10 Things You Should Never Do in a Nerf War

Ever wondered what you should NOT do in a nerf war? Really? No?......Oh.......ok then........well I guess this video is useless I'm sad..... :(
There are 3 xbox 360 controllers hidden throughout this video! Can you find them all? The one in the intro does not count however.

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Author Jim Martin ( ago)
You should see a doctor

Author Nga Tran ( ago)
This is stupid thumbs down

Author Niko Cuckovi ( ago)
Me and my bro would laugh crazy to this like if you did

Author Andrew Blair ( ago)
Read=1 day of luck
Comment=1 week of luck
Like=1 mounth of luck
Subscribe=1 year of luck

Author swagboydonovan ( ago)

Author 33 Football player ( ago)
You are gay

Author TNT KING ( ago)
wow those were some good examples

Author the bidoof theories ( ago)
I'm watching in 2030

Author Hayd0XGamer ( ago)
1:58 and 9:12, but I can't find the other one.

Author Rovert 163 ( ago)
Who is watching in 2017

Author Spacebar Unicorn ( ago)
3:53 deploy = trash

Author Philip Poteet ( ago)
R.I.P kid

Author Exozommbie21 SN ( ago)
This where the days

Author mack copeland ( ago)
Never bring a sword to a gun fight unless you have fast reflexes like mwah
and can deflect Nerf bullets (and those alone) then you may

Author Marsh Amallo ( ago)

Author Sebastian Love ( ago)
Hi losers

Author xdragon 9000 ( ago)
ヂエオ 軍

Author diana guevara ( ago)
I saw 2 controllers

Author gta5 goaler tricks and more ( ago)

Author Robert Lenehan ( ago)

Author Michael N 69 ( ago)

Author Xyimo ( ago)
Xbox controllers: 2:04 (by the ammo box)

Author lunaticbrothersgaming ( ago)
you should also never tell the enemy you are out of ammo

Author Anila Zehra ( ago)

Author D8ON Wood ( ago)

Author Cooldud Yo ( ago)
Who's watching this in 2017

Author Joel Cespedes ( ago)
I found all the controllers

First One: 1:59 Near the box behind him
Second One: 7:20 In the right bottom corner on the couch end(But hurry!
It's out of view very quickly!)
Third One: 7:56 Behind him in the display case(if it is a display case)

Author haloder 12345 ( ago)
wow i need to dont do that

Author Arkin Jordan (greywolfpak) ( ago)
I love how in the first clip AKA "asking the enemy for ammo", Chris is
tossed an empty magazine. just thought i'd point it out :3

Author Noob Cakes ( ago)

Author ZLabs Films ( ago)
I found all the Xbox 360 controllers. Here's where they are....
One at 1:58
One at 7:20 / 7:28
Last one at 7:55

Author Thegaminapple 399 ( ago)

Author Lonnie Hollenbeck ( ago)
2017 12th is my birthday

Author Noah Duenas ( ago)

Author Ryan Gurley ( ago)
Who's watching in 2017

Author Team Fiogage ( ago)
When I have nerd gun fights I prefer using small guns and when I do usually

Author Tatiana Kotik-Kochoi ( ago)
you suck

Author J3rryGaming // J3rryGaming ( ago)
1:40 there isn't any ammo in it even

Author Team Boss ( ago)

Author Jared Coleman ( ago)

Author Aiden Smith ( ago)
30 sec in and this kid already created me the fuck out

3:00 he dabs

Author Flamur Berati ( ago)

Author Gamer Bros7187 ( ago)
Who's watching in 2017

Author Tarus General 520 ( ago)
I did the matrix in a capture the flag nerf war, my team won!

Author Themanwill73 ( ago)
ow old is this vid i sore a dart tag gun thats like 2001 man its 2017

Author L Destructo ( ago)
This is so true. Check out LuckyBoysFilms

Author Kyle Nelson ( ago)

Author Homie Polar Bear ( ago)
Who is watching this in 2017?

Author DiamondAdventure ( ago)

Author WillcraFTER567 ( ago)
What's the gun at 2:58

Author Spy drone Deaths trike ( ago)
Hey you can bring a sword to a gun fight you can reflect bullets with the
sword 😑

Author MatthewWare Productions ( ago)
They are darts noob

Author Darren Tong ( ago)

Author More Jlitz ( ago)
Very funny Indiana jones reference

Author Wendy Jones ( ago)

Author Dominic gerbasio ( ago)
Little 80's gay boy

Author SUPERN3CROBOT !! ( ago)

Author proud mario 1678 ( ago)
found them all

Author Vlogush Productions ( ago)
Isnt it funny how most of these comments are from this year when this
videonwas made in 2011.....

Author Justin roda ( ago)
I have that gun

Author Ronnie P ( ago)
6 years later and this is the best series on youtube.

Author Nob Lol ( ago)

Author Julius dunigan ( ago)
8:43 rhyme

Author Conor Cusack ( ago)
This is so dumb

Author GHOST 747 ( ago)
I like your Halo series

Author Brandon Basaldua ( ago)

Author OSBD F.C ( ago)

Author Ian Mader ( ago)
Boom headshot 7:58

Author ChadGamesTV ( ago)
David and Kathy Cox camera man and woman

Author Seth R ( ago)
never bring a sword to a gunfight... indiana jones reference

Author Johnathan Wake ( ago)
8:04 2:00 7:20 are the three controllers

Author LonelyCommenter ( ago)
Why would you chase someone with a deploy? I'd actually suggest killing

Author Tj Hernandez ( ago)
American history

Author PyroTheFox ( ago)
That ninja thing was just racist ur just mocking Japanese people

Author PyroTheFox ( ago)
Lol jk

Author PyroTheFox ( ago)
Why should we listen to a kid who literally looks like stamps cat

Author LuketheNuke 1412 ( ago)
Nice job of thinking about doing this

Author the iron minecart ( ago)
one remote is on the shelf #xbox4life

Author Brandon Callejo ( ago)
Seancentral do you play Roblox

Author Randy Gonzalez ( ago)
I found all three controller

Author Ollie Scott ( ago)
Dab at don't be matrix

Author Angel's fam squad ( ago)
i used to have the gun 6:40

Author Marleyboy ( ago)
found a remote 2:00 , 7:28, and 7:55

Author Alex Chang ( ago)
Nostalgia alert!

Author Mew3 Marvin Serrano ( ago)
Lol he has a flip phone

Author Akendite ( ago)
0:17 poor cat in bottom right :(

Author Crazy Gator2038 ( ago)
"do you know the rules of a nerf war? eh niether do I XD

Author Lucas N ( ago)
Your vids are SUCK!!!!!

Author CoolColby 427 ( ago)
At that one frame at 9:20 it says "camera man and women: David and Kathy
Cox" it took me awhile to find this so can I get likes please?

Author The Real Sheep First Made In World ( ago)
I like this so much

Author Glen Wall ( ago)
U ugly....

Author Nate Bradshaw ( ago)
Call you or is cringe

Author Obadiah Wheatley ( ago)
my favorite part was the peanut butter jelly song

Author Flex Sky ( ago)
Who here is watching this in 1934 worshiping hitler

Author Tyijion Davis ( ago)

Author vibe related ( ago)
Your funny 😂😂😂😂😂

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