10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Stephanie Michtavy ( ago)
Lol it made me laugh when he said I'm taking a 💩💩💩dump here

Author Arnold Uribe ( ago)
bro shoot a real gun

Author marisela garcia ( ago)
type 111 if you can try to not breathe until the video is over

Author Gabri 69 ( ago)
i found 3 controlers

Author TheRiotmakerPlayz Games ( ago)
Why the fuck were you holding the gun that way?

Author ToxicTnt Nuke ( ago)
What gun 642

Author Unicorn Gamer82 ( ago)
13000 comment

Author simo 2005 ( ago)
head shot bitch

Author simo 2005 ( ago)

Author Pro sniper 1850 ( ago)
Plz subscribe to my channel I will send u a friend request on PS4

Author Kian Princena ( ago)
thank you for giving this video cause we had a Nerf war with my friends my
one friend just got to without noticing then he steal all my cookie and he
run and I chase him then I shoot him when i shoot him he is headshot!

Author Nerf War Man ( ago)
hi I'm your dad and if you want that fucking Ragun suk a dik

Author THE PACK Dnc ( ago)
If people are gonna dislike it why watch it?

Author DJ SuperCharge ( ago)
anyone notice the flash at 9:20 it reads Camera Man and Woman David any
Kathy Cox

Author quinn thegamer (darklink28) ( ago)
I like how he says don't use a gun that jams frequently and then uses the
RV-10 in matrix

Author Star-Lord /DKellerStopMotion ( ago)

"It's high noon...."

Author J Kang ( ago)

Dat Dab Doe

Author Julia Barkoukis ( ago)
That phone is so old

Author Erin Jones ( ago)
2.00,7.28,8.00 the controllers

Author Aaryan Chokshi ( ago)
First at 2:00, second at 7:29 and third at 7:57

Author Smokewave Commentates ( ago)
2:00, 8:00, and 7:28 xD i spent around 3 hours watching this....

Author Epic Doge2016 ( ago)
i found the 3 Xbox controler

Author Gooey Slime ( ago)
i found all 3 controllers. At 7:18 2:00 and 7:57

Author gamertron 31 ( ago)

Author selwynlouis deramos ( ago)
2nd,8th i

Author action flash ( ago)
i found all of them!!!!

Author Abhineet Thaire ( ago)
are you using a DEPLOY on never steal a cookie? Geez no wonder you lose so
much XD

Author Logan Brown ( ago)
I love this guy............I died of laughter due to the random peanut
butter jelly time dance

Author Yokedtea 16161 ( ago)
Was never bring a sword to a gun fight an Indiana jones references

Author Nakarin Macaulay (MasterOfSkills) ( ago)
You are white as shit

Author GamerJack ( ago)
another at 7:56

Author GamerJack ( ago)
7:20 there is another

Author GamerJack ( ago)
2:00 there is one controller

Author blaze-wolf ( ago)

Author Anthony Reacts ( ago)

Author Owen D. ( ago)
Lol matrix one dumb thogh

Author Ty Squires ( ago)
My favourite is never play dumb

Author trick shoter ( ago)
you suck don't make any more view you are fucking stupid nerd

Author Ktlott 87 ( ago)

Author iiGamerAce420 ( ago)
I found only one controller in the final scene where he said ''Son of
a...'' it was right next to him in the tray thing idk
BTW I'm not English so don't say I don't know what kind of thing that is.

Author alex mandeville ( ago)
0:09, 2:00,8:00 that's how you find all of the controllers

Author ThatWeirdCat YouTube ( ago)
This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen

Author Kevin wertz ( ago)
I like it I just don't like the dancing banana, I mean what is a bannana
doing in the middle of this?!

Author Muza Boss ( ago)
love these vids

Author Cheese Puff Lover ( ago)
I like the Matrix part. I laughed so hard.

Author jayden reynoso ( ago)

Author Krueger Productions (1732 years ago)

Author Circl2s ( ago)
He looks like a little boy mixed with an old lady.

Author Supertaco Nerfer529 ( ago)
During the cookie one he had a deploy cs-6 whaaaaaaaaaa??????😧😧😧

Author Gamerader ( ago)
8:11 who else saw Wall-E?

Author Luciano Otto Rodrigues ( ago)
and the dog with the scissors...

Author O.G.alex (822 years ago)
0:50 a bullet right next 2 u XD

Author Calbri T skeleton (1085 years ago)
There is a dart right next to you

Author AJ Fischer (1457 years ago)
2 minutes 7:30 and 8 min

Author AJ Fischer (2007 years ago)
One controller when talking about not using a gun that jams.

Author Gaming Addict ( ago)
Here's one never take a crap

Author Rainbow Crystal Girl ( ago)
This is the first funniest video i ever watched in my whole entire life not

Author joey munoz ( ago)
there is a con troller at 2:00/8:00/9:15

Author Cody Ellison ( ago)
6:33 de F*q?

Author Tian Wu ( ago)
Anyone watching this video in 2016

Author Emin Spahic ( ago)
Suck my dick

Author Drp Ctz ( ago)
i found all 1 at beginning 1 on 2nd never and 1 at 8:00

Author Fazlur Rahman ( ago)
I found another one at 2:02

Author Jacob Adams ( ago)
1 is at 2 minutes 1 is at 7 minutes 20 seconds and 1 is at 7 minutes 54
seconds done i got all 3

Author Cardin Nguyen ( ago)
found one at 2:00
found the second one at 7:20
and found the third one at 8:00

Author Trey Vaughn ( ago)
They should just not be matrix and kill him

Author jojoagario ( ago)
my video froze at 0:21

Author Eugenie Tan ( ago)
i found the third controller on the couch at 7:20

Author Jordan Rice ( ago)

Author Teagan Kever ( ago)

Author baranoyunda ( ago)
And yes

Author baranoyunda ( ago)

Author Amy Gonzalez ( ago)
call of duty dad warfare

Author JamiiTheGamerDragon ( ago)
found all 3

Author TheRaptorPack ( ago)
6:00 Indiana jones moment!

Author Lian Belino ( ago)
I found all of the controllers

Author Jacob H. ( ago)
one is at 0:08. I found another one at 2:00. And the last one at 8:01

Author Alexander Greenhill ( ago)
Lol bana dance

Author Disaster Hour ( ago)
What i found: 2:01 7:20 to 7:29 7:55 to 9:16 9:31 10:00 10:26 to 10:43

Author BOOM SHAKALAKA ( ago)
Hilarious video :)

Author Keshin Wee ( ago)

Author Peacekeeper 98 ( ago)
At peanut butter jelly time What are those

Author Trent Bridges ( ago)
The best vid ever seen dude

Author Jared Hazel ( ago)
Yes I'm a Champion 😛

Author Gautam Big fan ( ago)
loved the second one! xD

Author Ray Hall ( ago)
I found all the 3 controllers

Author Ryan Olsen ( ago)
lol the Cox family

Author Ryan Olsen ( ago)
0:53 theres an dart right next to him😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author Hunter Dehner ( ago)
dude @ 0:52 he had a bullet on his right

Author mus khan (79 years ago)
you like Harry potter

Author mincepieso1 (1317 years ago)
at 1:59 and 8:01 ANND 7:28

Author virtual gamer (tyler) (1454 years ago)

Author virtual gamer (tyler) (1471 year ago)
there was acutally 4

Author FoldCoxPvp ( ago)
Why do you have 303k subs? ur just a dumb kid

Author brandy balthrop (1559 years ago)
My dog liked the sound you made in the matrix

Author D Miller ( ago)
0:15 (bottom left) hehe Cat got jumpscared

Author Levi Bainbridge ( ago)
found all 3 1 at 7:30
and 2:00 and 8:00

Author Nerf Report Nerf ( ago)
Watch my channel it's all about Nerf

Author Husky770 Gameplays ( ago)
8:15 one of the controllers behind u

Author Erica Dinsmore ( ago)
his intro thow

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