10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author DandeLion SimmerCause (5 months)

Author Comet12864 (6 months)
Haha. This vid's great. Just goes to show no matter what equipment or
resources you have, you can still make a great video. :) This helped me
cheer up after a ton of difficult stuff. Thanks for the laughs. :)

Author Frodo_Laggins (19 days)
Are you gonna do a giveaway or something for the people who found all Xbox
Controllers? That was very stupid if you don't. BTW,
1. 2:00 (By the box)
2. 7:20 (On the couch)
3. 8:23 (In the glass cabinet)

Author Alexander Riddell (3 months)
its really pissin me off cause i can't see what it says at 9:19!

Author Sean Collins (5 months)
oh I found 4 by the couch

Author EnderborneGaming (6 months)
u look like Michel from rooster teeth

Author Matthew Croswhite (22 days)
I found all 3 controllers they're in 2 next to the ammo box or 2:00, 7:20
never play dumb, and never text at 8:23

Author turbanek77 (5 months)
found all three.
p.s you suck extremely bad at videos.
no offense 

Author ritasue2011 A.K.A. Darrol Layman (5 months)
04:58 God I really want that gun!

Author toasterbrainTV (6 months)
that sword to a gunfight thing reminded me of a scene from the first
Indiana jones

Author legosk8ing (6 months)
i only found 2 controllers
1:2nd clip laid against box @ back.
2:last clip in box @ start

Author Tuang Hui Teng (4 months)
I like the banana dance part

Author dominoesandtin (1 month)
u need a tan ur very pail

Author eleftheriosonic (5 months)

Author ninjataco127 (7 months)
1:59 next to the box on the stairs
7:19 in the bottom right corner
7:55 in the drawers next to Chris.

Found em :)

Author Giuseppe De Santis (4 months)
Its 3 controller is 00:00,2:00,7:21 😆😆

Author supergailey1 (4 months)
1. leaning on the box at 2:01 7:27 one is on part of the couch
3.7:55 behind the kid

Author Sergal S. (28 days)
never use drums m8

Author JaSpence Haze (23 days)
I love Matsumoto shaved ice!

Author DREWVIX1992 (5 months)
This shit made me want to kick a bitch.

Author Tomasote54 (6 months)
i found 3 controllers :D

Author Justinfab101 (2 months)
wtf is this mr rougers?

Author YouOnly LiveOnce (1 month)
first xbox controller was at the " jam gun thing " second was at "never
play dumb" and last never text during blah blah

Author Turtle Tosh (29 days)
Nice intro! Also i found all the controllers!

Author Morgan Campbell (3 months)
#1, why even ask the enemy for bullets? Just trick them into shooting at
you, and use the darts that fall down.

Author Cow Pocalypse (4 months)
I found all 3 too!

Author Aiden Adams (6 months)
that was so funny 

Author Bravon Roy (3 months)
2 on couch in 9 I think 3 is behind u 10

Author DuskyPlaysMinecraft (4 months)

Author Nick Seminatore (2 months)
or you could just play air soft 

Author Sikandar Bakhth (4 months)

Author Matias Solbakken (29 days)
Wtf the intro

Author Alex Bassix (1 month)
Very good video, and, oh, so true! 

Author Chris Balbena (1 month)

Author Bob Crafter (2 months)
same glasses as me XD

Author Purplepanda1017 (3 months)
lol the beginning!!!!!! :D :)

Author roy meuwissen (1 month)

Author / XXMarioMario3312XX \ (4 months)
Lol, I was once at a kids house and we were having a nerf gun war, and I
brought a disc gun instead of a dart gun like he had. He beat me in lazer
tag so I deserved a successful advantage (if that's what you would call

Author Guyofdoom42 (4 months)
Fount the controller @ 2:06.

Author czar trak (5 months)
found all 3

Author armaan mahajan (7 months)
Lol son of a boom

Author Mojo Fedora (7 months)
First rule of Hasbro; you run out on the draw, you lose automatically.
Guess which other franchise I'm referencing.

Author Aznk Tran (6 months)
i paused on 00:25 lol and his face was hillarious

Author Tyler Coleman (6 months)
lol the third one is so easy to find

Author CrunchGaming (7 months)

Author Jacob Gonsior (5 months)
I found them all

Author Will Huey (6 months)
high quality terrible video

Author bob (2 months)
you live in maryland, correct? (hint 5:44 cars license plates are showing)

Author Theory Sliq (7 months)
1 Never choose a gun that jams freuqently

Author Connor Brown (2 months)
you look like michael from rooster teeth

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