila ( ago)
6:01 quick scope/ HEADSHOT

Author Mr. banana ( ago)
storm trooper aim

Author ju hart ( ago)
never text in a fight.Xbox controller

Author btd5 ninja (Aaron jones) ( ago)
can u do 4 then intro aswell

Author Roosevelt Gholar ( ago)
ɷɷɷɷ Heey Frienddsssss I Have F0und W0rikinggggg Online Hacck visitttt : -

Author Rolf Nenninger ( ago)
ɷ Heeey Frienddssss I Have F0und W0rikingg Online Hacck visitt : -

Author Brianmax8HC ( ago)
I remember the old days, used to watch this all day

Author TheGamer Boss ( ago)
Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd Nerd

Author Trisdon Ciampanella ( ago)
1:28 your in my heRt brother five seconds later hahahahaha your dead I win
wait 😥😥

Author Ewoktopia ( ago)

Author MrBUDQUID 94 ( ago)
Sword to gun fight... More like modern day reenactment of Indiana jones
scene but modern day.

Author Nahyan AlAli ( ago)
I still remember when I was 7 years old and I was watching this

Author Brittany Wright ( ago)
He due look like Harry Potter

Author CitizenZ ( ago)
I like peanut butter cookies.

Author Retarted Redneck ( ago)
found another controller its in the drore

Author Retarted Redneck ( ago)
i found it its in front of the stairs

Author Carlos Torres ( ago)
it's all about paintball or airsoft

Author Tristyn Miller ( ago)
my first time before this I was the matrix and diddent get shot

Author NIckMIner 234 ( ago)
when he threw the book behind him, jerry flinched when it hit the ground.

Author AdventerousGamer ( ago)
He looks like fregly

Author Baseball King13 ( ago)
A frickin flip phone

Author Seven Rodriguez ( ago)
8:10 First who would ever text him. Second Lol Flip Phone.

Author Killian Ellis ( ago)
this is HAlarious

Author Home Reker29 ( ago)
All's fair in nerf and war

Author Scott Yancey ( ago)
I'm like those are old guns then I look at the day the video was posted.

Author Its Hybridz ( ago)
I found the 360 controllers

Author Daniel Perez ( ago)
find all3

Author Caleb Tyler ( ago)
how old are these fucking kids

Author Brandon Fehd ( ago)
5:00 I have that same gun lol

Author Mister Miney ( ago)
Found 2 Xbox controllers!

Author Red dragon Gaming ( ago)
And 800

Author Red dragon Gaming ( ago)
At 200

Author Robo2007 ( ago)
9:20 theres a secret try to find it

It's peanut butter jelly time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Hard Gamer06 ( ago)
im looking for real tips not sarcastic ones

Author William Aleman ( ago)
at 3:04 what is the gun he has

Author Thesponge Elite ( ago)
When me and my friend are playing a nerf war he says pause i need ammo

Author Nick Diaz ( ago)
use roflcopter

Author Nathan Peters ( ago)
He asks for ammo, gets empty six clip lol

Author tam wenpin ( ago)
+CACox97 I found 3 xbox 360 controller , I not too sure if I found 3 xbox
360 controller in this video is true or false ? Hopefully you can reply me
as soon as possible.

Author Master DragonZ ( ago)
fucking banana with bad spelling

Author The Waffle Effect ( ago)
Nerf turd

Author Angus Ford ( ago)
cool thanks

Author Braxton Turner ( ago)
2:00 , 7:20 , 7:50

Author Fred Bear ( ago)
Me too

Author Turtle'cano!!!!! ( ago)
that scene at 9:20 said, "Camera Man and Woman: David and Kathy Cox" if you
were wondering...(also +1 sub : 3)

Author Brady_ S _ ( ago)
I died at the "Never Be Matrix" part! 😂😂😂

Author [GOLD] Edit Ninja ( ago)

Author Stickelback Playz ( ago)
Found them all

Author DevinTube Cuber ( ago)
What is the song at 5:13

Author Emerald Max ( ago)
sir te
xt a lot

Author Jamie Macdonald - Football Tutorials and More ( ago)
0:50 bullet right beside him

Author Nicholas Brown ( ago)
Sherlock has YouTube wow

Author April Charisse ( ago)
9:59 says props and costumes!

Author Carson Brown ( ago)
Found all three starting, mid and 8

Author Gavin Aubrey ( ago)
I can't tell if this is supposed to be stupid or funny. I love it

Author sir ducksworth ( ago)
Ahhhhhhhhh the cringe

Author Rudraksh Dabas ( ago)
i found 3 contollers

Author Rudraksh Dabas ( ago)
when his bllaster was jam bhiend him

Author Chillies and more ( ago)
What Time is it

Author GP7759 Kingyogi1029 ( ago)
Lol did anyone notice that the max frame rate is 360p

Author FirePhaux YT ( ago)
Keep on playing 5:50 over and over again.

Dancing ninja.

Author Mr. Man ( ago)
i found them all

Author Heaven does minecraft ( ago)
I found the three Xbox 360 controllers!

Author TheGamingLegend 2015 ( ago)

Author Justine Noel ( ago)

Author Evan edits videos ( ago)
on never ask the enemy for ammo there was ammo on the stairs

Author Mattias Bank ( ago)
This whole series was good but this is still the best one :)

Author Speedy Killer ( ago)

Author Speedy Killer ( ago)

Author Ebug5 ( ago)
in gun jamming one, 2:02- on the texting one,- 8:05

Author Nerf Captain YT ( ago)
I have a roughcut2x4 that is almost not jamming at all

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