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Author CACox97 (17 days)
You ever wondered about The Final 10 Things You Should Never Do In A Nerf
War? I have... ;-)

Author Kian Peterson (1 month)
"Never take a sword to a gunfight" reallyreminds me ofa scene in Indiana

Author arman jalalipour (5 months)
To all you nerf haters. You can't freaking shoot airsoft guns in your

Author MrSheeepMan (1 month)
das Ist Mein Cookie

Author Steven Ramsey Games (1 month)
Preeeetty much me and my parents in a nutshell. Yea...don't ask why I still
own nerf guns when I am 14.

Author louis robinson (5 months)

Author Harrison stuart (11 days)
Question anyone know the song from the sword clip

Author Sipatron _ (2 months)
Here are three reasons nerf is better than airsoft 1. They can be used
indoors 2. Reusable ammunition 3. A lot cheaper

Author Chris Carr (2 months)
Am I the only one who thinks he's a good character for spider man 

Author fortunestreetfan129 (18 days)
Xbox 360 controllers: 1:59 7:27 and 7:55, yes, I'm commenting on a 4 year
old video

Author David Harder (1 month)
Thank you for killing the banana. He was getting on my nerves the second he
started talking. I shall not miss him. He is rather annoying. But he
provided some good comedy nonetheless so I shall mourn his passing for one
second and then forget about him until the next time I watch this video and
repeat the cycle all over again. Also, this vid is awesome. Good work.

Author GameSphere (1 month)
soooo many danisnotonfire sound effects are in this video!!

Author Tommy Margraves (8 days)

Author Nas King (1 month)
Who ever made this video is gay

Author Riksa :D (4 months)
Rule #1 dont have nerf war, have airsoft war!

Author Cysticlist (1 month)
Funniest thing I've ever see.:)

Author Brick Boys (25 days)
jamed gun seen never play dumb seen and no text during fight seen all

Author lightningshot3000 (28 days)
deathstars765 copied your vid

Author Xxnijaskout620xX (12 days)
Don't frick with the bussaw

Author josh savo (1 month)
at 07:15 deep sheep music intro

Author Vincent Phan (4 days)
If you can block darts you can bring a sword to a gunfight if you block the

Author Mr. Khan (1 day)

Author Thelonlyminer and minions (4 months)
U know whats funny when he was reloading and didnt have ammo there was a
bullet right next to him

Author AwesomeRpg123 (2 months)
LOL at 7:51 you guys are right next to eachother. How come u can't shoot
eachother. U guys probably have bad aim or something xD. Unless your just
dodging and missing for the video.

Author Railhawk 2000 (19 days)
I thought this would be lame but it was actually pretty funny. I enjoyed
it. Thumbs up!

Author James Park (12 days)
I found the Xbox controllers

Author arturo navarro (6 days)
Guy reminds of buttersamuri in his old vids

Author Bryant Lam (1 month)
Is Chris and Camden brothers 

Author Solomon Garbett (2 months)
2:08 7:03 7:55

Author Furious Gaming (18 days)
y is he so white? i mean look at the tone of his skin

Author Björn Brandsma (12 days)
i freaking found all the 3 hidden xbox 360 controllers! are you now happy!

Author charles beckhans (11 days)
do more!!!!!!!!!!! 10 thing tou should neve do in a ner war

Author NDess (16 days)
Never be Matrix. That one sentence makes me cry.

Author Adventures of Isaac and Reese (5 days)
At exactly 9:20 it says Camera Man and Woman:
David and Kathy cox

Author Ruairi Gallagher (3 months)
This is the only positive comment
Gud vid 

Author Julia goolia (26 days)
airsoft is way better

Author ProtonJohn417 (9 days)
1:59 first one
8:01 in the container behind him
7:28 on the couch arm

Author The Carr (14 days)
controller at 8:01

Author Everything MySingingMonsters (1 month)
Pause at exactly 0:25

Author Gabriel McCollum (1 month)
This is funny I like my nerf guns keep up the good work

Author Milan Rosul (6 days)
Noticed a xbox remote in most of them

Author Zoey Fournier (11 days)
2:05, 8:02 and 10:02! bam! found them! :D

Author The Keyholderz (7 days)
that jammed one is mine :D

Author Ethan Davis (18 days)
found them all suckers

Author Gamer 4 Life (1 month)
And if any channel can make me laugh I'll sub so try to make me laugh

Author THATBRIAN201 (5 days)
Found all three controllers

Author supershadow 354 (1 month)
Wow on 3:10 he messes up the whole slow motion

Author lightning8031 (2 months)
whats the song in 5:29

Author liyush thing (1 month)
Hey could you some strong
Guns ?

Author magdalena alvelo (13 days)

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