10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Dana Macuha ( ago)
at 8:21 there was a bullet and now its gone when he looked

Author Dana Macuha ( ago)
there's a HARRY POTTER poster XD

Author DJ Gaming ( ago)

Author EpicMonkey1127 ( ago)
0:38 Music?

Author Jackie Pedroza ( ago)

Author luke click ( ago)
At 6:03 you can see the license plate

Author Lars Van Den Broek ( ago)
the way he held the quick 16...

Author Thomas McNab ( ago)
the raider jams more then the alpha trooper

Author Thomas McNab ( ago)
I can not watch this video it is so cringe worthy

Author Logan Shipley ( ago)
xbox controllers 2:00,7:28, 7:57

Author Ethan Valasek ( ago)
I found all 3 controllers 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😆

Author CursedInEternity92 ( ago)
this is tremendous

Author TehEpicViper ( ago)
The youngest kid turned a Maverick into a fucking sniper...there is so many
things wrong with that...

Author Dragon 64 ( ago)
I found all the xbox controllers

Author dhruv patel ( ago)
Haha so funny

Author william martin (xSTANLEY22x gaming vids) ( ago)
my friend once took a nerf dart and put a needle in it he almost shot me
with it

Author kwebbelcop13 ( ago)
one was on the couch and one was in the box thing.

Author Imcool1918 MSP ( ago)
Don't choose a gun that jams fast, don't play dumb, and never text are the
three controlers

Author Kendall Jenkins ( ago)
I found all of them!!

Author kevin bursoly ( ago)
theres a xbox controler on the never text one

Author WildNorseman (1152 years ago)
nerf is for kids and its old

Author kass120703 ( ago)
holy crap is that a slide phone

Author Kristina Witt ( ago)
not me but found a secret message but dont no what it says

Author Patrick Beaudin ( ago)
C'mon why didn't you let us see the chainsaw part

Author Camden Demmings ( ago)
Camden is my name

Author jayce mart ( ago)

Author Cjbeast10 Yay ( ago)

Author Titan _lP (87 years ago)

Author Gus James (605 years ago)
did you see the cat at the start

Author Hayden Jenkins ( ago)
I found all 3 the firsts was behind CAcox97 same at the end and the other
one was on the couch when he lost his cookie

Author SasakiNadeshiko ( ago)
Ah the classics, such nostalgia.

Author NedtheGamer ( ago)
I duN understand

Author DeadlyCatCycle “TRAIN23” 205 ( ago)
Me and you are same about peanut butter cookies.

Author DeadlyCatCycle “TRAIN23” 205 ( ago)
me and you are same about peanut butter cookies

Author FaZe Kay ( ago)

Author Hydrulhu ( ago)
The controllers are at 8:00,2:00 and 7:20

Author Alex Sutton ( ago)
kids this is what happens when you never text in the middle of a fight

Author subcribe me ( ago)
2 and 10th clips

Author Daniel Rudarski ( ago)
on 9:15 i said son of a bitch,AND YOU almost said it.😆

Author Tenflk W. T. ( ago)
After his cookies got stolen: This isn't a nerf war now boy.

Author the reaper Ras ( ago)
there's one beside the ammo box

Author The gaming girl ( ago)
found all controllers! lol

Author Mason Asakura ( ago)
I get it I can't see you, you can't see me. caboose reference.

Author iHYPERATE ( ago)
Oh my god! I'm getting Nostalgic!

Author Kiley Cluff ( ago)
how about just never have A nerf war Airsoft for life

Author Retice Walker ( ago)
You guys are cool

Author nigel bangayan ( ago)

Author james the destroyer ( ago)
this is not a nerf but a nerd

Author Jaiden 's Phone ( ago)
i found all the controllers

Author Cookie Crumbles ( ago)
Nostalgia is coming back.

Author TheFailedBot ( ago)
Number 10 there's a dart right next to him

Author Bronco 67a (Bronco67a) ( ago)
what cam are you using im in the market for one

Author Lucero Yasbek ( ago)

Author Chris Moore ( ago)
I like never rage quit

Author Endercraft Gaming ( ago)
the xbox 360 controllers, never choose a gun that jams frequently, never
play dumb, and never text during a fight.

Author Daniel Foor ( ago)
11 be in a nerf war

Author You_just ( ago)
Flip phone Xd

Author You_just ( ago)
0:16 dat cat do XD

Author cayden Garrand ( ago)
At 9:20 it says camera man and woman David and Kathy cox

Author Linda Clark ( ago)
I hate peanut butter jelly

Author BroddorHood Games ( ago)
sad fact i found out my grandpa died in the middel of me watching this :(

Author Monsieur Bricks ( ago)
What gun did Christopher Cox use on Never Play Dumb?

Author vahsharo1980 ( ago)
nerf guns are for babys. get into real guns like ak 47s. ar 15s or ar10s.
or 7mm mag. or 338 lapua. or 500 s&w or 460 s&w or 45-70s.

Author JeffDaMasterKilla 2000 ( ago)
What's more important in nerf u can only choose 4

A:type of gun
D:good hiding/sniping spot
E:team work
F:lots of energy
G:a plan
H:gun strategy
I:intimidate the other players
K:being ready

CHOOSE WISELY I do nerf wars

Author Laphone Louplor ( ago)
I found the 3 controllers

Author Noah Vyrasith ( ago)
all three xbox controllers are at 2:00,8:00,7:28

Author Nerf destroyer ( ago)
That's funny

Author david davinci ( ago)
i found them all the are in 0:18 and 2:00 and 8:00 i found them all!!

Author Jimmy Jackson ( ago)
Has anyone ever told you that you look like Benedict Cumberbatch?

Author DQ airsoft ( ago)
Nerf wars are gay

Author Slim Sh8dy ( ago)
the one in the red looks like a younge vic fuentes

Author iAwesomeFellow ( ago)
5:42=pro ninja LOLZ

Author Dragon Reaper ( ago)
What nerf gun is this 00:44

Author Pierre Pettis ( ago)
put in maybe one more man that was funny

Author Mehdi Shokohmand ( ago)
you are so gay

Author Mehdi Shokohmand ( ago)
you are so gay

Author Pixel Gunner ( ago)
Found all three

Author Raymonde Remarais ( ago)
Sorry also 8:00

Author Kyle Gray ( ago)

Author D4rkoli ( ago)
The best time ;_;

Author Thomas Dyer ( ago)
found em

Author thomasftw ( ago)
He is just embarrassing himself the whole vid

Author I WANT TO SWIM ( ago)
Fucking retard

Author Jango Fett Studios ( ago)

Author Walter Bivens ( ago)
me to

Author Shadow_Army ( ago)
by the ammo boxon cene 2 or 2:08

Author Brandon Mercier ( ago)
I found all 3 I win🤗

Author Grant King ( ago)
this is simple things what about bad tactics

Author Fallen Alien ( ago)
Ah I miss these

Author Mattbibo Ong ( ago)
and my brother said oh my gosh

Author Mattbibo Ong ( ago)
hey I like the video and its so funny

Author brian waltz ( ago)
camera man and woman david and kathy cox

Author Ian Alexander ( ago)
That Indiana jones reference

Author MADDCHILD 22 ( ago)
one controller is right at the beginning

Author jasper mork ( ago)
switch out don't use a sword, to don't use a deploy.

Author Zach Ihlefeldt (913 years ago)
the seat was down in the bathroom

Author μαρκοςμαματσιος μαρκος ( ago)

Author μαρκοςμαματσιος μαρκος ( ago)
2:00 7:24 on the sofa and 8:00

Author Dominique Nicodeme ( ago)
Sorry but I had to quit this video after number 3. It's awful. Very bad
acting and presentation. No imagination, and very bad script. Like n1 don't
ask for ammo. I expected the 2 boys to come running towards the stair to
get free shots at him. On, I'm probably too old for this and should let the
kids play their game. Have a great life people!

Author CrazyGlitching (137 years ago)
I found all white controllers 2:00 7:20 8:00

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