10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Yeny Palma ( ago)
This is my favorite video. 

Author Justin Furber ( ago)

Author TheNetherStarMan ( ago)
lol nerf*

Author TheNetherStarMan ( ago)
rf is for losers airsoft is bettter

Author JoshTheRaven ( ago)
The cat was like WTF!!!

Author Alex Whalen ( ago)
Fuckin nerds lmfao 

Author Jaeho Lee ( ago)
found all 3

Author Max Gonzalez ( ago)

Author Mark Punch ( ago)
Is this the last one to do in a nerf war order to make 10 more or 5 months

Author Austin Rogers ( ago)
First Xbox controller= jams frequintly by the box
Second Xbox controller=Never play dumb on the couch
Third Xbox controller=Never Text during a battle in the drawer
There's all 3

Author nita frank ( ago)
were do you get those guns

Author Awkward Pranksters ( ago)
This shows all the answers to being a true nerf pro. You can hit 720
instaswaps with all of these techniques! Another great, yet classic video,

Author tracy herrera ( ago)
controller 8:03

Author Margaret Spina ( ago)
He said things you shouldn't do but listed things you should do

Author Gina Dalton ( ago)

Author antonis antleft ( ago)
1 behind you at the jamming thinky second on the text thinky on a box and
one on the never play dumb behind you on the pillow

Author Dante Man The Man ( ago)
Oh hi I didn't see you there yah right

Author Teresa Pulaski ( ago)

Author Desi Kartika ( ago)
I found The controllers first it's the part where he jams his gun then
there's one next to him at 7:20 finally the one where he texts.

Author verito Espinoza ( ago)

Author The xtreme gamer ( ago)
4:59 what nerf gun is that?

Author Codwwzombies (814 years ago)
It's al chapo

Author VIP VIR (1001 year ago)
What is the song which comes in the kitana fight

Author senior chubb chubb (1749 years ago)

Author Dakota Poole (1587 years ago)
one in the 2nd 8th 9th

Author Tristan Daniel ( ago)
1) On the sofa
2) On the stairs by the navy green box
3) On the arm of the sofa
4) In the frig

Author Venom Gaming ( ago)
8:32 i thw third one please like cus of my work:)

Author Venom Gaming ( ago)
7:20 is the third or the second one

Author Venom Gaming ( ago)
2:03 first contoller

Author AcrylicPack 889 ( ago)
finding all three was easy

Author kai cuso ( ago)
Kids hand white as the wall

Author Beau Collins ( ago)
Found 3 controllers 

Author CrimsonAxe Leader ( ago)
2:25 I can assure everyone that half the people on this video are doing the
same thing... me included

Author Gavin MacKinnon ( ago)
found all 3

Author Barry Alen ( ago)

Author Jason Flentge ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author super smilez ( ago)

Author Debra Badillo ( ago)

Author SJD Joos ( ago)
found all 3

Author Ryan Bennett ( ago)
he looks like a young nerdcubed...

Author Andrew P. ( ago)
I found all the xbox 360 controlers

Author SuperCris778 ( ago)
Name for the music 2:10??

Author Love Holgersson ( ago)
like how you have 230 000 ish subscribers and this video has over 10 000
000 wiews

Author The Gaming creeper ( ago)
1. next to the shoe box
2. On the couch
3. in a clear tub behind you.

Author Eric Galindo ( ago)
Oh I fogot the video is called Strongarm nerf gun review hope you like it

Author Rory Campbell ( ago)
How does this video have so many views?

Author Josh Wood ( ago)
Errrr... idgi

Author Nightmare guy (774 years ago)

Author Jose Castillo ( ago)
This was the worst video ever that I've seen

Author Fusion States ( ago)
#11 do not ask enemy an retire

Author jlake02 (1913 years ago)
Lol 6 30

Author DemonPlaysGt ( ago)
Hey Everyone,My name is DemonPlaysGt, As you can see from my name I play
Growtopia. And possibly some other games! Anyone who's reading this comment
please check my channel and maybe even tell your friends about me!
Thank you for your Corporation!

Author Brady Burrow (1435 years ago)

Author Riot is a Riot! ( ago)
love your vids

Author Sam-Irae Partsch ( ago)
you now everything about nerf wars christ

Author Josh Meloche ( ago)
Why do you have nerf wars if you are liek 15 join airsoft it's a lot more
fun than shitty nerf

Author Nadia Gonzalez ( ago)
Found them all in never play dum,never text during a fight,

Author Ninja Cookie ( ago)
6:00 just like in Indiana Jones.

Author Nerf Mix Squad ( ago)
1-on 2:06 2-7:02 3-7:54


Author FaZe Trickshotz ( ago)
I have just watched all of your vids and there is xbox pad some where

Author iFroot ( ago)
if its peanut butter then why do you have it on ur plate?

Author Farhad Bagirov ( ago)
im a lolipop lolololololoolloololooloollolo

Author Ezra Tabbert ( ago)
5:26 indiana jones referance

Author Chris Mauro ( ago)
cool video😎😎

Author Charles Marque ( ago)
3:18 nice shirt dude

Author Krševan Kardum ( ago)
There is xbox controler in minutes 2:00, 7:28 and 7:56

Author Carlos March ( ago)
Nerf = gay airsoft

Author Tom Godet ( ago)
Setter une bonne video

Author eduardo baca ( ago)
Your a fag bich suck a dick 

Author Gregory E Jones ( ago)
the ending was funny lollllllllllll

Author Emily Terry ( ago)

Author Pranay Annapantula ( ago)

Author Miner TenThousand ( ago)
My reaction towards ninja dancing O_O the hell

Author Random videos! ( ago)
7:58 it hit the mask lol

Author Jeff Bernard ( ago)
why was there a dancing banna

Author Jypirate ( ago)
Found them

Author HolySHIZBAlS ( ago)
i cant find all the hidden xbox controllers

Author Jeffrey Kruize ( ago)
last one behind him in never text

Author Jeffrey Kruize ( ago)
second is on the couch in never play dumb

Author Jeffrey Kruize ( ago)
ne in the part where the gun jams

Author Tim Brillhart ( ago)
I found all three controllers 1 in text scene 1 in jam scene and last in
don't play dumb scene

Author M Jakobsen (Or not.) ( ago)
"10 Things Should Never Do in a Nerf War"

"Overkill is good"


Author Doda Therqaj ( ago)
That's. More like it

Author Jianhao Tan ( ago)
Theres no 3 xbox controllers theres two! 

Author Just another commenter passing through ( ago)
1:38 The clip is empty...

Author avery black ( ago)

Author Draconine (1026 years ago)
The nerf air soft war is so annoying they're both fun and cool and have
they're advantages and disadvantages SO STOP ARGUING!!!

Author Cole Kessler (18 years ago)
ur from horny baber lol jk

Author Jadon Myrick ( ago)
1-jam gun one
2-don't play dumb
3-don't text in a nerd war

Author Dolly Kluesner ( ago)

Author BeastKiller 909 ( ago)
I actually found 4 Xbox controllers 

Author Gohangod400 SSJ ( ago)
You should never ever steal someone's coooooookie eveeeer

Author KidFromVault101 ( ago)
5:58 Indiana Jones anyone?

Author Braedon Henstra (Pigeon) ( ago)
#11 Don't be a nerf war, join airsoft.

Author BulletBoy ( ago)
Fucky you dusk 

Author javitrix ( ago)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Todd Stefko ( ago)
in the backround

Author Todd Stefko ( ago)
1 in never choose a gun that jams!!!

Author Juan Aldaz ( ago)
I saw all of them

Author antplaygame ( ago)
Found all three Xbox controllers

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