and for the patch its here;114379

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Author Tabby TabbyScooby (4 months)
fuck you piece of shits your mean in the comments whats your problem go
kill yourselfs 

Author Tabby TabbyScooby (4 months)

Author GTASA911 (3 years)
@fatalbraindamage sure you are

Author Adrian Musat (4 years)
@1337ballsofsteel i'm trying to find out the same thing ....did you find
out anything ?

Author sawakadin (4 years)
hey dude the file isn't available

Author GTASA911 (4 years)
@xcjxcjx Very, very convincing.

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)
@buzz996 i know but if you have GTA IV it downloads it as addon so
technically its apart of GTA IV because the main folder has GTA IV files
then the addon TBoGT & TLAD

Author XxXLostDkSoulXxX (2 years)
/watch?v=1AW0cukwUWw there you go

Author joakydp (3 years)
es un troyano maldito ijo de puta

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)
@1337ballsofsteel yes

Author lekkimsm2500 (3 years)
@GTASA911 Guess what a crack is designed to do you fucking idiot - It's
supposed to surpass every bullshit all your anti virus is trying to
prevent. So of course is gonna make all your crap anti-virus software go
off like a baby hit with a fucking hammer...

Author Nathon drivier (3 years)
yo this person is a lie because he when on youtube and type how to download
gta eflc and put it in is video that way it works

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)

Author TheMihek (3 years)
@GTASA911 nvm i dont play the game anymore

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)
@iagorockboy try this reinstall the game i know i do it all the time but do
it. Then after install normal patch the second link that goes to
grandtheftauto.filefront. Then after that then install the cracked one
which is the first link. i did it several times and works. I know use the crack for it and works perfectly fine.

Author SolidBigBoss89 (3 years)
@XxXLostDkSoulXxX you mean i install it in D: or C: but not in program
files right ??

Author GTASA911 (3 years)
@TheMihek I'm feeling sorry for you. Finding hate a source of enjoyment:)

Author YangChaoFan0204 (2 years)
What the hell?

Author ErwinMaster (3 years)
thanks dude, apprciate it.

Author SCRTeran (2 years)
You are an idiot!!!

Author futmut1000 (4 years)
@xcjxcjx thnx dude...

Author XxXLostDkSoulXxX (3 years)
@SolidBigBoss89 on EFLC it does that use under EFLC but regular pc folder
in root of EFLC and use that handling

Author GTASA911 (3 years)
@fatalbraindamage For pirating what? If you say the police will capture me
for pirating, they will get you too. *sigh* You'r stupid.

Author xXxG3T0WN3DxXx (3 years)
@robbewuzhere no hes from NY lol

Author DicksThatsAll (1 year)

Author no0bK1ll3r (4 years)
i still got my crack that i made myself, and no it does NOT uses
the razor crack from gta iv. like most of the faggots out there.

Author XxXLostDkSoulXxX (3 years)
@nodataful really who gives a shit if you want me to i can re upload for
you guys and take it out

Author xXxG3T0WN3DxXx (3 years)
@nodataful its there because it was stupid readme file

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)
@TheDankerDan depends on your specs

Author roidark14 (3 years)
feo de mierda es un virus

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)
@iagorockboy this is strange whats your specs

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)
@iagorockboy try it and see i never had that problem

Author UDV001 (4 years)
failed to initialize

Author MsSuicidehorror (3 years)
WTF Has virus????

Author xcjxcjx (4 years)
@futmut1000 no prob

Author xXxG3T0WN3DxXx (3 years)
@Ettoize i just did it you fucking idiot it works notice how everyone else
confirms it as well. Every other video is the same it uses EFLCc.exe and
rld.dll okay i have AVG, Kaspersky, Etc.. AVG doesnt see it as a virus nor
does kaspersky or Esset as well. There a plenty of vids on here that are
the same with the same crack this is Razor Crack the trusted Razor DUDE

Author Tony Montana (2 years)
fucking mexican

Author tùng bin (4 years)
you so nicee !! thank for the link !!

Author fatalbraindamage (3 years)
@GTASA911 older than you atleast

Author TheGameViewifier (3 years)
go lick ure dogs pussy

Author xXxG3T0WN3DxXx (3 years)
@Ettoize lol wow dude your an idiot it will work

Author Fadil Alonso (4 years)
@xcjxcjx thank... now i got my new pc :)

Author SolidBigBoss89 (3 years)
hey dude i got the original GTA: EFLC original DVD when i try to open the
handling.dat its not showing the car names why ?? cuz i want install some
cars and i can't install it i should download another handling.dat ?

Author SASORI2V (2 years)
wow there is police for that stuff ...hhhhhh in my country there is no
original cd or something we all download pirated games

Author Marius Yeezus (3 years)
ThX! Works!

Author Persha (4 years)
What the hell?!!?! 8 people like this video and 8 people doesn't. XD

Author Ettoize (3 years)
@xXxG3T0WN3DxXx your an idiot man, it doesn't work you cock sucker

Author TheMihek (3 years)
@GTASA911 are you 11 ur so childish u came here to flag retard...

Author GTASA911 (4 years)
@GenuineMW2 You really are stupid, aren't you? :) I bought this game :) I
buy every game I play :)

Author BlackWhitePaint (3 years)
@xcjxcjx GTASA911 is an complete fag so dont listen to him

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