10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Shane Walker-Himes ( ago)
found the controlers

Author Matthew Aseltine ( ago)
It took 5 hours to stop the vid for the camera people WHY

Author Action Hawk Productions ( ago)
Please make more of these if possible when your in California. U are one of
my favorite you tubers. You are hilarious when it comes to videos.

Author TSuper Dog ( ago)

Author Freddy Fazbear and Chica the Chicken ( ago)
ha ha

Author ScoldingTooth74 ( ago)
Do a 10 things not to do in a paintball fight

Author samvar jain ( ago)
Verv funny

Author TheGamingSquid // Road To 50 Subs ( ago)
6:05 What Are Thooooose

Author Yovan Christian Ham ( ago)
lol the last scene was funny

Author Nico Venegas (Hyperslender150) ( ago)
That's was really dumb no affense

Author Ana Torres ( ago)
N all nerds ,wannabes

Author Ana Torres ( ago)
not even funny

Author Ana Torres ( ago)

Author Ana Torres ( ago)

Author Ana Torres ( ago)

Author VicciiPlaysStuff ( ago)
this is actually really well edited

Author Gotz Plays And Blogs ( ago)

Author Gotz Plays And Blogs (384 years ago)

Author Matthew Kelly ( ago)
Ninja moves/10

Author CreeperAce 4 ( ago)
Well the sword one is straight from Indiana Jones

Author amjad muhammed ( ago)
he's my kuzen and his gay

Author amjad muhammed ( ago)
peace out

Author amjad muhammed ( ago)
is stupid

Author amjad muhammed ( ago)

Author Jacob Holdgate (407 years ago)
I found the xbox controller on the stairs next to the shoe box.

Author Eustaquio Marugan ( ago)
so funny

Author Ethan Martell ( ago)
i want to give this video 100 likes

Author Hizkia Filio ( ago)
haha hahaha a a funny make more and I will subscribe more make more

Author Perfect Cell ( ago)
My goodness the trolls to the people who came to this video JUST to hate on
It and talk about airsoft,Get..A..Life

Author hentoe bill ( ago)
Such a gay cretin Down syndrome peasant faggot

Author Mitchel mp5 ( ago)
What editing software does he use????? I really need it.

Author Sir Saggington ( ago)
0:53 Did he not realize there was a dart behind him

Author Slayer1567 ( ago)
This video gave me cancer. Grow up and play Airsoft or paintball nerds

Author 427noob ( ago)
why use actual gun sounds

Author Joaquin Peterson ( ago)
I love your video😄

Author Shark_Productions ( ago)
third is in Never Anwser A Text Message

Author Shark_Productions ( ago)
secod controler is in Never Play Dumb

Author Shark_Productions ( ago)
fir controler is in Never Choose a Gun That Jams Freqeuntly

Author Loganhooper543 ( ago)
about the white controthers never choose a gun that jams, never play dumb
and never text in a nerf war

Author Max Keenan ( ago)
Controller by crate in never choose a gun that jams frequently

Author Daniel Zukov ( ago)
i fountet 4 xbox pult

Author Jeremy Lewisson ( ago)
To funny

Author Carley Hansman ( ago)
That's awesomw

Author Rock Star ( ago)

Author Thomas Reid ( ago)
I love the banana at 6:11

Author Kade Spade ( ago)
Number 11 / have a nerf war

Author Daniel Sibrian (789 years ago)
the power of 4chan drew at least half the views here not like it is a bad
thing just saying

Author Alex Delgado ( ago)
um.. nerf guns arent real

Author Alex Newby ( ago)

Author XenomorphDude11 ( ago)
pfff the "deploy"

Author Manuel Chaparro (375 years ago)
Ic like your videos I am fan

Author Liam Swan ( ago)
I found all the controllers

Author Razur (384 years ago)
That doom pistol sound though :)

Author barrylouise4 (1431 year ago)
I know where the controllers are on sete cubod and the jammed bit

Author Emil Kutny ( ago)
now kit fuck

Author LAmar RS ( ago)
just the virgins use the nerf

Author hlh72 ( ago)
This video is actually pretty funny and well made. Fuck all of these
pretentious cunts saying that this should be on a cringe compilation and
calling him a nerd.

Author Micah Vobora ( ago)
you should do the 10 things to do in a nerf war.

Author Kelly Price ( ago)
xbox contrler 2;01

Author Rock Star ( ago)

Author Aleck Horta arellano ( ago)
XBOX360 yay!!!!!!

Author Dapeton ( ago)
Music at the start?

Author Stephen Kitchens ( ago)
2:00 is the only one I saw.

Author - speedstackingdude - ( ago)
Never choose a gun that jams frequently Xbox 360 controller 1. Controller
2. 7:20. Controller 3 is at 7:54

Author Morgan Akin ( ago)
11 million views

Author CLAUDIA Day ( ago)
The Xbox controllers are at 1:58, 7:19, and 7:54

Author Toor Hf ( ago)
I have a question. Do you have down syndrome?

Author Johnny Krogh ( ago)
look at my cahnnel johnny krogh subscribe it pls i only have 10

Author DarkScythe Gaming ( ago)
5:30 it's called the 21 foot rule XD

Author Angel Hernandez ( ago)

Author Francis Danaher ( ago)
the fuck of course it started out like that

Author Juan Gallardo ( ago)
Lol funny

Author Priest Of Cthulu (EnchantedChrome) ( ago)
Was the cookie ACTUALLY peanut butter?

Author Norberto Lluberes Rosario ( ago)
puto usa mas iteligencia

Author CheshireIn Wonderland ( ago)
I-I've been doing it all wrong...

Author Clark Del Mundo ( ago)
Most of the people here says "Airsoft is better",then why did they get here
for just saying "Airsoft is better"?They just came here to show off and I
hate it,Nerf was made to have fun without hurting each other,not to compare
it to Airsoft.BTW +CACox97 nice video!!You look young on this video man!

Author Sonny McPherson ( ago)

Author Xbox Gaming721 ( ago)

Author Evangamer (1548 years ago)
How old are you

Author Alvarezqi Razani ( ago)
the dancing banana lol

Author Rudina Puskaj ( ago)
that banana thing was sooooo funny

Author Fly Masterr ( ago)
Found the three controllers

Author Keenan Meyer ( ago)
How the hell is he holding that gun?
Wrong. That is how he's holding it. WRONG.

Author Roy Champagne ( ago)
1 stairs 2 couch 3 cabnet

Author ThovenTheGamer ( ago)
that cat in the intro background. Cracked me up so hard for no reason.

Author Daniel Kim ( ago)
in the beginning you look like you're taking a dump

Author falcon youtube ( ago)
I love the banana

Author エリックとゆかいな仲間たち ( ago)
ninjas aint surpose to fight

Author Lorie Roberts ( ago)

Author Lorie Roberts ( ago)

Author BMAN 13 ( ago)
yah guys nerf is good quit saying that nerf sucks!!! also I like cacox97
he's amazing at sound and special fx how did u do it?

Author D N ( ago)
this was so funny XD
your awesome dude! XD AHAHHAHAA

Author Todd Kruid ( ago)
i found all of them

Author Melissa Evans ( ago)
On the stool

Author Susan Guipo ( ago)
my son has that machine gun

Author reid enderle ( ago)
indiana jones reference?

Author ForgottenRanger ( ago)
I expected this to be a cringefest, but it was actually funny. Good job,

Author Lancer ( ago)
Kinda looks like Michael Jones.

Author Boltstrike 05422 ( ago)
Awesome video😀😀😀😀

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