I found a fully stocked underground safe house...

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  • Gökhan kaba
    Gökhan kaba 17 minutes ago

    BIg balls,

  • Sharlene Nazari
    Sharlene Nazari 18 minutes ago

    i would kick it and blaze up in there

  • Marcus Russell
    Marcus Russell 28 minutes ago

    It mildly neat but there was nothing of value.

  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns 35 minutes ago

    what you have here is a fifties era shelter in the process of becoming a museum.

  • Whiteboy Chris
    Whiteboy Chris 53 minutes ago

    This is cringe... Its staged af... He knows exactly where to look, where to find the gasmask, how to light up those measure-dials thingy, where the "Ak-47 repellant" is... Stop this shit pls

  • Sackie Gland
    Sackie Gland 1 hour ago

    i need to get me one of these

  • Dude Smoothson
    Dude Smoothson 1 hour ago

    If there's water, you have got yourself 1 badass underground grow op.

  • TheStgmp44
    TheStgmp44 1 hour ago

    I just don't buy it. why would what looks like a 50's army stores have wall mounted lit cabinets containing photographs ? it just doesn't make sense.

  • Columbus verɪfɪed

    it locks from the outside? great """"""bunker""""""

  • John Bee
    John Bee 1 hour ago

    This is clearly the Ninja-Turtles underground headquarters!
    Where are they based at now? @_@"

  • Mac
    Mac 1 hour ago

    maybe, and just maybe, your trespassing???

  • Erlan Djunushev
    Erlan Djunushev 1 hour ago

    you are just crazy about Resident Evil

  • Jose Arteaga
    Jose Arteaga 1 hour ago

    ITS TOTALLY FAKE!!!!! I cant believe 4 million people think its real!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

  • Todd C
    Todd C 1 hour ago

    i thought it was a video game.

    HULKJ4ZZ 1 hour ago

    sell me a coat

  • Wesley Mayhew
    Wesley Mayhew 2 hours ago


  • Manicmanuel
    Manicmanuel 2 hours ago

    Electricity, ventilation.. Abandoned.... Perfect for a secret bitcoin mining farm.

  • Daniel Madden
    Daniel Madden 2 hours ago

    what video card do you need to run this game? is it sold on Steam? gonna go look for it...

  • Soundcrownd
    Soundcrownd 2 hours ago

    When you're just looking for the bathroom

  • massimo yobe
    massimo yobe 2 hours ago

    Located where?

  • ElvistheGamer
    ElvistheGamer 2 hours ago

    Anyone know what the yellow sign says at 4:36 ??

  • WeBe Flexin
    WeBe Flexin 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one that would've been taking shit?!?

  • AnimalAllStars!
    AnimalAllStars! 3 hours ago

    You have found a massive goldmine of Amazon worthy merchandise. Now, along with your Youtube earnings from this video, you will be a rich man..

  • AnimalAllStars!
    AnimalAllStars! 3 hours ago


  • Richard Phillips
    Richard Phillips 3 hours ago

    Grow weed

  • Tim007 Playz
    Tim007 Playz 3 hours ago

    Nice fake

    FATT BASSTARD 3 hours ago

    communist rule the Americans

  • sprinkles of doom
    sprinkles of doom 3 hours ago

    You could hide your weed there "Adam Sandler"

  • Romena Fuentes
    Romena Fuentes 4 hours ago

    This is where Trump will be staying when Kim Jung Un sends his nuclears..

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason 4 hours ago

    You're pure savage/ a bit messed up for going down there by yourself

  • Marcoz Bergenstråle


  • Bikini Botom Mafia
    Bikini Botom Mafia 4 hours ago

    Save Fake

  • Sean Roberts
    Sean Roberts 4 hours ago

    i want one

  • Luca Stronks
    Luca Stronks 4 hours ago

    Cool vid, I went into a small abandoned building with some friends. They have sealed off all windows on the ground and first floor except for one that they missed, hidden behind some dense bushes. The building has easy access to the roof. It's a pretty chill place

  • May Trix Slaya
    May Trix Slaya 4 hours ago

    do you even know what you found??? where is this?

  • JnJ Outdoors
    JnJ Outdoors 5 hours ago

    Then he hears....ping.....and the trip wire breaks!

    • Buddy Ollie
      Buddy Ollie 3 hours ago

      JnJ Outdoors BOOM!!!!💥💣💥💥💥

  • Truth Proselyte
    Truth Proselyte 5 hours ago

    And so then you got a truck and started taking everything that wasn't nailed down and selling it on your web store as vintage. The hipsters came in droves and they purchased everything; then you retired.

  • reinventionsgirl32
    reinventionsgirl32 5 hours ago

    RICH KIDS PARENTS GRANDPARENTS OR FRIENDS. Either way, it's not really abandoned... it's old and unused but property owned by greedy rich fucks who won't give it up. Or waiting to turn a profit really

    MOURAD AIT ZAID 5 hours ago

    Fake 15 miute later and you show us another place lol

    • jewcyrus
      jewcyrus 3 hours ago

      Nope, if you look at the roof after he open the door you see that it have the same style of the other rooms in the video :/

  • Arvpghqxz
    Arvpghqxz 5 hours ago

    Whenever anyone used this kind of soundtrack, don't believe their story.
    Ask them why not use circus or polka music?

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 5 hours ago


  • Split Personality
    Split Personality 5 hours ago

    sweet loot m8

  • sartte
    sartte 5 hours ago

    Gas masks for dayssss

  • potato potato
    potato potato 6 hours ago

    Fallouts graphics are getting so real!

  • thebozman1000
    thebozman1000 6 hours ago

    Why such modern lighting? And back lit display cases?

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight 6 hours ago

    FAKE!!!!!!!!!!   BULLSHIT.

  • fonkyman
    fonkyman 7 hours ago

    lol someone in the gov is like dude whys the power bill lower this week ???

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 7 hours ago

    Poor Russia. You coulda played nice after Berlin. But instead, look at the suffering and paranoia You set on your own people, and so many others.

    Glad to see some mindset changes away from the old ways are starting to show.

  • Blackcat Overclocking

    if i was there i will take some stuff XD you will never know what can be happened these days XD

  • Yoda TheWise
    Yoda TheWise 7 hours ago

    It is too bad that you did not find any zombies!!!

  • henryEZ
    henryEZ 7 hours ago

    its clean and untidy at the same time. kind of reminds me of the inside of the tower of terror at disney. like everything is a prop thats been put in place and sprayed with gloss.

  • UKImperium
    UKImperium 8 hours ago

    Makes me wonder if this was a truly abandoned place then why is it so messy? It's like me abandoning my home but before I go I trash the place but still leave everything behind. Unless someone other than you found it and trashed it hoping to find summit worth selling.

  • MissTheOldDays 4
    MissTheOldDays 4 9 hours ago

    Just one question....who the fuck just enters an abandoned creepy ass place like this by himself, man, you white guys don't watch horror movies or nothing? DAMN

  • Robert Mendez
    Robert Mendez 9 hours ago

    I hope none of you are idiotic to believe this guy. You think he just happened upon this place? Like it's some sort of secret. Thumbs down for bullshit.

  • Greg Greg
    Greg Greg 9 hours ago

    its a masturbation fortress

  • Halo Mike
    Halo Mike 9 hours ago

    I thought it was a passage way to Alice in Wonderland lol.

  • Kenneth McArthur
    Kenneth McArthur 9 hours ago

    You did not "find" anything. You broke into a place that someone else (the person who pays the electric bill) owns. Jerk

  • Tyler Martinez
    Tyler Martinez 10 hours ago

    2:09 it looks like a stealth boy from fallout 4 on the table

  • Rjr J
    Rjr J 10 hours ago

    What's with the fish eye lense? extremely annoying

  • Swashbucklingfox
    Swashbucklingfox 10 hours ago

    just happened to have a flashlight and a black hoodie huh?

  • Nick Vorobets
    Nick Vorobets 11 hours ago

    What if he ran into a serial killers hideout...

  • Nick Vorobets
    Nick Vorobets 11 hours ago

    So my pc has 16 GB of ram. I'm wondering if it can run smoothly with medium resolution. It also has like 3.5 GHz or something like that.

  • dEr DiKTaTOR
    dEr DiKTaTOR 11 hours ago


  • Mark
    Mark 11 hours ago

    now all you need to do is pack it with food!

  • Chef Asbury
    Chef Asbury 12 hours ago

    I used to search for fake safe houses, till I took an arrow to the knee.

  • kulka
    kulka 12 hours ago

    I would love this to be my only apartment/house... my life would be complete.

  • Joe hunter
    Joe hunter 12 hours ago

    it's a fallout shelter

  • Flying Waffle
    Flying Waffle 12 hours ago

    New outlast game looks cool

  • Bobby Baldeagle
    Bobby Baldeagle 12 hours ago

    Sure would of been nice if you would of told us what all you were seeing you were flipping the camera from one place to another so fast couldn't tell half of what you were trying to show... no wonder you got so many thumbs down

  • upsracer2004
    upsracer2004 12 hours ago

    licensing my ass, the breaking and entering , your gonna be lucky if you dont get arrested

  • Labeouf
    Labeouf 12 hours ago

    im a pro at finding the top clickbait

  • coffEKolor
    coffEKolor 13 hours ago

    You'd better stop going in all those abandoned places,
    have you never seen "The Walking Dead"!?...

  • Aaron Matias
    Aaron Matias 13 hours ago

    Great ASMR Mate

  • David Bradstreet
    David Bradstreet 13 hours ago

    I can smell that musty place.

  • boof
    boof 14 hours ago

    this is just that factories bomb shelter lol

  • Turbo-Seal
    Turbo-Seal 14 hours ago

    your video post has no description of where in the world you are. Finally you barely paused long enough for me to see a quick glance at the text on the walls and it looks Russian.

  • IT MEE
    IT MEE 14 hours ago

    This is more like a museum

  • Serpent
    Serpent 14 hours ago

    Honestly deck the crap out of that place and have it as a hang out

  • Max Moulton
    Max Moulton 14 hours ago

    you guys no it's fake right

  • Colin Stanhouse
    Colin Stanhouse 15 hours ago

    my question is " was any ammo or guns ,grenades. any ballistics found?"

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 16 hours ago

    Looks perfect for my fat rendering and soap making operation. Also a fight club. But it's in Russia and they don't use soap and can't fight so no. (They are pretty fat though)

  • Stan Utevski
    Stan Utevski 18 hours ago

    This is not an "underground safe house". If you can read Russian, you can tell that:
    1. This is an evacuation shelter located below the main floor of some kind of strategic or military or government building.
    2. Size of the ceiling beams indicates that this shelter may withstand a nuclear bomb blast, but it is missing long term support equipment, so most likely it was built for temporary protection during the chemical or biologic attack.
    3. Yellow boxes contain test kits for military grade gases, chemicals and radiation.
    4. Electricity is still connected, so the building on top is still used.
    5. Looks like author used a side emergency entrance. Usually place like this is accessible from the floor above. So this is not abandoned place, it was rather not used since the cold war.

    Places like this were required for high importance military and government buildings in USSR.
    I'm sure if author would disclose a location and his name he may get a trespassing charges :)
    Over all - it is not good to provide a misleading titles to videos on YouTube.

  • Nelson Medina
    Nelson Medina 18 hours ago

    it may be fun and stuff but all these people are trespassing you get caught there you will have a big ticket to pay

  • Fudall
    Fudall 18 hours ago

    4:01 That's a fucking scientific medkit! Pick that shit up you fuck!

  • Jackson Drake
    Jackson Drake 18 hours ago

    seems like a basement to me

  • Ghost Hawk
    Ghost Hawk 18 hours ago

    A fall out shelter. Nice find! Too bad somebody already picked through all the good stuff.

  • Jay Macklin
    Jay Macklin 18 hours ago

    I know who's that is and where it is, advise leave and never return

  • Taint Meat
    Taint Meat 18 hours ago

    Looks like an old fallout shelter.

  • PSYk1ll4h
    PSYk1ll4h 19 hours ago


  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer 19 hours ago

    Looks like you found a break room. Funny how you don't show how you actually got into the area.

  • Brenden Gallimore
    Brenden Gallimore 19 hours ago

    Not a cobweb to be seen...........

    FAT POTATO 19 hours ago


  • Lorna Kennedy
    Lorna Kennedy 20 hours ago


  • norman cowell
    norman cowell 20 hours ago

    Seems kinda fake.. who turned the lights on

  • Rebel Nomad
    Rebel Nomad 20 hours ago

    Dude you got power??? For God's sake grow a shit load of pot!!

  • bishplis
    bishplis 20 hours ago

    wheres the weed

    • bishplis
      bishplis 20 hours ago

      or the dead hookers

  • Gerald Hoskins
    Gerald Hoskins 20 hours ago

    At 2:25 you can see some strange language on the wall?? Im gonna guess Chernobyl bunker

  • smokeclouds8
    smokeclouds8 20 hours ago

    Fallout5 looks real af

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