10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author D'Artagnan Hickey (4 months)
Rule #1: don't have a nerf war. Go use bb.

Author Bronco Films (2 months)
Honestly are you 6, play airsoft faggots.

Author arman jalalipour (1 month)
To all you nerf haters. You can't freaking shoot airsoft guns in your

Author oliver sharp (4 months)
You guys are the ugliest and saddest cunts I've ever seen.

Author Thelonlyminer and minions (29 days)
U know whats funny when he was reloading and didnt have ammo there was a
bullet right next to him

Author Natsu Dragneel (1 month)
i found one at 1:59 ,7:55 that is all i found

Author Hotdog Project (9 days)
I have 6 GREAT facts for airsoft:
1. Wear an under shirt. That thing stings if you don't have anything over
but is incredibly rain and after a while - BB resistant.
2. If you're on teams, share a code. Something like "Finding" then "Nemo"
is good.
3. If you have the underground bunker, if you see anybody coming from a
different spot, shout,"WHO'S THERE?"
Back away a bit and if they don't reply, shoot them in the chest area.
4. NEVER shoot anyone around the neck. Seriously, it hurts like hell. It
especially hurts for under 13s. Seriously.
5. Get really used to your reloading/shooting tactics. If you get used to
it, it can be REALLY easy to get people out.
6. Take the crow's nest before anyone else. That spot is like gold dust.

Author Charsept (14 days)
I'm not a huge fan of kids and kid-made content on youtube but honestly,
not bad. Decent production quality and no fear in front of the camera.

Author Gabe Petit (15 days)
All of you air soft groupies should go eat a dick, NERF is awesome, and is
unarguably one of the funnest things you can do indoors, so can all of you
just Shutup and go do something else? Jesus Christ haters are annoying 

Author Blockus Maximus (2 days)
hahahah I saw the one frame that said "camera man and woman:
David and Kathy cox"
that's where having a photographic memory is epic
it isn't awesome in the men's locker room when there are lots of naked old
anyway u were trying to give them as little credit as possible XD

Author peter carr (26 days)
Controller 1: 2:00
Controller 2: 7:55
Controller 3: nowhere

Author viktostar (20 days)
i found all controllers

Author Kaitlyn Perry (5 days)
So you would rather get hurt than getting hit by soft little darts I go
with nerf dumb faggets

Author Jerry Meneses (18 days)
There was one behind the guy when the gun jams at 2:00, there was one in
the never play dumb at 7:20 to his right, and there was another one at 7:56
where they said never text during a fight. I found all 3 !!!! :)

Author Ammu Ajay (7 days)
I wish I had hair like yours

Author Riksa :D (13 days)
Rule #1 dont have nerf war, have airsoft war!

Author The sword of awesomeness (2 days)
Time 5:41 reminds me of Indiana Jones

Author Evan Coulter (7 days)
Omg this was amazing. Loved it!!

Author Alonsito Delfin (9 days)
Almost every were there is an Xbox controller

Author Raees Bacchus (6 days)
Hahaha!!! This video is so funny!

Author O'Ryan Srack (7 days)
i found all 3 xbox controllers

Author FizZ KhaLiFA (14 days)
Airsoft guns can protect you unlike nerf you can't but nerf is not that bad
for kids

Author Power Dude (23 days)
controllers:1intro.2first image in never choose a gun that jams
frequently:next to shoes box
3in never play dummb on sofa's arm
4in never text during a fight behing that guy in black t-shirt(principal
character) behind a glass pannel

Author Joan Caro (21 day)
Don't use a gun that james frequently never play dumb and never text during
a fight 

Author Andrew Kelly (21 day)
i love you c a coc 

Author danijela stamenic (7 days)
found 8 controllers

Author Rolf Pedofilo (19 days)
Well, you know you spelled "cocks" wrong in your name. 

Author TheJakeArmyOFFICIAL (15 days)
Found all of them 1 2:02 2 7:20 3. 7:55

Author Matthew Potyraj (1 month)
gayest intro ever and are you 2 use airsoft guns how does this video have
more than 10 views

Author Emmanuel Uribe (6 days)
found em all its 1:59 , 7:29 and 7:55

Author Nathaniel Sexton (4 days)
7 30 7 55 and 1 58

Author Josh Mauricio (21 day)
To cacox97 i want you to do a another 10 things you should do in a nerd war

Author khrziah Faifua (16 days)
hes slow hahaha I so sorry it is funny

Author A Girl And Her Dragons (25 days)
At The 52 second mark there is a bullet right next to him

Author Professer Bacon (21 day)
The Xbox controllers are at 1:59 8:05 and near 7:27

Author Qi Toby (26 days)
Controller 1: 2:00
Controller 2: 7:28
Controller 3: 7:55

Author Kids101 (2 months)
5:40 anyone else notice that happened in indea jones

Author Francisco Alberto Serrano Pereyra (18 days)
What is the name of the rock music

Author Harry Darton (21 day)
i found the three xbox 360 controllers

Author Delta D Airsoft (10 days)
Ur like 13 grow the fuck up 

Author Raelee LPS (17 days)
He reminds me of Kole one of my friends 

Author Luis Rodriguez (7 days)
This show is so awesome 

Author jonathon grice (22 days)
i found all three xbox 360 controllers

Author minecraft awsome (7 days)
I 3 nerf guns

Author Yamahaboy 24 (16 days)
Your almost at 200k

Author emad shalal (7 days)
I think yur vids r awesome

Author Mar Lai (21 day)
i can see tree xbox360 controllers

Author Perfection33 (19 days)
I found 4 white controlers😀

Author Ellie Lydia (14 days)
I found them all.

Author Namsonken Roblox Gaming (21 day)
i only found 2 controllers

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