10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Detroit Mike ( ago)

Author dead rules ( ago)

Author Blake Tandy ( ago)
White people cringe

Author Mr.Mustashe 727 ( ago)

Author I Hate Thorn * ( ago)
0:40 When you hit your growth spurt before your friend does.......

Author Mitchell foy ( ago)
who else remebers this from years ago

Author danny 47 ( ago)
who else found all 3 Xbox controllers

Author Lester The Lobster Gaming ( ago)

Author Demitrx ( ago)
you hold the quick 16 weird. :p

Author Mr Wolfman ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2017

Author Gamer 124 ( ago)
I am and nearly 2017

Author Christopher Talbott ( ago)
The first controller is never choose a gun the jams frequently the
controller is by the box.

Author Isaiah Miranda ( ago)

Author Spice Man ( ago)
Who's watching in 1956?

Author HeroicOrc ( ago)
The message at the end is camera man and woman David and Cathy cox

Author zenek tadzikowski ( ago)

Author Gaming Zone ( ago)
Kathy cox and David

Author thegoldminecraft/ gabTGM ( ago)
9:21 music???

Author JustynPlaysComputer ( ago)
Jwhack 22 I also seen that movie like you too

Author Dooble ( ago)
who's watching in 2020

Author the ace of spades ( ago)

Author Jwhack 22 ( ago)
I totally remember watching this hilarious and awesome video when I was
little. I have seen it at least 10 times now!

Author Calvin George ( ago)

Author CJ Wizard 303 ( ago)
U look like Stampy

Author leeza gulam ( ago)
Help me I'm on nerd war

Author Derpy Hooves ( ago)
9:19 if you pause it, it will say the cameraman and woman

Author top blob ( ago)
2:02 xbox controller

Author Geey Koala ( ago)

Author Its Not Mason ( ago)
The cat at the start when he threw the book 😂😂

Author EpicGamer Playz ( ago)
funking shit bises

Author Wilson Lee ( ago)
Number 1 tip.
Don't play this toy it's getting old

Author Stephanie Agustin ( ago)
The funny is the peanut butter jelly time

Author -ΩmegaWolf- ( ago)
The good old days, whenever orange darts were the thing and 30 foot ranges
were good. XD

Author RyanTheLion420 Gaming ( ago)
How do these videos get viral?

Author gamin77777 sl ( ago)

Author John Brant ( ago)

Author Aidan Goudreau ( ago)

Author top blob ( ago)
8:11 xbox controller

Author Tony Scarzafava ( ago)
supper funny

Author Bardhi Hasani ( ago)

Author DUfES DFF ( ago)
they are not bullets they are darts

Author Haunted ( ago)
Your use ing a deploy

Author Sam Saenz ( ago)
Not me

Author suryansh seth ( ago)
see something funny at 6:19

Author Joseph Garcia ( ago)

Author Joseph Garcia ( ago)
I found one at 2:08

Author isaac ward ( ago)

Author Mercedes Qudih ( ago)

Author YNS ( ago)
This was 5 years ago? Damn

Author BanditREKZ ( ago)
I found 3

Author Taurtus Yolo ( ago)

Author Ashton Ator mator ( ago)

Author Michelle Martin ( ago)

Author Nicholas DoRego ( ago)
No joking around but these videos make me laugh +1 Subscriber

Author Emerald Gaming ( ago)
why so cringy

Author Jeff Jones ( ago)
Columbine before the bullies

Author Alicia Garcia Arce ( ago)
the cringe is real

Author Sans 44 ( ago)
at 755 i saw a controller

Author MinecraftCool51 ( ago)
i found all three one was in a draw the one that was at the start and i
forgot the were the last one was sorry

Author Micro ( ago)

Author PokemonDogeMaster 666 ( ago)
It's saying never never be in embarrassed to have a small gun

Author Brandon Hamilton ( ago)

Author Cerritos Pueblito ( ago)
saw all 3 xbox controllers

Author Bruce Johnson ( ago)

Author The Pig Master ( ago)
Dis is awesome

Author Euan Mackay ( ago)
You should of seen the look on your cats face when you threw the book it
got a fright

Author Beau Collins ( ago)
Jerry R.I.P

Author QOB_KweebZ ( ago)
When whistler darts were still a thing

Author Caspar&bear ( ago)
The sword gun thing is copyrighted from indiana jones

Author Irasema Gonzalez ( ago)
Intro in the backround i found the xbox 360 controller

Author Bro Man ( ago)

Author the Doge gameplays ( ago)
2:02 has a controller

Author Naruto Uzumaki ( ago)
Wait...... Did he just say son of a bitch!?

Author grant wendl ( ago)

Author EVAN WILLIAMS ( ago)
6:00, nice Indiana jones reference there m8

Author Savage Clutch ( ago)

Author Nicholas Murray ( ago)
Really has helped me

Author stijngames ( ago)

Author SuperCheeseMan ( ago)
Why is it always 1v2

Author PeyPey Planet ( ago)
The lols are real

Author Gunslingin' Sal ( ago)
Why on earth did you use the deploy? NOOB ALERT GOING OFF!

Author JBthePRO1 ( ago)
5:44 his thought


Author Austin ( ago)
It's sad to know we have 14 mother fucking million nerds watching this shit

Author Matlock Crowl ( ago)
wow the intro cringey af

Author Chris Sutton ( ago)
2.59 why does he have my little mermaid lol

Author Little freddy Plush ( ago)

Author Notichica MariaRuiz ( ago)
who is watching this in 2016

Author the blue bird ( ago)
The 🍌tho

Author William D ( ago)
It's funny that they don't mention not to use half of the guns they use
such as the deploy or the long shot because the performance is dodgy af

Author Solk Rox ( ago)

Author Graysen Burnouf ( ago)

Author Scott Luis M. Cabahug ( ago)
Found 1 xbox in 2:08

Author greygoo overlord blob ( ago)
swords are op in a gun fight if you are fast

Author Grey Perez ( ago)
This is the stupidest thing I've ever watched on YouTube

Author Joel Rivera ( ago)
old school man back then this vidieo was my shit

Author Gaming bros ( ago)
In the never text one to the right of himIn the box thang

Author Gaming bros ( ago)
Me1 by ammo box

Author Silas Carpenter ( ago)

Author kevin galaxy randomness ( ago)
never get a gun that jams, never play dumb, and never text during a fight

Author Matt Ribowsky ( ago)

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