10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Lexica Taylor ( ago)
Some people think this video stinks but hey, some like it. This reminds me
of videos I would make in my spare time. They are so corny and that's what
I love about it. So clever for their age

Author XxCoolKid24xX Strikes ( ago)
The last one was funny some of the BOOM

Author Daniel bjornes ( ago)
Whats you cats NAME

Author Daniel Katsalin ( ago)

Author Daniel Katsalin ( ago)

Author ZackAttack107 Minecraft and More ( ago)
The 360 Controllers are at

1. 2:01



Author brian goff ( ago)
9:19 It said Camera Man and women David and kathy cox

Author TØP ( ago)
6:02 Indiana Jones

Author Agar Ninja ( ago)

Author That guy Cole ( ago)
You are gay

Author Diamond_ Assassin ( ago)
When he said cookie it sounded like cocaine

Author Distinctive Gamer ( ago)
Nice red lvl3 tkd belt u got there

Author Game Cumbers ( ago)
miss this channel.... :(

Author CommandBlockGaming (sl1ndy) ( ago)

Author Ayden Kinnear ( ago)
found all 3 controllers

Author Teddy Kenny ( ago)
Step on a Lego and drink bleach

Author zak tube ( ago)
cotrollers 1:59 7:28 7:55

Author Noam Aorta ( ago)
Sorry but this guy is such a nerd lol

Author ItzJariel 99 ( ago)
this is the most cringy shit I have ever seen

Author Marshall Tucker ( ago)
Controller at 1:59,controller at 7:02,controller at 7:55

Author Darien Jones ( ago)
Why retards like this post even more retarded stuff like this

Author Voss Man ( ago)
that ending tho

Author the game tube heikkinen ( ago)
guality ass content

Author Pillow Cheese ( ago)
i found the 1st and the 3rd

Author ivan gonzales (toxic) ( ago)
the xbox 360 controllers are in the 2nd, 9th, and 10th.

Author Ryan Shook ( ago)
founed'em all!

Author Hot Dog Knight ( ago)

Author Darth Cameron ( ago)
I found all 3 controllers!

Author Majestic_Potato3 ( ago)
at 1:41 it was empty

Author William Qiu ( ago)
10 mil views for a 300k channel.... World record?

Author Mark Wallace ( ago)
umm why is this even on YouTube?

Author the christian gamer ( ago)
Can you subscribe me

Author GoPackers !! ( ago)
Cringe level 4092929298293938

Author Mustaches_ 272 ( ago)
At the start is hilarious

Author Abraham Hoshan ( ago)
Fuck you

Author Joey High ( ago)
your creepy

Author Floridalma Gonzalez ( ago)
he look like a clown

Author spartan 2187 ( ago)
who holds a gun like that I mean srsly

Author PlayStationGeek ( ago)
I found them all

Author lijitness squad ( ago)
camera quality ain't to bad

Author lijitness squad ( ago)
camera quality ain't to bad

Author Dev Tube ( ago)
I love it

Author Pro Ninja gamer ( ago)

Author Josh thoery ( ago)
2:10 and

Author Happy Sad ( ago)
I found three

Author epic 22435 ( ago)
and 8:29

Author epic 22435 ( ago)
and 8:49

Author epic 22435 ( ago)
at 10:43 if you look in the bottom right hand corner you can see wall-e
poster in the box

Author Ronald Reagen ( ago)
deploy nooblet

Author Steph Curry ( ago)
2:05 when he was lifting the gun up because it was jammed

Author Will Richmond ( ago)
The beginning was kinda cheesy no offence

Author Squadren 32. ( ago)

Author Chantz Petrie ( ago)
I watched until the 16 second mark and cringed to hard I threw up. Cant
watch anymore.

Author pig da boss Demon ( ago)
I found one of the white controlers

Author MONICA ESTRADA ( ago)
found them $$$$

Author J Ralene Preston ( ago)
you killed for a cookie you are sick sick sick

Author Jaco665 Does ( ago)
over 37m views for this line, 322k subs. well played, sir.

Author Master Don ( ago)
Did you play in Henry Danger?

Author stormtrooper reviews, games, and more ( ago)
i only saw 2 of the controllers

Author doggy big mouth ( ago)
found all x box controllers

Author Tazlikesbacon ( ago)
Nice representation of the way a nerf gun sounds?

Author Messi1121 JP ( ago)

Author HazedNebulaƬψƬ ( ago)
"It's High Noon"

Author Gilbert Bertrand ( ago)
Nice vid m8

Author Nikolay Vasilev ( ago)
All controllers

Author darryl ( ago)
rule1 nerf guns only

Author Luke Patrick ( ago)
I found them

Author Derpvpro And lol2pro4u ( ago)
5:49 is that a red belt you don't know any thing about fighting do you. BTW
you suck with a sword

Author Hufflebuns ( ago)
You fucking suck

Author Joe Lopez ( ago)

Author Imogen Mitchell ( ago)
tbh with you that tiny gun does hurt

Author Nathan Flato ( ago)
You are the biggest dork ever

Author MarshiMarshiMallow2008 Sırtı ( ago)
Im matrix

Author Raiden 41 ( ago)
one is in clear tub be hind the kid in glasses one is in in 2 one in dont
play dumb

Author xDragonSlayer13x ( ago)
0:48 hes out of ammo!! NOOOOO!!!---- wait is that a bullet right next to

Author Apoc Gamer ( ago)
I like how there was a Harry Potter poster next to the room under the

Author Lego And Minecraft Builds ( ago)
... Why did you have to put a banana jump scare?

Author Michael Ellis ( ago)
What is that gun with the scope at 0:45'ish

Author Shadow claw ( ago)
you suck get a life

Author EmotivePilot ( ago)
that last one was hilarious XD!

Author Bushman Owl ( ago)
airsoft is better

Author mad max #1 ( ago)
on the bottem of the staris when he was firing the alfer trooper

Author Mako ADR.r ( ago)
The Matsumoto's shave ice shirt is from Oahu

Author TheDerpy Pig ( ago)
LAME nerf wars are for fun not to be taught rules

Author Abdur Rashid ( ago)
1 controller is in never choose a gun that jams frequently second one is in
never be a mattrix and the third one is in never text during a fight

Author Heidar Shakery ( ago)
I have two ps3 controller

Author Pattie Duck ( ago)
He looks like Fregley from diary of the wimpy kid

Author Luis Torres ( ago)
Yeah that banana got shot

Author Heinz 360 ( ago)
The beginning but you are funny. I gave you a like but no subscription

Author Jake Blackwood ( ago)
The kid looks like the guy from gamers guy and the other one looks like the
one from wizard of Waverley place the curly guy I don't know

Author 500 OTHER PHONE OKORAPPA ( ago)
the sword one looks like a idiana jones really short movie

Author DerpyDerpGamer Craft ( ago)
9:19 has a pic there for 1/4 of a second

Author Wolfyplayz 32 ( ago)
Check out the SoundCloud app for your smartphone. Download it at

Author LittleFireDude ( ago)
dude for me this looks like a a good video thats made at this time

Author speakable gaming ( ago)
i mean 2

Author speakable gaming ( ago)
did anyone spot one of the xbox controller ,i spot it at number 3

Author pika 420 ( ago)
in the beginning look at the cat in the back

Author steel bear slayer ( ago)
Your not out of ammo there was a dart right next to you

Author Brody Berge ( ago)
In #1

Author Brody Berge ( ago)
Those mags have no darts...

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