10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author D'Artagnan Hickey (3 months)
Rule #1: don't have a nerf war. Go use bb.

Author Natsu Dragneel (8 days)
i found one at 1:59 ,7:55 that is all i found

Author Bronco Films (1 month)
Honestly are you 6, play airsoft faggots.

Author Yunnang Nhim (8 days)
5:29 i actually am better with a sword, the hint is dodge and weave from
bullets and if you can't dodge, slice it, its actually effective, one hit

Author max humphries (12 days)
Why are all of you commenters so mean he is trying his best you know

Author arman jalalipour (18 days)
To all you nerf haters. You can't freaking shoot airsoft guns in your

Author The Gaming Hobo | zphil123 (13 days)

Author Toro Inoue (18 days)
Always Indiana Jones Swordfags. 5:28

Author FredJoe JoeFred (6 days)
rule #1 nerf for babies paintball

Author GT Rail Fan (22 days)
by green box 2:00
on the couch 7:20, 7:27, 7:28, 7:29
in the drawer 7:54-9:16

Author Bob Birdsong (4 days)
A compilation of all the comments below:

nerf sucks ur a fagot vrgin use bb

Nerf or nuttin'!

Make the next one!

Paint ball is better.

You can't use paint ball or bb in your house.

Author Oliver Horne (18 days)
5:58 indiana jones reference

Author explodo cow (3 days)
I'm surprised most of the time these vids are crap but these are actually
really funny

Author Iwona Mroz (1 month)
Even if I didn't see this video I would be better than him!!!!!, & he is an
ugly asswipe, and a virgin!!!!!!! :-! (obviously looks like one :-P.

Author Kids101 (1 month)
5:40 anyone else notice that happened in indea jones

Author JJ's Lets Plays (7 days)
This should have been copyrighted Beacuse there is wall e box in the left
hand corner at the never text during it!

Author avery hudson (1 day)
That wasn't that bad honestly. I thought there'd be a lot more cringes.

Author Logan Williams (15 days)
and for what you don't undersand I say from GT Rail Fan 1 by green bin 2:00.
2 On the couch 7:20, 7:27, 7:28, 7:29 and 3 in clear bin 7:54-9:16

Author Craig Anthony Naguit (3 days)

Author Eston Playz And Stuff (12 days)
05:27 unless if you're Isao Machii. 

Author Carla Alcazar (11 hours)
worst start ever kid.

Author Corbin Smith (24 days)
I xbox controller is don't pick a gun that jams the second is don't play
dumb third one is don't text during a fight

Author henry santiago (13 days)
U gotta give them credit for being able to edit vid. S like this knowing
that there just kids

Author Shabrea White (9 days)
I have shoot a airsoft gun in my house about a million times

Author the snake is the boss (1 day)
3:05 I have that nerf gun

Author Theodore Anagnostopoulos (2 days)
I found all three

Author maysaa nahas (9 days)
i found 3

Author Brett Engels (16 days)
2:00 near the green bin
7:20 on couch
7:54 in clear bin

Author momo2cool4skool (11 days)
i want to see the part about the over kill

Author Alejandro Lopez (4 days)
Esta bien padre jajajajajaja XD

Author Anna Estil (19 days)
Who copied who nerf v nerf or u guys

Author Tudie Kelly (19 days)
i saw a controller in the glass case at the very end of this

Author Louisa Lu (18 days)
i have saw all the xbox 360 controllers

Author xXDa boss Zombo (3 days)
Haahahahahahahha im dying 😭😂

Author BisharoFrost (13 days)
Who remembers 'Al n Tod'?

Author Daniel Watkins (2 months)
Anybody know what the message says at the end

Author Mem Kupi (22 days)
i see the one when you got the gun jamed and the one never act dumb and
with the texting one

Author The RetroPixelGamer (10 days)
all my guns jam, except 1

Author Owen A (13 days)
The intro is just stupid.

Author andrea davies (22 days)
On the first rule did you notice that there was a bullet next to you

Author Fritz Smith (16 days)
on 1 second i would be like: 1! *bang*

Author Jesse Sanchez (1 month)
Nerd dumb try paintball maby even skeet shooting

Author Charlie Poulter (8 days)
This was no help at all

Author William Burns (1 month)
2:00 by the ches looking thing thats brown
7:29 on the couch
7:55 in the toy thing

Author jessica hardwicke (23 days)
found all three controllors

Author Ryan Does Stuff (11 days)
9:15 #3
2:00 #1
7:29 #2 

Author QuaKe Flowz (22 days)
i just wsted 10 miniutes of my life

Author TheBlockBuilder123 (16 days)
I found all the controllers

Author firegamer 102 (23 days)
theirs one on the scene never text in war

Author jacob O. (11 days)
Guys stop hating

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